Rami arrives to Milano today, medical check-ups tomorrow


ADIL RAMI will have his medical already on Saturday but will only be able to start playing with Milan in January.

The January transfer window is quite a long way from now but Milan have already made their first winter signing, securing the transfer of Valencia’s center back Adil Rami who will join the Rossoneri on loan with an option to be bought.

Rami is on terrible terms with Valencia after publicly criticizing the club and the coach in the summer and they looked to offload him as soon as possible. Milan beat other European clubs to the 27-year-old and the player is all set to arrive.

Milan-adidas: €200 million until 2023
Valencia’s Rami set for January Milan move?

The Frenchman, who is not cup-tied and is good friends with Philippe Mexes, will arrive to Italy today and will be examined by the MilanLab on Saturday at Milanello. Valencia authorized the defender (1.90m, 88kg) to start training with Milan before his move get is official in January. Milan will pay around €0.5m for the loan and the buy-out clause has been set at €6m.

“I have just concluded the transfer, so it is complete,” Ernesto Bronzetti, who acted as the intermediary between Valencia and Milan, told Radio Kiss Kiss yesterday. “The player will go to Milan despite a recent interest from Rafa Benitez at Napoli. The Frenchman was wanted by many clubs, including foreign clubs, but at the end he chose the Rossoneri.” Many believe that Rami will be an upgrade over current CB’s Mexes and Cristian Zapata, who’ve let it 13 goals in just 7 Serie A rounds.

Meanwhile, Riccardo Saponara is finally fully fit and is expected to play in the friendly against Caen that il Diavolo have on Sunday in Normandy. Valter Birsa will return after the break, while Ricky Kaka could be fit for the Barcelona match.

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Why dont you mention the european clubs so ppl here can know that he is good. Napoli, Roma, inter, Arsenal, man city, and zenet


gr8 we could had signed him earlier rather than signing matri hopeless, jan signings gk very imp or give grabiel a chance, honda, and if possible pappa (greece CD) player from shalka (german club)

shaarawy jackson

great news welcome to milano rami


A much needed addition! Any news on SES?


good news.finally,saponara is back.


We should use the winter to clean up. We can all see that milan wont be champions this year.. so if we establish a team which is ready for next season we could be serious contenters. We should get rid of some players like: Zaccardo, Bonera, nocerino, binho, constant, matri. then we should use the money immediatly on rami, honda, another class cb and gk and promote some youngsters. No need to use more than we get in from the sales. Most important we should get rid of allegri and bring in Inzaghi or some other personality with enthusiasm. This… Read more »


Sorry to burst the bubble. But goal.com is reporting that Honda will snub Milan for Spurs.


Rami is said to arrive and also tabs are still being kept on Astori as a total reenforcement at the back and Milan may sell Mexes and Zapata, or one of them anyways. Perez said he is ready to sell Casillas as Casillas wants first team football for WC14. Even if Diego Lopez comes both are sensational goalkeepers. Gabriel>Abbiati, showed it in pre-season. Only good game of Abbiati up to now was vs PSV at home. Honda will be Milan’s number 10 on January 2nd, deal is said to have been finalised last month. Rami is a great prospect for… Read more »


Can you confirm the source?

who brought matri

too many temporary solutions. no transfer strategy. just look for any decency loan that’s all. with patience, there was no need to sign mathias silvestre. now what happens to him too? he was signed as a bonera replacement but is bonera the type of player that needs a replacement? oh my dear Milan.


I agree. I like the signing, but we’re still just flying blind, deaf, and dumb for the moment. We need to get our bearings and clean house.


Lol…Bonera is bad replacement for any player and Silvestre is bad replacement for Bonera himself. It couldn’t get any worse.


One thing I want you all who think we should have signed him or some better during the last transfer window is that, Valencia will not have release him if not for his media rant.

I pray Saponara never get injured again, cos I knw that his moral would have been down by nw, even with the performance of the team.


Typical Milan always sign fringe internationals or frozen out players in January. Someone needs to tell Galliani and Berlusconi that the season starts in August not January. Can see it now in the second half of the season we’ll win 16 games, lose one, draw one only for Galliano to say in 2014 we won more points than other team.


I sincerely don’t know much about Rami but I hope he’s a good defender, much better than the ones we have now.


You know guys,as a diehard Milan fan i just have one wish,right now being at the milanello and asking berlusconi and co. WTF is going in?!?!
When they can see and know how terrible the situation is getting,why dont they do anything?


This is great news. 6mill is nothing for this player better then sakho !


I’ve seen some vids and he looks very good in the air and physical. Thats what we are missing specially that most of conceded goals were coming from the air.


So, is he Superman?


so we have to watch our defence suffer until January? Galliani is the cause of all this! He did nothing during the summer mercato and does he expect to perform wonders during the January Mercato!


I just hope Allegri’s sacked by January otherwise Rami will be injured within a week.


LOL – you’re funny man.


people who must leave milan; Bonera, Constant,Nocerino,Matri,Abbiati.., Allegri, Galliani


Abbiati should be able to retire on Milan, something Ambrosini should had been able to do to.


Agreed, Abbiatti should be our back up keeper and allowed to retire at Milan, unlike Ambro and Pirlo.

Ross Oneri

Galliani’s trial and luck doesn’t work. I think he must also leave, I like the fact that Berlusconi is going to change Milan’s structure for the better of the club. Even Galliani admitted he job might also be at stake.

Baron kings

Hahahahahhahahahha @ Martinovic I kinda share ur sentiments pls let them leave loL

who brought matri

he is Good in the air and can help us you say @Offliner? at least you knew we needed a defender to help us stop conceeding from set pieces and not a striker but guess who didn’t?


@Martinovic am with you


Adil Rami might be the right player to save milan on set piece. Mexes should be benched at the soonest. Besides Rami, i hope milan will sign Sebastian Coates. So, there will be the Two Tower in the heart of milan defence.


Well I read rumors that Torino are looking at Zaccardo for January. And on the rami deal, I think it’s good because him being good friends with mexes and having played together for France will really strengthen there defensive partnership.


@who brought matri, yes that was a mistake we did not need a striker, at least we can keep Petegana. However, hope rami can solve our set piece issue. The good thing is that he can train with the team for two months and watch the games so he can understand italian football and be a starter immediatly on Jan.


A towering defender. This is what we could have done last transfer window. Galiani knows he messed up big time. May be we could have conceeded 6 goals less.

Forza Milan ^_^

All milan fans, in the winter mercato I believe if we get Honda, Rami & a goalkeeper (allegri is not going to play gabriel)also sack allegri and get a coach that is more attack minded and lastly hope our injury problems stop, we can finish in the top 3, and maybe challenge for the scudetto next year, I think that january will be to late for us to win the scudetto because of the points dropped by the disappointing start


These players have to leave: Matri, Muntari, Zaccardo, Silvestre, Bonera, Robinho, Nocerino, Amelia, Mexes, Zapata Bring up Cristante, Pacifico and Petange back from loan in winter and start using them. Replace Allerga because he is poisoning our youth and put someone in place who will not be afraid to trust the youngsters. They are out future and need to start getting playing time in the big league. No need to waste time and wait for them to develop, let them develop among world class players like Kaka, Balotelli, SES etc. Pack the midfield with Monty, De jong, Poli and Saponara\Kaka… Read more »


Mexes has to leave???? I think you have to leave “Luke” !!!


Milan is doing everything good but everything slow 🙂 forza Milan !


And we need one more CB like him ..injures happens!


now get is a fppking keeper


Well at least he has time to create chemistry with his teammates until he finally plays.


FORZA MILAN! Better not lose to Udinese!


everyone looks freaking tired in this video, they should get a needed rest.


Welcome on board, RAMI is ROCK!


Let go of: Allegri, Matri, Muntari, Zaccardo, Silvertre, Bonera, Amelia
Get: Casillas, Honda, Van der Wiel, and Hummels


Guys just read on Goal.com that Keisuke Honda is signing for Totthemham Hotspurs in January.


Wow, hope that isn’t true. Wouldn’t surprise me though… Allegri will probably tell Galliani we need a striker and he’ll go out and buy Luca Toni instead.


How many attacking mids do they need?? They’re like Milan with but with good attacking mids rather than useless not quite attacking or defensive ones!


Great news, hopefully it’s Rami and Pacifico in defence from January onward


Honda snubs milan to join spurs

Alex The Mauler

rumour has it that Honda goes to Spurs great job Galliani


Galiani and his fans! I can’t stop laughing. Now Honda has ditched you all to sign for Tottenham. Now who will you sign for your €3m, hmmm? Last transfer window is one of the many dissapointing one’s especially wasting €12m on a striker we don’t need. To inform you all tgat Tottenham are not the only club trying to sign Honda in january. Liverpool and Arsenal are also scrabling for his signature and tottenham are offering him more than what we offered him and he even decided to take a pay cut to join us but that bald head galiani… Read more »


“Rami arrive to Italy today and will be examined by the MilanLab on Saturday at Milanello”. I hope MilanLab do not end up injuring him during examination. There is something fishy going on there, so many injuries isn’t a coincidence.


I have never been so shocked by a teams performance like i have been by the way milan are playing right now!, i’m a true blue milan fan from the friggin SOUTH PACIFIC…yes, MILAN u have fans here TOO!!! but what is going on, i’m not as upto date as you guys are but i know, we’re in some deep trouble!! FORZA MILAN….FIRE ALLEGRI!!!


I really want to see dede at Milan.. He no silva but I can see him being a good transfer…