Allegri future decision on Sunday


TOMORROW WILL most likely be the end of the saga and a decision will be taken regarding coach Allegri.

The coaching saga is finally close to its ending as tomorrow there will be a triple meeting between Vice President Adriano Galliani, President Silvio Berlusconi and coach Massimiliano Allegri and the future of the Tuscan boss will be decided.

Allegri has been linked with a Milan exit since the beginning of the football year and it’s believed that Berlusconi considered sacking him a few times throughout the course of the season but Galliani has always come to the rescue and kept Max.

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It appears that it’s not different now as Berlusconi wants Allegri out while Galliani would like to keep him. A final decision will most likely be taken tomorrow when the three meet. Roma meanwhile continue to press Allegri to accept their offer (€3.5 million a season) even though they have alternatives with Laurent Blanc publicly offering himself to the Giallorossi.

“Allegri’s future? It is a vexed question,” the Italian politician told Canale’s 5 show Mattino Cinque. “I think we will meet with Galliani and the Coach probably by Sunday night and from there a solution will emerge that is not difficult to find if everyone puts themselves in the right direction, looks to their conscience and tries to choose what is best for our Milan.” Milan CEO Galliani confirmed:  “I don’t want to answer any more questions regarding the future of the Coach. I will just say that very soon there will be a meeting between Allegri and Berlusconi. It’s possible this meeting could be held on Sunday evening.”

Many people have come in defense of Allegri in recent weeks and Mario Balotelli reportedly called him this week to show his support. Paolo Maldini, Daniele Bonera and Fabio Capello are also part of the pro-Allegri camp and want him to stay.

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Sack Allegri but don’t hire Seedorf

Oluwa is enough4me

Then whoz gonna be d coach, u?…..let allegri stay pls

lieutenant colonel nana-fynn

allegri is staying for good.


Seedorf cant coach in Italy so he is definately staying


i’m just waiting to read cyborgs comment hahahaha


Pleade Allegri should be fired. He knows nothing about creativity.

Aliemeke Stephen

Max helped Milan a lot this season. I think sacking him will be wrong as he is a good manager. Economically n otherwise he achieved his season objectives. I think Milan owes him a thank you.

Forza Milan

Clement best

If u’re not ready to hire a more better manager than allegri. Then les continue dis way.


Berlusconi brought up this Allegri thing when he could just shut up and let the man see out his contract and hire new coach next season (Prandelli). But no Berlusconi had to stick out his tongue and now Allegri demands contract extention if is to stay which is likely with no right alternatives to hire. What now Silvio a?

Sulaimon amuda

Pls let him stay or rijkkard


I would only accept Seedorf as a*ssistant manager to Rijkaard if Allegri takes Ta*ssoti with him to Roma.


Some fans are simply confused just as Allegri is bewildered.max substitution is unpardonable,he plays a defensive patern that does not work against big teams,Allegri is a mediocre coach at best,he should ve been fired a long time ago


All fans here who wants Allegri fired, I suppose you guys know so much more than Balo, Maldini, Prandelli and Capeollo, amongst others who have all had Allegri’s back and supported the hard work he’s done throughout this season. Give him new signings, Poli and Cerci as has been rumoured, maybe another midfielder, and definitely a new centre back, and you guys will see what he and Milan can do. Remember that now, our team has much better chemistry, our youth will have matured more, and now we’ll have Balo from the start of the season along with De Jong… Read more »


Allegri should leave and someone good should come e.g inzaghi


According to Calciomercato, Milan have secured the signature of Sampdoria’s midfielder Andrea Poli for next term, as he is set to sign a four-year contract worth €6,5 million.

The 23-year-old’s move to the Rossoneri is going to be imminent, just after the international duty comes to an end. Whilst, it is the fee which is about to be paid on few installments. In addition, Milan have been offered the chance to sign Spanish midfielder Pedro Obiang during the entire first season of Poli’s contract.


Obiang would be awesome, hope they get him too!


I can’t belive this,Milan you contract half of the sampdoria team. (Zaza,Regini,Obiang,Poli).


Allegri should stay,hees been a good coach ,


To some milan fan the criteria below makes Allegri a good coach,making substitution inapropately,fielding in a position where they cant really at their best n rely on luck to win a match,that qualifies anyone as a good coach


Allegri is a Good coach, not a genious , he did a miracle classifying this very limited Milan to UCL.

Any other coach would have done the same, you can not make lemonade when Galliani and Berlusconi give you boiled eggs, Allegri don’t put Muntari, Boateng, Antonini, Bonera, Traore Amelia because he likes them, he puts them on the team because he don’t have better options.


Allegri did good this season nobody thought Milan would make it to the 3rd spot after most of the champions/Veterans left so yea i would have to say he was very good this season mainz,he reached milans objective,beautiful football or not with so much loss in quality what do u expect ? again i have to say yeah he did a good im not saying hees one of the best coach but hees a good one.


with so many professional defend him, i don’t know how some people keep saying he is not a good coach. are they know better than those pro about allegri quality?
berlusconi know this, so he keep avoiding the issue last week. he know he can’t defend his reason to change the coach. and he know galliani could sway him to keep the coach. i’d think he will stay. but well i don’t know even better


Lets hope that Allegri will go to the capital and stay there.. Then a real coach can come to Milan


Its totally crazy to say allegri knows nothing abt creative football wen he was obviously handicapped by Berlusconi’s Economic Limitations. Name one coach who is more creative than Allegri dis season then observe howmany creative minds they have in their first team. What Allegri did for this team was Awesome. And he’s Intelligent enuf to do much better wit d right support.

We ll see what happens tommorow…finger crossed ..forza milan


Considering the way we started the season, we lost our two most important players and a host of important veterans and compare it with d 1st 3months of inter’s season, I would say allegri did a wonderful Job, without a certain ronaldo, real-madrid can’t win convincingly sometimes same can be said with barca, I do feel 4 allegri buh its berlu’s decision to make.


Well, Berlusconi’s has the last word. I will say this however, ALLEGRI IS NOT MILAN MATERIAL, It doesn’t take a genius to see that. To all those players supporting him, if he stays, I say good, you got what you wanted, you just committed career suicide. To Galliani, at least we agree on one thing, it doesn’t take experience to be a good coach, and there’s no correlation between the how good you are as a player, and how you’ll come out as a coach.


Bonera is in the pro-Allegri camp…? Wow, that’s a surprise.


Just want someone better or we stay and wait for prandelli next summer.


You all shouldn’t expect a better coach than allegri, berlusconi will want sum1 who will come cheap, that’s y hez been clamouring for seedorf, van-basten is a better option, berlusconi can’t attaract top class coaches with this attitude of his.


I think Allegri deserved another chance. He isn’t genius coach but he really save Milan from worst situation this season. Reinforcement will bring Milan better performance next season.

hmmmmmn well said forza rossoneri

hmmmmmn well said fellow rossonerro..few hours more for the decision of berlusconi …forza milan


IMHO, B&G should hire a milanista e.g rijkaard or basten as a coach

basten has a good performance n great winning percentage when he coached netherlands that consists of young players, though he didnt get a single trophy

rijkaard n his attack-minded football won champions leage, la liga n supercopa de espana. he also used many young players to his team


I admit that milan dont ve d best of players,but Allegri makes milan very ordinary,his selection,substitution n inability to read d game makes milan really bad,every player will support his coach just 2 get some playing time,Ambro should leave ASAP