Barbara: “Football makes us free”, Galliani: “Kaka a playmaker”


BARBARA BERLUSCONI shared her idea of what football means for the world, while Galliani wants to see the team win.

Milan are set to go through some changes in the summer as the face of the Milan management is expected to change with Adriano Galliani walking away after nearly 30 years and Barbara Berlusconi taking over some of his responsibilities.

For the time being, however, Galliani remains the second strongest man at Milan after Silvio Berlusconi, and yesterday he was at the charity gala that marked 10 years of the Milan Foundation and spoke about the foundation and about Milan.

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“Tonight (last night) brings to a close the first ten years of Milan Foundation and opens up an even greater ten years for the Foundation. The players always support it and we hope to improve in the table,” commented the vice President. “There is no derby over the area for a new stadium. It will only be available after the Expo (it’s in 2015) so there is time to discuss it.

“Kaka will not play in front of the defence because coach Allegri wants to keep him upfront. It was just an experiment on Saturday. In principle he will still be a playmaker. We have to get back to winning and do what we have always done.”

Barbara Berlusconi (left), Adriano Galliani (right) at the Milan Foundation event (source: Milan’s Instagram account)

The daughter of Silvio and maybe soon the new head of Milan, Barbara, also spoke at the event: “My thoughts are with the population of Sardinia. For this reason, much of the proceeds of this evening will be devoted to those affected by this terrible tragedy (flood),” she said. “In football there are no social and racial differences between people. Football makes us all the same and all suffer the same way. Football is for everyone, football is the world game and football makes us free.

“It is a perfect innovation that we need to take solidarity from. Thank you to all the businesses, nonprofit organizations, our champions and our legends as they have been close to the Milan Foundation. But we would not be Milan if we did not think to improve, so along with Adriano Galliani we decided to enhance the Milan Foundation,” added the 29-years-old director.

The Milan Foundation event gathered around €250.000 and half of the money will go to the flood victims in Sardinia. Many players, legends, celebrities and Milan sponsors were guests at the event and some took part in the charity auction.

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Forza Milan. Hope we return to winning ways.


we are milan.Let’s start winning now


we need to rediscover the milan way. Forza milan!


She is hot. Period.

Hotter when she’s trying to be the boss.


Am I the only one who thinks Barb is hot?



no u’re not

Pa ibra

call a girl sexay, not hot… she’s not a tempreture guys..))

milan fan

“But we would not be Milan if we did not think to improve” change is the only constant fin. Change is all We need. Forza Barbara. Forza milan.