Milan confirm Taarabt signing, Biabiany talks break down


ADEL TAARABT is the last signing of this January mercato, unless there will be some big surprises in the Biabiany deal.

The 2014 January transfer window shuts in just a couple of hours and it seems that Milan have stopped their activity and Taarabt is the last player that they’ll sign this month after failing to reach an agreement with Parma over Jonathan Biabiany.

Despite signing Taarabt, a player perfectly capable of playing on the wing, the Rossoneri had been trying to get Biabiany as well and Adriano Galliani admitted last night that “Clarence Seedorf likes him a lot.” However, talks broke down today.

Milan-Torino: The Rossoneri squad
Seedorf: “Our warrior spirit will grow, I’m happy to be at Milan”

“The negotiations for Biabiany are definitively off,” Milan Channel director Mauro Suma said. Galliani negotiated with Parma but the parties couldn’t find an agreement and there are two main reasons: one, Saponara, who was supposed to be part of the deal with Zaccardo refused to go to Parma and two, Milan wanted a loan while Parma wanted to sell the 25-year-old.

“We’re honored by Milan’s interest in Biabiany, but we won’t agree to a deal on these kind of terms. I don’t think that Milan want to reopen the negotiations. It’s over,” Parma President Tommaso Ghirardi told the press. Suma added: “Milan’s transfer market campaign is closed for now.” There was a small chance that talks would reopen but that’s highly unlikely especially with Lazio making an approach to sign the player on a permanent basis. Taarabt will close the Milan mercato.

Adel Taarabt at Milan (

“AC Milan wishes to communicate that Adel Taarabt has joined the club on loan from Queens Park Rangers until the end of the season with an option to buy,” a statement on Milan’s website read. Taarabt, who will wear the #23 shirt (Michael Essien will use #15), trained with Milan for the first time today but was included in the squad list to face Torino tomorrow.

“Taarabt is a very talented player. He manages to dribble past players, and that’s exactly the kind of a player that I like,” Vice President and joint Chief Executive officer Adriano Galliani had said last night before he met dinner with Taarabt at Giannino. “I have followed Taarabt for a long time – since he played in the Championship. Taarabt will reportedly earn €1m in total at Milan this season.” Taarabt can play in the role of the attacking midfielder or as one of the wingers in 4-2-3-1.

Milan have the option to buy Taarabt for around €7 million. Milan signed Keisuke Honda, Adil Rami, Michael Essien and Adel Taarabt in this January and the squad now consists of 30 red and black players who’re at Seedorf’s disposal.

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Anybody hear any rumors about transfers?? Galliani hasn’t made a comment about anything or saying that the mercato is closed for milan.. I’m thinking there will be one last signing but I’m not sure who.. Hope a cb


It’s finish bro.

The last talk was Biabiany.


I heard the one about Nani, but IMO we need solid defenders


Why are we not signing a cb cus we dont have much time. Almost three hours to go


It really is pretty stunning and embarrassing how many free players we take and how little we spend. A club like Milan should realistically be buying guys like Mata and Reus

Opinion Varies

Which part of Milan don’t have money because Berlusconi is not willing to spend didn’t you get? lol


we need a new goalie, a new left back and another Cb that are good.


Rami and Honda were good signings but we also failed to sign a CB, a keeper or a LB which we’ve needed for the last 7 years. And we DO sign a 32 year old Has-Been and a dude who can’t even get into the Fulham starting IX. Man, we are on FIRE!

Nino Divino

Everyone keeps shouting CB, CB. What exactly is Adil Rami? How many CB is Milan supposed to sign, when the ones there have not left? Mexes, Bonera, Zapata, Silvestre, Zaccardo? Only Veghara have we managed to send on loan. Then we have emerging talents in Inzaghi’s squad, like: Iotti and Pacifico… Guys relax. In the summer, Doria will arrive.


I really do not know what you guys come at Doria.

The football championships in Brazil should be very different when they pass in the flat from outside.

Red heart

But that is thesame place we got kaka and thiago silva


Rami is perhaps our best CB but we need two good CBs not just one. that’s why Milan should buy another one that is good, and get rid of most of Milan CBs that aren’t like Bonera, Zaccardo, Silvestre…
And we do need a LB aswell


Mexes and Zapata are back up and Bonera, Silvestre, Zaccardo shouldn’t even be in the squad. Ideally we need another world class CB to partner Rami — sooner rather than later.


This is what happens when you buy crappy players, they don’t want to leave to a lower club. Constant did not want to go to Napoli in exchange for Armero and Zaccardo doesn’t want to leave to Fulham or Parma!!!!!!!!! Get rid of Galliani and get Sean Sogliano, Maldini, or Nicola Cortese. And Why haven’t we signed a second CB???? or A LB??????

Opinion Varies

I believe every team has its own fair share of mediocre players,so stop acting like Milan is the only team to have crappy players.

I can’t stand these whiners on here.


The thing is, the top teams maybe have 1 or 2 crappy players, tops 4. We have like ten mediocre ones, it’s too much.


WOW that would of been quite a treat, If constant would of left to Napoli, he would probably make them lose hehe, jk, but still we would of got more space for a better player


i already love him!!! we dont have this type of player!!!


Er, SES….


Did i hear u guyz say Lb? 4 christ’s sake, wat position does DeS play? Emmanuelson? Constant? Even Rami? Pls, lets get our comments ryt n nt jst cme here n say trash…hw many lbs does Barca, real, chelsea, bayern, dortmund, arsenal, mancity, hav? Dz aint Fifa Manager pls


I counted one LB there because Emanuelson and Constant don’t count.


With Mexes staying put, I could not see us going after a centre back, we’ll probably do it in the summer. What we should have done was to get rid of more dead weight, we’re still at 30 players, and gotten a good full back, Santon or D’Ambrosio, we let him slip and Intermerda got him…they would’ve been perfect as both of them can play on both the right and the left. Anyhow, I wish the new players the best, but I think of Niang who could’ve gotten a chance as a winger even if it’s not his natural position,… Read more »


Miss me??


guys this is real life and not football manager. we have five CBs and 3 Lbs and u guys need more players? this is someone’s business and profit maximization is d ultimate Goal before we buy we must sell that’s d rule of business. get use to reality and stop criticizing galliani always cos he is a demi god in Milan’s history


out robinho


You cant just SELL players, guys. There are contracts to respect and it’s not wise to force a player out. when those contracts are done, then we can replace them with better players. hopefully Milan don’t mistakingly extend any bad contracts…

pride of Italy

Pple on here keep complaining and am sure if they are asked to manage Milan they’ll do worse…..smh

Hamid Tavakoli

We DO NEED a LB and CB, anyone who disagrees is deluded. Constant is not a LB Emmanuelson is an AVERAGE Attacking Wing Back, not a LB De Sciglio is our best LB, hell he is our best defender, in fact he is probably in the top 5 players at the club but his best position is RB. We have Him and Abate as RB. Abate is an AVERAGE RB RIGHT BACKS 1st choice RB – De Sciglio 2nd choice RB – Abate 3rd choice RB – Zaccardo (Good enough for 3rd choice but I would rather give a youngster… Read more »


How depressing is it to see our once great and prestigious club being completely embarrassed in yet another transfer window? What truly world class player would want to join milan to play with the likes of constant, muntary, taarabt and bonara to name just a few, instead we sign free players who are either well below standard or worn out (with the exception of Honda) as long as Silvio is sitting on the throne then we shouldn’t expect any better because he certainly doesn’t seem to show any interest in spending money which actually makes the 12 million he spent… Read more »


Just a reminder: Abate is not a natural RB, he actually play RW. It was a Leonardo experiment legacy