Highlights: Milan 3-1 Cagliari


MILAN GOT first Serie A points on Sunday evening as they took on Cagliari Calcio at Stadio San Siro. Like in all the games so far this season, Milan opened with an early goal and already after 8 minutes, Robinho found the back of the net after finding himself completely free in front of an open goal thanks to some great work from Mario Balotelli. Milan controlled most of the first half and doubled their first in the 30′ minute after Philippe Mexes was quick enough to get to the rebound of a Mario Balotelli strike. Three minutes afterwards, Marco Sau scored a wonderful goal to make it 2-1 on half time. Milan seemed a bit lost in the second half and gave away possession often with bad passes but in the 62nd minute Balotelli put the game to bad with a powerful shot inside the box. Milan win for the first time in this Serie A season and get 3 important points. The next game is after the international break (September 15) against Torino.

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I want to congratulate all milan fans and say the maestro of sansiro is back its official welcome back Kaka and forza milan 🙂

milanisti bali

there will be no surprise this season..all of big team start with 2 consecutive win.juve,inter,roma,fiorentina…consistency is a key for scudetto..


Great win! Welcome back kaka i would like to see you wearing ac milan’s T shirt again.Gud luck hope the best for you.


seria a gonna back


You obviously didn’t watch the game, this wasn’t a great win… This was a very poor performance


starting for juve,roma,florentina,inter is nt an issue but the consistency they will show till the end.forza milan


this year will surely b a tough one…..


nw kaka matri am hapi with dat we nid a gud goalkepper


Astori just coy over his future when asked by reporters at San Siro “Milan?” and he answered “Good question”

Alfredo Pedulla, Milan could make an offer as early as Galliani returns from Madrid but face competitions from Everton and United. Astori’s personal choice is definitely Milan. Fingers crossed


Well d MOTM is obviously Balotelli…nd I think Montolivo is actually over rated..yea he’s all we’ve got nd I understand when milan fans try 2 hype him cuz he’s like d best we’ve got in dat midfield, but let’s face it, he aint as superb as d media paint him 2 be…I’d choose de rossi or even enriksson over Montolivo…all d games he’s played dis season he hasn’t been impressive at all…but thank God Kaka is back!!!!!!


For people complaining about Matri getting playing time, I’m sad as well that we saw El Shaa so little…I mean giving him playing time with three minutes to go is just mean, but I think that Allegri thought that this was a good opportunity to throw Matri in, when we were ahead, and integrate him to the team quickly. El Shaa for me, should still be the definit starter, and Monto as a trequartista didn’t really work out, he needs to get his form back…but I think that the return of Kaka will help Monto, as he will not be… Read more »


Poli > Montolivo when it coems to creative force. At least so far this season. So he’s definitely not our only creative force.

I honestly think it would’ve been better if we played Poli behind the 2 strikers tonight and montolivo back. He’s just not quick enough with his feet, while Poli is. But eitherway, I’m just glad our prince is back (Kaka). So now he can show these fools how to pass the ball properly.


Poli is better with the short passes, but Monto is better with his crosses throughout the field. But it’s true, Poli would’ve been a better fit as trequartista last night.
Monto needs to rediscover his form quickly, but we’ve only played three games so far…
Anyhow, like you said, now we finally have Ricky back who will show them all (including Allegri)how a real trequartista operates.
Forza Milan!


Pato was on fire today, scored almost a hat-trick, I hope he will come back to Milan. We must get rid of the old and dead flesh like Traore, Nocerino, Coppola, Abbiati, Constant, Zaccardo, Amelia and we should have borrowed Sakho insted of Silvestre…. Buy out Santon, Astori and young GK (Perin?) and one more. Let Cristante and some of young guys have the chanse to. I hope that we stop buying players like Traore how are to totally useless for us.
Imagine 4-3-1-2


———-El Shaarawy———

—-Montolivo–de Jong–Poli—-

De Sciglio–Mexes–Zapata–Abate


Abbiati is good goalkeeper he saved us many time and still making good performance.


we dont eat our vomit pato out in with the new

Hamid Tavakoli

What a joke. I’ve always thought that despite B&G’s blatant determination to destroy Milan (and yes living off past glories does not hide this fact, most successful club in the world blah blah) that Allegri had done a very good job getting back into champ league, but im really starting to lose patience with him. Good result today but a terrible performance. Balotelli, Abate and De Jong aside. Zapata and Mexsa no way near good enough for Milan. Yes Mexes scored but then was at fault for Sau turning him inside out for his goal. I don’t think Montolivo is… Read more »


Montolivo played as a regista in the first game, and as a trequartista last night. You want me solve the puzzle for you? It’s the same thing with Boateng. In his first season, he played as a CM and became a fan favourite. In his second season, he played as a trequartista and was very poor except people fancy him for his goals whereas Ibra had a lot to do with it. And then suddenly people said ”what happened to Boateng”. Everyone with the slighest common sense knows what happened. Same thing happening to Montolivo now. In his first season… Read more »




astori will be present with milan squad tommorow


Where is it posted that the kaka move is official


twitter ^^




Kakà is back <3

My rolemodel. My idol. Person who has influenced me the most.

Welcome back Ricky. Welcome home.

//tearing up.


Man city is negotiating with El Shaarawy


Welcome back kaka!


return of the prodigal son


KAKA agreed 4 million salary, two years contract with free transfer. Kaka reduced 60% of his current wage (did not mention tax) , he is loyal and that why I love this guy. Welcome back home Ricky!!!
I think Galliani did terrific job to conclude this deal.


At last a real signing am so happy dat @22 is back kaka




I have never heard a player who is dedicated and generous like RICKY, somebody who can scrifice 60% of what is part of his life (money). Hmm, you are welcome back home, Kaka? I wish you the best of luck in our league and to be able to convice your home team coach for the historic World Cup at your home country. Forza milanistas


yesteday,mexes waz terrible,zapata waz clumsy,Muntari waz useless,montolivo waz below par,emanuelson waz average..& Allegri is terrible.i waz sad watchin milan yesterday,d main problem is Allegri.Allegri.Allegri..jst hope he doesnt cause kaka more problms


Rise Rossoneri rise..

With the vision of Bolatelli and Kaka guys we are going places,Goals should not be a problem from now Allegri need to put the right tactics and formation.


haha, now that kaka is back allegri can place him in the left back so emanuelson can play trequartista (sarcazam off)…he would ruin even ronaldo, messi and bale…


Lol, yeah xD


Petagana loaned to sapmdoria.