Official: Boateng leaves Milan, joins Schalke


KEVIN-PRINCE BOATENG is the new player of Schalke, signing a three-year deal – Milan have confirmed today.

Boateng scored two goals against PSV Eindhoven just a couple of days ago but that wasn’t even to convince Milan that he deserves to stay and the Number 10 is now a former Rossonero and a new player of the Bundesliga side Schalke 04.

Boateng was a fans favourite in his first season at Milan as he took the world by storm with his World Cup performances and then won the Scudetto with Milan. However, his other two season were not as impressive and many wanted him out.

Boateng has Schalke medical, Milan to sign Honda or Kaka?
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Many had looked long for a buyer for the player and then Schalke knocked on the door and found an agreement with Milan. “A.C. Milan wishes to communicate that Kevin Prince Boateng has been transferred to Schalke 04,” an official statement on Milan’s website reads on Friday. It’s believed that the Rossoneri will earn €10-12 million. Boateng signed a three-year deal.

Nigel De Jong has already said goodbye to Boateng, who is in Germany right now and has already passed the medical check-ups, on Twitter. Boateng played 100 games for Milan and scored 17 goals in all competitions. Milan continue to work.

Milan wish Boateng good luck (Milan’s official Twitter account)
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milanisti since 99

am not sad about loosing the guy he doesn’t have a stable run 2 goals on Wednesday may be never again. who knows may be he works for shalke good luck for him. but who’s the replacement , honda probably if things go right hope it wont be another looser like matri


Dont blame Algri’s mistakes on boateng not even messi can perform when continually being forced to change position. Honda is a good replacement but not a better one, both players have their merits and demerits n that made it so. Robinho is no more than dead weight and yet little criticism goes his way, we fixate on past glory while we claim to be building for the future (which is why i say no to kaka i rather a younger playmaker e.g maher(psv),pjanic(roma),niangolan, or even loan mata)n so he stays while boa leaves. same goes for nocerino whom we wld… Read more »


Grazie Boa..

Forza Milan


I would agree with this only if the replacemen of boateng was eriksen but now..we got matri


What a shock. The transfer deadline is too close for all this. ‘I hope we can find a good replacement on time.


so unexpected after that stellar performance vs psv


Whoa wtf!


There are unconfirmed reports that Honda will arrive in Milano later today.

Kwabena Adu

BREAKING NEWS= AC Milan signs Fabio Quagliarella for 10M Euros to replace the departed Kelvin Prince Boateng…that is what the headlines will read this evening




You scared me, I hope that will not happen XD




Kakà’s spokesperson, Diogo Kotscho, is currently in Milano.

‘I hope both Kaka and honda will arrive.

AC Milan

well this was expected because his contract will expire next year and from January he will be free to leave so selling him is right but we need to have good replacement because signing matri is a only changing garbage bag may be he is worse than KPB. Froza milan


Boateng had a contract till 2015


@Kwabena Adu, ‘I don’t trust this management too but we can only hope.

Kwabena Adu

This managements breaks our hearts all the time.When the Curva Sud protested against the Matri purchase Galliani gave them the middle finger,they don’t give a bleep about Us.


Thank God…
now we need a serious midfielder like honda or erikssen.


Instead of going for Kaka I would try to use the 12 mil euros to intercept the deal taking Eriksen to Tottenham. Not sure it is possible, but it would be a better option then Kaka. Milan cant afford being sentimental. And how does this affect Honda coming to Milan (possibly in January for free)? And if both Kaka and Honda arrives then Saponara might as well pack his bags. To be honest am getting frustrated by the day with B&G imagine sending petagna away then getting a washed up 29yr old 4 12mil and nw we would spend close… Read more »

Nino Divino

I’ve been a critic of KPB… I wish him all the best at Schalke 04. I really can’t understand the logic behind Matri’s signing. Would be glad if Kaka’ and Honda arrive. Kaka’ is more than just a player; he is the best motivation this squad can have.


This really came out of the blue… I like Boa, it’s a shame that we could not see him being tested in midfield, I know he would’ve been great there. I wish him all the best of luck in his new adventure and thank him for his important goals! Almost all of them came in big matches. I will accept his departure (like most fans I’m sure) if Kaka comes back, Kaka is still world class, has tons of experience, and imagine the spirit he’ll bring with him to the Milan camp, and share his enthusiasm and experience to the… Read more »


hahahaaaaa milan
milan are now coming 2 face indeed crisis.
letting a player scoring a brace 4 u to qual..
and letting him go.
very funny.
am asking r u still a milan fan?

Respect Ghanaians

I quit milan cus this is not a team determine to win trophies.why would a team wanting to win the scudetto let a good player like KPB sold to make way for garbage like Matri.


I loved his energy. I loved his enthusiasm. He gave Milan his all. I wish him lots of success at Schalke.

Lanre247 Milanista

Wish him best of luck in his next adventure.


Wish him Gud luck. whenever I sees him wt d number 10, I always get angry can u compare him wt seedorf or ruicosta


So sad, wihe you all the best Boateng love you for ever


It’s funny cause if it were 2 or 3 seasons ago everyone would have been praising Galliani for signing Matri, who knows maybe playing for his parent club will help return to form. As for those hating on Kaka, I think he’s done enough for the club to get the chance to retire where he belongs, and who knows, he might just make a come back. There are many over 30s that have switched clubs and resurrected themselves (Pirlo to Juve, Raul to Schalke, etc.). In any case it’s also good for Saponara to learn from someone instead of being… Read more »


I’m so angry with Allegri right now. I’ve reached a point where I actually hate him. I do. The funny part is that I actually defended him a lot, but no more. All of us… EACH AND ONE OF US MILANISTAS could see where his rightful position was on the field, and we all know it’s as a central midfielder (box to box, if you like). He couldn’t bring out the best out of Pirlo. He couldn’t bring out the best out of Emanuleson when he arrived (playing him as a trequartista etc.). Even if I do think Emanuelson might… Read more »


BERLUSCONI & GALLIANI must rather proof to us(fans) the logic or sense in allowing KEVIN PRINCE BOATENG to SCHALKE in these few coming days. i reserve the rest for that HOPEFUL day to come.

IDFL trinidad

Yup I agree with the TheOneTheOnlyMilan… and as for the signing of Matri while it isn’t the most encouraging signing we really need to be objective here.. Petagna is raw although very talented.. if Balo were to be injured we would be VERY naked up front experience wise..all of our stikers are young Robinho aside and Robinho’s finishing isn’t the best.. So let Petagna get some XP at Samp. Furthermore that 11million euro fee is really a smokescreen.. it’s being paid in FOUR installments guys. This really isn’t costing us much…The length of the contract is simply to ensure that… Read more »


im very happy kpb has bin sold, he performed bad last season


im very happy kpb has bin sold, he performed bad last season, bt why did galliani failed to sign florentina’s adam

Opinion Varies

Boateng scored a lot incredible goals but who could forget that quick hat-trick goals he scored against Lecce when Milan was down to 3 goals in the 2nd half…….#Classic Boateng

Good luck Big Bang Boa.


Milan needs a leader, world class player, n experience of a champion. I think Kaka is the answer.. he can guide our youngster n teach them to be a champion just like he was. I know he is not young anymore but he still has many things to offer. football is not only about age.

Raphael Minter

This last few days would be the best. Just relax. We have games against Barcelona and tough oppositions in Serie A. Boateng has been good for Milan but that Ibra-Binho-Boateng-Noce partnership came to a close when Ibra left. There are some players that makes you feel like super human. Moreover when our legends left we wanted Him to lead the team because he was considered a veteran when playing with el sharaawy and Niang . His performances diminshed bcos of de sale of Ibra and lack of competition bcos he knew come what may he would play. KPB would always… Read more »

gang chomba

people they say much much abt KPB…
But remember he is right midfield and Alegri use him to play as a Atacking midfield…
So the problem is Alegri and not Boateng


Kaka or Honda or Both!!!!!

rume collins

Put money and bring ozil or Griezmaan

Ugochukwu Gerald

It is a very good move by the Rossoneri. Milan need a fantastic number 10 in the ranks of Clarence Seedorf, Rui Costa and Roberto Baggio. #Forza Milano.

Vid he

I’m not going to lie. I was one of the many that wanted me out and criticized him greatly when watching him but after his passion and excellence on Wednesday, I’m truly going to miss him. I wish him the best and his goal against Barcelona and his 2nd half hattrick against lecce is still in my mind


Milan has made a big mistake again! Hw can we let Kevin go jux lyk dat. I dnt knw wat our goals r this season bt lettn Kevin go is a terrible mistake. Milan let’s go 4 a young n energertic player nt kaka who is injury pruned


lol… u guys are so funny..not long ago everybodi here wanted KBP out and nw dat he’s out you are saying why did B&G let him go…u guys jst luv complaining


Good Luck Boateng!!


I don’t know how many of you can say “KPB lost his form he sucks”. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME HE WAS PLAYED IN HIS PROPER CENTRAL MIDFIELD POSITION. KPB could have been a very effective player last season and this current season if he was played in central midfield. I don’t like to see him gone when we could have played him in muntaris position.


Really sad to see Boa’ leave because despite his wildly sporadic form as an AMF/RW, he is a good asset (imo) on either side of the MF. It’s unfortunate he wasn’t played there much over the past 2 seasons.

100 matches, 17 goals. Mille grazie Boa’! In bocca al lupo.

El Dri

El Sharaawy will stand as Treaqutista.
I’m sure of it, he have the attribute for the position.


good luck boateng,,,maybe this is the best for you and milan…


garbage in (matri) – garbage out (KPB)

shame on you allegri!