Galliani: “Kaka will not join Milan”


EVERYTHING HAS stopped: Kaka will not join Milan after all as the deal with Real Madrid broke down.

Milan spent the last days negotiating with Real Madrid and Kaka’s representatives to make the deal possible but everything has stopped, the deal has collapsed and Kaka will not join Milan in this January.

Kaka admitted last week that he would do anything to return to Milan and today’s report suggested that he had agreed to Milan’s demands to reduce his salary. However, hours later, Galliani announced – no deal.

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“The negotiations for Kaka have broken down. It’s not possible to complete the deal because of fiscal reasons,” Milan vice President Adriano Galliani told the press. “The Kaka deal broke down about an hour ago. But we had agreed upon everything else. Kaka, Balotelli and Beckham? None of them will join Milan.”

Galliani explained before that there are fiscal problems in bringing Kaka to Italy as the taxes are different in Spain and Italy so much that a €1 million net in Kaka’s wages would cost €1.3 million to Real Madrid while it would cost Milan €2 million. The reports earlier on Monday suggested that Kaka had agreed to lower to wage demands to €6 million a season but Real Madrid and the taxes proved to be a problem for il Diavolo.

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, who turns 31 in April, will not re-join the Rossoneri according to Galliani. Kaka played his best years at Milan from 2003 to 2009, winning the Ballon d’Or award in 2007.

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Give Allegri a team of Messi’s, Xavi’s, Iniesta’s, Yaya Toure’s, Thiago Silva’s, Ibrahimovic,
and if he doesn’t deliver, i might burn Via Turati if they don’t sack him.

But sadly, that is not the case.


Victor Wanyama,Kevin Strootman,Henrikh Mkhitaryan, if we add this 3 players to the team we will win another champions next year. This players are pure gold.
Sorry about Kaka, i guess faith is talking to us all the best to him at Real or where ever he will end up.
We’ll never forget you Riki , Milan forever.


Henrikh Mkhitaryan is my country man and he is an awesome footballer. He is the engine of Shaktar and runs the midfield better than any midfielders I know. I mentined his name a long time ago and if there is a chance for him to join Milan, that would be an awesome move..


He is from my country too ARMENIA!!!
I also mentioned his name on this blog.
He is an awesome player, know how to defend, how to run the midfield, has good vision and finishing skills, also he scores a lot, i mean A LOT


kuchini do you think that, barcelona would actually consider allegri? The one coach who couldn’t find a place for ronaldinho, and pirlo? Belive bro allegri would have messi defend all game just like he’s doing with SES. He’d have pique and mascherano in midfield and xavi on the bench. Allegri is an underdog coach dude, he belongs to chievo, and when he gets fired you should follow him.


What’s even more frustrating is that through all off this we’ve let M’Biwa go to Newcastle for 8m! While we’re stuck with Bonera, Yepes and Acerbi


Are you kidding! Even i, would do well at Barca. All i need to do is read some battle quotes from Greek mythology to the players and tell them to go do what they do best. Simple! Every good coach wants their striker to be able to fall back to defend whenever d situation calls 4 it. U mean u still feel Ronaldinho shouldn’t have been kicked out? Dude you Insane? As for Pirlo, he wasn’t himself even before Allegri came. In came Van Bommel in Jan., n bro remind me, hw many goals did we concede 4rm then till… Read more »


Why waste our time? Why break our hearts? Why lie?!! Why not just admit we are old fools who are just pathetic, have no ambition and are not willing to spend a dime on the club, and leave it at that instead of consistent lying!! That way we all know not to expect anything!


We dont need Kaka and Balotelli.
They are too expensive and Kaka doesnt fit at the 4-3-3 we are playing at the moment…
Icardi would be nice. 😉
We have to reduce the squad, we have too many players, who bring nothing like Mesbah and co…


Pep didn’t have a place in barca for ronaldinho, eto’o and deco. Milan isn’t a dumping ground. Why didn’t we get a much fitter eto’o? These are some of d many mistakes that B and G made and thats partly why we re in dis mess. That you hate Allegri 4 doing sumtin most Milan fans had been praying for is spooky! This is why i say you have absolutely no reason to want Allegri gone d way u do. Evry coach has their philosophy. It may be defensive or offensive. Allegri lacks some technical skills but he can learn… Read more »


The biggest problem is B&G but that’s not to say Allegri is a good coach, in fact he is a horrible coach who is ALSO at fault for all this disaster at this great club. His tactics and team selections along with substitutions are very frustrating to watch!


Thank goodness! We dont need to waste money on the past.
With Kaka’s wages we can get the Midfielder and Defender we need.


We won’t though


They always get someone. Usually last day, and half the price.
Better than blowing the budget i guess…

But wasting it all on a forward to please the ‘fans’ is worse, in my opinion.


@ouch, now u have just blamed him for something that i too agree with to an extent.
Not the cancerous hate that cyborg has 4 d guy.

There whr times his team selections left me dumbfounded.
Same with his substitutions.

But also, u must admit that of late, these errors have been minimal!

Then again, i insist that one way or another, Milans important problems still originate from Via Turati.


, don’t you know, thats Allegri’s fault too!


I’ve been a Milan fan for a LONG time but I never heard that our problems were Via Turati. Can someone explain this to me?? I thought that was a train station in Milan..


Via Turati is the Milan headquarters, i.e. B&G the senile old c*nts!!


Well… Let’s forget kaka now. We still have hope frome the trident (pazzini, niang, el sharawwy) let’s just believe that this strategy work.


Mr.bold n blind man every transfr windows came, they always made rumours, they only sold n got a lot money n didnt spent it!


We still need a Young/Promising CDM and a CB, so PLEASE look into that in these next 10 days Signore Galliani!


As much as this whole situation has pissed me off, there was this comment I read on that made me piss my self laughing!!

“Gallaini,, I swear I will find you and snap your cokc off.. He did so much for you when he was with Milan, and now you won’t sign him, even after him telling you that he will take pay cuts. Old headed bald piece of shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.”



Whats messed up is that they said that Madrid agreed to a loan deal but it was up to Kaka if he would take a wage cut. He agreed to cut his wages, but we still can’t get him.


I wish they would just be honest and say hey. We are broke. We’ll sign who we can, but don’t expect much. But they are always in the media making empty promises and getting their fans’ hopes up!!!


Exactly, this is the reason I along with millions of other Milanista’s just want to murder those senile f*ks.



They have been saying it for 2 seasons now.

Bone chronic

FORZA MILAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Sell milan
2. Sack alegry
3. Kuchini the one n only guy who must leave this blog..this blog is for milan lover, not alegry lover..
My opinion, in alegry hand, even messi n cr 7 is useless..


I have been a Milan fan since I was 11, I am now 33. I absolutely, 100%, love AC Milan. HOWEVER!!!! I previously stated that I believe in Galliani’s youth movement, and I understand why we sold Zlat & Thiago. I have tried to be realistic, to refrain from disrespecting Galliani, to limit my comments to tactics, and only speculate about transfers we are actually considering. But here is what I don’t understand….. 1.If money is an issue, shouldn’t qualifying for the Champions league BE A MUST? 2.Youth is good, but surely a former player like Galliani knows we will… Read more »


One more comment…My love for Milan aside….
PSG, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea, etc., any of these clubs would welcome the chance to have Ricky and Mario. Galliani must be careful, If you were Ricky, or Mario, or any other quality player with options, why would you still consider Milan after Galliani has so PUBLICY made a mess of this?


If people are going to diss Allegri, please spell his name right. You look stupid!


kuchini, i’m not against a striker defending, i’m against a striker defending MORE THAN HE ATTACKS AND BEING GOOD AT DEFENDING THAN HE IS AT ATTACK! Ronaldinho left barcelona because of his lack of discipline, like his involvements outside the game, it wasn’t pep’s decision to let him go, and after he left they replaced him with messi, the tiniest guy on the dressing room. Allegri on the other hand kept ronaldinho on the bench because when the team defends he does lend a hand(which btw is not his job), something ronaldinho never did his whole career and yet still… Read more »


haha..likes I said before onething that Galliani can do now, is talk..only talk…without action. He doesn’t have any passion again to run this club…even Preziosi is love Milan better than Galliani…he gave us El Shaarawy, Constant, and even not good enough, Acerbi.

Curs* you Galliani…how many times again will you break the fans heart ?


@cyborg i agree wit u partially.i agree 2 d fact dat allegri cud hav put mor faith in d young trident.i disagree wit wat u said about barca,de play as a unit,wen de r not wit d bal dey al track bak nd press 4 d bal.


Wow its sad wen people blive oda clubs n players b4 theirs . Do u tink kaka is a saint ? Dat he wil take a pay cut to 2mil (4rm 10m)to play 4 d team he supposedly luvs ? Do u tink madrid who bought him 4 65m 3yrs ago wud simply let him go on a 30month free loan ? Madrid want cash for a broken 31 year old who wants high wages .


@afanofmilan am sorry but i don’t think u understood d transfer bro.kaka agreed 2 milan’s terms of takin a pay cut,he agreed 2 d price milan offered.d problem wasn’t from kaka @ was 4rm fiscal issues,meanin figured out dat dey wud stil loose woefully if dey just allowed him 2 go lyk dat.nd milan were not ready 2 buy deal closed.


Kaka must come


@jarossoneri no 1 else wants kaka or mario im pretty sure kaka wud hav gone elsewhere had he d chance . Mario is trouble . No team wants him neither do i if he can show dat he can b serious den yeah . If not id rather bring paloschi bak n i dnt rate paloschi much


Nd i suppose u haven’t heard about d beckham’s is a system in spain dat allow foreign players 2 pay less taxes.4 every gross of 2mil just 300,000 is paid as tax.whil in italy 4 a gross of 2mil 1 mil is paid as tax.dat is y i don’t really blame galliani.a salary of 6mil was agree 4 kaka.meanin milan pays 12 mil gross,dat’s huge much 4 d beckham’s law which has back created dis law because of a certain david beckham.


Nd u r wrong bro.arsenal,chealsea,man u nd spurs al want him.not 2 tlk of d numerous clubs in brazil.lets c wat happens at d end of dis window.As sulex wil say #fingers crossed wit my cold


Wat i don’t get is.if madrid had so much power 2 change d system,nd even protect their foreign players.y can’t d most successful club in italy try nd com up wit a kaka’s

Opinion Varies

What the flipping heck is this clown-face talking about ”Kaka will not join Milan”??Can’t believe he even had the balls to say it point blank..knowing very well Milan fans are counting on seeing their former star player rejuvenate this Milan team. It doesn’t get any frustrating than this being a Milan fan, having your washed up so-called ”transfer guru” pull a crazy heart-breaking stunt like this…lol! And-nd before the deal even began..Galliani was all negative up in the media ”its impossible” it’s very very very hard” ”sacrifaces needs to be made and all other negative BS. Just this one time… Read more »

nana fynn

Spot on guys,i really lyk ur debate here but u guys shld live Max Allegri alone,milans problem is frm the management,as we can se b&g dont want to make any important signings,as we all know we have problems in all the 4 departments and we need more re-enforcements,Allegri’s problem is some of his selections and subs but still Allegri remain one of the tactical coaches i know of in italy..milan 4 lyf


@ nana am sorry but allegri is tactically inept(am sur kuchini wil agree wit me on dis).d only tin he got goin 4 him is dat,he’s a good tlker nd motivator,he knws how 2 bring d best out of a team.but tactics! No way.

Opinion Varies

Tactically inept? Really…dude really? Tell me,since you know so much about coaching[you probably have a coaching ‘A’ certificate]…what makes a coach tactically potent?Don’t tell me the best Serie A coach Allegri had some couple of years back was from sheer LUCK. You don’t get to say Max had been picking up players randomly without strategising to acheive a positive result. Truth of the matter is…all football coaches do have their flaws and Max is no exception.Yes,he makes some crazy selections which are terrible[no doubt]…but so does Mourinho/Arsene Wenger.The only grave concern i have with Max is his late substitution[ players… Read more »

nana fynn

have u 4gotten barca and milan last year?


Lol.dat wasn’t tactics bro.besides u can’t judge wit 1 match.


The truth is the problem is both B&G messing up the money side of things and Allegri messing up the football side of things. We’re just in an unfortunate moment now where we have BOTH happening at once. Allegri with a good team ie. Cassano, Silva, Ibra will win the league despite his crazy 3 man defensive mid formation, Bonera love affair and getting rid of Pirlo. He was right in that MvB shored up the defense but you don’t freeze Pirlo out the team when he can play further forward as he’s shown with Italy. But Allegri’s not a… Read more »


Tellin a player 2 man mark messi is sumtin any coach can do.but expertly coverin d attack lines of a team lyk barca,is sumtin only a mourinho esque coach can do


Thumbs up to @Cyborg for that essay, real long but undeniably makes sense, its the same objective iv had of Allegri since day ONE!!!

nana fynn

Get him the players dat he wants not the player b&g wants cos of they are free and cheap,he even tries hard to bring the best out of some of those mediocre players at his disposal as u said earlier on,it was rumoured dat good signings lyk santon,krul,kaka,balotelli,e.t.c is likely to join but what happened?if u get him quality signings lyk dis and he underperforms then u can say dat the coach is not an ac milan quality.galliani says no one will arrive,we are covered in all the is it allegri’s fault.u and i know that we need re-enforcement… Read more »


No 1 wants kaka . He is old n injury prone n on high wages . Chelsea n arsenal already have players in dat role . Besides d beckham law has been revoked .


Hmnn!wat of a film of comment.forza milano

Hmmm @ acbaba which coach did u think we can replace allegri with?…….as for d transfer saga i promise u somtin s gonna happen even tho its might be 11:59pm on d deadline day…….they re gonna sign som1 to calm down d fans coz of their massive loss on jersey and ticket……finger still crossed with as usual my cold b**r on my table….forza milano


I dnt wanna enter dis allegri debate . Hope we can get a ball playin mf . Taarabt or belhanda wud b nice tho i dnt tink we wil get any1 dis winter

Mr. Sparkkllee

I’m Peruvian and for our right wing,we need someone promising in the attack to help El Shar. like “Farfan” from shalke 04.He gives the best free kicks and corner kicks.


Where is milan heading to?

nana fynn

Opinion varies,I agree with u my dear milan fan.forza milan