A treble of thought from Milan 3-0 Atalanta


JOHNATHAN CLANCY gives his 3 thoughts on Milan 3-0 victory over Atalanta on Monday, January 6, 2014.

In the first match of the second half of the Serie A season, Milan romped Atalanta 3-0 to give them 3 much needed points.

Milan hopes to build a run of form and emulate last season’s second half run as they charge up the league table. Here are my 3 thoughts from today’s match.

Galliani on Atalanta win, Kaka, Cristante, the mercato and more…
Highlights: Milan 3-0 Atalanta

101 Goals for Capitano Kaka: Our living legend Ricky Kaka came into today’s game with 99 goals scored in Rossoneri stripes. In the 35th minute, the Rossoneri broke and Kaka put away his 100th goal off an assist from Urby Emanuelson. Kaka celebrated with a Milan jersey with his name and the number 100 commemorating his career with Milan. Kaka doubled his tally in the 65th minute.

As a fan that fell for this team largely because of Kaka’s exploits, seeing him succeed in his second stint at Milan brings a smile to my face. I have never been happier to be wrong. I did not think signing Kaka was the right move during the summer. Now I’m owning up to it. I was wrong. Signing Kaka is what this team needed. They needed a leader. They needed class. They needed someone to show them how it’s done. Perhaps this was Galliani’s plan all along.

To top it all off, Kaka was free. I’m not sure you will find a better transfer bargain out there. Many have called for him to be our Capitano. Maybe that’s the right thing, maybe not. But what we do know is Kaka is back. Right now, he is #10 on the Rossoneri scoring charts. I can’t wait to see how far he will rise up that chart.

Bryan Cristante’s debut: Coach Allegri gave young Bryan Cristante his debut start in Serie A for Milan and Cristante returned the favor with a goal in the 67th minute to cap off the scoring on the day. He settled it with his left foot, and then drove a low rocket to the far corner.

I was very excited to see Cristante in the starting 11, after it was reported that Montolivo would miss due to a minor leg injury. I was very keen to see how Cristante would perform. Rumored to be transfer listed and appeared in only 2 games this season, make no mistake about it; the pressure was really on this kid. Milan are in a difficult situation sitting mid table with injuries and suspensions up the wazoo.

Watching Cristante showed his mental capacity. He did fold under the pressure. He worked hard as the left mezz’ala in both defense and attack. Before we go off and announce him as the next Gianni Rivera, let’s remember he is only 18-years-old and this is one game. He performed well. But let’s take it one step at a time.

Cristante is another product of the Milan youth academy renaissance. Along with Mattia De Sciglio, Cristante appears to have broken the never-ending loan spell that so many from the academy over the years have experienced. This means more than just these 2 players. Seeing the youth go directly to the first team and get a chance and take means so much to future recruiting. When Milan recruit the best 15-year-olds in the world, they’ll have to compete with the world’s top youth academies. When these kids see players like De Sciglio, who has made it to the Italian national team, and Cristante make the leap directly to the first team, it makes an impression on the recruits.

These first team promotions make it easier to sign players like Hachim Mastour, our 15-year-old phenom. The academy is laying the foundations and we are seeing the fruits of our labor in Cristante and De Sciglio. Here’s to bringing back our youth academy to the top of the world.

A Clean Sheet, Finally! As a former defender myself, I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrating it is to watch our defense. While today was far from a well-defended game, the “0” on the opposing side’s half of the scoreboard is a great start. Adil Rami made his debut for Milan after Zapata went off with what appeared to be a shoulder injury. Best of luck to his recovery. Let’s hope that Milan can build off this shutout in both the CL and Serie A.

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Cristante is going to do well. Thank God i did not have to watch a awful montolivo today!


Our youth players have to be the backbone of our future team, over the next couple of years i will expect more coming through as we do have excellent talent down there. cristante and de sciglio are just the start

fix allegri

Before SES got back, the chrismas tree is great with the defence should be like de sciglio -zapata/rami-mexes/rami-ceontrao the midfleid 3-2 poli/de jong -montolivo-bryan ; honda-kaka than the striker balo/pazzo i trust gebril as he can replace abbaiti sell noce and muntari


Two youth players inserted into the first team in 2,3 years time is very impressive. Although we must not forget that Milan is not the same team as before loaded with superstars otherwise it would be almost impossible even for talents such as De Sciglio to break through. Do you think he could bench Tassoti or Cafu back in the day?

But it’s a new cycle and it’s great. They can become the next super stars of Milan. Let’s hope Mastour lives up to the hype.


My boys came through in the clutch.! Captain General Ricky Kaka!!! This win is Major, Hopefully Honda can feed on the positives and Assist accordingly. You people saying sell Nocho, don’t know football. Lets concentrate on football rather than the market. Matri must go tho.


I think that for a great attack play, good attacking midfield is neccesary. That is now complete with the Honda’s arrival. It would be very much productive to play a youngster like Saponara or Cristante with our experienced mids(Kaka and Honda). Following Balotelli’s demand for departure and Chelsea being interested in him, I think we should take this loose shot for signing Mata in exchange(as reportedly he is also unhappy at Chelsea). and talking about defense, the only thing we lack is that our defenders do not have a high work rate like Kaka who runs up and down all… Read more »


Honestly I wasn’t impressed with Rami yesterday. He seems to be slow n could be easily beaten by pace or some trickery. However, I would still like to see him in our first team. Zapata with Rami. Mexes can be good but he’s tactical awareness like David Luiz plusthe fact that hhe’s not as quick as David Luiz. Bonera has performed wel lately but still I don’t trust him as he’s not strong enough to be a center back. Read his biodata and you will realize.

Pa ibra

its a great feeling seeing cristantes name on the score sheet, more so when they about sending him on loan and freaking selling 50% of his right…unbelievable.
you can see the best players were sitting on bench. i would be a galliani and count cristante as a new signing along side rami and honda. now we are good to go. should only sign nainggolan if we want to see saponara and cristante on the bench or playing for cagliari.

forzaA milan!!

Pa ibra

and about kaka… class… just class..!


KAKA + His beard…..awwssssswm occasion reached 101 goals for his love….Forza Kaka….


saponara shouldnt be loaned.he is good enough.although has less mental strength than cristante though.sapo seemed scared of balo n other players mayb ..imo
mayb allegri is a genious, i.e he demoralizes young excellent players by puting them on bench,not even substituting them,just so if he puts them on the first team by total suprise (even in big matches),they would prove themselves to be 1st team material.That’s the only logical reason I can come up with for allegris decisions.


@CK, Rami was on for ten minutes and we were up 3-0……. You can’t judge him off of that. The game was already over and it’s hard to get into the game when you have such a short period of time….


Wat formation r we gonna use….too many players…in midfield, dier cld be a maximum of 3 playing n we hav our workaholic, De Jong, Captain Montolivo, fans loves Cristante and Poli, fans hates Muntari and Nocerino…As if datz nt enuf headache, in Attack, we hav My luv, Kaka, Honda, SeS, Robinho, Balotelli, Pazzini, Matri….d squad z jst too largd, its enuf headache 4 any coach, even Mourinho bt its gonna be a migr**ne 4 Allegri coz hez simply du*b


Cristante will be at least at de rossi’s level!