Report: Milan to resume Poli talks today


MILAN WILL offer half of Bartosz Salamon in the deal as they intend to agree the Poli transfer with Sampdoria today.

The transfer market officially started Monday (it will end on September 2nd) and after saying goodbye to Mario Yepes, Massimo Ambrosini, Bojan Krkic and Mathieu Flamini (who is unlikely to sign a new deal), Milan resume the Poli interest.

Milan seemed to have put the Andrea Poli talks on hold as they had to decide whether they renew Flamini’s contract and with the Frenchman now a free agent, Milan want to conclude the transfer of the 23-year-old Italian midfielder.

Milan: “The Rossoneri and El Shaarawy will stick together”
Boban: “El Shaarawy has to improve”

On Sunday there was a meeting between Adriano Galliani and Poli’s agent, Giovanni Branchini, to discuss the player’s personal terms at Milan and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, today there’ll be a meeting between Galliani and Samp’s representatives to discuss the player who Allegri really likes. Milan will reportedly try to include Bartosz Salamon in the deal.

The story on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

Poli, whose contract expires next summer, is valuated at €6 million and Milan want to lower this price. It’s reported in the media that Milan will offer €3 million plus half of Salamon, who hasn’t been given a chance to play since his January 2013 move despite his very impressive time at Serie B’s Brescia. Poli would fit in well in the 4-3-1-2 Milan will play next season as he’s capable of playing the mezz’ala role (side midfielder) and would most likely be slotted alongside De Jong-Monty.

Meanwhile, Sky Italia‘s Gianluca Di Marzio reports that Renato Civelli will only wait for Milan until this evening and if the Rossoneri do not contact him, the 29-year-old French center back will sign a contract with the Ligue 1 outfit Lille.

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Gud news…bt we shldn’t 4get HONDA,ASTORI/SAKHO……wit dit milan wil push 4 greater tinz

Some Guy

Already agreed terms with Honda, but he will only become a Milan member when Robinho leaves.


Please, spell your words correctly. It’s not that difficult.

Venni Vetti Vecci"

Civelli is not a milan gladiator..
Poli’s deal sound abit interesting and i believe it’s a good idea.. My fear is that when he played 2seasons with milan, Gilliani might decide to cash-in on him cos he has turned milan into a supermarket..

i cant just stop laughing at what s happening to my lovely milan…..stupid management….anyway finger crossed….forza milan till etertity


Ranochia or Astori, good for defending..

Poli is good MF

Some Guy



look when he played for the bari how good he is. if at that time he chose to move to milan, I’m sure he’s a great player


Gud news…hmm hop de meet wit poli wel end in favour of milan..hop 2 see civeli nd honda..dis week wit a blac nd white shirt…tanks my2go,usernam {imoiboho}milan4lif


Wow i can’t wait to see poli in milan jersey forza poli


if there was JUST ONE player that i want Milan to sign. Just one player among the Honda, Poli, Strrotman, Astori and all the rest that have been linked to us, it will be Daniele De Rossi. My goodness he is on the market and we have been linked to him several times some years back. it will be an Italy re union with De Sciglio, Montolivo, Abate, El Sharaawy, and Balotelli ahead of next years World Cup. He is an excellent Midfielder and top dog at defence. oh goodness i dream De Rossi in Milan and we can get… Read more »

Some Guy

I doubt he’ll even leave. He’s too loyal. I also wish he would come to Milan, but we need creativity, and Honda is coming.


………………….. Buffon……………………….

Abate………..De Rossi ….. Chiellini……De Sciglio

. ……Poli………………Pirlo…………….Montolivo……….

… …….Candreva…………….El Sharaawy……….

………….. ……….Balotelli………………….

Aquilani and Giovinco must be sacked from la Nazionale

Some Guy

De Rossi needs to take Poli’s spot, and Barzagli should be a CB. I think Italy would benefit from that more.


I’d have Candreva in Poli’s spot and Giovinco in Candreva’s. Giovinco never gets a chance to play in his ideal position for Italy or Juve which is attacking midfielder. Guys like him, Insigne, Veratti and Rossi are far more worthy than Poli.


It would be very nice to see the deal get finalised today or at least within this week. With Salomon probably going the other way (good thing that it’s a co-ownership) it will open up space for Astori to join us, considering Galliani’s “if a player leaves, another one will join”-speech. Then we should sign Honda, with the sale of Robinho, get rid of our dead weight and see if we can sign another player as a bonus. Galliani is usually full of surprises. That would be a good mercato.


Poli : NOT world class. Just average..



Abate/De Scig…..Mexes…..Zapata/?……De Scig/Constant

Montolivo/Cristante…..De Jong/Muntari….Poli/Boateng



Looks solid to me, although 4-3-1-2 is not my favourite, they’ll suffer against Juventus 3-5-2/3-5-1-1

Some Guy

Don’t even mention Muntari, I don’t want him to ever start. I honestly wish Flamini stayed, he was a good back up.


Cn’t wait 2 se poli in blak nd whyt


please get us daniele de rossi, it will be a fantastic signing for us. please galliani!


Poli, Honda in binho, flamini out.
With Saponara, dejong, monty, ses, balo we will be competitive.


Let’s get this deal done. He is a good young playmaker which this team can use. There are many players that do not excel until they find the right fit. Playing along side Saponara, Montolivo, Balo, SES, and Niang should help him thrive. I hope he gets the opportunity.


Wat do u need D rossi for wen u hav dejong… Milanistas wat dis team needs is creativity, mention of a player lyk thiago A.


Guys, seriously…I am trying to convince myself with this lad…But I still cannot manage it..I only see him just as a squad player,especially compared to Honda.Watching this video again made me even more doubtful as I see he only missed goals…


I dream Daniele De Rossi.


@ Gharny_nig
i tell you one fact. De Rossi is better and more complete than any of our current midfielders. Far better than even Montolivo and i was born in Florence and know Monto quiet well and am a huge fan of his. De Rossi is the kind of player that is hungrier than any in the Italian Nazionale and should be playing Champions League year