Official: Milan sack Allegri


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI has been sacked as the coach of Milan this morning; Tassotti, Inzaghi or Seedorf to take over.

The Massimiliano Allegri era is over, now it’s official. The 4-3 defeat to newly-promoted side Sassuolo last side was the straw that broke the camel’s back and the Rossoneri have decided to relive the Tuscan coach of his first-team duties.

Allegri joined Milan in 2010 and won the Scudetto in his first year, he’d then go on to finish 2nd and then 3rd in the following seasons but this year his Milan have been nothing short of embarrassing and Milan have decided enough is enough.

Sassuolo-Milan: Official line-ups
Sassuolo-Milan: The Rossoneri squad

“AC Milan wish to communicate that Massimiliano Allegri and his staff have been relieved of their duties with immediate effect,” a statement on Milan’s website reads on Monday. “AC Milan would like to thank Mr. Allegri and his staff for their time with the club and wish them the best for the future.  Coach Mauro Tassotti will take charge in the meantime of the team.”

Barbara Berlusconi hinted last night that this is the end of Allegri: “It’s necessary and urgent to change. It’s not tolerable for our fans to watch such unacceptable performances.” Allegri has become the first coach Milan sack during a season since Fatih Terim in 2001. It’s still unclear who will be the coach of the red & blacks for the reminder of the season. Assistant manager Tassotti will coach the squad against Spezia on Wednesday but he is not expected to stay in the job for long.

Primavera coach Filippo Inzaghi appears to be favourite to take over but it’s possible that Clarence Seedorf will terminate his contract with Botafogo and will come coach Milan already now. The Dutchman will be the coach next year in any case.

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Forza milan

It’s pointless giving the position to seedorf.. We do expect Milan to have an experienced coach.. Especially with the youth.. Frank Rijkaard I feel would be most suitable.. And for Max.. Thanx for the scudetto.. You got us the CL spot last season even with the much necessary transition.. But a time comes when u realise it’s just not your cup of tea.. FORZAAAA MILAN..!!!

Pa ibra

first of all i would say forza allegrisDeparture!

i’m just getting on the internet since after the loss. have actually planned to give few complains about the man but not anymore… glad he messed up our game last night. never thought he would be gone before the summer,, so i’m
suprised,,,,,, but what a suprise!!! me on dance while writing this .’DDD finally it has happened!!!!!!! FORZA BARBARA!!!!!!!!! forza milan!!!!


You are glad we lost? You are glad we are at this position just to get rid of Allegri?

What a true supporter you are.


Maybe he is not happy that we won, but 1 loss might mean a next 10 games of success. Thats is what he is happy about. I am sure Allegri was a thorn in our heel. I woulda sacrifice one loss to make him leave too.
#FeelBalo #FeelKaka #FeelMonto , they all knew they gotta do something against him.


I agree on Allegri going, but being happy losing never.

I personally think Allegri should have been sacked at the start of winter break to give new manager more time to settle in and give his transfer targets.


Yeah, but you know B&G would never sack Allegri. They do not read comments on this forum. I don’t like losing either.. but 1 more in this season is like one more drop in a sea. So 1 loss less wouldn’t have a point if Allegri stayed.

Pa ibra

rossoneri93 have explained the matter to you better. you wouldnt have seen allegri gone had we won that game.


Thk GOD the egg shell has finally broken, i will prefer a dutch coach not seedof or inzaghi


yeah… because seedorf isnt dutch


I remember seedorf has the coaching license already.. He is preparing fo this moment..


Allegri’s firing cost me 100 euros on betting, but it’s totally worth it!! Now I can start watching my favourite club again!! FORZAAAAAAA MIIIIILLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is any one else very curious to what the current players will say about allegri now that he is gone?? I hope we hear some player opinions very soon


Yeaaah finally!!!! Go to Inter pleaasee haha!!! Personally I prefer Pipo over Clarence coz he has done well with lads but Seedorf has no experience and I dont know his coaching abilities. Happy at all 🙂


Fare well Allegri… To be fair u dnt expect him to do magic with average players.. But its done its done… FIFA on online squad has suffered enough down grading..


Allegri was messing up out team, and never listened to any correction. I don’t rejoice when a man loses his job but Allegri was definitely killing us. Well, now that he is history, let’s look at the next coach.

Give him a chance, he is a professional, he is organized, but most of all he loves Milan i.e he loves beautiful, ATTACKING FOOTBALL!!! As long as we give him a chance he will be a success made in Milan!!!


Thank you Jesus for this beautiful day where allegri is fired,, you can not hire a coach just because he has a coaching license, a coach is there to stimulate and be there for every individual play, a coach has to boost every players moral so they can play as a team and the team has to respect their coach, just like juventus players have for conte and believe me you don’t have that with or against seedorf that doesn’t respect,, so my vote is for seedorf



i was supporting allegri last season to him to stay, milan have world class players, like monto, el92, pazzo, de sciglio, abate, but the man had to manage to win with an off form noccerino, a reliable muntari, sometimes good mexes, it’s a though job, and the man did the job with the tools that he had, but this season was horrible, and the change had to be done, matri over petagna? wtf, no trust to saponara and cristante, he did bad choices at the beggining of this seasons and that screwed the whole team, milan stills needs world class… Read more »


Oh Gosh I can’t still believe Allegri has been sacked… To be honest i never tought this moment will arrive FORZA MILAN!!! Now i can watch my milan with peace of mind


SEDORF WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST Guardiola ,Ancelotti ARE ! I can feel it in my bones !



dnt forget to whip him before he leaves. but even if u dnt beat him up its already been gud.


Remember this my words guys,.. If want my loved be success the coach must be: 1. Italian nationality (know About culture italian football)for example juventus: the defence is the best.2. DNA as legend acmilan. 3. Knowing the meaning of red&black Jersey. 4. The formation for Centerback must italian defender as leader in defence.
Fans milan
Note: if seedorf get hired as acmilan coach, he can’t success because he doesn’t experiance, have from abroade (no italian)

milano siamo noi

The thing is allegri losing his touch and can’t control the dressin room after the senators have gone. That’s why he sticked with bonera. The management did their part, but for me allegri still has the final say about players we bought. He didn’t have an idea how to use players he had. One thing for sure, he just put lots of defensive minded midfielders. (allegri’s choice) and expect someone like ibra (1st & 2nd season), el sha and balo (3rd season) and kaka (this season) to save the team. Milan’s allegri been playing with no creativity at all. I… Read more »


Seedorf is our new coach. Confirmed in Netherlands!

Milan fan

Guys if they don’t give Seedorf better defenders……… know the drill. It’s naive and childish to think only one man i so be blamed for Milan’s downfall over the years. G and B are destroying the team for years,I just hope Barbara can do something magical,she’s off to a good start.


She happens to be the owners daughter, and she will listen to seedorf, since she respects him greatly. Seedorf wants Doria at milan so it might happen.


Allegro never had a touch so what are you taking about? He is just an opportunist. He belongs to seria c.


We all know Seedorf is well respected everywhere and he is very very intelligent on and off the field, but it really is a gamble because he has no experience. I’m hoping(judging by how he played at milan) that he can boost the confidence of the team and actually play tactical appealing football knowing that we have a weak defence and a strong midfield and attack. Let’s be honest, our starting 11 can be very strong if we play a certain way. This team is made for attack as they are speedy. I hope we can play possession football and… Read more »


Now we can playmonto/Cristante De JongSaponara honda kakaBalotelliAnd guys pls cut Balotelli some slacks. His frustration is boiling over just like us. No. Hundred times more as he’s on the pitch esp as a striker. We all know our potential in attack but Allegri chose to be defensive. I put myself in his shoes and can feel his frustration that a striker is playing with so many def or deeplying play makers. The team can’t function as there is not enough movement. As a result he has to feign free kicks n everything to win for the team. Kaka is… Read more »


I never had bad “grudge” against Allegri, yea he was stubborn, but what i dislike most about him was that he never took blame after matches that didnt go his way. I feel sorry for him, isnt like he got players on gold plate and he had to work during difficult circumstances. Its hard to tell who (coach) will make this club to much better campaign and keep good trend as ACM should. As i see now, i can’t imagine any coaches from highest level coaching this club under the FFP period where the hierarchy will be thight with money,… Read more »


There’s no need for some magical defender, with no “helping in defense” every defender will play to thier best ability, they will not be suffocated, and we will reduce the rate at which we concede goals.

But, the philosophy has to change, we should focus more on scoring many goals. GIVE SEEDORF A CHANCE!!!!!


max allegri tookover a milan that boasted many stars. our striking department had zlatan, an injury free & motivated pato, a confident robinho & an aging but still lethal inzaghi, we also had the best centre-back pairing in nest & silva. In midfield the was boateng, while pirlo & seerdof still had a lot to offer. Managing the transition of phasing out old players while introducing younger capable had to be his main task. This had to be done while maintaining the club philosophy of good football & success. So how did he do? The decision to let pirlo go… Read more »


100000000000000000 likes from me !


@Our defense was more than satisfactory although we needed some young talent to gradually replace nesta while also gaining from his mentorship & playing alongside silva. What was lacking was a decent leftback but allegri’s reluctance to play urby has cost the team dearly. This type of mismanagement cost the team a lot of games, milan’s pathetic showing in he champions league meant millions lost & a lack of lucrative sponsership deals. This made it difficult to maintain our top earners, so we were subsequently forced to sell zlatan & silva for financial reasons. These problem condemned allegri’s era at… Read more »


seedorf will become milan’s coach on thursday and he brings davids,stam,kluivert and crespo next year! WOW!

carlo gambino

Berlusconi never made a mistake with his choice of coaches(arrigo sacchi,fabio capello,carlo ancelotti) if belusconi says seedorf is the man then believe you ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ seedorf will be a massive success because his going to bring something very new and never seen or heard before in the game(FACT) follow ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ on twitter P_wax, or add ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ on BB 287ED1C0


I totally agree. I’ve been a fan of Milan since 1988 and I trust Berlusconi judgement when it comes to choosing coaches!


Some do have a bad memory – anyone remembering Tabarez, Terim, Zaccheroni, Leonardo??? Guardiola could not handle Zlatan, Allegri could. Why not appreciating this? At the first year of his spell he got completely new team, yet, was able to tame different personalities into working machine. I admit, he lost his Cagliari courage next years where he produced attacking style of football with very progressive methods. Anyways, you certainly cannot blame him for all the mercato blunders (yes, Matri, Birsa, Muntari – i think these were of his wish, too), no coach would choose to sign Silvestre/Zapata when he could… Read more »




Some of them maybe can be better under some other manager. I think that Emmanuelson and robi are not that bad as u all talk about. They all lack discipline thats true. Emmanuelson with discipline can be a strong LB in my opinion.


Irrespective of d coach, Seedorf, Inzaghi, Tassoti, Villas Boas, Guardiola, Cyborg, Guashow (or watz dat his name again), Milan fan or I, im sure we’l perform better dan Allegri


I hope this seson will turn to be same as Chelsea’s when they let go of Villa Boas. Di matteo took over to win the champions league that year. I hope Seedorf can make a miracle and good luck to him.

Red and black forever.

Milan fan

Really Cyborg ? Well I hope you know what Bonera’s Zapata’s or Mexes’s full potential is 😉 You’re either good,or not. Simple as that.


SEDORF is an profesional ..he was playing all his life in the best teams around the best players under the BEST COACHES ..
HE is the pure winner ,He knows what Milan is and what it means to wear the Milans shirt ..
The change was a necessarily
I would bring someone like Prandelli at the begining but i hope Berlusconi knows what will be the best choice ..

Anyways it couldnt be worse like to have still Allegri here

Fingers Crossed! Forza Milan !


Criscito/Coentrao/Santon, Doria/Garay/Vertonghen/Dragovic/Dede, Banega/Fernando/Inan/Jorginho/Clasie/Badelj/Kovacic/Maher/Hernanes

those are the only players we should target and sign for Seedorf.


Why are so many people hating on Mexes? I think he’s a solid defender!!


physically milan’s defenders are good, constant IS a good player he is solid, but he is a defender you can’t await he dribbles like kaka, he can be sold im sure that many teams want his services, mexes is good but he is not consistent, rami isn’t the solution but he is killing zaccardo time so im good, zapata is fair good, but stills no milan quality, vergara has the potential, just need a coach who trust him, zapata can teach him a couple of things, abate is a though one, he was great on the confederation and come on… Read more »


This is the happiest news of my life time


Perfect day.

1. Allegri sacked
2. Got my car licence today
3. My iPhone glass broke = new phone?

oooohhh 🙂


Matri gone too!


Farewell mr. Allegri.
Please keep that daidaidai thing for future curriculum vitae references.
Thank you for your dedication and destruction;




According to reports, Fiorentina reached agreement with Milan fot Matri. It’ll be a loan until the end of the season, don’t know if there’s a buy out clause but probably there ain’t one knowing he’s an overpayed flop


Did anyone else notice the half smile on Allegri’s face when Ballotelli scored the second goal? Oh how premature that was, and oh how glad I am he’s finally gone. Now, can we get back to being AC Milan please? I don’t care who takes over as long as they: — Play the best players available (i.e. not Muntari, Bonera, Constant or Matri ever again). — Play each player in their best position (i.e. not SES running up and down the wing helping out in defence). — Make substitutions before the 80th minute. — Play the best formation depending on… Read more »


We Thank Allegri for those season. Hope gets a job after that will be stress less for him. MILAN is a big club, it must take everything to ship this cruise. Now let’s hope for the best so we can win Coppa D’ Italia or “CL”. We can also qualify for Europa. It will still bring money. Forza Milan 4 Life!!!!!


Matri is going to Fiorentina on loan


Matri might be joining him pretty soon


And Bonera…..


I felt like singing “ding dong the witch is dead” when Allegri got sacked. All we can hope for now is to win the Coppa Italia and a miracle to occur to win the UCL.


Super Pippo for lead this team..


we need great personality coach with great vision..we do need staff with strong character, stamp,davids would be good for young player.. especiale for weak and childish balloteli..


Thanks Mr. Allegri, good luck for your future.
Very much thanks to new CEO Barbara for this decision, keep work well with your great idea cos we know your heart is AC MILAN, this decision maybe too late cos we are far from the title, but if we wait til juny maybe we will play in serie b for next season. Forza Barbara!!!
The next coach? Hope he has Milan DNA!!!
Thanks to berardi for the great job, maybe ballo must learn from you.
Finaly, let’s start the new era. MILAN PER SIEMPRE, FORZA MILAN..!!!


Allegri was never the man for A.C. Milan. Watching him ruin the Milan style of play was excruciating. Good riddance I say. Now, about our soon to be new manager, I feel Seedorf would be a great coach if we are patient with him. Having already bombed this season, I think Seedorf will be given relatively easy milestones to accomplish until the end of this season. Seedorf has always been a very clever player, in terms of reading the game and how the players should move in both attack and defense. If he can get that working in the next… Read more »


Gattuso blind? That’s blasphemy my friend, u better ask God for padon


It was not meant as an insult. Gattuso was not actually blind, but he did have a problem with his left eye. He even said it himself that in one match he saw four Ibras on the pitch.


Wow, as soon as Allegri’s gone, Matri’s gone as well. This just gets better!

Bibib pato

Thanks 4 all ur comments hope we can turn d season around


Muntari cried when allegri left – I read this today in several reports – LMAO, maybe he realised that he wont start as much as he did in the future 😉


Petagna is back at Milan people! And matri is on his way out!! This just gets better and better! #cantwait4seedorf2start!!