Official: Milan buy out Constant, Strasser joins Genoa


KEVIN CONSTANT is now fully owned by Milan, whereas Rodney Strasser is no longer tied to the Rossoneri.

Milan may have not given Constant the full support for abandoning the pitch against U.S. Sassuolo after hearing racist slurs aimed at him, but have confidence in the qualities of the player and have decided to buy the remaining 50% of his card.

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Milan held talks with Genoa over the player and have decided to swap half of Constant’s ownership with the full ownership of Rodney Strasser. The has made it official that Strasser has moved to Genoa, so that means Constant is now fully owned by Milan. Strasser grew up in Milan’s youth but never found space; Genoa will probably loan him out.

Meanwhile, there are more and more voices that Milan could be interested by someone represented by Doyen Sports; Galliani had a meeting with the group’s President last night. Rumours names so far are Ola John, Rojo and Kondogbia.

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a step forward

i would love it to see kondogbia in our squad

the next step is to sell traore


bye bye strasser!


Sell traore n buy kondogbia i will luv to see him in ac milan,
Since cska dnt want to sell honda, we ll den take him in january.


Odu is officially loaned to brescia


I want kondogbia and eriksen and sakho.


if we can get them

abate mexes sakho de sciglio

de jong\kondogbia
honda\eriksen monty

balo ses92

Zacx-(CiapusBogor_Indonesia -Milanisti4eva)

The Next sell are : Traore,Nocerino, and Amelia….and then buy Kondogbia,Honda, and Astori…


Smh, all of a sudden, u all want kondogbia….WHO THE HELL IS KONDOGBIA!


he plays for sevillia and mourinho want to buy hem but the player prefer milan


forza Constant,forza Vergara ..we gonna have one of the best defenses like that


I’ve seen constant in mf, he’s 10times better than muntari or Traore, and I appreciate his full purchase AS LONG AS HE PLAYS IN HIS NATURAL POSITION!!! We have abate for RB, and desciglio for LB. Other than that I see terrible season ahead, especially now that other teams have strengthened; and we know that Allegri vs strong team = disaster. Last year there were only two strong teams, this year there are three more of those. Last year Stephan carried us through a rough patch, this season will really be a test of how far Mario can lead this… Read more »


we havn’t seen yet ses92 and balo explode together , imagine el shaarawy and balotelli on their best and behind them ricky or honda




Napoli is buying good players, not great…

Juve are good already, but they wanted a champion in attack instead they have ended up with 2 rejects…

Fiorentina will be strong next year… But we will be stronger…

Honda, Eriksen and Astori / Sakho…If we get them i believe that we will be winners in this mercato…

What have spent..? Almost nothing…

Welcome to the world of Dr.Galliani…

We are “broke”… I love your comments sometimes Uncle Fester, hehe…


Good riddance Strasser!

Although Constant is an average player at best, it’s better owning one average player than two.

Now get rid of the remaining fodder Galliani!

Fodder Banished Forever: Yepes, Taiwo, Ambrosini, Flamini, Strasser & Bojan.

Fodder Loaned: Berretta, Odumadi & Vila.

Fodder To Go: Antonini, Emanuelson, Nocerino, Traore & Niang.

These fodder hardly play but swallow millions in wages. If they weren’t on the books we wouldn’t need to beg for Honda.

Getting rid of overpriced overhyped trash like Mexes, Robinho & Boateng would be great too.


niang should stay – if you want hem to go so max loan

red and black

So you pretty much want to get rid of everyone from milan and even if someone would buy Boateng Robinho and Mexes. You think Milan can buy adequate players as replacement for selling all these players while market is suffering from ridiculous over-pricing due to clubs like Monaco, PSG, Man City, and Real Madrid?

Also Niang’s got a great potential and his talent is there for all to see. He just needs time to mature and improve his game


I never said I want to get rid of everyone from Milan. Only rubbish fodder who don’t contribute & bleed wages.

What did Boateng & Robinho exactly do last season? Sweet FA.

If we sold Robinho we could get Llajic. If we sold Boateng that would give us decent funds towards a PROPER midfielder.


Mexes got us in the CL!