Highlights: Atalanta 0-1 Milan


MILAN HAVE MOVED to the fifth place in the standings and are just six points away from a Champions League spot after beating Atalanta at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia. Atalanta started the game better but didn’t have any real chances to score so Milan took the charge around the 20th minute and looked very comfortable on the ball. The goal came in the 29′ minute as Stephan El Shaarawy broke his Serie A goal-drought after a fine assist from M’Baye Niang to put Milan in front. Atalanta barely bothered Milan and saw their man, Davide Brivio, sent off in the 59′ minute for two yellow cards. Atalanta were actually better after the sent off as Milan took their leg off the gas but Atalanta couldn’t find beat Christian Abbiati who had a rather quiet afternoon. Milan take the three points as the journey for third continues.

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pls can som1 tel me y alegri is benching bojan?nd Niag is exact equal of baloteli so now i tink we should go 4 only kaka


Bojan doesn’t have a good vision of the game. He’s agile and he can dribble but if a player tries to do everything by himself all the time he becomes predictable and innocuous. See the game against Sampdoria for an example.
While Niang is similar to a young Balotelli, Balotelli is a more complete player atm. That said, Balo’s a very big gamble, he can play sub-par, get red cards and/or create conflicts in the team. The only way I see getting Balo is if we sell Robinho and/or Boateng (Emanuelson).


Please,let get kaka and drogba for GOD sake,,if drogba and kaka arrive,juve will even fear,,am begging you old men (B & G),lets balance our team,i imagine how it will be if we get kaka and drogba to boost our young lads…no mario please


Drogba has gone to Galatasaray. I agree that Kaka would be a boost but it will also force Allegri to come up with a new formation (unless he uses Kaka in the place of Niang). 6 million salary though means 12 million a year payment by the club. If we give a contract of 2.5 years, that is 30 mill to the club. I’d rather spend that money for Eriksen or a young player which we can sell later. Nobody would want to buy Kaka later with a 6 million salary.

Julius jesse

Am happy that we won today just six more point to be on top of d table! Hala milan.


A good game.
Good that some important players are beginning 2 up their game.

Pazzini was a beast as usual.
A typical busy-body display Drawing many fouls from their defence.

Sharaaway showed great instinct to score.
But he still needs to improve.
Personally, i believe he is too predictable.

Niang was perfect.
And if he keeps performing dis way, i see no reason to change his position.


Drogba is going to Galatasaray for 10 millions.


I am as bemused as you are…2 games running now and he hasn’t sub’d in Bojan, who as we know, is a “super-sub”


Ask yourself if Bojan is good defensively, we were protecting the result. Allegri replaced El with Robinho and we started suffering. The only reason why the team works atm is because everybody is coming to defense when we lose the ball (El and Niang). Bojan hasn’t played but we have won, what’s the problem with that???
Yes Bojan has been good lately when coming in the last 30 min (Roma and Siena), but that’s usually when we needed to score. Plus he probably doesn’t like being called a “super-sub” 😀




i missed the match… i read the time wrong and thought it was on at 2:45 here. its the first match i’ve missed in 2 years. i always feel horrible when this happens… happy for the victory, though. 3rd place is looking possible again

did Milan play well?


they where…. decent, solid performance, throw away flamini and the other loser abate, he has one “trick” to cross the ball and it always fails. i hate missing game it ruins my weekend.


Hey kuchini wer hav u bin.its bin a while


lol I missed him too!


Anyway,we just need a strong beast stricker,i dont trust pazzini,,nocerino,antonini and bonera should find their way out of milan in order for kaka to come


Here is a scary proposition for defenders across Europe. Lionel Messi claims he can still improve as a footballer


Flamini had a decent game. Showing glimpses of d guy i knew at Arsenal.
If he keeps improving, i don’t care if Noce rots on d bench.

Montolivo was decent.
Nothing spectacular but effective.

Boateng for me, is a lost cause.
I would prefer seeing Traore/Nocerino/Muntari, get more playing time.

Abate was his usual marauding self. But his crosses still needs some practice.

Mexes was perfect.
Zapata was decent.

Constant was perfect.
He just has to keep working hard and d LB would be his.

nana fynn

I feel great with the win,forza milan..


I read Cyborgs comment in d previous post and i was just glad he didn’t mention Allegri, lolz.
And though i don’t agree with him about purchasing Icardi for 20mil + boateng(guess he was just exaggerating), i agree abt Balo.

Icardi is young and currently on form bt so was a certain Destro last season.
I wud only pay as much as 11mil 4 his services.

I just do nt understand dis craving for balotelli.
He isn’t even worth 15mill to me.


>>> Drogba
has signed a contract with
Galatasaray until June 2014.
He’ll earn €10m in total. . .


Allegri: “How I will handle
Balotelli? I’m not thinking
about it because he’s not a
Milan player.”
lmaaaooo. . . . Even Allegri is scaring of Balotelli :D!


As 4 u guyz asking abt Bojan.
Let him cool his heels on d bench 4 a while.
Maybe after he realises he isn’t Messi, Allegri would start considering him.

What i xpect 4rm Allegri is 4 him to stick to this attacking trident.
Let Bojan and Robinho be the subs.

Sharaaway should be benched once in a while so he doesn’t think he has an automatic place in d starting 11.
Apart 4rm his goal today, his overall play wasn’t wat i would xpect 4rm sumone who has played almost all our matches.
Niangs performances clearly dwarfs his.


Can we all for a moment stop talking abt who to and who to sell and think of getting a coach who can gel the team and bring out the best in them.


guys shut up! none of balotelli,kaka,drogba will arrive at the end of transfer window galiani will take one or two average cheap players and he will say we good as we are the important is balancing the books.


shut up idiot….. anyways… lets hope inter drop points today, Forza Milan


if you like kaka to play for milan go play fifa 13 cause never gonna happen. I love kaka but as long as galiani is in milan kaka will not join milan.

R kenny

9ic victory forza milan.


allegri is finally getting a starting eleven. great victory for Milan

isaiah don shevy

inter leading by a goal.cristian chivu


Inter heading for destruction! Inter 1-2 Torino. This week is certainly a good week for us.


62′ Inter 2-2 Torino. Goal! Cambiasso


Too many chances lost in this game ;(


Not an impressive result today. 1-0 against 10 men is an embarrassment. We need to be more ruthless. We should have scored at least 3 goals today.


Milan needs to start scoring more dan 2 goals per match consistently. The best way to defend a lead is 2get more goals. Score and score again! Good game against atlanta. SES needs to improve, defenders are begining 2realise he has to move d ball 2his right foot to shoot. He needs power and placement on both feet. Ronaldo is a gud example. Abate shud know his crosses shud improve. Boateng? I just dnt kno, how did dis happen to him? Finally i feel it shud be shameful to Alegri dat 10 man Atlanta were pressin us. We deserved the… Read more »


Guys,it seems Balotelli deal is positive, but I wish we had a creative midfielder too,a cb,and a new keeper,I think we are better. Kuchini..I like ur post