2013 Summer mercato comes to an end


MILAN SIGNED eight (minus one who was signed in January) and waved goodbye to 10 players in this mercato.

The madness is over: the transfer deadline day is behind us and the clubs (and especially the fans) can now focus on what really matters – the football and stop worrying about which player their team will bring or sell. The mercato is done.

Riccardo Saponara* (21, midfielder, Empoli, €3.8m)Mario Yepes (37, defender, Atalanta, expiring deal)
Jherson Vergara (19, defender, Deportes Quindío, €1.3m)Massimo Ambrosini (36, midfielder, Fiorentina, expiring deal)
Andrea Poli* (23, midfielder, Sampdoria, €1.3m)Mathieu Flamini (29, midfielder, Arsenal, expiring deal)
Matias Silvestre** (28, defender, Inter, €0.75m for the loan)Taye Taiwo (28, defender, Bursaspor, €1m)
Ferdinando Coppola (35, goalkeeper, free)Didac Vila (24, defender, Real Betis, loan with option)
Valter Birsa (27, midfielder, Genoa, exchange)Bartosz Salamon*** (22, defender, Sampdoria, co-ownership)
Alessandro Matri (29, forward, Juventus, €11m)Rodney Strasser (23, midfielder, Genoa, exchange)
Ricardo Kakà (31, midfielder, Real Madrid, free)Kevin Prince Boateng (26, midfielder, Schalke, €10m)
Luca Antonini (31, defender, Genoa, exchange)
Andrea Petagna**** (18, forward, Sampdoria, loan with option)

Figures are from La Gazzetta dello Sport 3/9/2013

* Joined on a co-ownership deal.
** Milan have an option to purchase him for €4m next year.
*** Joined Sampdoria as part of the Andrea Poli deal.
**** Sampdoria have an option to buy 50% of his card for €3m next year.
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Raphael Minter

Not a bad mercato. Milan during the days of the famous 4 ; pirlo, seedorf-gattuso-kaka played together for long and Milan only signs one players a season. This season we will play more like a team and most of our players would be more seriouz cos of the big 6 sisters; juventus, Inter, Ac,Napoli,FiorentinA, Roma. If everyone plays with high intensity,dedication and passion like Mario Balotelli we would.challenge for honours.


Ups and downs

Thrilled with the capture of Ricky, poli and saponara. Dissapointed with how much money was spent on matri when we really needed a defender and not a back upn or the back up striker!


Agreed, good news about Kaka, but when a transfer season ends with the biggest fee being paid out on Alessandro Matri, you know something’s wrong.


I heard the prognosis on Pazzini’s injury changed – he will now be out of action beyond October – and getting a vice-Balotelli became priority. A friend of mine, who supports Juve, actually told me he was sad to see Matri leave as he is a lot better than Quagliarella and Giovinco – who are both staying at Juventus. (I apologize for talking about our enemy’s affairs here but I thought it would help me make my point). It’s sad we did not get a quality Centre-Back in – I almost cried when Sakho joined Liverpool – but perhaps we’ll… Read more »

milanisti since 99

WELL NOT WHAT I WANTED FROM TRANSFER BUT WASNT SHOCKED BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT I EXPECTED ANYWAYS. PROMISES BUT NOT ACTUAL ACTION MATRI should have been ljiac silvestre should have been astori eriksen should have been here pastore should have been here tevez should have been here strootman should have been here rather than birsa zaccardo, robinho, pazzini, traore, muntari,nocerino,bonera should have been showed the door. then at last minute to put the icing on the cake kaka should have come. thats suppose to be milan abbiati abate mexes astori deSciglio de jong montolivio strootman eriksen/kaka SES/tevez Balotelli subs: amelia… Read more »



ijall thrasher



Crazy Talk, Pazzini deserve to stay.


Nobody cares


once again i said milan need support not your useless theory about strategy, transfers, etc.. all of you only know 5% about reality management milan… you dont know how to keep all these player fit, how to managed their stamina, how to teach them about the strategy, even how managed their menu to eat… Can you imagine what management milan do to bring milan become one of the best club football in the world, meanwhile some of kids in this forum always complain even with 0% knowledge about football said what strategy and who deserved played in milan.


The problem lies,with fact that even a kid would know traore cant play football,and that our defence is inadiquate,and that alessandro Matri was an utter waste of money


traore play at profesional club football before played at milan.. and this is fact (look at his statistic).. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakaye_Traor%C3%A9 Now can you explain to me why traore cant play football?? Do you have a experience to play or managed team football?? Now about Matri?? Once i again i ask you, do you know detail about Matri?? about speed, his strength, about position?? And once again i ask you, Milan brought Matri with your money?? If you one of owner AC Milan you can say that.. Kids, this is bussiness, and i tell you every bussiness have a RISK… If you… Read more »


@Dapito, so we’re supposed to just all shut up, not say a word or question ANYTHING? Milan hasn’t come close to winning the CL since 2007 while Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern etc. are there EVERY YEAR. We’re just fans expressing our disappointment, which is every fans right.


maybe you should learn with fans from juve when they have to fact juve relegated to serie B.


good mercato..

I think Flamini should have stayed, and Matri doenst really had to come but its ok…

We have just 2 problems now, the coach and robinho

adit onox

If flamini n ambro go who is De jong back up. I mean player which mid fighter


Exactly. I’d have let Ambro finish his career at Milan and kept Flamini who was actually playing really well.


Flamini was offered a 1 year contract he rejected it. He said he wanted more. Got greedy, got canned. And Yes we should had kept Ambrosini.


Welldone uncle fester (Mr. G)
Forza Milan!


Keeping Ambrosini (Captain+Icon) and Flamini and selling Nocerino would have made us some money. I don’t believe in letting players go for free who are <30yrs old specially when Flamini played well at the end of last season. Getting Kaka for free was a coup, a steal 🙂 I can't believe we didn't get a CB which was a must. Bonera has been at Milan for too long.


allegri is a gud coach wid players at his disposal


This management won’t pay money anymore. They don’t want to do something for the fans. If it is not for free then it is impossible to get any player. Even the players that has been bought there are others that has been sold with greater amount. Balo 20 million in 5 years after selling ibra 25 m , thiago silva 40 m and pato 15 million . Matri 11 m after selling boateng 11 m.


Too bad we didn’t get a quality CB back up but i am satisfied with our midfield and attack because we have enough quality there, remember we all complained about too much muscles and that has been balanced with creativity since signing Saponara, Poli and Kaka mixed with Muntari, Nocerino and Dejong, even Birsa could be proven as time goes on somewhere. With Honda joining in January, Milan will have even more creativity and quality than muscles. Be mindful that the only 2 clubs in the world with like for like quality in first eleven and reserve are Real Madrid… Read more »


Fine transfer window if you ask me…Am particularly excited about Saponera, Poli and Kaka. I have never seen Matri as a bad signing except if it will hinder the development of SES.

Boateng leaving really stung my heart but we all saw it coming. Traore and Zaccardo ought to have been released

But the real challenge is how will Max blend this mix to perform optimally.


Now that Kaka is here I can say that this mercato was OK. There are a few regrets however. We should have got Ljajić. I really think this guy has potential to become great player. Also, better CB should have been bought. Then there are few players that are surplus: Traore – clearly stayed because of his undeserved salary Birsa – couldn’t we just sell Antonini, it’s not that nobody wanted him. Don’t know if Birsa is any good, but we clearly don’t need him. Niang – now that Matri and Kaka are here, I don’t really see a place… Read more »


A question for you guys: Do you think Kaka should be our captain?

Don’t have anything againts Montolivo but I think Kaka deserves it more. Tricky situation 🙂


he deserve it but montolivo should be our captain, cause hes been announced as milan’s new captain recently.


Montolivo should be capatain. I think montolivo will star for mora than 5 years. We need a captain that will stay a lot fo time. We dont know if Kaka will renew his contract after 2 years.




Dapito is ryt no1 is asking 4 som of u guys opinion on the kind of 4mation milan should use or the players that are to b played cos most of u knw Nothing.Its a simple fact


Off topic I wana ask who is better nocerino or traore i ve not seen play except when he was introduced as a sub then d game was also over


I ve never praised monty milanista121.FYI i ve always argued with a friend of mine about monty,d thing about monty he is neither very good in attack or in defence