Milan don’t give up: A new try for Honda this week


MILAN WANT to have Keisuke Honda by this time next week and will launch a new assault in the next days.

CSKA President Yevgeny Giner said he is bored by the Keisuke Honda saga and made it clear that Milan broke the rules and therefore the Japanese will not be sold to the Rossoneri this summer, who will have to wait until January to take him.

However, it does not look like Adriano Galliani and co. are willing to take ‘no’ for an answer and this week they will try again to sign the player immediately as they want him for the UEFA Champions League qualifiers against PSV Eindhoven.

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Milan have to submit the Champions League squad for the games by midnight but they will be able to change players (one in = one out) until August 19th and they intend to have Honda by then. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan will make the attempt to sign Honda on Friday, after the player returns from international duty, and will offer €3-4m; CSKA want €5m.

The story on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

Gazzetta claims that Milan are making bureaucratic attempts to improve the relations with the Russian club, who stated that Milan have disrespected them in the Honda negotiations. “Milan did not behave unfairly on Honda, as it was CSKA Moscow who changed their minds,” FIFA agent Ernesto Bronzetti, who works for Milan on the Honda transfer told Gazzetta. “In mid-June Hiro Honda contacted me to help him make Keisuke’s dream come true, as his brother wanted to come to Milan.

“I started work and called Galliani, who seemed interested, but first wanted to consult with Allegri. We set an appointment for July 3 precisely because it was within the final six months of his contract and Honda was free to negotiate with other clubs.

“Milan called CSKA, who took a few days to consider the situation and came back with a strange calculation. They felt Honda was worth €20 million, but seeing as he was only six months away from becoming a free agent they requested €5m. Milan offered €3 million, which was considered insufficient. CKSA even bought a Bulgarian player to replace Keisuke, but he got injured and that was probably the reason behind the Russian turnaround. I can’t understand why CSKA are angry with Milan, seeing as the contact between the clubs was immediate and at the top level with clear communication.”

Honda has had his terms agreed with Milan for a long time and is just trying for the okay from CSKA to pack his bags and move to Milano. It’s reported that he might once again ask President Giner to leave the club right now later this week.

Translation credit: Football Italia
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This is a bit off topic, but according to Anderlecht is very interested in Traore, and are ready for make a move..

I hope this one goes through, and i`ll be the happiest man on earth..I`ll even help him pack his bags..


I’ll make him a lunch pack for the road!


Look how many likes this got!!!!!!!!
Ciao Bakaye:)


Come on, be realistic

if you were part of the famous ac milan, get 1,2 mio € per year for doing nothing except some training exercises, would you go to anderlecht? The only inducement were the prospect of becoming a regular player again, but to be honest i think traore doesn´t care about that anymore, as long as he gets his money…

Thrust me i jump for joy if he would finally leave but i fear he will be one of us until his contract expires…


WTF!! Just give them €5m already.. We have too many injured players, with Balotelli recently joining th list! Stop jeopardizing our chances of qualifying for th UCL. Make it happen this week! Honda would be really helpful! As we all kno he is a match winner on his own.


Why would we spend 5M on a player that can come for free in 4 months time ?? When that 5M can mean part of Ljajic and Sakho ???


Saponara has been injured ever since who knows when, barely we know why, and what if he injures himself again?, do you want Prince Boateng to be our trequartista till January?… THATS WHY!


Yes,we can get rid of traore yaaaay! and i love these news about honda,i think we actually might get him! further resistance from cska will only lower his morale so they just being hard headed if the reject again

ᶜᵃˡˡ ᵐᵉ ♏ᴿ KSM98

Pls mr B&G if you can’t offer 5mil for him just

r kenny

get me honda 2 drive dem on,4za milan.

ᶜᵃˡˡ ᵐᵉ ♏ᴿ KSM98

Buy a german quality CAM and sell prince(dnt forget about spanish cb and ljajic)


for christ sake galliani we need honda asap jst give them d 5mill please,,, also get sakho b4 monaco does,,, good news abt traore hopefully boateng,zacardo amelia joins him


also boateng+5mil=draxler!!!

Nino Divino

Can’t you guys read? Everyone keeps blaming Galliani; is Bronzetti lying too? Some powers that be just want to destroy Milan. So they are using all these stupid ploys to frustrate Milan’s efforts to strengthen. How can that CSKA say milan broke rules in contacting a player during the transfer window? If he has a valied argument, he should go to FIFA let them sanction Milan. Even Fiorentina is stupid with their lame ass claim. Galliani is just a shrewd businessman. Forza Milan!


They can’t seriously go back with a 3-4m bid about a month after having a 3m bid knocked back


So, the Russians are playing hardball, we’ve p*ssed them off somehow and at the moment Boateng’s our creative outlet and yet the bid’s still 1 – 2 million short. Interesting…


Honda and Sakho/or Martins Indi (or just a quality centre back, doesn’t matter who) and we should be fine for this coming season. Would be nice if we still could get rid of some of our dead weight.


cool if traore rumors are great. We should sell antonini he may be a decent back up for scilo at LB but emanuelson prove better at that position and so constant last seasosn. If we get honda sell boateng and buy ljaic(on milannews said that milan is going for both of them) with niang staying as superb back up and we are ready to rock.

Zacx-(CiapusBogor_Indonesia -Milanisti4eva)

3M for honda +Zaccardo,Amelia,Traore,and Antonini..Ljajic exchange with Boateng/Nocerino…


Ma hopes r high


Im confident that both honda and ljajic will come this summer. For honda milan probably going to give the £ 5 mil and for ljajic he probably go for £ 9-11 mil simply because ljajic wants to go to milan his father also support ljajic to go to milan so either fiorentina lose him for free or sell him


Come on Anderlecht make us happy ! take that zombie traore out of here ! I’m tired of being ashamed when he comes on the pitch !


Idk wth to do I want honda now but like it or not cska will say not if we tell them 3mill again wth is 3 mill just give them 4.7 they’ll say yes. Buy him and honestly I heard we might by sakho psg star defender omg I wish we buy him he’s tooo goood


Som teams α̩̩̩̩̥​Ω̶̣̣̥̇̊​d̶̲̥̅̊​ forces A̶̲̥̅я̅ε̲̣̣̣ behind milan progress in italy.. Al I knw is dat no mata hw hard dey try dey cnt get up 2 Ɣ success,ma middle fingers 2 U̶̲̥̅̊ haters eg fiorentina..we shall see wen we get der α̩̩̩̩̥​Ω̶̣̣̥̇̊​d̶̲̥̅̊​ I promise U̶̲̥̅̊ wil get lamed 4 accusin us wrongly we illegally contacted ljalic.. Enemies O̶̷̩̥̊͡ƒ progress in serie a” beefers”… Dnt b suprise wifout honda α̩̩̩̩̥​Ω̶̣̣̥̇̊​d̶̲̥̅̊​ co we wil succed cos its in our D N A..


I feel like throwing a dictionary at you.


Abate’s contract expires in 2014 and it baffles me that Milan haven’t renew his contract. This is astonishing considering his importance.


Agreed, we can not let him go. He’s still so underrated, even amongst our own fans, he deserves more respect. I hope he extends his contract asap. Abate on the right and De Sciglio on the left is the way to go.


People be realistic, why spend 5M on a player who will be free in January? 4M tops, CSKA first wanted 3M, milan offered 2, Milan offered 3, Cska wanted 4, Milan offered 4, Cska wanted 5. Do you blame Milan ? I’d give 4M + Traore.

rosssoneri fan

I would do the same…. if they dont start laughing about Traore´s exchange


The same story has been repeated week after week like a soap opera. I’m not buying into anything unless it is Honda medical or Honda OFFICIAL. On the other hand I completely agree with Jibola and Milanista121 on Abate, he deserves to be wearing the jersey, unlike many other players. Not only does he have electric speed, his positioning is also superb. We can’t let him go!!!
As always, Forza Milan!!!


Don’t expect milan to sign any players until securing champions league football,management is just trying to drag out the transfer campaign on Honda….


On the abate subject, I have a bad feeling Milan might sell him soon, I hope not


I would rather we not deceive ourselves.. We all kno neither Ljajic nor Sakho is coming to milan this summer! So why not we just buy Honda quietly for th required amount, so we don’t end up loosing out on them all and start cussing! 1 is better than none!


as a real milanisti, i’ve appologized to d CSKA presidents, pls. give us HONDA sir.


we want sakho only


Sure Abate has great speed but his crossing/passing makes me (and also other players and the coach) sick. The counter attack that other players have built is suddenly collapsed due to Abate’s crossing finds nobody. I have been watching Abate for the last 3 years and he has not improved much specifically in crossing/passing. Milan need to be more selective in keeping their players. Some players who are not improving like Abate, Antonini, Bonera and KPB must be sold while other clubs showing their interest to sign them. For Milan, their departure is useful for reducing the cost.


I’m usually one to argue that we shouldn’t give in to the 5m because we can get him for free in a few months, and use that money for ljajic/sakho/etc, yet I’m becoming increasingly pessimistic about any new transfers. If we aren’t going to get anyone else, pay the damn pocket change extra so we can at least have a greater chance of qualifying for CL!


Coach: Traroe






Subs: Traroe-Traroe-Traroe-Traroe-Traroe-Traroe

This team will conquer all of Europe…. literally….I mean wins Serie A- EPL- La Liga- Champions Leauge and even the Traroean League.

Forza Traroe

Traroe …till Anderlecht buys him hopefully this week

uslar milanista

plz get dat zombie out of milan team… sell him atleast we can get 5mil on him…stop wasting tym on honda get him even if it means givin traore, nocerino, zaccardo nd iotti but honda must b sign for us Milan fans… for ljajic let him stay dey will end up loosing him for free jst lyk for our great captain nw… iz either gve at our dmands or dey wil end up bin defeated by milan again 2-0…forza Milan,,, fora kesuki Honda.


We need honda not just for champions league qualifier also for the league because we can’t make same mistake we made last season which we have to wait till second half of the season before we start winning matches also we waited till 87mins before we can secure champions league playoff because we shouldn’t replace Thiago also get CAM so we have to use Boateng out of his position and Saponara needs time and Adem Ljajić deal is 50/50 for now so the best option for CAM is honda because is cheap with much experience than Saponara also Sahko will… Read more »


Our execs are really making fun of this club now. I am sick and tired!!!


We still need the service of Abate, so we should not get rid of him. Traore is not milan quality, he should be sold with the likes of Antonin, Nocerino, zaccardo. Forza Milano! Follow me and i will follow you back on twitter @Successlihno. Add me on 2go… ”OnlyRossoneri” and ”K1dsuccess”….. One love!!!


Who will play from the right?we av vision in monty,enforcer in de jong,killer in ballo and elsha the spy from the left.suppose we av honda from the CAM then the right wing will Be a huge problem.adam johnson will do and b’liv me he will be affordable.