Galliani: “Balotelli should be ready for PSV, Honda in January”


ADRIANO GALLIANI is not particularly optimistic about Keisuke Honda’s summer arrival and believes Balotelli will be fit.

The season finally starts for Milan in four days when they take on PSV Eindhoven at the Philips Stadion for the first leg of the Champions League playoff stage. Milan have listed 24 players in the A list, leaving a slot free – reportedly for Honda.

The Honda story is quite a saga now with CSKA Moscow refusing to let go of him despite him having just six more months on his deal. Adriano Galliani is doubtful Honda will be with Milan in the Netherlands but is sure Mario Balotelli will.

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“Balotelli’s physical condition? Mario should be ready for the match against PSV Eindhoven on Tuesday,” Galliani said. “It’s going better with Balotelli’s knee, and Allegri told me that he should be ready for Tuesday. Milan is in a good condition both physically and mentally, I saw the team play well in Germany and United States; it seems like we’re in a good condition.

“We will see how it goes. Keisuke Honda? The situation is very clear. He has made a choice and he has told it to the CSKA Moscow management. His contract will expire soon, so he’s free to go wherever he wants to go. It also happens to us that out of contract players leave and arrive. Such is football. CSKA Moscow own the player, and if they want to sell Honda to us, then we will sign him now. If they don’t want to sell Honda now – which they have the right to do – then he will join Milan in January on a free transfer. If there’s time to sign him before August 19? No, the transfer window closes on September 2.

“It’s obvious that the deal becomes less and less interesting for us as time passes by. However, you never know what can happen. Football is like that.” Galliani added: “I’m not happy about Italy having lost a Champions League spot. We would have had a calm summer if we had qualified directly for the Champions League, but we’re Milan and we will try to qualify.”

Meanwhile, Sky Italia‘s Di Marzio reports that Milan have offered Marco Amelia to Torino on loan and are even prepared to pay 2/3 of his salary; Catania are very interested in signing Kingsley Boateng while Genoa gave up on M’Baye Niang.

Translation credit: @Milanello
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Ok Honda in january, but than at least sign Ljajic NOW!


I see alot of smoke, but no fire..

Same old story all over again..

The only signing we will see is a low cost one, its sad but true..

No Eriksen, No Sakho, No Ljajic…


It is frustrating that Milan has not brought anyone in to cover the areas that need players the most but I will continue to believe until the transfer window closes. Signing Ljajic is entirely dependent on him. If he tells La Viola he will not extend his contract with them, they will have no option but to sell him quickly or lose him for nothing in about 9 or 10 months.
As for Sakho, there might be some hope yet. I saw an article on the Football Italia website. Here’s the link:

Forza Milan per sempre!!!


I think we’ll sign Ljajic *after* we beat PSV. Probably can’t afford him if we don’t qualify anyway.

jjhok anderson

“gave up on niang”,thats all i needed to hear.


Horible news.. Were so cheap wow ok so 100% no Honda so why cant we by sakho or someone that can actually finish the ball in the net idc what you ppl think milans is in my heart I care for them I miss when we had the best team ever. Were not millionares were.billionares why cant we buy sakho or someone with a ggood name outthere.. Frgt these horible strikers were looking at we need a great amazing winger I like out mid poli de Jong anf montolivo idc if Honda doesnt come those 3are great our d is… Read more »


Uncle fester should please keep niang, get us honda. For me ljajic is not that important since we have niang & petagna is also around the corner. But one thing that‘s jostling my mind is that milan will sign cerci al the end of the tranfer window. The player has been link with milan for a while now. If there anybody that think the same way with me?


Honda is overrated by youtube watchers.
He is tooooooo lazy and not special.
We don’t need Japanese Riquelme!


It does make sense in a way. Try to get rid of Boateng. Sign Ljajic and Sakho now, get a quality star player like Honda for free in a couple of months time.

Milan fan

He said that Sakho is too expensive for us. Our defense is the worst ever,we need Santon and Ranochia.

Zacx-(CiapusBogor_Indonesia -Milanisti4eva)

No Honda,Ljajic,Eriksen,and Sakho…bad…bad…bad…Mr.G??????

r kenny

balo can do it


Pls get eriksen ljajic and a quality cb


Honda is coming in january, im fine with that but atleast get a player like ljajic or sakho or eriksen atleast one of them come on galliani make me happy


lol and people are still listening to Galliani. Honda will arrive before sept 2. Us signing him will pay itself off by the end of the season just from the new fans and sponsorships we will receive from japan. Relax people. its the same every year and someone always comes.


Worst mercato ever.

crespo 2\7(trinidad)

another ole milan tactic . keep calm ppl ,something is coming our way .


ı dont get those people who want Honda january ınstead get hım now for 5 m. just example, ıf we dıd buy montolıvo a year ago we could defınıtıly have won scudetto at 2010-2011, so ı want Honda now not at january


What Part of “Milan is low on Cash” you dont get?
Honda´s value is not of 5m. You are paying 5m for a 6 month contract, when David Villa was sold to Atl Mad for 5m with a 3 year contract


but we need hım now, ıf gallıanı gave them 5 mıllıon earlıer thıs merkato ınstead of spendıng yhıs money for Sılvestre now we woulg have Honda,
meanwhıle Honda wıll be cup tıed for cl ıf we dont get hım now whıch ıs we need hım at cl more than serıe a


Dont get me wrong I wanted them to buy Honda too I already bought him on My Manager Carrear Mode on Fifa 13. I traded Robihno and 10m for him LOL, but I understand why they dont want to pay the 5m when the contract is just about to expire.


ı already explaıned at my fırst comment that ıts better to get hım now than at january,
btw we can easıly get back thıs money from shırt sales


Galliani : we don’t need honda bcoz we already have boateng, our creative #10.
Sometimes, i pray for milan’s failure everytime i read a news about galliani who keeps being stingy and doesn’t care about milan’s success in europe.


Interesting opinion from our former defender Giuseppe Pancaro, who thinks Honda and Ljajic aren’t top players. I don’t mean to disrespect a player who won the scudetto with us, but IMO they r better than him, and r top players.
Like this if u agree with me.
Dislike this if u agree with Pancaro.
I’m interested to get some other fans opinions.

Aminu Yusuf

CSKA dont want to sell him now bc they dont have a replacement. So the best thing for Milan is to wait and get him free in Jan. Niang is not going anywhere as Galliani said b4 as we are short in attack and he needs another change. K. Boateng can go on loan to get Serie A experience. Amelia should be sold outrightly. Good Balo is fit for PSV.


Milan could find their new defender in France after Paris Saint-Germain confirmed Mamadou Sakho wishes to leave. “It’s true, Sakho wants to find a solution and the club’s position is clear,” said PSG Coach Laurent Blanc. “Until September 2 his situation will develop and we’ll have time to work out an agreement that suits both parties.” The French international centre-back is out of contract in June 2014, so would be available for a cut-price deal. It is also possible Sakho will agree to sign a contract renewal with PSG if he can be sent out on loan this season. The… Read more »


Sell the team!!! you cheap SOB.


If he sells the team, then it would not be the milan you love. Just some other team with petrolium-arab-funding


I don’t recall Juventus, Napoli nor Fiorentina being Arab.


Go join Juve


NO thanks I am 100% Rossoneri.


I love that reply Alessandro.WHAT A COMMENT.RESPECT#


You poeple who think that real football is like the game you playing, please geta life!!!


y r people beg 4 erikson when we hav poli


Do you also looking forward to tomorrow? cause then we will sign another mediocre player in terms of coppola, since Gabriel has a shoulder injury-.- Man we are so lucky…


Could we sign Diego Lopez?




Don’t be surprise if Honda renew is contract at CSKA. It is better we act fast now


its best milan try opening back talks with tim krul again


pls,we need Honda,Sahko and a goal keeper.


We don’t need a new defender, we have silvestre and Zapata, we also have pacifico and veghera. Why on earth are we not promoting pacifico? Because he’s too young? Doesn’t need a to carry a lot of responsibility? Guys that old fashioned mediocre team mentality comes with Allegri. Pato was already carrying our hopes at 18, Stephan did it last year at 19, messi did it for barca at 18 maldini did it at 16. Maradona carried Argentina at 18, pele carried Brazil’s hope at a very tender age. This is allegris mediocre mentality. WE DON’T NEED A NEW DEFENDER!… Read more »


cyborg please go watch volleball

what abaout de sciglio, el shaaraey or niang? did they not got chances and playing time under allegri?

stop complaining about allegri or go support psg


If Saponara wasn’t injured without a recovery date, i wouldn’t have been bothered whether we signed Jack or Jones.. Saponara is a football genius!


Milan or allegri will promote pacifico only if milan are beaten by 20-year-old-averaged-team PSV. Allegri will realize that younger team can also achieve the best result in europe. Remember my comment.


@ Cyborg….because of Allegri I know there is jewel called Pacifico in our youth dep……in 1st week of July I asked is there any defender in our youth who can be promoted….no one mentioned Pacifico….but suddenly now everyone is complaining about Allegri…….why this hatred…..we had Antonini fit….but Allegri chose De Sciglio……Ambrosini can play as cb….but Allegri chose De Sciglio……wht does that mean


El Shaarawy 20, Balotelli 23, Niang 19, Petagna 18…..Saponara 23, Cristante 18, Poli 24……De Sciglio 20, Vergara 18…..Gabriel 22……..10 players below 25…..n people still complains we r old


@cyborg get out of here you are not a milan fan. A true milan fan will support milan in every aspect like players,managers,vice president & president,coaching staff,etc. so get out of here this is not your website


People just be patient. Milan will sign at least 2-3 players after we qualify for the UCL. It is clear Honda and Ljajic will arrive and possibly a defender!

It’s also possible that Robinho, Niang,Traore, Antonini, Amelia and Boateng will after the PSV game!

Niang will go to Genoa on loan in return for Kucka. Robinho to Santos-Ljajic is his replacement.

Amelia to Monaco or Torino.

Traore to anywhere-i dont care just as long as he leaves.

Antonini to Turkey or Russian club.

Boatemg will go to a German club, possibly Schalke if Kucka arrives!


It was already said Niang won’t leave.
Robinho to Santos ? you must be drunk, the brazilian market is closed.
Boateng will leave if Kucka arrives ? are you fkin kiddin’ me ? you consider him his replacement ?

you must be some failed comedian.


Brazilian Market is closed right now. No way to sell Robihno until later

Milan fan

Galliani is sleeping.


Hope,Honda comes in now and a good cb,then i believe Santos will be back for Robinho in january,i want kpb,antonini,Amelia,zaccardo and Traore leaves.kucka will be nice if he joins with a wld class goalkeeper.Cska scheduled a meeting with milan management on 20th August,lets hope for +ve result.



Milan teenage striker Kingsley Boateng is joining Catania on loan, confirmed his agent.

“My client will go to Catania, but first he will sign a contract extension with Milan,” representative Giuseppe Riso told ItaSportPress.

The 19-year-old impressed in pre-season and had also been linked with a loan spell at Genoa and Sampdoria.

He suffered from a serious knee injury that kept him out of action from January to November 2012.

Boateng is of Ghanaian origin, but recently made his debut for Italy’s Under-20 squad.


Very good ! I’m proud of this move ! next year he will be more than ready to play for the 1st team ! Forza Kingsley !

P.S. Although I think he could already be part of the first team but wouldn’t have much playing time so it’s ok.


What a team we had……


ac shocker