Reports: Didac to Betis, Strasser to Reggina


MILAN WANT to reduce the squad size and Didac Vila and Rodney Strasser seem to be heading out on loan deals.

It is no secret that Milan want to cut down on the number of players in the squad (the one on Milan’s official website consists of 32 players – including 4 goalkeepers) and Didac Vila and Rodney Strasser appear to be heading for an exit.

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According to the SportItalia‘s Alfredo Pedulla, Reggina have reached an agreement with Milan over Rodney Strasser. The midfielder grew up in Milan’s youth sector but injuries stopped his growth and he hasn’t played regular football for almost two years. It remains to be seen whether Strasser will agree to join Serie B. The deal will probably be on a loan basis.

Meanwhile, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Didac Vila has been loaned out to Real Betis with an option to be purchased next summer. Vila has not been included in the Trofeo TIM squad despite not having any physical problems.

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Hopping to read Traore, Urby, and Zaccardo leaving too.


Just leave Mr. Traore…

Or else I`ll put a hit on you, hehe… 🙂


OMG…. 32 Players Including 4 Goal Keepers, I Guess Traoré Should Go With Them Or Milan Should Include Him In The Astori Deal As Reported By Forza Italian Football… Or If Traorè Is Not Then Nocerino Or Emmanuelson Urby + At Least €5million Should Be Included To Finalise The Astori Deal…!!! Giorno Rossoneries.


Astori? No way….


Too much mediocres making it very difficult to sell them out. 32 players! Are we serious?


Milan pay at least extra 10mill euro a year on wages for needless players. OPERATION CUT must be seriously applied to the squad so we can use this extra on bringing useful players.

Kwabena Adu

Too many garbage players at Milan right now,seriously we need a total house cleansing exercise

Joe Helmy

Ideal Squad for Milan 2013-2014:
Goal Keeper: Abbiati(35), Gabriel(20), Amelia(31)
Back: Abate(26), De Sciglio(20), Mexes(31), Bonera(32), Zapata(26), Astori(26), Constant(26), Vergara(19).
Midfield: De Jong(28), Muntari(28),Montolivo(28), Cristante(18), Saponara(21), Eriksen(21), Poli(23), Honda (27).
Forward: El-Shaarawy(20), Balotelli(22), Pazzini(27), Robinho(29), Petagna(18), Ljajic (21).

3 Goalkeepers, 8 Backs, 8 Midfielders, 6 Strikers = 25
Formation: 4-3-1-2 or 4-2-3-1 (both use trequartista)


Later on, we should replace Muntari with someone as Jorginho or something. I’m just amazed there aren’t any rumours about Muntari leaving :/

Imo, Binho should have leave too, unless he has a remarkable season.


I don’t knw why u people say milan should get another defender? We don’t need another defender bcos if a defender arrived, that means verghara will nt be playing and that mean he will be loan out. And this is the same problem we will be having (buying player we will nt use) e.g villa, traore. So let’s leave and give the boy a chance to prove himself. I don’t support another defender coming. We have mexes, zapata, bonera, zaccardo, verghara. And is only zaccardo that may leave. Others are staying, so if another defender arrive that means less playing… Read more »


And thats the problem. We try to be smart by getting unwanted players free or on the cheap. They come to milan, sit on the bench, watch free matches and earn millions they didn’t work for. At the end of it all we end up with the highest wage bill in italy with 35 Players in the squad. Only few worthy of Milan while the rest not even worthy of catania.


it is so sad that vila dont get a chance from allegri, it is not fair…this guy can play very good as LB, i cant understand it, why allegri???


Maybe because De Sciglio and Constant are better?

Yes, Constant can be sloppy in some tactial areas but other than that I think we have a great rotation between him and De Sciglio.

Look at that intern-game. Niang messed Vila so bad. He looked pretty weak, imo.


Why did we let Salamon go to Sampdoria this season. He is much better than Bonera and Zaccardo!!!
My centre backs for this season would have been:
Mexes, Zapata, Vergara, Salamon, (NEW SIGNING)
Unfortunately that won’t happen now we’ve renewed Bonera’s contract.


Why is everybody talking about traore. What has he done to milan fan?have forgotting about vegera he is a defender.


i hope Astori or another defender come to Milan,
mexes-zapata-vegarra-bonera-zaccardo not strong enough to face for three competitions. ..


Well,everyone Is Complaining About The Centre Backs Instead To Be Praying About Few Injury Occurance This Season. Don’t 4get That Dejong Can Also Play As A Centre Back. Another Question Here Is:is Cristante Ripe For The Big Show?.