Milan: 15 players with uncertain futures


FIFTEEN MILAN players have question marks surrounding their future, the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport writes.

Milan will have to sell before they buy and with the squad currently existing of 33 players (including all the players returning from loan spells) there are many Milan players who could find themselves wearing a different shirt next season.

There are 15 players with uncertain red and black futures according to the sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport and Milan could have a small revolution in defense, midfield and attack this summer and clear the way for new players.

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Saponara: “I hope El Shaarawy stays, trequartista my best role”

Massimo Ambrosini, Mario Yepes and Bojan Krkic are already ex-Milan players with the first two leaving with an expiring contract and Bojan returning to FC Barcelona after Milan decided not to use their buy-out option. La Gazzetta believes that at the moment there are three names that are officially on the market: Urby Emanuelson, Taye Taiwo and Bakaye Traoré.

Emanuelson and Taiwo played for Fulham and Dynamo Kyiv on loan respectively while Traoré barely got playing time at Milan. Other very possible exits are those of Antonio Nocerino and Mathieu Flamini. Flamini’s contract expires in eight days and at the moment there are no negotiations for a renewal while Nocerino lost his place in the starting XI and is wanted by Roma, Fiorentina and Inter. Luca Antonini‘s future is also hanging in the balance after he hardly featured in 2012/2013.

The story on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

Cristian Zaccardo could also end up out after playing just 44 minutes since his January Parma move. Bartosz Salamon‘s situation is slightly different as he might be loaned out (perhaps as part of the Andrea Poli deal) to gain experience after getting no playing time with Milan last season. Didac Vila is also likely to leave with negotiations with Real Betis regarding a loan with option deal at an advanced stage. Marco Amelia said his intention is to stay at Milan but with the Rossoneri putting their eggs in the Gabriel basket, Amelia could decide to move to a club where he will receive regular playing time.

Rodney Strasser will return from his unsuccessful loan spell at Parma and is no expected to stay. Nnamdi Oduamadi will return to Milan for the pre-season but is unlikely to stay at Milan past it. The last three players with uncertain futures are also the biggest names and with the biggest market value: Stephan El Shaarawy, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Robinho de Souza.

Vice President Adriano Galliani stated that Shaarawy and Boateng will stay while Milan are demanding too much money for Robinho according to Santos. It’s obviously unlikely that all the 15 will leave but these are the situations to keep an eye on.

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Olalekan mojeed

Am very excited with those whu are leaving but not happy with sharawwy and prince


sell all except salamon and shaarawy

Frank Kaung Htethein

and Prince with one more year chance…


Sell them all and buy new players for the replacement ..That will help Milan very much


I would be happy if boateng would stay even though we all know isnt the best candidate for that position, especially when Honda is lurking around cheaply. But we need in-depth squad if we are going to compete for major trophies, because the season is long and has alot installed(injuries, fatigue, morale etc). So i think it would be good if boateng should stay though alot fans want him to be axed. Afterall boateng has always being better in the middle but due to his versertatility and lack of choice he was converted to be a trequartistar. Forza Milan.

Yehez Kiel

guys this is just silly…. we cant just get rid of everyone! especially el-shaarawy! do you really think milan would get 15 new players each? especially better ones!? lets be realistic for once.


That’s the best thing Milan is doing, sell the deadwood. We don’t need to have big squad full of mediocre players. We need quality not quantity. A squad of 25 players is more than enough.


With this situation that milan &inter&napoli have i am convinced juve will be the champions of italy for next 5 years.


I would sell them all except for SES, Salamon(unless only a loan), and Boateng(if no extra funds are needed). If we think about it, the replacements are there, and not very expensive, but the question is will Galliani get them???

Amelia–>Perin(co-ownership)(My dream is Sirigu(10-15m)
Didac, Antonini, Taiwo–> Santon(8m)
Flamini, Rodney–>Poli(6m or 4m+Rodney)
Nocerino, Traore–>Kucka(6m)
Odu–> Cerci(co-ownership)
Zaccardo–> Astori(12m)

I know it may be just a bit exaggerated but let’s hope..

Robinho and zacardo shld leave they are wasted products


only el-shaarawy can stay the rest can go.


D most amazin question.y did u buy zacardo if u wanted to sell him d next season?.milan nd their stupid transfers


no for El Sharaawy, Salamon, Flamini
even the idea for selling El Sharaawy is wrong
we’re not Arsenal


@Patrick oh but we r now worse Dan arsenal, arsenal have dropped 125M$ for transfer dis season n even den wen d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥Y̶̲̥̅̊ didn’t buy players it was because d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥Y̶̲̥̅̊ had a manager who cld at least guarantee a CL place with d players he had regardless of d 100M$s Chelsea, man c n man u were spending. We relied on shear luck to qualify dis season to d CL even though the manager said his team was good enough at d start of d season. We need a manger who can stand up to G n B, n Alegri is… Read more »


AC MILAN is leting the fotbal world to know they are ready to sell everything they have even the key players , thats the begining of the end of MILAN


I’ll be very disapointed about El ,Boa & Robi if Milan let them leave cause I loved these players so much playing for Milan that I cant see them play from so early for another team!!!

Pleazzz dont sell them!!!

Milan Freak

Prince and SES92 should stay the rest I don’t care…
Milan needs 100% CB and 100% MF this summer (My opinion)


I still hope that city, psg or monaco will come to their senses and approach bonera with mega offer

il tsar

Just sell all except three pic below

Clement best

Buying and selling of players is all about gambling, who know who’s next to be a superstars among those mentioned?


For me flamini should stay bcos hes a good backup. if we release flamini Mr G will buy a crap player which is not as good as half fit flamini as his replacement.

Keep flamini dan dat dull nocerino

R kenny

Sell and buy quality player 4za milan.


Forza milan dnt mind galiani is jst jckin dat wil sell elsharawy,knw it cnt posible,buy teves nd poli.


Its a very good revolution for th team, I must confess! Too many wages were paid, without players even performaning.. I think this is what we need.


Not related to this post but i think prandelli should be worried about the azzurri defence. Conceeding 8 goals in 3 games is terrible. Save for thiati Italy have d worst defence in d Confed Cup. Not good for a team famed for producing world class defenders. I also think buffon should step down & marchetti or sirigu given d chance to be the keeper. Buffon’s reflexes have left him due to his age. We do not stand a chance against spain with this defence. What do u guys think?

Venni Vetti Vecci"

I guess when they sell all the most valuable players in the team,they’ll come here and pick one or two among the rossoneri fans and sell..
But before then, they’ll have sell Barbara B. and every other board members…
AC ain’t Milan anymore….


When you try all the time to get players for peanuts or out of contracts, you think you are being smart.
Then when these players come in and show how invaluable and worthless they are then you realise that these players will end up earning salaries they don’t work for because they ended up sitting on the bench all season without getting a single game and put them on the market, you realise that no club wants to buy them because they are mediocre.

Frank Kaung Htethein

It is true…The right business is investing a correct amount of money on correct players to the team’s image. Not free players all the time.


it wont happen but it would be ideal to sell 12/13 of those players, loan salamon, keep SES, and maybe keep boateng if he is used as a cm.

and buy: brune martins indi, poli, perin and honda


Loan Salamon, keep SES and Boa10g….. The rest can go. But make sure of buying quality players like: Honda, Poli, Cerci, Astori, Tevez…….e.t.c


Italys defence is awful…they commit too much blunder.especially chielini….italy are yet to have the likes of these legends ,canavaro,nesta,maldini ,baresi,costacurta…begomi..and co


Italys defence is awful in this confederation cup…they commit too much blunder.especially chielini….italy are yet to have the likes of these legends ,canavaro,nesta,maldini ,baresi,costacurta…begomi..and co


Dragovic is being approached by Inter, we shouldn’t let that happen. Him, Poli, and Honda, while keeping Boateng and Flamini and trying to acquire Cerci is all we need.


yes. sell all these players. but, not el Sharrawy. and get for us some good players is enougt. maybe 6 players are more than enough, teves, honda, prain, Astori,Obogna and fabriges. ….. enough for win serie A and UCL.


abbiati, prain and gabriel for goal keepers.
abate, mexes, zapata, astori, Obogna, decelio,constant for defenders.
montolivo, poli, honda, fabrigas, sponara, (and two players to promote for youth team) for midfelders,
teves, elsharrawy, balotele, pazzini and naing and
one from youth team.
that all, don’t need to think too much.


Bufon is truly becoming a pensionier. chellini????? short of words.


Even sevilla can afford €20m for Montolivo. Milan can’t afford €10m for Tevez or €8m for Honda. Milan is becoming as poor as ever. The club needs to change hands.


MIlan is broken, i always said that here.

Venni Vetti Vecci"

Most people claimed that Brazilian players are overrated and are being hype by media. I guess you’ve witness the new revolutional era in the making..
Italy on the other hand are inferior to the Brazilians in terms of techniques,player market value ,believe it or not…
I’ll have prefer the former milan scout who does more of Brazilians and Holland boiz than Braida and co who focus on cheap mediocre lads..


Sell all of the above except SES and Salamon, and then buy, Poli,Honda,Perin and Astori/Ogbonna. That is all we need, nice and simple. I don’t understand why B&G make things so complicated.


what do u guys think about signing pjanic from Roma?

telmahI a

I still don’t understand why everyone votes for Boateng when he proved himself a mediocre player at best.


Because if played correctly he’s pretty good, he gives Milan much needed aggression


My transfer hopes:
Amelia –> out; Gabriel turns to #2 choice
Antonini, Vila, Taiwo, and Zaccardo –> out; Santon and/or Astori comes as replacement
Salamon –> loaned out for gaining more experience

Flamini –> stays, we need his stamina and bravery
Nocerino –> out; exchange with Ranocchia
Strasser & Traore –> out with no exceptions; Poli comes in as replacement
Emanuelson –> out as he shows slope performance
Boateng –> stays, I still have faith in his ability

Robinho & Oduamadi –> out with no exceptions; Tevez/Honda and Kucka come as replacements
El Shaarawy –> stays


hmm…somehow im not a big fan of buying diamanti…not even cerci… they dont seem much better than mediocre to me…we have to strenghen our midfiel, poli is ok, but we need some more quality-addition. someone like nainggolan or strootman. and i hope for the honda deal to be finished this summer. and maybe vucinic, if we sell robinho. but i dont know how much he could cost. anyway…Forza Milan!


Millan should. Go for kaka and other good players