Allegri’s comments – Milan going nowhere (by Kay Delaverro)


FAN ARTICLE by Kay Delaverro.

I decided not to visit the San Siro last night. I preferred to stay in Firenze (Florence) and watch the game between Fiorentina and Napoli. As a Milan fan, I can say the Rossoneri must be happy the referee quite stupidly dismissed Juan Cuadrado in the 91st minute, making him ineligible to play against Milan over the weekend. Milan’s draw to Lazio was much expected.

There is no point overstating Milan’s problems anymore; however one thing that I have noticed the excuses given by Allegri after every defeat. Those statements are enough to suggest that Milan are indeed not going anywhere. Read the statements below to make your own assertions.

Highlights: Milan 1-1 Lazio
Milan 1-1 Lazio: Player ratings (La Gds & il CdS)

Allegri comments after Hellas Verona Defeat
“We played bad football and should’ve controlled the ball better. We reanimated Verona, who had until then been struggling. We played badly and Verona simply deserved the victory, so this has to make us reflect. We must play with more determination to bring results. I am not so much worried as angry, because we made life difficult for ourselves, were soft and were bad on a technical level too. Luca Toni set the example for Verona and fought like a lion, which ought to be our spirit. In order to get results, we need a different attitude. When your legs give in, you have to defend with 10 men and that didn’t happen. We only played as a team for the first 13 minutes.”

Allegri comments after Torino draw
“Four minutes from the end we lost this, but the lads did well to believe. Torino played well, caused us a lot of problems and we left ourselves too open to their counter-attack. At the moment we are too soft in defence by which I mean the whole team is not effective enough when defending. It’s not good enough. I am not pessimistic or worried. We have to sort a few things out.”

Allegri comments after Napoli defeat
“Tonight the team put in a decent performance in technical terms, though we were naive in the first 10 minutes and conceded that avoidable goal. We were lucky to get back the 2-2 draw at Torino so we paid for that good fortune this time around. If we were going to play badly and earn a result, I preferred to play well and lose. We could’ve done better in the box, but apart from the opening 10 minutes it was our best performance of the season. We must try to pick up as many points as possible now. I already have ideas on how to fix things.”

Allegri comments after Bologna draw
“It was a good game for the group as a whole but we missed a lot of chances. We played well and we have to continue down this road. I can’t criticize the team in terms of game play. Both against Napoli and again here tonight we had a lot of chances. We have to be more careful and work hard. The important thing is to keep on getting into the adversary’s penalty area as we’re doing. If we keep on creating these situations, it means we’re creating problems for the defence. A single point from these two games given how we’ve played means that we have to work more as in these moments, we’re paying for every mistake.”

Allegri comments after Juventus loss
“It was a good performance, though we made a few mistakes and allowed Juventus too many chances, Both sides did well, but we made more errors than they did. On the first goal, we lost the ball in our own half and sparked a counter (and were) forced to give the free kick. It’s normal between two quality sides that a mistake will be paid for. I’d say overall in terms of performance that the team allowed little to Juventus, although we should have closed down their long-range shooters earlier. It’s a long season, there is time to recover and we will do everything possible to achieve that. We’ll see before the Christmas break where we are.”

Allegri comments after Caen loss
“I’m not singling anybody out, but you can’t go asking the coach to play more often if then you go and play like this. To play football, you need more than skill; you need effort too. This was anything but a good game. You need to take to the field always looking to obtain the best result, no matter what game it is.”

Allegri comments after Parma loss
“We have yet to find balance in our performances. The defeat at Parma is painful because it leaves us further away from the top six positions. Now our task becomes more difficult. We must believe in ourselves and take it one step at a time. It’s clear that things are not falling into place when playing on the road; we certainly need to improve our performances away from home if we are to have any hope of climbing up the standings.”

Allegri comments after Lazio draw
“We have to keep working and putting in this sort of performance. The side played well in terms of technique and defending, but we lost our unity a little after the equalizer and allowed a couple of dangerous counter-attacks. After going 1-0 up we didn’t take some more chances, but then with this goal we were caught out after a corner and got punished. Once again, the only mistake we make in a match leads to a goal. How we get out of this situation is to keep working. We’re far away from third place, so we have to get back to winning ways and have a difficult game with Fiorentina coming up. We cannot let our heads drop, as if we keep playing like this then I’m sure the team will get some good results.”

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Now it doesnt matter ,our season is …cked we can prepere now for the next season ..Better said for the scudetto because we wont play CH.L. ..Hope Allegri gonna get sacked soonest possible so i can watch our games again


I stopped reading after Caen. The more you read the more you realize how pathetic this coach is. Worst in Berlusconi era at least.


Interesting comment from the announcers on Bein Sport yesterday as I watched the game

it was something to the effect of “Kaka having brilliant vision, moving well, thinking and acting faster than the other players, and the only player for Milan that could match him is Stephen El Shaarawy, who is unfortunately out injured”

if they can see that, Allegri better when Stephen is fit

if not, fire allegri and hire the darn bein sport announcer to manage the team…he would do better


I remember that comment and that is so true but Berlusconi wanted to fire Allegri.

It was Galliani and pretty much most fans like the curva sud and other coaches like Capello, Prandelli and Ancelotti that rallied around Allegri!

So most people supported him out of solidarity because of the BS summer transfer campaign we had when Galliani wanted to sign some unknown Serie B striker!

Therefore everyone including Galliani supported Allegri out of pure guilt for not bringing in quality players into the team.

isaac ayala

Sack Allegri and save Milan!


The whole world are asking one question… WHY IS HE STILL EMPLOYED?


Allegri should be fired if we really wanna move forward. With the calibre of players we have, any good coach should be able to get results. Our football is just so pathetic. Allegri must go! Forza Milan(III+)


I can’t believe it came to a point where it’s hard to watch my team play because of how awful they are. Our team can’t even keep the ball for more than 10 seconds against relegation teams.

So sad. The coach and management ruined us.


Excellent.. I couldn’t agree more with the author.
I was thinking exactly the same. Nothing further to say.
The guy is mediocre, he admits that and he is fine with that. For his standards nothing is really wrong, we are playing fine but we are unlucky and if we keep paying like that we will make it.
On God’s shake, how much could it be his firing reimbursement? Why is it so difficult to let him go? I keep wondering..


I seriously can’t understand this coach.
He is very inconsistent!

Sometimes the team play good games like the one against Barca and that really excites me,
but then we lost against Parma a few days later!

I’m starting to feel that Allegri doesn’t have any strategies at all. I think he relied on luck most of the time..

Oh, and of course few good players we still have (elsha, de sciglio, etc.)


The game against Barca was not a good game so don’t deceive yourself. Barca on that night were so vulnerable..we had two attacks and we scored with both attempts..Muntari’s was ruled offside.

Roma isnt complaining about their injury problems, they are not complaining about the red cards..they are just focused on good football and raking up points. That what the coach should do not coming up with lame excuses and displaying bad football



Here’s the answer to your question. Allegri’s Milan always seems to play good against attacking teams (e.g barca, ajax, Napoli and PSV).This is because these teams come at milan and open small avenues for the players to hit them on the counter. However when faced with a “smaller” team that defends, the team will need some creativity to make its own chances out of the tight spaces in the opposing defense. Unfortunately this type of football is foreign to Allegri hence the losses last minute draws and terrible play against small teams.

ben Iarmolenko7

Galliani is blind folded with the situation at the club,he keeps on supporting Allegri,lets call him via+390262281

ben Iarmolenko7

Lets get a good coach assisted by any of the Legends like Seedorf,Pippo,Nesta,Shevchenko,Van Basten,even replace Galliani with Maldini.


Fellow Milanisti, are you sure Berlusconi even Gets to read this?

ben Iarmolenko7

If i were Galliani i would offload Bonera,Amelia,Coppola,Zapata,Mexes,Zaccardo,Constant,Emanuelson,Nocerino,Robinho,Birsa and replace them with Dante,Foster,Sommer,Astori,Varane,Ghoulam,Santi Carzola,Yarmolenko,Cerci.


From the very content of the heart the mouth speaks.. I knew the clown was incompetent when he made this statement “we will lose more games but not like this”- Our loss against Fiorentina at the San Siro 2011/2012 season. That was when I knew he was a joke…I wonder why it took the world so long. Just like he made people question if Seedorf was fit to play.. so also he is making the world question if our team is good enough. We have the best mix of players in the Serie A at the moment, why are we… Read more »


allegri is stupboarn he should have been resign after parma loss..and galliani doesnt know what he has to do..its time berlusconi to show his power..milan is berluaconi’s pride..get up and do something old us that u’re “the godfather”

Nino Divino

…Allegri’s fans thinks he encouraged El Shaarawy, but the truth is Max had no option then. Ambro motivated SES92 with his offer to pay for his holiday. That was a Milan captain. What did we do to Ambro? Release him unceremoniously! Like we let Pirlo go – under this mad coach. Milan never acted this way. Balo is beginning to be irritated because it is obvious the coach is inept. Allegri is a brawler, that why he likes players like De Jong. True De Jong is ok, but how come Milan played were able to rack up points when De… Read more »


Milan z Crippled,thanks 2 bad management,bad coach


What about Di matteo ??


3 words, sack him please!!!!


Inzaghi said he really wanted to play with ibra and could still be playing today if he has gotten a chance back then. It would have given him the regular playing time and he would have been able to constantly keep in shape. He said it’s obvious why he didn’t get to play with Ibra – stupid Allegri didn’t put him in- same with Seedorf – both payers careers were messed up by this stupid coach. And now he is messing up SES, Patenga’s young careers – why send Patenga to another team and bring Matri??????????? Stupid stupid coach!!!


Allegri must be sack n be replace by dimatio former chelsea coach allgri didnot no how tto substitute


It’s really pathetic not to be able to watch one’s team play,cos of how badly they do. Milan cannot qualify for CL, and Allegri has nothing to offer anymore. It’s really sad what Milan has become

Pa ibra

his comments are getting to be more annoying than his already terrible tactics.he’s a problem of its kind… what a joke!!!!


what team in the world would stick with this manager after this result. He got nothing to offer us. and he has destroyed the most of this glorius team. Milan and its fans wants a change.! seriusly i dont understand. There is something holding him to hes job. And i am tiered of watching this football because i know this team can play 5 times better.


I don’t read them any longer. Period!

Roberto Palma

Wors i berlusconi era?? What about tavarez, terim, capello & sacci 2.0

Shows how long you have followed the team


Allegri is a small team coach, he should leave, so sad my belove milan playing like this. I can’t even watch milan play. I don’t know why Belusconi is not saying or doing anything till Milan get ruin completely. Milan is a worldwide brand and football pride. Allegri is leading milan down..we need a change asap Galliani can u pls retire? Allegry I beg u pls resign. Belusconi if u can’t do something pls sell it to Arab sheik interested.


Allegri must go, he complains about his team not holding the ball well enough, by playing journeyman such as muntari and birsa this is inevitable. How he allowed pirlo to move to juventus on a free is incomprehensible. Milan need big change


hey guys just chill
the world didn end
still milan can do it