Highlights: Barcelona 3-1 Milan


FIFTH CONSECUTIVE match in all competitions without a win for Milan. On Wednesday night they lost again, this time to Barcelona at the Camp Nou Stadium. Massimiliano Allegri fielded a defensive side with a new 4-4-1-1 system and no striker. Lionel Messi converted a fairly soft penalty in the 30′ minute to give Barca the lead. Ten minutes later, Sergio Busquets, perhaps offside, headed the ball to beat Christian Abbiati. Right before the final whistle, Kaka’s ball hit Gerard Pique who scored an own goal to make it 2-1 on half time. Milan looked a bit better in the second half but were far from good enough to seriously trouble Barcelona. Messi added another one in the 83′ minute. Milan still miserable.

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I’m not a complainer I’m a realist, and the reality is we need to spend more money on transfers for a couple great players and we need a new coach with a new mentality and new tactics. The other reality is neymar shames his skills with his disgraceful flopping (similar to balotelli actually) and there was no penalty I thought the yellow card was for simulation, not for abate. And the second goal was clearly offsides although we have needed work on set pieces since forever ago. There are no complaints here, those are all facts


I agreed with you wholeheartedly. On the whole, Milan played a very good game, particularly in the second. Unfortunately they didn’t capitalized on their chances. As for the officials, they are a real disgrace. Neymar should have been awarded a yellow for that acting job. And I feel the second goal was offside as well, but Milan have no one to blame for that. They are repeated getting kill on set pieces. It is an area that they seriously need to improve upon. I feel THIS TEAM WILL EMERGE FROM THIS DIFFICULT PERIOD. Alegri will definitely be replaced over the… Read more »


i also told everyone that the second goal was offside, but nobody believed me.

Do you have proof for me, like a picture or something?


here you go:
comment image:large
and it WAS offside..

neymar is a disgrace but even more so the officials on this match.


Milan is dead
But I still love them


Seadorf is coming and Milan more dead

They should get capelo
Julio secier fabrigas di Maria gery from banefica lawendowski and Honda total cost about $70mil


I accept that Barca are the best in the world even if they r not playing well right now. What i dont understand is the need of refferees help. As Drogba said : its disgrace

Lin Zexu

You missed the F word in the quote.


Non lo so se io voglio piangere o sorridere per questo Milan. Non c’e` piu’la motivazione per giocare.


the only thing that pissed me of was why he didnt start balotelli


Play good game means WIN. It seems the lads lack of winning spirit. You can see in the last 5 games. Tired to watch.


Everyone keeps talking about Seedorf where does it say this? Use links, i hate random speculation. This should be a forced thing for people making statements on this site.

Arbër Cami

We were not that bad this match its just a pitty we lost
Fire alegri and galliani
Bring maldini seedorf and albertini
Man I miss Pato he wouldve fit perfectly with El92


I’m not really sure whether Seedorf would make a good coach or not..
It’s pretty much a huge gamble when trying for an inexperience coach.

With that said though, any coach would struggle at Milan unless we stop being so cheap and start buying quality players.


And the question is do alegry better then seedorf?
Galliani have give alegry 4 years chance, (alegry is no one except former mediocre team coach), then why we didnt want to give even a year for seedorf to take a shoot? And seedorf is a milan former player and he is a legend? Why? Why? Are afraid to lose if we hire seedorf as a coach? So how about alegry in 4 years??? Just because of unexperience coach?? Please wake up and watch the milan history bro under berlusconi who hired sacchi as our coach bro!!


Exactly, Barcelona’s two first goals were non-existent. The referee was a disgrace throughout the game, it was obvious that he only wanted to help “Uefalona”. Anyhow, if we’re going for an old player, why Seedorf and not Inzaghi? At least Inzaghi will have two years experience under his belt after this season. I don’t doubt Seedorf’s qualities, I think he’d make an excellent coach, however, experience is VITAL especially for a team like Milan. Guardiola had coached Barcelona’s B-team for quite some time before he took over, and Conte had coached for several years in Serie B before he took… Read more »


Milan has fallen a lot since 2007, sale of kaka was very bad. I think Milan need to bring in new blood in management, downgrade Galliani to Negotiator and “ass kisser for club presidents”. Make Maldini new sporting director he can use his legend status to convince great young talented kids to join Milan (like Mastour and Verrati). Throw away Allegri and hire a experienced legend like, Capello or Rijkard or van Basten. Let Barbara be marketing manager, a lot more international marketing to raise Milan brand to a higher international level. (like a shit load of marketing with honda… Read more »


lets be realistic. the only goal milan can achieve this season which would be worthwhile is to get into the 3rd place for UCL next season (given milans current form even that is going to be difficult) we certainly wont be winning the league and its going to mostly luck if we are to proceed before the last 16 of the UCL. So from that perspective now only the arrival of new season matters. During the next summer id expect to see changes. Firstly Get rid of Gailliani and Allegri while reappoint leonardo as technical director and inzaghi as manager.… Read more »


another thing that id like to say is that milans style of play is really disappointing thanks to allegri, yesterday we couldnt pass the ball quickly and accurately enough. We were too slow on the counter which in turn enabled barca to close us down too easily. As a result of this closing down, our players were forced to make passes forward which were more hopeful than accurate, which ultimately resulted in us losing possession. If we look how bayern played against them last season we can clearly see that the passing was quick , accurate , incisive. Montolivo in… Read more »


This season is the best for trying ..AC is now anyways fuc.ed … so Ac can give chance to the legends and if something wouldnt go best would be still the time to do changes ..

allegri out

Pls get rid of allegri!!! Then sell half the squad and buy useful players. We only need kaka, balo, de scigglio, birsa, poli, abate, robinho, ses. Anyone else is excess luggage!


monty no?? crazy?


Meno male che messi non era in forma 🙂


The most one sided refereeing i have ever seen… Not saying that is why Milan lost, but it definitely didn’t help


I miss Pato so much


uefalona! drugessi! again! our team is pure $hit tho!


If the chorizo team was pleased with the 3-1 win on which the first 2 goals were a gift to them from the Referee (glasses don’t do him help, he needs binoculars) then you know chorizo boys that you wont win Champions League like that. They bought a player 50 mil € and he dances like a ballerina, my question to the chorizo boys:???? why do they hate Cristiano Ronaldo so much, Neymar is worse.
So to end it, I loved Milans game: I had my Milan shirt on and I was loud and proud.
Milan Forever hell yeahhhhh


The realistic goal is achieve the 3rd place?? Oh cmon man, wake up, stop dreaming!


Will need to sack all Anti milan in the building. Sack Galliani & Allegri


The same story every day and different result every matches


I think galliani wants allegri to drag us to serieb bfore he takes action….dnt understand this old man anymore


Milan needs cash injection and new coach preferable former player. If i were B&G i will swallow my pride and get back Leonardo he was one hell of a genius with what he had. We should turn blind to his spell at intermafia