Trabzonspor make €2 million Antonini offer


LUCA ANTONINI has received an offer from Trabzonspor, who have also made a formal bid, according to reports.

Antonini has made it known that his Milan future is not certain and that he would be willing to consider offers from overseas if such arrived and it appears that today (Tuesday), the 31-year-old fullback has been offered a chance to move to Turkey.

Beşiktaş have been after Antonini for a while but Trabzonspor A.Ş have decided to take their interest to the next level and according to the Italian media this evening, they have made a formal bid to Milan for the youth department product.

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Sky Italia‘s Gianluca Di Marzio has reported that Trabzonspor have offered €2 million for Antonini and are set to give him a two-year contract. Antonini is surplus to requirements at Milan with Mattia De Sciglio, Ignazio Abate and Kevin Constant ahead of him in the pecking order for starting fullback. Antonini has played over 100 Milan games and scored just one goal.

Meanwhile, Bakaye Traoré’s agent confirmed the interest of Anderlecht in his client but claimed no offer has been made. In other mercato-related news, Milan have decided to buy Genoa’s Primavera right-back Stefan Simic (no relation to Dario).

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he’s a surplus but still worth more than 2m as he can play on both wings and he got lots of european experiences under his belt


hmm de sciglio has better vision and everything and also here is urby as fantastic back up !


Accepted !!!!!!! Let him and Traore and Bonera go even for free !!!! FORZA MILAN

pato dz

hahahaha I agree with you man




Make it €2.5 million and we’ll through in Traore


Great sell him ASAP.PS nocerino shud be sold as well


tank GOD at long last we have an offer fof him.pls accept it and pls use the money for sacko he is great cb


Haven’t seen Sakho in quite a while but how great can he be if PSG spent €35 million on a teenage center back instead of playing him alongside the best defender in the world (=Thiago Silva of course)?


This teenage centre back is truly amazing though…Marquinhos, if we still had Leo as our scout as in the old days, I wouldn’t be surprised if we would’ve snapped him up instead of Roma. I’m all for the signing of Sakho though, if it would materialize.


I believe simic is a right back


I just hope milan ll use d moolah 2 buy sakho.PS Sell nocerino, traore,boateng,bonera,amelia

Some Guy

Use the money to give CSKA the 5 mil they want for Honda!


I think that Antonini deserves better than Trabzonspor. But maybe I’m just being sentimental…I like him, and love his passion for Milan, we need squad players like him – not Traoré or Silvestre. That’s my opinion though.
Luca bleeds red and black, and I’d love for him to stay, as a back up of course.


traore and antonini are the firs and second on my list, then there are zaccardo and bonera and either constant or emanuelson, since we need only one of them to back up for de sciglio.
PS i dont think we should sell noce, his energy, spirit and experience could help us alot, but boateng imo should be sold to get some cash.
Then all we need is quality cb and midfielder,
uncle fester please make it happen


antonini is milan youth product? . . .lol


not only me…..others think also…….Yuh that is question if Sakho is a great buy thn why can’t he beat Alex…..

Aminu Yusuf

Main objective is a squad of 25 players (3 Gs, 9 Ds, 8 MFs & 5 Ss). Right now we have 10 dependers so 1 have to go and i beleive Antonini should go. At €2 m it is not a bad deal esp if u consider his earning of €1.8 m will also be saved.


Wow…nice news…antonnine is not a footballer player he is very bad…..let it go and use this money for honda or ljajic or sakho…thx god


I like Antonini as a person and plays with heart but 2m for a backup at this point is good. We can’t get greedy and want more for him and then lose the chance to sell our backups. This is good news


2m for a player with an expiring contract with falling behinf pecking order (de sciglio constant urby abate) seems legit


Offer never comes better! Let him go, he will also be playing enough as he wishes for!


Liverpool make a official bid for Sakho 8 million pounds.


Sakho wants UCL football and Liverpool are not there. Milan should be his 1st choice


True, but for that to happen Milan has to make an actual offer…


2.5m for traore 2.5m for antonnini 16m for boating enough money for Honda,adem ,sakho even pizaro


He would chose Milan over l’pool.


Report: Milan is interested in Stefan Johansen from Strømsgodset Topfotball from Norway.


What position does johansen play?juniho i ll 2 know


Trequartista and CM.

Norwegian star

He play cm for my favourite club. The best player in the league. Very similar like Andrea Pirlo in style of play. He dominate the game like him.

The next big star from Norway. He will play today against Sweden.


I watched few of his videos and he seems to be pretty good. I was really impressed with few of his passes.

Could be a great low cost option for the midfield.

Hope he will come


antonini, zaccordo, bonera, traore, nocerino, amelia, boateng, robinho,
i really hope they sell them, at least 5 of them…. !! 😀
so there is space for other players….


Traore must leave…gbaam!


Buying simic raises my eyebrows as to de sciglio’s future in milan. And to trabzonspor you can even pay in installments for 10yrs…..pheeeeeeeew!!!


2 million that alot for antonini, take it a run. i hope tomorrow he is gone.


The real question is not that sakho cant beat alex but why alex play more? alex doesnt play more he just play the same as sakho but sakho doesnt like it he even didnt get picked by the france international team so he choose to move to a clun thats give him regular playing football


Luca Antonini

31 years old, expiring contract 2014, 5th in line behind (De Sciglio, Abate, Constant, Emanuelson)

2 millions

1 million saved salary

This is very good business.

Forza Milan

Pa ibra

i was hopping for urby getting sold but if he’s staying and allegri willing to use him as a full back, then i see no point in keeping antonini, especially when you are looking to trim your squad which is why i’m quastioning the idea of silvestre…adding garbage when you are looking to offload garbage. will be glad if there is chance of putting silvestre back in the market this very summer. milan must accept the 2mil for antonini and force bekay traore into accepting an offer out to somewhere farrr. boateng is also poor such a average no10

Lin Zexu

Silvestre is a free loan.

Zacx-(CiapusBogor_Indonesia -Milanisti4eva)

Accepted 2M +(Bonus Players) Traore,Bonera,and Amelia.


Antonn9ne muntari troare should leave milan…niang balo need time to shine …i believe in niang he will the best in the future…zaccardo i like his control on the ball…constant and ema gd as lb…zapp and mex gd as cb…silv not bad….boateng gd as midfielder beside monti and de jong…forza milan….


Wow just came from work with amazing news bro just to make it better sell him like now and we can use the 2 mill for honda please we have to hurry we have 6 dayss less then a week to turn in the ucl squaddd we have 1 spot left for ucl and it can be honda if we buy him now man wow please milan please just buy sakho or hondaa pleaseee


good news!!


antonin, does not want to leave -italy. Well, its a good Development. Concerning urby, let us give me second chance,


Please, Galliani accept it and get us Honda in time. You have €2m now to balance them, like wise Antonini used to earned €1.8m annually which is also thesame amount that to be paid to Honda.

king shegs

Antonini is the only fullback that was not condemned during & after maldini’s time consistent & experience is only problem then is injury and now age his past contributions to our glory makes me proud & a fan of him. Forza antonini


@lin zexu, silvestre is not a free loan. it cost €1m to loan him.

Milan @ Ghana

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with saponara…


He is injured.

Blazing R'n'B

For me I’d sell, add the money to the 8m we offered Fiorentina and get lljacic… Honda can come for free by January…


This is not going to go through. It doesn’t matter if Milan want to sell him if Antonini doesn’t want to accept the offer. Think about it, it doesn’t matter if he gets paid slightly more. Right now he’s living in a city he’s been in since forever, and if he accepts he’ll live in some random @ss city in Turkey.


My dream mercato until september 2nd: Out: Traore (around 1-2 m, 1,7 salary saved), Zaccardo (around 2-3 m included in a transfer), Bonera (2-3 m included in a transfer), Emanuelson (~5 m), Amelia (around 2-3 m included in a transfer), Antonini (~2-3 m), Robinho (around 6 m to a spanish club). Cash in: 15 m. Salary saved: ~11 m (before taxes payed). In: Perin – co-ownership, with buyout clause of 6 m. 2 M Euro + Zaccardo, Amelia included. (Perin worth Imho around 12 m, no matter what Transfermarkt says). Salary around 1 m. Sakho – 9 M Euro in… Read more »


I love your squad of 28 players. If these can happen i can also be satisfied.


If you don’t want any one to like or dislike it, why do you put it out here?


Like or dislike is not the only two things you can do with a comment. You may think it over how would you do or imagine your favourite mercato, what you expect from Galliani, who should leave, etc. to get a squad of 26-30. I did this an organised way with possible numbers. No man (or just a few) can say that i’d do exactly the same, but everybody can say: here and here i’d do it differently/you’re a dumb man, it’s impossible. That’s why i said it. A complex idea (even if it’s imaginary) will get a lot of… Read more »


rumours Milan after kovac sum sh..ity Lazio player..


I think it’s high time we break the bank for Honda after watching Japan vs Uruguay match now and i can’t get over this Honda guy. I wish i had 2million honestly i will pay the balance and get him immediately. He provided a wickid assist and scored yet another fantastic freekick, even though Japan lost by 4-2, Honda was UNARGUABLY the best Japanese player on pitch. We need him asap

Rex Oham

He is surplus 2 requirement, so he should be sold nd d money realised should be added to the 3.5 million so that we could obtain honda 4 5million.


Besiktas are also looking to make a bid for Antonini. I think we could get at least 3 million for Luca if both Besiktas and Trabzonspor spark a bidding war. Luca is Milan through and through, but I think it’s time for him to go.


Do you think by just renewing his contract robinho cant go? no robinho still can leave the club dont you remember last season TS33 was sold when he renew his contract


Give them buy one get on free deal – they buy Antonini, they get Traore for free! Lol


The player I prefer to leave sansiro is Traore and Amelia for now. By january we might push some legs out too. Forza azzurri! Forza milan.


And honda scores a brilliant FREEKICK yet AGAIN.