Reports: Seedorf top candidate to replace Allegri


CLARENCE SEEDORF reportedly has an agreement with Berlusconi (Galliani denies) but don’t rule out Cesare Prandelli.

It’s far from a secret that the contract of Massimiliano Allegri will not be renewed at the end of the season and Milan are already looking for replacements and 2 names that are in the lead for the job are Clarence Seedorf and Cesare Prandelli.

Silvio Berlusconi believes that Seedorf, who is still an active player in the ranks of Botafogo, is the man for the job and even wanted him to replace Allegri last season, while Galliani and Barbara would like to see Prandelli on the bench.

Video: Story of Inter-Milan
Berlusconi: “I will revive Milan in Serie A and in Europe”

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport this morning and Sky Italia, Seedorf arrived in Italy for Christmas but on Thursday he was not in Milano, but in Rome – meeting former Prime Minister and Milan President Berlusconi. It’s said that the two have reached a pre-agreement and Clarence is widely expected to take charge of Milan starting from the 2014/2015 season.

The story on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

“If Seedorf has signed a pre-contract? No, there’s no such thing. Allegri is our coach, and we’re focusing on this season,” Adriano Galliani said on Friday night. It’s clear that Seedorf is the front-runner for the post-Allegri era. The 37-year-old, who won the Champions League four times with three different teams (twice with Milan), left the red and blacks in 2012 but unless there are surprises and Prandelli overtakes him in the competition, ‘The Professor’ will return in the year of 2014.

Meanwhile, it’s almost certain that Sean Sogliano of Hellas Verona will come to Milan and replace Ariedo Braida as the sporting director. Sogliano will work with Galliani and will be in charge of scouting for talents in the different leagues.

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Why not di matteo??


why should di matteo?


I like Prandelli, i like Seedorf.

Prandelli has alot more coaching experience compared to Seedorf..

I believe Seedorf is our next our next coach. Berlusconi knows he made a mistake last time, when he listened to Galliani and kept Allegri.


I will take Frank DeBoer of Ajax or Simone or At. Madrid anyday. They have improved thier teams amazingly.

Still, i will be happy with Prandelli or Inzaghi.

Im not expecting much this year since our coach is Allegri. But it seems like next year Acmilan will be the team to be afraid of, again. Forza milan


I´m not sure if seedorf is the right man for ac milan at the moment…
Maybe a more experienced trainer would be better…


cant decide. The most logical choice wud be prandelli. But i’m wondering if berlusconi’s instinct is still trustworthy after all these years.


Read what Kaka’ said about Seedorf on and stop doubting Clarence’s abilities. Forza Milan! Forza Seedorf! Forza Kaka’! If it’s possible sack Allegri after the derby and let Seedorf start work!


How long has Diego Simeone been coaching? What about Frank De Boer? It all about having the ability to do what you are called to do! Some have coached for donkey years and they have never risen to the top as quality coaches. For instance Allegri is destined to be a mid-table coach. He cannot rise above that. That is why after the first season league win, he kept taking the team down. The excuses he makes after draws or losses are signs of a man who fiound himself where he never expected. Milan is just too big for Max.… Read more »


I’m not sure why Berlusconi wants Seedorf over Inzaghi or Prandelli but maybe it’s another mad genius moment like when he brought in Sacchi. All I know is, he seems to be the only one who knows anything about football at Milan right now, so I’m more up for backing him with Seedorf than I was 6 months ago. Personally I’d rather Inzaghi but let’s see…

sulexdinho pato

Why not take prandelli as a coach and let seedorf be d assistant and later with experience he be the coach…..forza milan


Allegri out? Why not this January? This could be the fans new years early gift, and also buying good players too and also giving our youth team a chance too!!! :D


According to the results there are still people who back allegri even tho it is a very small amount. WOW these are shameless and are not Milan fans. I want any one of the 3, however my vote went to seedorf i back the president and his choice. I just want allegri out asap! I hope they can even replace him over the winter break.


Lmao….each time I hear of seedorf being milan coach, I fink of montella. Seedorf will do well due to his charisma….bt I feel pippo shud assist him. Wit dat, we cud have back our lost milan spirit.

Allegri isn’t dat bad…bt we Milan just nid a change and need it fast…we’ve suffered enuf!

I can already imagine not being in d champions league next season.


Expect good football from Seedorf. As for Prandelli? He is best as national team coach and not a football club. He tinkers too much with different tactics and i doubt if he will play good football. As for Inzaghi? Very soon, he will coach Milan as he is still needed as our youth coach. Its good to also note that @1five1 has also lost faith in Allegri.


nah, I’m just looking forward to next season, i dont blame allegri for every meat that get stolen in our kitchen like you guys do.


Yes yes yes yes! Would love to see Seedorf back with us, yeah its true he has no experience yet, and Prandelli would be better for now, but Milan is going through a rebuild anyway and if anyone should be given the faith to lead that rebuild it should be one of the brilliant maestros who controlled things in midfield alongside Pirlo ,Kaka, Gattuso and Ambro. Unlike Prandelli and other great senior managers, Seedorf really has his heart at Milan, and knows how things were done when Milan were one of the worlds best, so for me he´s a great… Read more »


Villa boash n max r just d same seedorf over max n Boash anyday anytime


I would take Prandelli,, Prandeli is at his best while Sedorf can still grow as a coach

Best news from last 3 years i think

Forzas MIlan !



but 6 more months with the cancer.. =/


How you people are so sure for seedorf’s coaching abilities?? I dont say he will be bad but i m not sure he ll be good. I think he is a risky choice..personally i d choose inzaghi at this time

isaac ayala

How about we just PRAISE JESUS THAT ALLEGRI WILL BE GONE by the and of the season!!!!!!!!


don’t panic guys the 1% for allegri is a system glitch.


As long as it aint allegri, no qualms.


De Boer and Seedorf would be perfect tandem for Milan. Or maybe Rijkaard and Seedorf but The Professor has to be on our bench with his charisma!


common milan fans seedorf deserve a chance, he had great attitude on and off the pitch, always worked hard for the team with his heart, a true milanista, a true legend, I believe he can win serie a and cl in the coming years!


Seedorf or Prandelli would be great news! wouldn’t mind having either, better than allegri!


To SB & Galiani : Hello guys.. As acmilan must know history of acmilan, specialy the coach, u know no one can be succes coaching acmilan from non italy nationality, for example:oscar tabarez, fatih terim, zacheroni,ect.if want acmilan to succes must have coach itali nationality (bcuse know how good defend like catenatio),have DNA acmilan champion legend, smart, experiance. Logacaly,if we want go trought to final CL 2016 in Sansiro (we home host),no wasting time to choose non experiance coaching, non DNA, ect. The coaching acmilan have to TASSOTI because he have criteria, 10 years experiance as assistance coach anceloti and… Read more »


Seedorf all the way.. The dude will be another great…!!!


I’d love Prandelli or Pippo to b our coach. Seedorf is way inexperienced n immatured to coach Milan