Highlights: Newcastle Legends 0-0 Milan Glorie (1-2 on pk’s)


MILAN GLORIE played a match last week at the sold out St. James Park against Newcastle Legends. The match finished 0-0 but Milan managed a 1-2 win on shoot-outs and Paolo Maldini lifted the trophy at the end of the night. All proceeds from the match were divided between the Great North Children’s Hospital, the Milan Foundation and the Newcastle United Foundation. Milan’s squad included Rossi, Pancaro, Baresi, Favalli, Maldini, Van Bommel, Costacurta, Oddo, Di Canio, Lentini, Ganz. Taibi, Mussi, Ba, Carbone, Giunti, Lantignotti, Massaro, Lorenzini and Vierchowod.

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El Greco

I’m afraid the Milan Glorie keeper is better than Amelia. And still Maldini, Van Bommel, Oddo are better than Urby, Constant, Noce, Birsa etc…

Kwabena Adu

You are very right….The keeper is even better than Abiati.

tru tru




Tafiardo Cardoso

why boban never played in milan glorie?i missed to see him play