Galliani’s biggest mistake (by Kay Delaverro)


FAN ARTICLE by Kay Delaverro.

The 1994 UCL Final was a football match between Italian club AC Milan and Spanish Champions FC Barcelona, played on 18 May 1994 at the Athens Olympic stadium, in Athens Greece. Barcelona were heavy favorites to win their second European title in 3 years after beating Roberto Mancini’s Sampdoria in the final of 92, and having just won the La Liga title. Coached by the legendary Johan Cruyff, the Catalans were dubbed as the Dream Team.

Milan’s preparation before the final was in disarray: legendary striker Marco Van Basten and £13 million young sensation Gianluigi Lentini (then world’s most expensive footballer) were missing through injury; sweeper and legendary captain, Franco Baresi was suspended, as was defender Alessandro Costacurta. UEFA regulations limiting teams to fielding a maximum of three non-nationals meant that coach Fabio Capello was forced to leave out Florin Răducioiu, Jean-Pierre Papin and Brian Laudrup.

Highlights: Ajax 1-1 Milan
Ajax-Milan: Official line-ups

Barcelona had within their ranks Michel Laudrap, Roland Koeman, Sergi, Txiki Begiristain, Pep Guardiola, Andoni Zubizaretta, Hristo Stoichkov and Romario. However, before the 58th minute, Milan led 4 – 0. This was after scoring 2 in the first half and 2 also within 13 minutes into the second. Have injuries and unavailable players ever been a problem for a team well prepared, even against the mighty Barcelona of 94? Had that called for the coach to say that, against superior teams, Milan must give away possession? No player within the current Milan set up can be compared to Marco Van Basten, Lentini, Baresi, Papin, Laudrup, Florin and Costacurta; yet all these players were unavailable against Barcelona.

What excuse is therefore there to justify that because El Shaarawy, De Sciglio, Birsa, Bonera all are injured is the excuse for Milan’s very poor standard? A club rich in such culture should not be allowed to depreciate in such manner. There is no point blaming Silvio Berlusconi who wanted Allegri to be replaced but was convinced to change his mind by Galliani.

The former Cagliari coach may still have a nostalgia about his days at Cagliari and has given several excuses for Milan’s woeful display, most recently pointing out that September is an unlucky month. Ironically, yesterday was October 1, and Milan played 45 minutes without a single shot on or off target, with Ajax ending the half with a ball possession of 76% to Milan’s 24%. It was hard to know what the tactics was as statistically; Philippe Mexes made the most offensive passes, followed by Constant. Both are defenders. Milan made their first change in the 79th minute and the second in the 84 minute. Montolivo played full 90 minutes. One must bear in mind that Milan will play Juventus over the weekend and if Milan wanted only a draw at the end of the game, then changes should have been made earlier to keep players fresh. But sadly such is the reason why Milan players are always injured. They literally play every game whiles promising players like Cristante rot on the bench until they are sent to St Etienne, score 19 goals and are sold to Dortmund (insert the name).

It’s easy to blame Allegri for at least 70 percent of the injuries. Why? Well first of all less than 10 percent of these injuries happen on the field during games. They often happen during training. Secondly, players play almost the whole game until around the 80th minute before subs are made. Thirdly there simply isn’t enough rotation. Consider the Milan game against Torino. That was the easiest game on paper over the next seven days, as Milan would play Celtic and Napoli. Montolivo had played for Italy against Bulgaria barely 3 days before the match and with Celtic only 3 days away, one would have imagined Cristante would at least start the game so that Monto could rest. But no: Montolivo started and would have played for 90 minutes had he not been injured. Then there was Kaka. After suffering with so many injuries, and having to play Celtic at home, where the home crowd were dying to see the return of Ricky, who majestically tore Celtic apart in a solo goal in 2007, one would have expected the coach not to risk Kaka from onset and perhaps introduce him midway through the second half, with Matri partnering Balo and Robinho or Birsa behind them. But again, no: Kaka played 70 minutes until he signaled to the bench that he was injured.

Galliani’s confession is that Allegri requested for striker Alessandro Matri, instead of defenders of midfielder is the worst news that could have been heard by Milan fans. Milan concedes an average of 2 goals a game and set pieces are still an issue. A look at Roma and you will wonder whether they would have traded Coach Rudi Garcia (a coach who keeps Ljajic on the bench, brings him in as a sub and still scores 4 goals in 3 matches) for Allegri that they so much desired. Or what about Inter who are suddenly title contenders, who made no significant signings and have been transformed by Mazzarri?

Adriano Galliani may have been at Milan for several but maintaining Allegri is by far his biggest mistake. He has confessed that he was sorry to sell Kaka but he must also confess one day how he is sorry for maintaining Max. Never have Milan fans wished they had a president like Maurizio Zamparini who would have discarded Max Allegri after the game against Hellas.

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1899 Milan

When allegri leaves we will win titles,so allegri GET OUT. And then its galliani’s turn. Forza Milan!!


To all the Milan fans in the world. Let’s get together and sign this petition. It’s time for mister ALLEGRI to go.Everyone please sign this petition instead of just staying there and criticising ALLEGRI. Maybe we can make a difference. Please support it and let’s hope ALLEGRI will be fired. #fireallegri

Please post this link whenever you have the chance, Milan needs us!


when allegri fired who’s the coach there is no good one avaible in this time


i signed! and I tell my brothers and my friends to sign also, even tho they aren’t milan fan, I hate allegri now, cause he said ajax is a superior team!!! what???


Done! ^^



Da woz

Embarrassing. Full stop. Milan is embarrassing. embarrassing.
Kaka has refused to be paid while injured. The whole team including Galliani should do the same. No one deserves what they are paid on this team.


very sensible article

FIRE ALLEGRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


D solution nw z, sack diz man

pedantic J

Niece piece,just so painful to see Milan in this state…


Laudrup, Florin and Costacurta; yet all these players were unavailable against Barcelona
laudrup was barceona player right
just joking GREAT ARTICLE


fendi tjuatja

as a milan fans, you should know that younger Laudrup, Brian is playing for Milan and older Michael is for Barcelona.


Black year for milan hopefully a bew coach by winter or sunmer. i hope a stupid team like blackburn or swansea buus matri for 12m so we can clear that misstake


he needs to be fired ASAP. Times like this truly make me fall in love with zamparini.


I agree with the article, but would never want to have president such as Zamparini. Yes, Allegri should be history, but Zamparini is just idiot.


Everyone in the world of football except Berlusconi said Allegri should be kept. Berlusconi the man who made Milan what it is today. I DONT CARE WHAT HE DOES IN HS PRIVATE DAILY LIFE, HIS POLITICAL LIFE, HIS REPUTATION WITH PROSTITUTES… You can name it. But in the world of football, he really knows what he wants, he really knows how to be SUCCESSFULL. Everyone doubted his decision to hire sacchi, but as it turned out sacchi was the right man, and no one else has done what he did. Today he wants Seedorf, everyone including the so-called “curva suda”,… Read more »


Excellent article, fire Allegri pleaseeeeee


Great article. I’m all for letting Allegri go.
I’d love to see an article about his possible replacements. Capello? Reijkard? etc…

Forza Milan


i don’t understand about Allegri.We want to build younger player but he put them on the bench or loan them to another team.Matri or Muntari better than Petagna Cristante?I hate Allegri very much.Fire Allegri and Berlusconi please sell the club.


Yees! Love this article, have been thinking about all this for quite some time now! I was not really impressed with Allegri the first season either, when we won the scudetto. Italian teams were just poor that season and we had players like Ibra and T.Silva. What is also ironic is that Allegri just recently said in an inteview that a team that cannot defend well, can not attack well. He clearly goes for safety first, then why the hell would he want Matri and not defenders? Matri was useless in the game vs Ajax yesterday. You dont need an… Read more »


Allegri has overstayed his welcome. when u watch matches and listen to the commentary and their comments about the current Milan, its just really sad to admit to people that you are a Milanista. and now there is a campaign that we are always gifted penalties. at least one every three days. i think Max has advised Balo to keep diving. it may sound harsh but think about it. Max could tell Balo to stop that and he would. he never did this in Inter or Man City so why now


i placed a bet yesterday. i bet on Ajax to get the first corner and Milan to get the first yellow card. i won both and its not surprising. WHY? because Milan would play a crap first half and defend deep so its easy to concede corners and fouls.


An article like this was long overdue!! Allegri is poison to Milan, he is destroying Milan and MUST MUST LEAVE NOW!!


I don’t know if Galliani,Allegri or any Milan management read this blog to know how the fans feels.this article is real fact,I wish it could be passed to mr Galliani


I strongly believe in firing alegri he is turning milan into a mid table club since he took over as our coach is the most injuries we are getting facts 2010 1st 2011 2nd 2012 3rd 2013??Sack him NOW!!


Allegri has done wat he could in the first couple seasons… Now he is just ruining milan… The tactics e poor, there was a time when I couldn’t wait to see milan play their next game, today I dread it because I’m always on the edge of my seat stressed out worrying when we’re going to concede… That is not milans team, it’s simply allegri tactics. I am convinced with the tea m we have now under a coach like Rijkaard prandelli or heynckes that we can become a great team either now or in the future,. We definitely have… Read more »


allegri is such a pathetic coach…. My happiest day as a Milanisti will be when this awful coach leaves… Can u imagine a club of milan’s calibre can’t even make passes accurately??#sackAllegri


Also what scares me more then anythingr people like balotelli El shaarawy and de sciglio leaving the club… They r the future of milan and Imo balotelli has been better for us then ibra was… 17 goals or watever in 21 games shows it.. Without balo we wouldn’t be out or relegation zone!


I just want to believe the reason Allegri hasn’t gotten the sack is because of the run of matches we’ve had. After the Juve game comes the International break, the management better use that time to appoint another coach… Allegri has done enough damage.


Allegri is the anti-Milan

Oseni Toha

You have said it all. Well said


Last. Season Galliani said quote”it is evident that the best defence wins the scudetto”that’s talking about juvetus. He knows better but still allow that fool of coach called max to use him. What pains me the most is that max don’t want to admit dat there is something he is not doing right. This is a coach that claims his defence is among the best last season and has conceeded all these goals for this short period. It is obvious our strenght is in our attack but this cunt is too scared to play attacking football. I’m fed up guyz


Good article mate. One thing I disagree on is that I doubt Roma ever wanted Allegri, I know the fans didn’t anyway! Keeping Allegri was just another cheap move by Galliani, if he’d gone to Roma then Milan wouldn’t have had to pay the remainder of his contract so I think we’d have seen someone else come in if Roma had been after Allegri. I agree with the main point though, keeping him is all on Galliani, it’s almost pointless blaming Allegri nowadays because you know you’re going to get horrible defensive football and baffling selections, clearly Galliani has gone… Read more »


Honda scored today


Well i think we should sack Allegri and bring someone,Well Kluivert will like to coach Milan we should give him a chance and see what he also have.
And Silvio Berlusconi should stop making decision for the coaches and let them do their formation 4-3-1-2 is old fashion we have to change it




Berlusconi is indiferent,Galliani is living in d past n Allegri is clueless,something must change ASAP


Well said, can’t live in the past as Galliani always brings the facts that happened in the past. We are not relevant anymore and can’t compete with good teams. Berlusconi does not care anymore since he is not in politics and does not want to spend a dime!!! Allegri just has to be sacked ASAP!!


Every nighy i pray… Oh my God, please send us an angel to shoot alegry right on his head, coz Milan dont deserve this..
I still believe in Berlusconi sense of football magic.. But there is the devil againts him,who will defend alegry till die.. Omg, please save us from the scenario to ruin our beloved milan..


It took 3years and 3months for y’all to know that Allegri isn’t the right man for Milan.. The reason why he won the scudetto in his first year was because clubs like Juventus, Inter, Roma, Fioren, Napples and Lazio were all outta form and it was so easy for him to win it. He was a lucky coach as he was given almost nine fresh players in his first year. To know how terrible Juventus was by then, Gattuso was the one who scored the single goal against them in the second leg and that gave Milan the edge over… Read more »

Pa ibra

afrer the ajax game,. allegri, “there was no point in pressing the opponent risking to be caught by their passing. the boys has done what i’ve asked of them (sitting deep)”.
what in the world why is the cagliagri man still with us.

Pey Vkers

Totally agree with you. Max had done enough damage to the team, physically, mentally and technically. I’m a milanisti since I was 8, now I’m 34. And this Allegri’s Milan is the worst Milan EVER! In every match, bring back 1 point from the opponent is a “good” result, as Milan plays with no pattern, no style. Poor defend, lack of ball possession, finishing like shit, dumb passes (which is the basic thing in soccer). The best Allegri had done for Milan is to create “overtime job” for Milan’s medics. The question is, who would be Allegri’s successors if he… Read more »


I am saving some quids for the celebration of Allegri’s sack, that day i will celebrate like a lotto winner. Allegri is the worst coach in football history, all he gives us is fresh injury news everyday as a result of his callous training method.

THIS GUY MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Opinion Varies

I’ve had it with Allegri,he got’s to go ASAP.From the very beginning of the season,i have scraped for every reasons to back him up.But obviously, it’s more like i missed the boat,and along the way lost Milan’s world of attacking football.

We have good players but Allegri tactical intelligence on defending has bottled the attacking prowess of the players .Time to change the coach and get fresh ideas somewhere somehow from a different coach……NO to Allegri


Very good points made, Kay. Galliani really dropped the ball on this one. I think those of us who once tried to defend Allegri is far beyond that now based on his imbecilic “tactics” and unfathomably stupid explanations for them. We’re probably the only club in Europe who takes to the pitch match after match and it’s almost impossible to decipher what the hell it is that the players are supposed to be doing. It’s as if Allegri deliberately tries to tarnish the clubs reputation, knowing that he was not wanted. That or he just has no clue as to… Read more »

rume collins

what make me angry the most he will be happy with dose bad performance


To be honest, before last night’s game I was still OK (not hate, but definitely not like)with him, because he has always had poor starts but still able to turn the season around. So I thought if I can bare with him another season and next season we can have another coach, since I know almost for a fact that he will NOT be sacked. But after watching a first half where we only had 24% possession, 0 attempts on goal, couldn’t make more than 5 passes without giving away the ball, and most importantly, reading his post match comments,… Read more »


Milan want to sell SES in january!!




that would be his biggest mistake now self balotelli will go arsenal what will milan do then

who brought matri

The begining of The article mare me cry. that famous night in Athens when Milan ended The Dream Team tag. Desailly scored that game and Donadoni was terrific. without Baresi and Costacurta wey were so scared and whats worse es couldnt play Papin that we jss brought from.Marseille. without van basten we said where will the goals come from? but that victory is till date the highest scoreline in UCL final history. if Allegri had that team, history would have been very different. oh my dear Milan. I miss u so much…


Uefa youth champs league: Milan 3-2 Ajax


These are great results considering Ajax have the best youth system in the world.


Does anyone know what system the primavera play? And whether the midfielders are Muntari types or actual footballers?


How old you guys?


Only a fool will blame Berlusconi for Milan woes. That man a too much on his mind to think of lately than football. Who do i blame? Galiani. Go and watch a selling club like Udinise that sells its top player every season yet never fails to play attractive football every season. About Ajax that sold its top player last summer and yet, they were delightsome to watch. If not for all the distraction Berlusconi has, he would have fired Allegri before now. Allegri is an enemy if football and he should try his luck with ruggby. We have a… Read more »


Let not just start complaining here, let us all post on tweeter, facebook and other media of his sack.


Inzaghi did a good job with those lad, wining 2:3 away


Sign petition


I wanted to buy the gold jersey but it’s really hard to convince yourself to buy the official merchandise when your team is lead by such a coach whose approach to football is that of a second division coach. Even my existing jerseys are mostly setting in my wardrobe thanks to Allegri.