Galliani’s biggest mistake (by Kay Delaverro)


FAN ARTICLE by Kay Delaverro.

The 1994 UCL Final was a football match between Italian club AC Milan and Spanish Champions FC Barcelona, played on 18 May 1994 at the Athens Olympic stadium, in Athens Greece. Barcelona were heavy favorites to win their second European title in 3 years after beating Roberto Mancini’s Sampdoria in the final of 92, and having just won the La Liga title. Coached by the legendary Johan Cruyff, the Catalans were dubbed as the Dream Team.

Milan’s preparation before the final was in disarray: legendary striker Marco Van Basten and £13 million young sensation Gianluigi Lentini (then world’s most expensive footballer) were missing through injury; sweeper and legendary captain, Franco Baresi was suspended, as was defender Alessandro Costacurta. UEFA regulations limiting teams to fielding a maximum of three non-nationals meant that coach Fabio Capello was forced to leave out Florin Răducioiu, Jean-Pierre Papin and Brian Laudrup.

Highlights: Ajax 1-1 Milan
Ajax-Milan: Official line-ups

Barcelona had within their ranks Michel Laudrap, Roland Koeman, Sergi, Txiki Begiristain, Pep Guardiola, Andoni Zubizaretta, Hristo Stoichkov and Romario. However, before the 58th minute, Milan led 4 – 0. This was after scoring 2 in the first half and 2 also within 13 minutes into the second. Have injuries and unavailable players ever been a problem for a team well prepared, even against the mighty Barcelona of 94? Had that called for the coach to say that, against superior teams, Milan must give away possession? No player within the current Milan set up can be compared to Marco Van Basten, Lentini, Baresi, Papin, Laudrup, Florin and Costacurta; yet all these players were unavailable against Barcelona.

What excuse is therefore there to justify that because El Shaarawy, De Sciglio, Birsa, Bonera all are injured is the excuse for Milan’s very poor standard? A club rich in such culture should not be allowed to depreciate in such manner. There is no point blaming Silvio Berlusconi who wanted Allegri to be replaced but was convinced to change his mind by Galliani.

The former Cagliari coach may still have a nostalgia about his days at Cagliari and has given several excuses for Milan’s woeful display, most recently pointing out that September is an unlucky month. Ironically, yesterday was October 1, and Milan played 45 minutes without a single shot on or off target, with Ajax ending the half with a ball possession of 76% to Milan’s 24%. It was hard to know what the tactics was as statistically; Philippe Mexes made the most offensive passes, followed by Constant. Both are defenders. Milan made their first change in the 79th minute and the second in the 84 minute. Montolivo played full 90 minutes. One must bear in mind that Milan will play Juventus over the weekend and if Milan wanted only a draw at the end of the game, then changes should have been made earlier to keep players fresh. But sadly such is the reason why Milan players are always injured. They literally play every game whiles promising players like Cristante rot on the bench until they are sent to St Etienne, score 19 goals and are sold to Dortmund (insert the name).

It’s easy to blame Allegri for at least 70 percent of the injuries. Why? Well first of all less than 10 percent of these injuries happen on the field during games. They often happen during training. Secondly, players play almost the whole game until around the 80th minute before subs are made. Thirdly there simply isn’t enough rotation. Consider the Milan game against Torino. That was the easiest game on paper over the next seven days, as Milan would play Celtic and Napoli. Montolivo had played for Italy against Bulgaria barely 3 days before the match and with Celtic only 3 days away, one would have imagined Cristante would at least start the game so that Monto could rest. But no: Montolivo started and would have played for 90 minutes had he not been injured. Then there was Kaka. After suffering with so many injuries, and having to play Celtic at home, where the home crowd were dying to see the return of Ricky, who majestically tore Celtic apart in a solo goal in 2007, one would have expected the coach not to risk Kaka from onset and perhaps introduce him midway through the second half, with Matri partnering Balo and Robinho or Birsa behind them. But again, no: Kaka played 70 minutes until he signaled to the bench that he was injured.

Galliani’s confession is that Allegri requested for striker Alessandro Matri, instead of defenders of midfielder is the worst news that could have been heard by Milan fans. Milan concedes an average of 2 goals a game and set pieces are still an issue. A look at Roma and you will wonder whether they would have traded Coach Rudi Garcia (a coach who keeps Ljajic on the bench, brings him in as a sub and still scores 4 goals in 3 matches) for Allegri that they so much desired. Or what about Inter who are suddenly title contenders, who made no significant signings and have been transformed by Mazzarri?

Adriano Galliani may have been at Milan for several but maintaining Allegri is by far his biggest mistake. He has confessed that he was sorry to sell Kaka but he must also confess one day how he is sorry for maintaining Max. Never have Milan fans wished they had a president like Maurizio Zamparini who would have discarded Max Allegri after the game against Hellas.

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we gotta start making some changes


People that don’t remember there history are destined to relive it. This happened last year….and at the end most were going crazy when max was going to roma.
Just support Milan, this is just our passion, but for B&G its business….they live from it.
We think like fans, they think business (money)


I hear we are interesting in Vidic,pastore,casillas and if honda comes in january it will be good for us but as least 3 of the 4 mention would be fantastic for us?I am a milan since 1990 and bleeds RED and BLACK I am so heart wrench to see us in this position on paper roma,fiorentina,lazio,inter and napoli are not superior to us only a few teams in europe are better than us Bayern,madrid,barcelona and few blood money teams like man city and psg,we shall rise again FIRE MAD MAX Allergy before he infrct us with his contagious losing syndrome… Read more »


One of the most candid write-ups I have read in a while. I continue to wonder why no one has questioned the injury tendencies of Milan players these days. In additional to your accession above, I also think the Milan lab should be investigated as recovery process of these injured players is very bad too. Perhaps its also the training tactics that inhibit their full recovery process. Also, the idea that Milan is building seems to be breeding mediocrity in the entire team, thus the sight of Abate celebrating an equalizer coming from 1-3 down against Bologna in extra time,… Read more »


After the season, I would love for Pippo to take over, it might be too soon for him though. Whether it’s Pippo or Prandelli I’d be glad, even though I would love it for us to succeed with Pippo as our coach. I just hope we make it to the Champions League… The thing is, a coach must asses the strength and weaknesses within a team, and play them to their strength. When Mourinho coached Inter he knew his centre backs weren’t the fastest, so he played a defence close to their own goal, with pacey attackers allowing them to… Read more »


Ambition is to play possession football? Do you know that Allegri fav formation is to play 3 def mid? He plays rugby not possession football.


i giggled


Galliani is to be blamed for all milan problems,am still saying d scudetto Allegri carried in his 1st season is a combination of individual efforts by d players den.The only solution to Milan’s problem is change of Manager.Lets hire a better manager am telling u dis set of players can still make milan proud.


@walenchi, is that sholebo?

r kenny

we can ‘t b patience again sack allegri nw 4za milan.


Oh and congratulations Pippo! Should’ve brought you on as coach in the first place! FORZA PIPPO, FORZA MILAN (sans Allegri)


Watching the Ajax game was embarrassing, specially when my family was sitting and kept asking me why is Milan playing so badly. The Balotelli PK was icing on the cake. Milan has come to down to such poor standards lately. The last few games have been horrible as well. There is no co-ordination in the team. It’s like they are kicking the ball around hoping somewhere, someone (mostly Mario) score a goal. There is no focal point of attack, just get the ball to Mario is the norm. We need a coach who can get some fluidity in the game,… Read more »


Juventus with Tevez, Pirlo couldn’t win a single match against Galatasaaray n Copenhagen….
where Milan drew at Ajax(away) and won against Celtic(home)….
so why do u guys keep blaming Allegri…..give him the squad he will do better…..
note: Ajax > Galatasaray and Celtic > Copenhagen


We have to worry about our group result first before we worry about Juve’s result. We gave Allegri a squad but he turned it into an injury list. Letting Allegri to stay until next season means we are going to see this whole thing repeated once more. Bad starts in every season can only mean that he doesn’t know how to prepare his team well.
Kick Allegri out.


You mean like when Allegri had MvB, Pato, Seedorf, Thiago Silva, Nesta, Ibrahimovic and couldn’t get past Tottenham?


@sms u must be joking… or u are very dumb


Ajax is no where near better than Galatasaray!!


my broda dis is nt d milan we all knw before.In Nigeria nw we milan fans are always ashamed of ourselves wen watching milan game.we can never sell much season tickets bcos d fans knw dey would never get d excitement dey paid 4.PLS HELP BEG BERLUSCNI TO SAVE D FUTURE OF MILAN.


I realy hope its not gonna happen but i have some feeling that we will not play champions league in the next season. Last year we had a luck that we got in the 3th position ..but this year is fiorentina,inter and napoli much stronger than last season ,juve and roma as well. but forza milan anyways.


sigh! in as much as i would like Allegri to go, i think Berloursconi should sell they club because it seems they are contempt with what they have achieved but we the fans want some some more silver ware and attractiveness at Milan.. as for Allegri, he is just clueless thats why he should go. for his replacement, even Jupp hyenkins is still available even though i thought he had retired.. Milan is too great to be in the gutters. ALLEGRIOUT#


I ask one thing from Berlusconi. I realize that galliani is his closest friend in football. But when making decisions regarding the coaching staff he should not listen to a word that comes out of his mouth. He is the reason we have Allegri and can’t get rid of him. He wants Allegri to stay so that he doesnt look bad, the reputation of the club is tarnished in order to save his own reputation. Every stupid decision made by Allegri is a reflection on his reputation and he tries by all means to cover it up. E.g Allegri wants… Read more »


Good article. And I believed it spoke almost all of our heart. How I wish that Galliani and his beloved coach read this article?


This is interesting I really hope milan board could see this and start making changes in time #forzamilano


On point article, Mr Allegri pls go oooo


Tiziano Crudeli for manager!!!!!!


Just imagine…
Zamparini bought Milan from Berlusconi.


Spot on assessment. Yet unfortunately, I don’t see Allegri leaving at all this season, it’s almost like he has Berlusconi and Galliani as puppets. A sensible owner would have sacked Allegri right after the Ajax game. It’s true about the Matri thing, my heart and hopes fell when it was revealed that we would be buying a striker for 12m when the defense and midfield was what needed reinforcement, even adding to that is that all the players we could have acquired with that money; would have done much better. (Ljajic, Honda)
Forza Milan.


Guyz, let’s make #FireAllegri become trending topic in twitter, maybe someone will do something about it

General Gattuso

I think it’s time for allegri to leave, i no longer have faith in him again. We are getting worst each passing day and am sick and tired of having high blood pressure every matchday infact i am now a laughing stock in my neighbourhood, each time they see me wear the milano jersey they mock me till am out of sight, imagine arsenal fans now tell me that they will beat us home and away and it pisses me off to hear that word even from a useless arsenal fan. Mr allegri i think u should throw in the… Read more »


Im so scared if we dnt make top 3 we wont be in champions leauge for next year…wow we suck so badd juvi is next and there going to murder us


Please, Someone Should Foward This Article To The Milan Directors.


The worst thing that happened to milan is when gallani stood for max. Had serdorf or even inzaghi became milan coach all this eye sore performance would be story.


u got it all max is suck


Milan should be sold, Berlusconi has once been great bt the fire behind his ambitions is dead.
He needs to sell at least 50% of the club to foreign investors who can finance the club.
Italian football generally is laging behind in europe due to lack of funds.
So 1st thing is to sell at least 50% of the club to foreign investors who wont be satisfied with mediocrity.
Then sacking Alegri would be justified.
Nt just sacking Alegri and not been able to give him the necessary fund make a good team.

Juan Carlos

Why is anybody NOT mentioning a very important factor in the bad performance of the team up to this point…that factor being the MEDICAL STAFF!!!


and who fault is that, genious????

if the players get injured during training!!

at least think, just a little


Something must be going on behind the scenes…There’s no way that Berlu has been this quiet unless he truly doesn’t care anymore. What it looks like is Berlu has his finger on the trigger but Galliani is standing in front of the gun saying “it’s ugly but at least we’re not losing.” Will see how quiet everything is when Allegri’s luck runs out and those last minute draws and wins turn into loses. Oh, and by the way, where is the Curva Sud? I’m really surprised they haven’t said anything, something’s not right here.

Milan fan

With this players you can have Ferguson and it will make no deference.


You mean to tell me that these players can’t beat bologna, Ajax, Torino, and Verona? Put it anyway you want, it all falls back on the Allegri and the managent for keeping him around….


On paper we have very good squad.

Abate——Mexez——-Zapata——-De sig
————De jong—–Monty————-

-Honda(january) can replace binho

We are short in defence but imo very strong, competitive and capable in all other areas. With these players we should be competing for the scudetto not 3rd place! Allegri is just average!!


Allegri play 4 offensive players? No way!!! He only plays 2 strikers, one “attacking midfielder” who can be anyone as long as its not a real playmaker, it could even be bonera, and then he plays 3 defensive midfeilders, and then of course 4 defenders. That will never change


fan get yourself a brain.


On point. Signed


GAlliani and Allegri think they are too clever ..but i think its not too clever to have empty stadium. And like this it gonna get to be.


You dare compare max to Ferguson? Something must be wrong with you. Give max Iniesta, Xavi, Deco, Zidane and he will trow them away and stick to muntari. Butter aint meant for monkeys. football aint meant for max.
I sign the petition to sack max asap.
, why not remove the peg in your own eyes first before you could remove that of juve.


I’ve signed the Petition too…#SackAllegri


Sack Allegri


Galliani’s biggest mistake in the recent years was hiring Allegri and selling Thiago Silva – the best defender in the world – there was no need for that. What the hell happened to Milan that held on to their players, no matter how much money they were offered.


Sackllegri Day


Funny bloggers


When we won psv,muntari and allegri were good,even beta against barca last season 2-0


To be honest I kind of wish we would´ve lost against Celtic, although I hate to admit it…Why? Here are 3 reasons: 1) The way we got the draw was simply despicable. Even as a Milan fan I have to admit that was a really dirty penalty to score from, in fact Balotelli should´ve had a yellow card as it was basically ONLY him who was doing the tugging, not the defender. I hate to think that we are getting some kind of special treatment, but this is like the 3rd or 4th time this season that Milan come back… Read more »

who brought matri

Funny Ganny or better yet Granny.
because u had to go back to a game last year to make a case for allegri whiles refusing to mention that in return leg Barca beat us 4-0. it was the first time a 2 – 0 victory had been overturned and it took Barca only the first half to do so. nobody is saying he cannot win games. of course we are happy when we win matches thats why we buy tickets and Milan jerseys. but when he is terrible too, we have the right to let it out




Even when the best players come to Allegri’s Milan they will end up going bad. Allegri is just a mid level coach that cannot deliver Milan. I fear if something is not done quickly Balotelli will soon become a mediocre player.


Well-said, all of you have a good says, but mine problem is noton ‘Sack or Retain Allegri’. We can not compare this current squad to that of 1994, b’cuz they all are not mediocre players like what we have now, so my own is for Berlus to splash on a quality players, so that we can get back to that of our olding days.

Forza Milan!
I rep Milan till Messi win Africa best!


@Ladon….Yeah, there is only one Milan fan called Walenchi! And u are?


I love this article, good article