Report: Monaco in €60m El Shaarawy-Boateng bid


MONACO APPEAR to be ready to invest big money on the Rossoneri duo and are also interested in M’Baye Niang.

Money is certainly not a concern if you are AS Monaco The billionaire Russian owner of Monaco Dmitry Evgenevich Rybolovlev has already spent nearly €130m in this summer’s transfer market and are reportedly set to spend €60m more.

Adriano Galliani spent his Tuesday in Monte Carlo where he met with the leaders of Monaco. It was reported that the topic of the conversation will be Kevin-Prince Boateng, but Monaco have interest in another Milan player – Stephan El Shaarawy.

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Both players are on the market (not officially but Galliani says no player is off the player) and according to Sportmediaset, Monaco have made Galliani an offer: €60 million for both El Shaarawy and Boateng. Mediaset also reports that Galliani might have discussed M’Baye Niang with Monaco and that Milan would be willing to hear offers for the 18-year-old forward.

Selling the likes of El Shaarawy and Niang is the antithesis of the youth project but Milan have sold big players in the past. Only last year Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva were sold to Paris Saint-Germain, another French millionaires, for €65m.

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SES no! Boateng yes! Niang no!

Enwongo Milani

Y is Juve nt selling Vidal or Chellini? Y is Barca nt selling Messi? Y is bla di bla di bla….. Getting sick wen ah see clubs bidding 4 El Shaarawy nd nw Niang….wer r we heading to?! Wts Galliani thinking? Y is Allegri nt sayin anytin? Nw Berlu is silent?!! Well my advice or shd i say,my thoughts 2 Galliani….I DID NOT DIE wen u sold Kaka nd Sheva…niether did I Die wen u sold T.Silva nd Ibrah nd ah dnt tink I will nw dt u r about 2 sell El Shaarawy nd Niang….very soon Madrid wil cum… Read more »


They will never invest the money into the team to make it stronger but spend it on useless things. At the end of the transfer period milan will end up with aged mediocres. Am very sad.

Aliemeke Stephen

Why will Milan want to sell a future player like SES what will our message to the younger players be? I don’t think selling him is for financial reasons too!


they make me aggressive… our 3 attackers with the combined age of sixty… our attack is set for the next 10 years… such a nonsense!! sell robinho boateng noce urby traore etc. if we dont have money, make some low cost purchase… but PLEASE DONT SELL OUR FUTURE!!


its crazy idea selling El shaaraway and niang,thats inappropriate wt youth system in the milan squad,i think these 2 guys are Milan”s future , as such selling them is simply selling our future. I REp>Milan


all world’s clubs know that milan is a club that never says no to money. Galliani is really disappointing milan fans!


Mr. Kojak is thinking of selling El Shaarawy and buying POLI, LAVEZZI and TEVEZ etc……..I would be happy if we buy T.ALCANTARA and ADIL RAMI.


How is it that all the top and subtop clubs in Europe have a 50mil minimum transer budget and we haven’t even got a nail to scratch our asses with? This is total bullshit!

Rex Oham

Wow crazy tins really happen in Milan. I believe dat since they were able to sell T.Silva nd Ibra cos of money, they would also do the same to SES and BOA but i got only 1 question to ask them; WHO AND WHO ARE D YOUNG MILAN SIDE THEY WANT TO BUILD UP?


60m for SES and Boa is good..but lets nibble for more.. Polaschi had potentials but it didnt pan out..I was furious wen we included Merkel in the SES deal cos the kid got potential.. Where is he today? With Balo or anyother skilled striker in the team SES will play 2nd fiddle, the money is good lets take it.. Ironically I hate to see Boa go cos he proved his worth in 2 consecutive season..SES made headlines in 18matches and fizzled out.. You really do think we are smarter than the mgt that sold Shevy so Pato can develop.. Wrap… Read more »


if this is true than B&G will sell

they need to put the money into the team though, which is what im worried about. i would hate to see el sharaawy go. the only player, for me, that can make up for selling him is thiago alcantara


SELLING PLAYERS = NO SUCCESS … Why BARCa dont sell INIESTA,MESSI,XAVI ?? or BAYERN dont sell RIBERY,SWEINSTEIGER,LAHM ?? Because they r Trying to win as much as possible like we MILAN USED TO and still schould do !


If we sell ses we will have no future for years to come tevez is shit he is 29 an a has bin selling ses is like city selling aguero ses is our key maan if it wasn’t for hime we wunt of qualifie for the champions leage. Poli will fit in wiv the team nicely. Boateng has not been great recently BUT every one has an off season he has to stat other wise we will have no 1 big apart from balotelli. In my opinion bring PATO BACK an anyone who thinks other wise I have to say… Read more »


And Messi from Barca and Ronaldo from Madrid (joint-deal with Özil) and Neuer from Bayern and Kompany from City and God from Heaven

Milan Freak

It’s sad to sell players like SES92 he is 20 years old and he has a great future in front of him but I believe that both Berlusconi and Galliani are not stupid! If Milan next season play 4-3-1-2 Boateng is not for sell! Because he will fit perfectly with Montolivo and De Jong as MF plus he can play AMF and that’s helpfull for Allegri and don’t forget Saponara or Cristante… If Milan turn to 4-3-1-2 then the past season will be for nothing Thiago Silvas departure will be for nothing and the only reason to sell SES92 is… Read more »


Y is Milan selling our future player…Stephen, Tevez, Niang should be better for the foward…Gallaini only care for money and dont care for the source. well if that is their next step they should go ahead… if Milan should play in the Seria C is their joy…go ahead


If Berlusconi knw he cnt afford to spend in transfer he sh0uld sell off club..why did bercelona n0t sell messi,xavi,iniesta to other club Galiani have started his madness letter that dump allegri will face the heat of galiani’s madness….Allegri open up ur m0uth nd say s0mething u have all the right to stand for right…what n0n sence


If Berlusc0ni cnt manage the club let him sell it off nd st0p stabing us at the back