Livorno-Milan: Post match reaction


ANOTFHER GAME, another draw. I’ve gotten used to dropping points, so this match neither saddens nor joys me.

It is what it is. Allegri’s tactics cost us yet another priceless victory. Only some Balotelli magic saved the Rossoneri from yet another embarrassing loss. The 2-2 result puts them tied for 2nd most draws in Serie A, with 6. Still in 8th, they could possibly slip all the way to 12th should results fall a certain way. So without further ado, here is my take on the match!

The first half started out promising. Milan looked threatening, and in the 7th minute, Kaka sent in a pinpoint pass to Mario Balotelli from the edge of the box. The pass itself had a good chance of finding the net, but Balotelli connected and bundled it in for a 1-0 lead. After that however, Milan went back to their old ways, sitting back after scoring. This allowed Livorno to exert pressure. Gabriel was forced into some great saves as one by one Livorno players tried their luck.

Highlights: Livorno 2-2 Milan
Livorno-Milan: Official line-ups

Eventually, Livorno’s pressure and Milan’s complacency paid off. After some terrible defending by our center defenturds, Luca Siligardi got to the top of the box, and unleashed a terrific strike that beat Gabriel and tied the game up. Milan sort of woke up after that, and attempted to change the scoreline in their favor. However, Livorno still played on, and the half finished 1-1.

Stephan El Shaarawy was brought in towards the end of the half for the ineffective Valter Birsa. Linked up decently with Balotelli, but was not able to produce anything to write home about. Speaking of Balotelli, he was the subject of many Livorno fouls, some of which were in the penalty box. But due to Balotelli’s acquired reputation of flopping to get penalties, they were not called.

The second half started out like the first one ended. Milan had some chances, Livorno had some chances. Neither team were able to convert, however Livorno looked more threatening. El Shaarawy received a yellow for pulling down a Livorno play near the edge of the box. Then came minute 58. After yet more terrible defending from Christian Zapata, Paulinho was released, and made no mistake firing home at the near post to give Livorno a 2-1 lead. Although Gabriel could and probably should have saved that, blame goes to the incapable defense for allowing Paulinho space. A few minutes later, Niang came on for the disappointing Nocerino.

But still, Milan kept playing as if they were not a goal down against a provincial Serie A side. There were some opportunities for Milan notably a chance for Niang to score his first Serie A goal, but he inexplicably was unable to convert. Around the 80′ mark, Milan started to wake up. Maybe it was the introduction of De Sciglio, but they looked more threatening, and in the 83rd minute, it paid off.

A free kick was won about 30 yards from goal, and Balotelli stepped up to blast a missile of a shot into the back of the net to tie the match up 2-2. After this, Milan started playing a lot better. They pressured Livorno endlessly. Balotelli almost got a hat trick after unleashing a wicked strike that cannoned off the underside of the crossbar and bounced back into play. Bardi was absolutely helpless, and had the strike been a bit lower, he would have been unable to do anything about it going into the net. The Rossoneri kept pressing on, but were unable to get the third goal, and the match finished 2-2.

Things to note
Goals: 26′ Siligardi (Sciattarella), 58′ Paulinho (Siligardi) 7′ Balotelli (Kaka), 83′ Balotelli.
Yellow Cards: 9′ Biagianti, 20′ Coda, 31′ Emerson, 70′ Paulinho, 77′ Mbaye 53′ El Shaarawy, 90′ Mexes.
Substitutions: 75′ (Siligardi-Greco), 90′ (Duncan-Rinaudo), 90′ (Mbaye-Lambrughi) 38′ (Birsa-El Shaarawy), 60′ (Nocerino-Niang), 75′ (Poli-de Sciglio).
Man of the Match: Balotelli.
Goal of the Match: Balotelli free kick (goal #2).
Next match: Milan-Roma, December 16, 7:45 pm GMT (2:45 pm Eastern US).

What did you guys think of the match?

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We need new defense ,coach and goalkeeper


Pacifico instead of Mexes then we’re talking


Rumours are circulating that we’re after Basel’s manager. I’m totally in favour of this, he plays attacking football with young players, he’s not Italian so he wont play something ridiculous like 5-3-2 or 4-3-1-2, he has CL experience and he’s more experienced than Seedorf or Inzaghi


New keeper? I think Gabriel stands pretty decent between the poles, I know paulinho goal near post but take into consideration that the entire back line was pushed up except Zapata and also that shot was an amazing shot perfect place and speed on the all nothing could be done, the first goal however could of been stopped bu defense was weak as always. I enjoyed the game though pity we lost Balo had chance after chance to put it to bed and The only real person to blame besides allegri is Niang Kaka gave him a gift to put… Read more »


Horrible display. The 4-3-2-1 Christmas tree formation does NOT work with this squad, save for Balotelli. I much prefer to see Bonera over either Mexes or Zapata. Ball movement was exceptionally slow. I hope we switch back to 4-3(dynamic and not with 3 defensive mids)-1-2. Kaka has always functioned better behind the strikers and not on the left. Why did Milan purchase Saponara if he isn’t going to play? Nocerino offers absolutely nothing. Birsa has been anonymous for a long time now. I’m willing to swallow not qualifying for the CL as long as Allegri leaves and a complete renewal… Read more »


If it comes down to a Galliani vs Maldini show down then I’d rather see Galliani go. What is important at this stage for Milan is strategic thinking. We have to build a squad that would form a new competitive cycle like the one in the early 90s and the one from 2003-07. For that then Milan needs to look at younger players. I’d rather see Saponara play over Honda and also Cristante over NDJ (even though he is quite good). Even Kaka, as much as I love him, won’t last for long. If we don’t invest in youth we… Read more »

Super Pippi

I actually doesn’t see Honda coming in January. Though I want it too, Milan has Kaká for the centre attacking midfield and Saponara. Milan are saying that they want to play a lot with youngsters, and a January transfer for Honda would only make it harder for EL92, Saponara and Niang to claim a spot in the starting 11.


You sure about that? Because last time I checked, Honda had offers from many big clubs…


Allegri must go for milan to start playing wel n gud. he lacks tactical astuteness.


Allegri must go is always the cry, but face it! He aint going nowhere, galliani has never criticized or complain about him, some of you are too obsessed with seeing saponara play, but you forget so fast that it too MDS and elsha 2 season to break into the team. Deduct birsa’s 6points match winning perfomance from milan then look @ where milan will be on the table. Berlu and galliani don’t have a good history with sacking coaches, even when ancelotti didn’t make a top four finish.


I was unable to watch the match, but after reading our starting lineup I’m not surprised that we did not win.
I have tried to be respectful of Max, but this guy is awful.
Why start Poli at RB, yes, last match he had to, but why not start Bonera there and start Poli instead of Nocerino?
Or even Bonera at RB, Cristante at LCM, and Poli up top instead of Birsa, or even Saponara for Birsa. Either way, there was no reason at all to start Nocerino.

I agree, Allegri must go…Now !


i want capello at the touch line


he can do both jobs

Pa ibra

i think yes. guus hiddink has done it with russia and chelsea.
but capello is not my preffered choice.

Joe Argani

We will cannot see the real Milan this season if some underrated coach & players are still manage & play for Milan: Zapata, Constant, Zaccardo, Bonera, Muntari, Nocerino, Silvestre, Birsa, Matri & Niang.

Welcome for Rami, Honda & other good players in CB & AM in January.

Olalekan Mojeed

1.Tell me the reason why berlusconi didn’t allow Galliani too leave. 2 is Allegri the man to lift milan to the eight champions league trophy 3. Are we useing the rules we set down last two season about the youth policy.4 why are we blaming mrs B for shouting out that we need change in the board room.5 who is to blame base on the problem the club is faceing ?????


Milan need figthing spirit for 90 minutes play….

Shams Arafat

What a bunch of pathetic fans. Poli was completely out, losing balls regularly, putting pressure on the defence.It’s no wonder Milan was brilliant once de siglio came on El-sharawwy was completely anonymous. Birsa had more touch than him. Nocerino may not have been spectacular but he did not make any mistakes. Whereas both montolivo and dejong was making mistakes. Who do you play, an inform kaka or a inexperienced saponara? Given Zapata was caught out but first, the ball came from midfield and you need your gk make these saves. Can you imagine, cassilas, Buffon, abbiati to name a few… Read more »

Lin Zexu

The defence was terrible…
I’ll rather prefer Bonera and Silvestre…


Actually this time around Allegri made some good early substitutions. And it nearly paid off.

I don’t care for the league anymore, as it’s impossible to reach the champions league places now and we might not even end up in europa league. But we must absolutely qualify from our CL group and go as far as possible considering that’s a different competition and the motivation levels are higher. It’s just a shame Honda will be unable to play there.

Also, we must win the Coppa Italia this time around.


Give vergara some change… kick zapata from line up, He always make mistake


I woke up early in the morning and checked the result. and this was my reaction: Hahahahahahaha. its damn funny because milan cant even win against a team which was beaten by chievo 3-0!. Europe is history now. so AC now has to work on winning scudetto next season. In previous matches i heard ppl in the same blog telling y play matri… niang. And let me ask u wat did he do. he might be a talented player but he is not MILAN QUALITY! half of the players in this milan squad is not milan quality. el shaarawy has… Read more »


Wow, you should be the new sports director for Milan….


but wait how are they funding this if the budget is 17 mil if we pay that much 4 koke we r in trouble


These draws make me sick.. There is no need to keep Max till the end of the season.

And for Galliani, I believe nobody is indispensable..He is not the CEO of Juve, Barca, Madrid, Verona, Fiorentina, Arsenal, Bayerna, Dortmund etc I could go on and on.. Yet these clubs seem better structured than Milan and have been playing better football than us. Even Tottenham seem better structured these days


we will get yakin in jan let us hope


From Allegri’s line up, one could predict a draw seeing the midfield. Nocerino?? you mean Nocerino? still ahead of Cristante?? you play with Noce-De Jong-Monty in midfield and expect a win??

Stop bothering yourselves guys, Allegri is of no use FULL STOP


To be fair to allegri, his line-ups has been good for the past 5-6 games, silly mistakes and lack of concentration has been the point, we didn’t make any mistake in the celtic game. My only problem with him is giving cristante a chance while de-jong gets a deserved rest.


It is a very hard time for me as milanista….

I love milan soo much and dont wanna see milan like this… mr. Alle….with all respect and a lot of thank you for you…..leave milan and give milan to the right hand


i always say Niang is garbage…4get his physique dude does’nt jst have it i prefer saponara


he is useless you cant understand it???

fiji 11

well considering how the team is performing. .i dont see any chemistry or unision in d team.. ..most goals are due to individual efforts.. …. even thou we mite loose to ajax, we mite go on to win the europa league and have more international trophies dat any1 else. …it just mite boost the team for next season as this seasin is just spiralling downwards


The money we get merely by qualifying is more than that of winning Uefa cup….

Think wise.


Nah. Allegri would prefer playing Muntari and Matri over Cristante and Niang. Trust me, unless we get a new coach, nothing is going to change. So we better buckle up, qualify and get the money and try to get to Europe next season.


if galliani is so intrested in keeping allegri at milan ?why no give him a job as the chief security officer at the sansiro,cos he likes to defend he can defend the stadium. and get us a good coach cau this results are geting frustrating


Milan! Milan! Galiani was critized by Babara for draging Milan into all these and the old man felt his reputation has been damaged by that. Milan just can’t stop conceeding with such a poor defense. Galiani was warned repeatedly at tge begining of this season to focus on getting a defender but ghe old man choosed to losten to a confused Allegri. Where is Matri now and what has he done to help us in anyway. All hopes for this season are gone and am so surprised that Allegri has not resigned in all these. It doesn’t take Saplleti so… Read more »


Really am sick n tired of allegri cos he’s out of ideas.Bellusconi pls wake up frm ur slumber


Allegri fan boys, i hope you all satisfied now!

Pa ibra

when you have more than 5 from 14 players performed below their actual level, then something must be wrong with the tactics.

it was clear to see that poli, birsa, niang and nocerino were poor. mexes was playiny like a midfielder expossing zapata along. de jong couldnt make a single tackle… just there escorting livorno players on their way to shoting at us. kaka and el sharaawy gave more ball to the mens in red than their actual team mates.

next page……

Pa ibra


monty was average in the first half, emanuelson through out the game. marios goals aside, he couldnt link up with his team mates. too many shots were allowed on gabriel.

almost the whole team performed poorly and you have to question the tactics. i dont blame the players… feel so sorry for them, even nocerino. honestly.

Pa ibra

thanks to allegris tactics


I was thinking that our defense in not so bad (thought it was just a bad luck), but I can’t justify them anymore. Both Mexes (first goal his fault – defending by standing 2 meters from the player – terrible) and Zapata (had many errors this season) shouldn’t be our first choice. Personally I would sell one of them – maybe even Mexes (higher salary) and leave Zapata as sub. Ship out Silvestre back to Inter and buy one decent central defender. Can’t believe how a player which should have been the reason to change formation (Saponara) is not getting… Read more »


Just cant wait for the fool Allegri to get mauled by some angry fans. Just cant wait.


rumour has it yakin basel coach might be a option in jan cause hes leaveing basel bring him and if he does well well seedoof come nex summer he can be his assistant



even other team supporters knows that Allegri’s tactis and decision are ridiculus, he dont know what he was doing in the bench

and galliani still closed his eye for this ??
just my feelings sooner or later galliani will resign from his position

entire squad and the management doesn’t have the eager to reach the top, milan is finished if we go like this


I hope you are right and Galliani resigns! Galliani has no vision for this club.

Instead Galliani depends on Genoa for reject players like Constant & Birsa.

he is also too over reliant on Raiola for players as well as trying to get players that are out of contract.

You don’t have to be a football expert to know that this is not proper management of a world class club like Milan!

Galliani must go if Milan are to improve and change their philosophy on recruiting players-This is why Barbara wants Galliani out and I support her totally!

Olalekan Mojeed

Plz where are the fans what are they wating for cant they attack Galliani and Allegri. Lates transfer BRAYAN CRISTANTE to Chelsea or ATLETICO MADRID in january wow i love that.

Olalekan Mojeed

Plz where are the fans what are they wating for cant they attack Galliani and Allegri. Lates transfer BRYAN CRISTANTE to Chelsea or ATLETICO MADRID in january wow i love that.


hope the kaboul move to ac milan is a joke!!! going after a tot’ham reject??? wat is milan turning to…are we not tired of all these garbage players?


@Pavle, its indeed a joke that a player we signed and changed tatics for is not even playing. Allegri should not get a coaching job again after Milan. He might do well in rugby. As for Galiani, his brains are tired and he needs a long time off from football.


de scelio—-rami—–mexes——-santon
———–de jong——monty——-
bomb squad machetti great talent we should get him 4 hopefully 8 mil


We could easily got marchetti in 2010, when he was in cagliari and his price is low.
this is galliani’s fault who prefer signing amelia.
monty is too average, if we sign monty who similar with pirlo(with different quality) why galliani let pirlo go?
we have to sign verratti or koke at least.
and replace mexes with doria or richards.and i still dreaming we could bring back TS33.and the most important replace allegri with seedorf or yakin.


Simeone wants Cristante. If this goes through then this club is finished. Giving our promising youth away while holdin on Muntaris and Nocerinos… They lost it completely


i prefer to loan cristante to athletico, but we must sign koke

koke=15mil+loan cristante 2 years. just like courtius in athletico.
i believe under simeone he will be great.


Ok, @ the formation matters, saponara was brought for the formation, buh y did galliani bring kaka in the 2nd place, 3, which coach will drop an inspirational kaka, saponara can’t play from the right in a 4-2-3-1. A question for ya’ol, when last did milan purchase a player for 10million pounds outrightly? The owner is a broke ass. Credit to galliani for what he’s doin, its tru his connections we got elsha.

Pa ibra

‘when last did milan buy a player for 10mil ?’ it seems you’ve a short memory or you’re excluding matri??

thing is we could all have wished for more cash but the few given was wasted by gallian and allegri. dont back them please.


I’ll agree to that cristante deal only for arda turan swap.

Ross Oneri

I wouldn’t sell Cristante for any price. The boy is too good, He will lift Milan for many years. Imagine if barca decided to sell Xavi when clubs wanted him when he was young. Some players are just not to be sold as they define a certain era of a club.


we need a GK. THAT is all. Marchetti and Perin(coownership) and leave him at Genoa in jan..


Marchetti Abbiati GABRIEL Amelia and Coppola.. Perin(coownership and left at Genoa for more than a year)

Amelia will leave in JAN, While Coppola and Abbiati will leave next summer, leaving us with Marchetti and Gabriel for next season with Perin out on loan just like the case is for Courtuois and Chelsea.


No leader in back line like the was milan era baresi, maldini, nesta…poor coach, confused is lineup and trust the player have any mistake, have not rotation of player that he use playing in serie A an CL.. Bad coach not trust the youngster


Allegri is the cause of all the floop players this season, I mean who has been in form when purchase and now they are done such as Noccerino. I dont know why Galliani jeep going for old players who will play 1 or 2 season and yjeu are done they have nothing to offer again heard is talks with Lodi. Why Lodi? Why not Albin Ekdal instead? why going for Lodi when you have Christante? Does the coach (Allegri) know what he want? Does he have a plan? You loned oit Petagna to purchase Matri, if u stick to Petagna… Read more »


player who have to be bought:
Koke/verratti, krul/casillas/ter stegen/forster, doria, richards, murru/santon, matuidi, cerci.

first priority to sell ASAP:

optional player to sell(average player):

player to promote:
hachim mastour, di molfetta, cristante, krisztian tamas, barisic, petagna.

Ideal coach to hire:
Seedorf, yakin, simeone, prandelli, capello, klopp.

My milan 2014/2015:
coach:yakin assisten:seedorf

Ter stegen/cassilas
de sciglio/abate rami/richards doria/mexes murru/santon
koke/verratti matuidi/de jong
honda/cerci kaka/mastour el92/robinho

at least we can win scudetto with this squad.


We absolutely need 2-3 solid defenders
1 fast winger,and maybe a striker and sell Matri
Maybe we need a GK, Gabriel isnt that bad he only lacks experience
And give KAKA the capitancy

olumide matthew

Abbiati today and Gabriel tomorrow. Defence lacking understanding here and there. Zapata is a flop as far as I am corncern. Gabby needs to sit on bench and watch how its been done. I think the answer to Milan Goal keeping problem is Lille Metropolitan Goal Keeper Vincent Enyeama cos he’s the hotest in europe


Aloo dude…in history acmilan one coach from abroad can succeded in ac milan, they just destroy the great acmilan history,ac milan coach must be from italian an have history dna acmilan, allegri is suck because he don’t have dna acmilan, don’t know the meaning acmilan tshirt’s. So acmilan coach must be : tassoti,donadoni or inzaghi. Forzamilan