Official: Milan sack Allegri


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI has been sacked as the coach of Milan this morning; Tassotti, Inzaghi or Seedorf to take over.

The Massimiliano Allegri era is over, now it’s official. The 4-3 defeat to newly-promoted side Sassuolo last side was the straw that broke the camel’s back and the Rossoneri have decided to relive the Tuscan coach of his first-team duties.

Allegri joined Milan in 2010 and won the Scudetto in his first year, he’d then go on to finish 2nd and then 3rd in the following seasons but this year his Milan have been nothing short of embarrassing and Milan have decided enough is enough.

Sassuolo-Milan: Official line-ups
Sassuolo-Milan: The Rossoneri squad

“AC Milan wish to communicate that Massimiliano Allegri and his staff have been relieved of their duties with immediate effect,” a statement on Milan’s website reads on Monday. “AC Milan would like to thank Mr. Allegri and his staff for their time with the club and wish them the best for the future.  Coach Mauro Tassotti will take charge in the meantime of the team.”

Barbara Berlusconi hinted last night that this is the end of Allegri: “It’s necessary and urgent to change. It’s not tolerable for our fans to watch such unacceptable performances.” Allegri has become the first coach Milan sack during a season since Fatih Terim in 2001. It’s still unclear who will be the coach of the red & blacks for the reminder of the season. Assistant manager Tassotti will coach the squad against Spezia on Wednesday but he is not expected to stay in the job for long.

Primavera coach Filippo Inzaghi appears to be favourite to take over but it’s possible that Clarence Seedorf will terminate his contract with Botafogo and will come coach Milan already now. The Dutchman will be the coach next year in any case.

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thank you ALLAH


HOoooooray happiest news ive heard on this blog! I wish yo the worst for leaving our club to be a relegation team


at last some good news..




it doesnt rly matters when, but what. I am so glad he got sacked. Even on a last game of the season. Fk this guy


About Time!!!


Adios Cancer!!!!!!!!!!!

We are healed!!!!

Now sell constant, robinho and matri!!

We have lots of good players!! now we can fight for titles again


I want to use this opportunity to Thank Berardi for a Job well done. He made it possible. Good Luck to you Allegri and Forzamilan


Great news, but decision was procrastinated.
Don’t know how to feel about first time coach Seedorf or Inzaghi, whom I don’t want to see in this tough position, He deserves fresh season start. People in various articles somehow decides that AVB is the perfect match for the job, but I don’t know much about him and his tactics, just that he never played football himself.

don dez

Finally, so the club has to steep so low to come to its senses….thank God for Barbara…forza milan


Hip hip hip… Hurray!


Alhamulilahi The best transfer of the season so far


waiting this for so long

Thank u, Allegri for the scudetto


Why Tassotti is not expected to continue his job for long?
I wish Milan let him handle the team until the end of the season if he wins the match against Spezia
and is willing and appropriate as a head coach but I ll be very sad if he or Milan sack him or he leaves from himself..


At long last,we can now breathe a sigh of relief. Tnx 2 Sassuolo, for helping us sack Allegri,cos, had it not bn 4 dem,Allegri wud still have remained Milan coach till d end of d season(what a nightmare that wud hv bn).MILAN TILL ETERNITY.


Its time to av a cool sleep


New Milan!!!Thanks Barbara


Can someone tell me,what is the difference between Seedorf and some other former player, for example Maldini, Baresi, or some newer one like Gattuso, Zambrotta…What are the qualities that make Seedorf better choice for new coach, and not some other former player? Choosing a guy like him to be new coach is like shooting in the dark, God knows what can happen…


He passed the test for a coach in holland and in brasil.


That is why i hope he take over the team now, not for next year. We all can see if he is good enough.

Mr Kparakpo

I agree, a man with no coaching experience coming to coach a club like Milan, it sounds like an experiment. we don’t need experiments right now. I Hope Barbara stands in the way of this.


Even though I should have heard this news 12 games ago, it is finally a relief he’s gone.. I just hope whoever takes over decides to deploy attacking tactics with a strong defence instead of playing like allegri with 11 people behind a ball with no creativity against weak teams like sassuolo. I don’t know if inzaghior sSeedorf r ready but I hope they can boost this squad again! Anyways this is like the biggest January transfer news we’ll get so FORZA MILAN!!

Milan fan

Still missing about 7-8 quality players,and as many departures from this club.


I thought that this day would never come. Thank you God for making it hapend. Pitty its a monday, othervise i would throw a party.


Milan fans take note of today’s date as it is a very special day indeed! Today we are FREE! FORZAAAA MILLAANNNNNNN!!!!!!


Alas..been celebrating all morning..this is the best news I have heard for a long time from our camp.. Once again it is fashionable to be a Milan fan.. Max really deserved to be disgraced and if you ask Galliani should go with him. Inept!!


I want people to not expect a lot from the coming coach which is most probably seedorf! the management has a lot of work to do especially in defence. i am not convinced of any player in defense except de scilio and abate.


Barbara did a good job today! IMO galliani should follow and barbara should take over and bring in maldini. If not for barbara,galliani would hv said”allegri? He is still our coach until the end of the season, we are the only italian club remaining in the cl and we are fine as we are” Thank you Barabara fir caring about the fans! Forza milano!!!


Firing Allegri was the First step, glad it happened
Now sell the rubbish: Balotelli,Matri,Bonera,Mexes,Silvestre,Muntari, Nocerino,Zaccardo,Constant,Birsa,Coppola
Bring Petagna back
More playing time to Cristante and Pacifico

Get 3-4Defenders
1 decent CF
And 1winger and we are ok

malik Kadir

1st of all I will like thank Barbara for the kind of love she has shown for Milan and also berardi for finally pulling out the trigger.part of the disease has been identified and maybe,just maybe we can find a cure to that problem.there is still another problem and is no one but galliani .allegri may be the victim but we cannot ignore the fact that is the one behind allegri and all the poor business the club have been doing .infact galliami OS the main cancer


.whoever is the new coach is better than allegri!lets not start complaining. The disease in milan has been cured period!!!


I cant believe it took so long and especially the formation he played yesterday with urby on the left back , you kidding me. thanks allergi but we need someone with strong character and knowledge as a coach.
inzaghi and seedorf have no experience so for me its a NO
too bad guardiola is not available or MOU or ancelotti

maybe a good fit would be ferguson loll but no chance retired


ITS PRETTY LATE NOW But iam happy now ..It couldnt be worse
Forza Milan !


Didn’t Maldini say numerous times he didn’t want to coach? The difference between Seedorf and another former player is probably availability. And when dealing with any former player with zero coach experience, it’s always like shooting in the dark. Seedorf could work out well or he won’t. But how different is that from any other coach? Might as well give a great player a chance to be a great coach.


Thanks to berardi, the dreams come true..the new era begin, last hope the management not wrong chossing the coach. Forzamilan


Goodbye Mr. Dai dai dai!

Not sure whether Seedorf/Inzaghi should be coach given we’re 6 points off relegation zone. Would prefer someone more experienced.

Anyway, next objective is to offload as many fodders as possible. We’re halfway through Jan and Constant, Matri, Zaccardo, Noce, Muntari are still here.


Allegri is a nice person but he should have been sacked long ago. Enough is enough. He wasn’t going anywhere with his tactics and methods. Now let’s hope for the best and for Balotelli to follow in his footsteps. I’m so tired of this guy. A player who prefers to dive instead of using his talent when he knows he’s better than the opposition player is worthless. He might well score a superb hattrick next week because he’s capable but he’s just gonna disgrace himself and the team in the game after that. He’s not gonna change his attitude and… Read more »


At long last the battle has ended. Milan our beloved team is free forever.


I don’t care who our next coach is, as long as we get rid of the deadwood players like Zaccardo, Matri, Muntari, Bonera, Robinho, Constant, Nocerino. We have to accept that these players are not Milan quality!


Dont forget the first season allegri came we won, the season after we would have won again if muntaris goal was given, the squad after that year went from quality milan to rubbish milan we got the worst replacements ever except for monto and de jong in the first season, allegri is not that bad he did a couple of mistakes we all know that but he had the likes of seedorf ibrahimovic nesta thiago silva, they were just unstoppable, also when I saw the squad list posted on rossoneriblog, so many said in defence bonera and zapata and cristante… Read more »


I’m 100 % sure that you guys will still complain about formations, player selection etc even with Allegri out, no matter who our next coach is. I hope it’s Tassotti, he deserves a shot at least until the end of the season depending on how well he manages. Pippo himself said it’s too soon for him, and he has a little experience under his belt, how can Seedorf be able to take over the team at this point. I just hope for the best now with our next coach, and wish Allegri the best of luck. Can’t believe people are… Read more »


how bout milions of pple losin their happines??????

Tayo james Milanista

Good for Allegri……Necessary for Milan. Now its GAME-ON




After losing my sleep last night, am gonna snore like a hippo this night for this great relief. FORZA BARBARA


Hope Inzaghi or Seedorf becomes the ”JOSIAH” of Milan.Josiah become the King of Judah(Israel)when he was just 8 years old and i guess he reigned for more than 22years as a king and he has a great wisdom which made him a successful king after he destroyed burnt all the idols his predicessor implemented in Judah and he served God.I pray Inzaghi or Seedorf becomes the ”JOSIAH” and get rid of all bad and awful players implemented by Allegri and Galliani,and for him to have great tactical wisdom.WE EXPECT A NEW JOSIAH.FORZA BARBARA.FORZA MILAN!!!.


Thank you Berrardi for saving our beloved Milan

Milanisti since 98

Inzaghi or seedorf??? I guess i preffer inzaghi, he is a coach already. Seedorf hasn’t even coach a team before


I never supported the idea of sacking allegri but after last night ,i had enough.It was humiliating.Firstly,the sassuolo players aren’t anythng at all.emanuelson basically is a better player than the 4 goals guy.only the four goal guy had a plan from his coach.Secondly,some players too are bad (not as sassuolo players )but since they dont have a plan,they r worse 1:first goal,the sassuolo player was made to look like xavi with that pass.all players were watching not knowing what to do 2: the other goal,it had bonera was on the right hand side,and zapata on left covering bernardi.basically ,even in… Read more »


Grazie berarrdi, Grazie Barbara…yesss


Gianluca Di Marzio writes: Milan have decided, the goal is to entrust the bench immediately Clarence Seedorf. A decision that now seems to be final, important steps have been moved in this direction. In the new Milan to come, there wont be Mauro Tassotti, which will not be part of the technical staff of the Dutch in the next season. Who will work with Seedorf, however, will be Stam and Crespo, remains to be seen whether it will also anticipated their arrival. Another name that could be part of the new staff is that of Patrick Kluivert. Names, ideas and… Read more »


i am glad some fans share the same sort of opinion with me about balo.he can be a worldclass player but he is not just suitable for milan right now.Yesterday real formation was as follows: 0-1-2-2-1 i.e: no keeper- de scilgilo-No rcb-No lcb-No lb, cristante- de jong-No lcm, KAKA-Robinho (first 20 min),balo ( first 15 min)…. Tired of balo already ,for that salary ,not worthit despite the goal.No wonder messi collects balon dors,because he if he knows its crowded and he can’t escape (he mostly escapes from defenders),he passes the ball.not just fall and wanting a foul.I am beginning to… Read more »


Berrardi is our saviour 🙂


Barbara is what Milan needs – give her all the power and she will clear the house and bring refreshments!!! Galliani needs to go, he has done many many great things for Milan, but his time is up too, let Barbara rule now, she is the real deal!!!


Allegr is not a bad guy.Milan’s management did him wrong.First buying him mostly below average players ,especially defenders.Then not firing him earlier until they made sure he absorbed most of the blame from fans (eg.myself ,i had my breaking point yesterday),and then firing him! Allegri is also a person people,don’t call him cancer,etc.Imagine ,Since you studied science at elementary school and high school,you are given a space craft to mend (which even the best engineers avoided) and u are given simple tools like a plaster and a crowbar.and regardless of your failings,u r not fired and given little interms of… Read more »