Cristante and Niang on the way out, Milan want Nainggolan


BRYAN CRISTANTE and M’Baye Niang have many clubs interested in them, while Milan want Radja Nainggolan.

January is coming and Milan have a plan in mind and will be looking to add more players to the squad and let some players leave and two guys that could be facing the exit door are Bryan Cristante and M’Baye Niang, who have a few offers.

Cristante and Niang have found it hard to impress coach Massimiliano Allegri and have barely received playing times this season but it seems that other clubs believe they can upgrade their squads and are interested in taking them.

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“Is it certain that Cristante will leave in January? No, not really. We are still evaluating the options,” said Cristante’s agent, Giuseppe Riso. “It depends on the arrivals of other midfielders and in case that space becomes even smaller, we’ll consider other offers. There are 3-4 Serie A teams interested in Cristante as well as many Serie B clubs who follow him.

“Teams outside of Italy? It’s more difficult to loan players to foreign clubs. Cagliari, Livorno and Torino have also asked about him.” The 18-year-old midfielder is considered one of the top talents in Europe at his age but Allegri doesn’t seem to think he is ready to get regular minutes at Milan. Niang’s case is a bit different as the player did impress last year but hasn’t been convincing in the current season and has failed to score in 28 Serie A games in 2 years since his Caen move.

Marseille and Montpellier, as well as Hull City are all interested in Niang and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Montpellier and Milan have already found an agreement for the 19-year-old: a six-month loan with the right to buy Niang in the summer. Milan reportedly tried to insert Niang into the negotiations for Marco Parolo (28), in whom they are interested, but in any case it seems that the days of the Frenchman youngsters are numbered in the red & black shirt. Milan can only hope they Niang won’t turn out to be a new Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who is now a player of Borussia Dortmund.

Parolo is not the only midfielder that Milan want as they are also interested in Radja Nainggolan of Cagliari. The 25 year old has been a target for a while and according to La Gazzetta, Cristante could be interested in the deal. il Diavolo have apparently offered €5 million plus half of Bryan for 50% of Nainggolan, while Cagliari want €8 million plus half of Cristante.

Milan also want Torino’s fullback Danilo D’Ambrosio (25) and are expected to sign him in January or in the summer when his contract expires. Milan are reportedly trying to include Valter Birsa in the deal but his agent has denied such possibility.

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So much for keeping a youthful club…


When it’s on loan I’m okay with it… And Naingolan would be an excellent investment, dump nocerino and get naingolan


Dont sell Niang,cristante, saponara & SES they are the future of Milan.


Selling 50 percent of Cristante….smh.. U dont give him a chance to develop n now u think he is not ready… Galliani in his quest to satisfy Allegri will destory his hard earn reputation…


make sure muntari finds a nice new club as well


I only hope Niang turns into a new Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (or even better) and shows this staff that he was worth more than they ever could imagine! What about turning milan into a club with young players? Matri had like 7-8 starts this season and Niang had none! I just can’t cope with this..


Niang has way more potential than aubameyang. Niang is even better than SES in my opinion. SES in my eyes are a coward, doesn’t know how to get pass opponents. All Niang lacks is goals. Let him score one and he will keep rolling. U got my word on that!! Selling Niang is like selling our best player. I don’t mind loaning him out, but with an option to buy? FOR REAL!! Niang >see>matri
get rid of the bottom players first goddammit!


better than ses? niang is medicore!

sulexdinho pato

This is complete buuuullssshhhiiittt


I’m willing to accept loaning, and only loaning Niang out. What I cannot accept is loaning Cristante. I have seen him play many times and I can guarantee he is Milan material and for that matter much better than many of the players in the starting 11.

Youth policy, eh? This is going to be a LONG season until Allegri leaves…


Stop wasting your time muntari going no where bro .why dont asking for Galliani to go first allegri ,that director sportive we’re have right now they’re the problem of Milan


The way Allegri sees the Milan players: (age 29) Matri > El Shaarawy (age 21) (age 29) Muntari > Poli (age 24) (age 28) Noccerino > Chistante (age 18) (age 29) Robimho > Niang (age 19) (age 27) Birsa > Saponara (age 22) I thought Milan wanted to have and use a younger team? Then why the HELL are they or should I say ALLEGRI playing these granddads who cant run and keep up with some of the easiest teams in Seria A? That is why Milan is ranking so low on the Seria A table! Even Verona are 7… Read more »


thank you!! Muntari,matri nocerino, birsa should leave! I love robinho but he should leave too =(

Forza Milan

Let the squad keep growing.We can’t keep working our star players like slaves. Niang, Noco, stay. Matri out. We are regretting Pierre, we can’t make the same mistakes .

Kwabena Adu

I lost my admiration for Galliani the very day he spent 12M on Matri,the guy use to be good with the market but as he gets older he have lost it.I was very glad when he decided to leave the club.


Deals milan shud be looking at

Matri for hernanes
Tim krul
+ we nid a left back nd a centre back of high quality.

Parolo, Naingoolan are not needed.

Niang cud be loaned for cerci

So d formation shud look like


Abate/MDS–zapata(new CB)–rami/mexes—-(new LB)





Don’t mind Niang’s loan, 50% cristante doesn’t mean we lost him, Vergara needs a loan, while I only see Saponara leaving if Birsa stays.

Nainggolan and D’Ambrosio, great buys along side Honda and Rami.

I am now pretty sure Perin is our next Goalie, with rumours of Abbiati’s 1 year renewal.


This sounds perfect, even though I’d prefer it if Cristante isn’t loaned out and that we sell Nocerino instead. One year renewal for Abbia so he can tutor Perin sounds like the perfect scenario, he even said that he doesn’t have to be the first choice goal keeper all the time. Agreed, Honda and Rami, along with Nainggolan and D’Ambrosio sounds like a very good mercato, however to make it even better we need to FIRST get rid of the mediocre/dead weight players, and THEN perhaps loan out some youngsters to trim down the squad. Vergara and Niang need to… Read more »


Galliani is a sabotage. Full stop


lets follow in fergie genius plan get a young badass keeper now perin and watch him grow he can be our de gea lets move be4 juve rochonna they are planing to get all the best cb in serie a y are milan only tryning to inprove the chest of the team when its so strong the legs of the team need help


Juve wont move for him coz they have Leali and Inter wont move for him either as they have Bardi, Guess Preziozi and Galliani friendship will make it easier for us to get Perin,..Napoli has RaphaeL..Only need to be worried about the Roman clubs swooping in for him..


I don’t think naingolan is that good!


Naingolan is useless Why do u think he still plays for cagliari? if he was good enough man u or other big teams would bought him long ago.


Adios Niang .


Don’t ever think to buy Cristante! It would be the biggest mistake! The club that has Cristante and plays muntari instead of him, has certainly a problem!


people talks like Niang is a great player… 0 goals in 28 matches.. that miss against barça..


He is not a striker. He may not have the finishing right now but he’s not a finished article. I remember henry n trezeguet at this age struggled to score as well.


bull… Henry and trezeguet were good at his age. Damn it, at his age, they were both scoring goals for Monaco and France. Niang ain t worth shit. I don t see why people think Niang is a good player. He may lack the goals at his age (I can fully understand that), but the boy does not have any skills. he cannot dribble or better yet assist on a goal. You guys criticize Muntari, Matri, Noce but they are way more valuable than Niang


bringing back PATO!!!!!…


Naingollan is the most overrated Dm of Italy.


Cristante > muntari > monto-leave-us

Mohamed salman chachia

It’s fine if Niang and Christante are on loan. But really should they? I think the deserve more playing time at AC Milan. Especially as the Milan derby coming soon… In fact I believe AC Milan should dispose Nocerino and Zaccardo. They are finished!!! It hurts in the heart especially when you support AC Milan and when that feeling when the words rossinieri flow through your veins to become diminished in despair with little hope. I think nobody in AC Mila knows how to deal with the flow of football players in the team.


it will be too sad seeing in a few years cristante be on top in a team like atletico and niang in chelsea,arsenal or somewhat like this….these players with De Sciglio, SES, Saponara,Baloteli and maybe Gabriel and Vergara(not sure at all) should grow together and become NEW MILAN..without alegri of course..but this is Milan reality last years—>selling our best players and bringing mediocre players from italian teams(cagliari,genoa,parma,bologna)
Anybody seen youth policy?!?!


Nainggolan? Really How many defensive midfielders does a team need? It is clear De Jong and Montolivo can’t play in the same line up as they both prefer the same position and now Galliani wants to bring another player of the same kind in? Forget UCL and Europa, we’ll definitely be fighting it out for relegation. How about selling the dead weight(Abate, Robinho, Matri, Birsa, Nocerino, Muntari, Constant, Allegri, Amelia) and bring in 2 world class centre backs, a quality LB (Santon or Criscito) a decent keeper, switch to a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-2-1 and we will turn our season… Read more »


Rami, Honda, Nainggolan, D’Ambrosio would be a good mercato, but I would prefer Santon instead of D’Ambrosio. This ‘Youth Policy’ is utter bs!!! When you look at the position we are in, we could afford to play the likes of Vergara, Cristante and Niang. Give them a chance! I mean look at Dortmund who had to play Marian Sarr at centre back today. They lost, and that all but ended there chances of catching Bayern for the title, so why don’t we do it. We’re tenth!!! We should have a 25 man squad by the end of January, but it… Read more »


Naingollan is really good, but he’s ANOTHER DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER. This means we won’t be playing 4-2-3-1 we’ll still be playing a minimum of 3 DMs. It’s only good if we let go of two defensive midfielders, ideally Muntari and Nocerino.


its quite clear for some time, until allegri leaves milan will be playing with 3 defensive midfielders. allegri doesnt know how to play fluid attacking game. with no link between midfield and attack, milan struggle even against small team

Forza Milan!

Muntari and nocerino aint defensive midfielders. Defensive midfielders operates between the defence and midfield. They are ballwinning midfielders. who play in the midfield? understand. we currently have no cover for Nigel De Jong. So This will be a vise investment imo.


Loaning them, understandable (they need playing time because they don’t get it from Allegri). Selling them, going to far and potentially losing future stars (Niang and Cristante are very talented youths and they can only get better in the future). I’m just praying that both will stay.



Lets Win Inter


Sack allegri, no smart idea,no give chance to yought sector, cristante dn saponara, he just thinking cristante only played role DM like djong,but coach inzaghi have smart role for cristante and playing excelent, as experiance… Saponara and cristante need only need time playing


If they’re really planning to sell both Cristante and Niang then this team seriously has no hope. Clearly no one is even considering the future if our youngsters are being sold before the dead weight. It seems that we’ve become a selling club to almost everyone.

Never would I have imagined that Milan will turn this way.


Niang may not be anything special right now but selling him is a grave error.


If Cristante leave, it would be the same mistake of pirlo!

M Milan

Cagliari President said yesterday anyone who wants to leave Cagliari is free to do so. “Does that apply to Davide Astori too? It applies to everyone, I don’t rule anybody out.” Nainggolan, Astori, a GK, a LB in, robinho, birsa, matri, muntari, zaccardo n 2 GK’s out.


The point is…. we only need a new coach! A coach who really understand what kind of player to be sold, and what to be kept in the squad. Allegri is really lack of it. Please send Allegri out! Top priority!


They should be loaned and not sold.Honestly,they need to gain experience.please do not sell these young lads.


What a joke. What happened to the youth movement? It all started with the horrendous signing of Matri. What a disgrace and all at the request of a bigger joke Mr Allegri. He must be fired. Niang should be loaned but NO option to make it permanent. He should be returned to Milan immediately he is our future along with De Siglio, SES, Cristante, and Balo. Please Barbara get rid of Allegri!


Muntari should not be sold. His fitness and commitment speaks for itself. Nocerino, Robinho, Matri, Birsa, Constant out. Honda, Rami, Nainggolan in. Plus get a fullback that can play on both sides.

Joe Argani

Expected Milan Squad in The Rest of The 2013/2014 Season Coach: Basten or Inzaghi Goal Keeper: (3) – Need 1 keeper Abbiati (35), Gabriel (20) Signing in January: Tim Krul (25), Out in January: Amelia, Coppola Defender: (8) – Need left back Abate (27), De Sciglio (20), Mexes (31), Bonera (32), Zapata (26), Adil Rami (27), Vergara (19) Signing in January: Santon (22), Out in January: Zaccardo, Silvestre, Constant Midfielder: (9) – Need attacking midfielder and winger De Jong (28), Montolivo (28), Honda (27), Cristante (18), Saponara (21), Poli (23), Kaka (31) Signing in January: Radja Nainggolan (26) & Alessio… Read more »