Siena-Milan: Official line-ups


TEAMS NEWS: Siena have to deal without the injured Simone Vergassola and Nicola Pozzi. Milan are without Nigel De Jong, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Bojan who are out injured and without Sulley Muntari who is suspended. Kickoff 20:45.

A.C. Siena (3-5-2) – Giuseppe Iachini
Gianluca Pegolo; Claudio Terzi, Christian Terlizzi, Felipe; Roberto Vitiello, Adrián Calello, Francesco Bolzoni, Francesco Della Rocca, Matteo Rubin; Alessandro Rosina, Innocent Emeghara.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Massimiliano Allegri
Christian Abbiati; Ignazio Abate, Cristian Zapata, Philippe Mexes, Mattia De Sciglio; Riccardo Montolivo, Massimo Ambrosini, Antonio Nocerino; M’Baye Niang, Mario Balotelli, Robinho.

Referee: Mauro Bergonzi.

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celebrate today, fire allegri tomorrow


FORZA MILANO.i bleed red and black

El sharawi

I still havent belived we won. I nid time 2 absorb it all


That was one of the most awful Milan performances I have seen. The ref was horrible. Ambrosini’s card was undeserved, but the Siena player’s was undeserved for sure. I have no idea why the ref awarded the penalty. Balotelli simply fell and the cross was horrible. He wasn’t anywhere near the ball. I was watching it on RAI and they showed every goal from every match. How was it that Fiorentina scored so many goals against Pescara and Udinese against Inter, but we couldn’t score against Siena until the ref took two players out of the game which opened up… Read more »


common man, don’t be like that, Milan had everything to loose and it can be really hard to play then. Don’t compare with thr Udinese match because inter has been shit and pescara is also a very bad team. They are actually the two teams that let in the most goals

General Gattuso

Congrats mr Allegri and the team, u guys have don a great job. Forza milan no matter what thanks Allegri u have done a nice job for us……..Grazie Allegri……..


Referees errors is everyday part of football and the only thing you can pray is to be the favored. Sometimes you deserve to win and a costly ref mistake takes away the game from you. Tonight we got lucky and am sooooooo happy. Call it what you want I DON’T CAREEEEE


One cool thing about this season was how Cassano talked about how Inter was above Milan. Not by the looks of things Mr. Cassano, you have to look very high to see Milan. Not only did you fail to secure a spot in the Champion’s League, you failed to secure a spot in Europa league, and you finished as a mid table team!!


thank ALLAH al amdu lil lai forza milan champions here we come


Yes… Allah played really well today.


unbelievers! Forza Milan, Forza allegri, haters can make noise, like bees with no stingers n drop dead.


1st goal was a deserved penalty: watch the replays closely
2nd goal: was not offside

Horrible performance, Crucial win, now for an important Mercato that has to be done before the Play-offs.


when do the playoff take place? thanks


20/21 and 26/27 August. You’re welcome!


just 2 games? and thanks! really appreciaite it


yes, a home and an away, if we win on agg., then through to the group stages


Thanks Zeus!!!

Enwongo Milani

I h8 2 admit dz…ALLEGRI MUST GO!! (if u lyk,chew me)… Welldone Mexes u deserve ur 4mil…did it against Anderlecth nd nw seina! God blez u 4 me!!! B&G plz get me Rijkaard or Kloop or Laudrop…even Tassoti..ASAP!!! Foirentina,gud try….europa league is nt all dt bad.. Forza Mexes!! Forza Monty!! Forza Milan..till our goat lay eggs!!!!!

Ibrahim fasasi

I believe by the time berlu sack Allegri, we shall see that berlu really wish good for our darling club. FORZA MILAN!


It was a horrendous performance….I cannot just set that aside because of the fact that we in the UCL spot. Some are content and I quote “don’t care” about how this team plays of which I find rather disturbing…


Abbiati has official renewed his contract!!

Oluwa is enough4me

Forza Milan! All tnx 2 God…do wateva u wanna do wit Allegri, thank u to him anywayz


Most of you are horrible because we got what we prayed for and you still complain. Now choose 1
1. Win when you deserve to lose
2. Lose when you deserve to win



Like I’ve always said, I don’t care about the performance, as long as we win, as results are what matters. We’re in CL with our “awful football” as some fans here call it, while Fiorentina play Europa league with their “champagne football”. I personally prefer to play in the CL, don’t know about you guys. Next season however, with some new additions to our squad, with the team having gelled more, and our young players maturing more as well, I believe our playing style will improve along with our results.
The feeling after Mexes goal was unreal! Forza Milan!

Auwal elshaarawy92

god saved us from allegri’s trap. thank god

Nino Diavolo

…if Allegri does not leave Milan, no matter what happens in the mercato, the Rossoneri will be struggling to qualify for Europa next season. A gamble on Seedorf is way better that Allegri. We’ve seen him in 3 straight season get worse.


They sold the teams most important players and he still manages to keep up in top 3, i think that’s pretty remarkable and when the new coach fails you will all miss allegri

Major temmy

Pllllllssssssssssssssssssss somebody shoot me on my head cox am going absolutely crazy,fooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa miiiiillllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn tillll heeeeaaavvveeeennn coooooommmmmeeeeeessssss.


Whicheva way we got to 3rd, allegri will take the credit, when a team losses, its the coach, when a team wins, its also the coach…allegri has given us 3rd position, if he leaves or not, you can’t take it from him, if we win UCL next season, allegri gave us the ticket and we must appreciate him for that…forza milan

Nino Diavolo

…in Allegri’s first season, the team was so Ibra-dependent, even though he had a rich squad. By the second season, Allegri’s training regimen was sending players to the lab. What was his excuse for losing the Scudetto last season? Then people say he’s done so well this season because players left. Milan still had great players, but an average coach. Those who think Allegri motivated the players, they are just being nice because Milan don’t like to wash dirty linen in public. El-Sharaawy has said he learnt a lot from Seedorf. Besides, Ambrosini was the one who motivated him as… Read more »


yeah because allegri chooses the numbers for the players right. lol stupid fan fake fake fake.

Ac fan

Wat a memorable moment,nw lets hope we win d playoffs


struggle a lot this season. at last milan qualified for ucl play-off next season. bad or good the credit goes to the coach.