2014 January mercato comes to an end


MILAN SIGNED four and waved goodbye to four players in this mercato, but many are have joined or walked out on loan.

The madness is over: the transfer deadline day is behind us and the clubs (and especially the fans) can now focus on what really matters – the football and stop worrying about which player their team will bring or sell. The mercato is done.

Keisuke Honda (27, midfielder, CSKA Moscow, free transfer)M'Baye Niang (19, forward, Montpellier, loan)
Adil Rami* (28, defender, Valencia, 0.5m for the loan)Jherson Vergara** (19, defender, Parma, loan)
Michael Essien (31, midfielder, Chelsea, free transfer)Alessandro Matri (29, forward, Fiorentina, loan)
Adel Taarabt (24, forward, Queens Park Rangers, free transfer)Antonio Nocerino (28, midfielder, West Ham, loan)
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great youth policy mister G.


There’s still time left…


Never mind…


Speculations sounds that Galliani has made a last minute offer for former Milan player Matteo Darmian (Torino) of €4.5million


Darmian was a good prospect in 2008 but alas as with many good Milan youth prospects they tend to fade when playing time does not come to them around the 17-21 yrs of age mark. They lose valuable would-be-playing-time at a critical age and then never quite develop. I wouldn’t pick him, he’s 24 and that “promise” went out the window a long time ago.


Too bad we didn’t get him, he’s been doing really good there he would be a solid back-up to our players and I’m sure he can play on both the right and left.


Zaccardo should have left, what’s the point staying when poli is even preferred at right back over him.


we conceded alot of goals this season, our problem was CB,LB,GK position good job by galiani to sign honda,essien for free and rami,taarabt on loan but we needed more defenders and a world class goalkeeper.


Why didnt we sign even one cb for god sake.galliani is trying to spoil seedorf milan team


Rami is a cb…. not saying we didn’t need another one though.


We only needed a centre back if Mexes was leaving…let’s see if Mexes can form a solid partnership with Rami until Zapata is back. In the summer I am hoping for a quality centre back though, whether Mexes stays or not.


Mexes will never improve. Trust me. Same as Robinho. They have passed their prime time (although it will never happen). Roma have realized it and let Mexes went to Milan. The same happened to Madrid and Man.City with Robinho. Milan are collecting less preferable players from other clubs. The chance of winning CL is very very small.

El Greco

More players should have left, but I’m glad Biabiany didn’t join. He doesn’t know how to score, pace is not enough for football…


Yeah just one goal and two assists didn’t convince me either.

kwabena Adu

Zacardo,Constant,Amelia…I hope Seedorf could get rid of them in the Summer especially Constant he cost us Amero

Milan fan

Well let’s see,Constant-still here,Bonera still,Muntari still,Zacardo still,Emanuelson still…….0 euros spend.
Not bought CB’s,LB and GK.
No one exciting bought,only old worn off garbage from the other teams.

Classic terrible Milan mercato. Like always,even with a new coach(who want’s only b*ack players) and mediocre players things haven’t changed. Berlu doesn’t invest anymore……. Bad,bad situation for the fans,we don’t deserve this.


Really? coach who wants only black people?.


out robinho


we didn’t sign another CB because a CB didn’t leave. is that really that hard of a concept to understand? when we can manage to sell one of those crap CBs, or their contract runs out, we’ll go after another. simple.

sulexdinho pato

Well nice deal without spending a penny..forza galliani


For those clamouring for more center halves, I tell it to you, if arsenal had the number of centre halves we have at milan, they’ll be so happy, the ones at milan aren’t so bad, it’s just about finding the best paring, just as we did in the 2nd half if the 2012/2013 season and if the midfield closes down spaces we won’t av much of a problem, do man.utd or Barcelona Fc boast a better selection than Milan?

Pa ibra

always what I thought. many people were saying how rami would change our defense and now rami is here but people still badly want a defender. yes we all like better defenders but ours are not that bad, judging not every team are having thiago silva.

M Milan

Taarabt couldn’t even make the Fulham team weekly.


Now to top it all off, Inter Just got Hernanes for fu*^ ing sake and we keep getting the zaccardo’s of the world.

Hamid Tavakoli

Poor Mercato again. YES WE DO NEED A CB. Mexes Inconsistent, Error prone Zapata Fast, shows flashes of quality but not 1st choice at MILAN. Bonera, back-up only Zaccardo, Bonera on a bad day and finally Rami, not seen enough of him yet but he looks good enough at the moment, Maybe he can become a proper 1st choice CB, we will have to see. So in conclusion we needed another CB, a quality CB not trash. Yes we may have more CB’s than Arsenal, Man U, Barca, but surely quality over quantity???? Is anyone on here old enough to… Read more »


Actually Jankulovski wasn’t that good. Maybe one solid season, but you have a point.

I think our first choice full backs are decent enough, the center backs though, are a world away from the likes of Nesta and Silva.

Hamid Tavakoli

Agreed, in many ways he was like Emmanuelson is now except Jankulovski had better crossing delivery. I realize though that we had Nesta and especially Maldini on the left side of the CB position next to Jankulovski which helped cover a lot of his listakes.
Unfortunatelt we have Bonera next to Emmanuelson to cover Emmanuelson’s defensive mistakes but then we need someone to also cover Bonera’s mistakes too HAHA


Milan should have never let inter sign Hernanes – he should be coming to the better half of Milan instead. Stupid move by Galliani!


My evaluation of this mercato: Great. I feel Honda and Essien are excellent signings which I really like; Rami and Taarabt were good and necessary signings.


Honda (8/10) Rami (7/10) Essien (4/10) Taarabt (2/10)


yall should stop complaining and whining like females for goodness sake. It is just a loan. If Taarabt dont work, he will be back in QPR by summer. Other low balling players will leave by summer too.


How about we sign Heskey on loan and if it wouldn’t work, we will send him back.

I’m not saying that Taarabt won’t do well, maybe he will, just saying you’re making the wrong argument here.


Should have got nani on loan instead of taarabt, but at least he is on loan. Also, should have tried to get katuka from Chelsea on loan but he went to lazio. Maybe in the summer we can invest a lot. Galliani are you trying to make seedorf look bad so max can come back?


mercato is end.. no one comment in this forum get attention or at least get hearing from milan board… hahahahaha… you know why?? because milan board life in the real football not fantasy football just like what these kids said.. so sit, watch and give support.. thats it…


I have a feeling summer will be a great transfer market


no cb my god 1 on loan galllani god


im ok with the players milan go taraat is very very good with d ball and very fast too. dont worry about him forza milan


Well we didint get any statement signings, but this was unsurprising. On that basis we did quite good. Rami could be really good and honda too. Essien is a class act and people would relish him had he been 25. He is still a dynamic and athletic mf tons better than muntari and noce. We got him for free which is impressive. Adel t is a lotto coupon, bur he is on loan and he is very versatile. I dont necessary expect him to stay beyond july. As mentioned i too would have loved some real marquee signings to show… Read more »


Where does it say he’s a loan?? It says he’s a free transfer?!

Zeus f

I pray milan win today’s match cus galliani is not helping seedorf at all in transfer aspect


I still can’t understand Matri for €12m. essien: some ppl think he isn’t great might be past his prime, but you got to understand, he was brought in for free and for cover to Montolivo or De Jong. In my opinion since he aint cup tied he is a good buy! What type of goals do Milan concede most of? Counter attacks?? That’s what essien is there for,he also wants to prove that he’s good to make WC2014, Mark my words! He’s a great signing. Taraabt: the guy got skill and isn’t cup tied??? He also got pace which is… Read more »


Taarabat is the most skillful player in millan side now


Anyone can look good on a 1 min YouTube vid…


Cb? Zapata? Rami? Mexes? Silvestre? Bonera? Zaccardo? Cld sm1 pls tel me d position dz ones play? If De Jong, Muntari, Monty, Essien, Poli, Cristante can cover dz ones up, i dnt think dier shld b any big p….asyd Puyol, i dnt think Barca hav any reliable Defender, nt even Pique n they r top of d league


Italian league is built around defenses. 90% of the time the defense which concedes the least amount of goals wind the serie a. Check for yourself

shev jhb

murmerers lol never satisfied with anything. bring a new coach, he makes the same subs as allegri, we need more creativity, how can galliani bring taarabt, we need a cb to partner mexes, rami is not enough we need someone to partner rami, we need players that can play in cl, how can galliani bring essien and taarabt, play 4 2 3 1 allegri!! play 4 3 1 2 seedorf!! they complain more than a nagging wife!!!!!


just wait and see..racking up the midfield…just let us see until end of May….


I would sell every defender
except De Sciglio and Rami…

Then invest In quality defenders to play along side them.


Nice thought. I agree with you. Even Abate, he is clumsy and far from Milan quality. Never compare Abate with Tassoti and Cafu. Abate should play more calm and intelligent. Too many Milan’s chances are collapsed due to Abate. He cannot shoot and his crossing pass is bad. On top of that, he doesn’t have vision to break up other teams’ defense. How many years are required to improve Abate, Milan?


Thanks guys, I’m with you. Abate couldn’t even dream his way into the squads of 1990’s or 2000’s.


Why is it that every attacking mid gets labeled as a forward in the squad?
Taarabt, Kaka’, Honda, its weird and annoying

Pa ibra

weird yes. but me don’t see the annoying part

Pa ibra

certainly not a great mercato. however knowing galliani and his previous mercatos, I would take this one


We also bought a 17 yo GK Stefano Gori from Brescia but that’s probably for the youth team.


aweful mercato!!!


Not saying this was a great mercato but we could have signed Jesus Christ and at least a few people would complain that he’s “passed his prime”…

They could have done way better this January but you have to think that they’re only willing to spend what they believe is enough to get by this season. Obviously we aren’t in prime position but we still have a chance for Euro and and a miracles chance away from Champions.

Idk.. I think this summer we’ll have better success in the mercato because obviously they’ll have some cash saved up..


I wish it would be true, but if Galliani is not spending on quality players with the millions of income from champions league, what can we expect? when in all likelyhood will not reach the champions league next year and probably not even europa league, the lack of $$$ from not reaching champions league will hit hard.
I hope you are right and we do get good players but it doesnt look good with the current transfer policy.


I like Galliani, but he is the past… He has good conections and excellent reputation and he can brink lots of players for free, but he can not bring any world class to Milan. We can just dream of players like Suarez, Hernanes, Thiago Silva, Van Persie, Hazard… We are not capable of creating team of young players because we want success now, and at the same time we don’t have money to buy success like Real, PSG or Chelsea… This mercato was sad… We signed Essien and Taarabt, only God knows why when we badly need defenders (like Astori,… Read more »