Galliani: “Kaka will not join Milan”


EVERYTHING HAS stopped: Kaka will not join Milan after all as the deal with Real Madrid broke down.

Milan spent the last days negotiating with Real Madrid and Kaka’s representatives to make the deal possible but everything has stopped, the deal has collapsed and Kaka will not join Milan in this January.

Kaka admitted last week that he would do anything to return to Milan and today’s report suggested that he had agreed to Milan’s demands to reduce his salary. However, hours later, Galliani announced – no deal.

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“The negotiations for Kaka have broken down. It’s not possible to complete the deal because of fiscal reasons,” Milan vice President Adriano Galliani told the press. “The Kaka deal broke down about an hour ago. But we had agreed upon everything else. Kaka, Balotelli and Beckham? None of them will join Milan.”

Galliani explained before that there are fiscal problems in bringing Kaka to Italy as the taxes are different in Spain and Italy so much that a €1 million net in Kaka’s wages would cost €1.3 million to Real Madrid while it would cost Milan €2 million. The reports earlier on Monday suggested that Kaka had agreed to lower to wage demands to €6 million a season but Real Madrid and the taxes proved to be a problem for il Diavolo.

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, who turns 31 in April, will not re-join the Rossoneri according to Galliani. Kaka played his best years at Milan from 2003 to 2009, winning the Ballon d’Or award in 2007.

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I Knew it.


We, the Fans should not tolerate any further deception from this guy…its unacceptable, and he seems to get away with playing with our hearts!


We have about 5-7 players on the roster that have played less than 5 games this year, each of them earns around 1.5 to 2 million, but Kaka can’t join due to fiscal reasons?! >:-(


thank you galiani! you played with our emotions again, If I was living in milan I would kill him 100%
Now we should sit back again and watch milan loosing to inter lazio juventus and roma every year, I’m not gonna watch Milan matches anymore, but surley I will remain a milan fan until I die, now I understand why captain maldini was so worried about Milan…god I’m crying 🙁


Was expecting this news earlier.. never really liked this Kaka return but all the same If Berlu and fininvest doesn’t have enough funds to run the team, it would be better if they sell it to people that have the money to run the club. there are so many oil dudes out there willing to buy teams as low as QPR and PSG (no offense), how much more MIlan. they’ve toiled with our hearts for far too long.. we deserve some happiness.

stanbenedict- Nigeria

Hahahahahahahahaha did I not say this, I know what these 2 bald headed idiots can do. Infact I can’t believe a team that the owners can’t be trusted


Galliani said before “all 3 partiees have to sacrifice a little”……well I see kaka definitely made the sacrifice real made the sacrifice, now why can’t milan make the sacrifice…I swear to god I’m getting sick of galliani linking us ro players and then say its impossible..just don’t say anything at all..your cheap galliani n berlu and this team of the present won’t do anything


This is the second time and you still come out telling us about a damn fiscal problem. Don’t you know that there is a fiscal policies before making such a move? Cause I can remember vividly that it was this same policy that disrupted your first move. Now your saying the same thing. Maybe next transfer window you and your clueless entourage will embark on another fruitless journey and come out to tell us this same bullshit. Mr galliani you should be ashamed of yourself and its now obvious you have no single shame. Milan is a big club with… Read more »

nana fynn

We are covered everywhere says Galliani,we will stay as we are..old fools b and g..


Oh,everything is getting worst for both milan and nigeria,,galliani want to ruin milan before he leave and burkina-faso equalize against 10 men nigeria at 90+4 minute….my GOD,galliani can’t complete kaka deal because of 2 to 3 million euros?..i think kaka himself will be disappointed…shame on poor old milan…anyway,forza rossonery.


too much thumbs down?burkina faso fans voting


I posted this in the last thread but…

I wonder if they’ve even considered the financial upside of signing Kaka. Shirt sales, stadium attendance and the overall image of the club improve by having a proper superstar like Kaka in the team. Plus, without Kaka there’s virtually no chance of making the Champions League and all that money that comes with it, with Kaka (a player who can actually PASS and has an unbelievably accurate long range shot) we would have at least had a shot.

Look forward to Galliani seeing an “opportunity” to panic loan Lassana Diarra January 31st.


What they have done with the Money of Tsilva,zlatan,pato I no longer tolerate this bored deception.


Lol.lets calm down guys . milan is lyk a vehicle,b nd g d driver,we d passengers.dey r drivin wildly,cosin d passengers 2 scream nd shout.d fact is u can do notin wen ur driver is under d influence of drugs….


D solution wud b 2 pray nd hope dat d driver wil com 2 his senses b4 a goes d millio dollar question:by dat tym won’t it b 2 l8?


There are 10days remaining, lads!

The world didn’t end in d summer, it’s definitely not gonna end in Winter!

This is the new and improved Milan.
Get used to it.


is this a ‘new’ milan, Yes yes it is!
ermm, an ‘improved’ milan?? U mad bro!


Or maybe go all ‘al-queda’ on Via Turati’.

stanbenedict- Nigeria

When I was saying don’t cast your hopes up, some of you thought I was blabbing. Well am aint angry cos I know how shameless the management is, so I took my eyes off anything that ‘ll give me a heart attack

Milan fan

Yet again G an B broke their promise. No big name arrived,no young talented players arrived,we just sell players that are worth anything,cash in and spend nothing. I guess Berlu’s wh*res are more expensive and more important than Milan.


They asked for patience, and i am gonna be patient.

I would be judging B & G based on what transpires in the Next Mercato.


I said that 2 years/4 mercato’s ago


Galliani was asked if the transfer market for milan was closed he replied, “Yes, I think so”.??????????? :-/ :-/ We DIDNT even sign anyone and when we were supposed to get rid of the waste, galliani decides NO, lets get rid of pato instead, yes! that seems like a wonderful idea!!…


The market is closed. No players are leaving. What this means is that the squad is complete and strong enough to win the CL as is.

nana fynn

What ever!


Great news! Now we can bring in Zaccardo and Lodi and some other super average players! Oh and don’t forget this means we’ll probably get a consolation prize from the dudesons – David Beckham! Go for it Galliani u d man!


@ted is dat sarcasm i smell?.lol


well done galliani
no kaka= no balotelli= no third position = no champions leauge next season= no money = no star = no fan = the club is dead!


Something in my head keeps going on, that tells me; that there is more money in Milan than we know, I don’t know why but something tells me…


This had better mean he’s joining us on Jan 31st at 11:59pm. Jeez, I agree with everyone on here — so sick of this “too much tax, we’re fine as we are, no one will arrive except maybe David Beckham” BS.

sammy clinton

Still fingers cross


I think this was just another way to get the fans’ minds off the terrible perfomances of the team this season, and get the fans beliving that they as mgt are doing something about the situation. I’m sure galliani knew that even if everyone invovled in the deal sacrifised, milan is not financially healthy enough to make it happen. Even if kaka did come back, he wouldn’t solve all our problems, he would only be a temporary solution to part of our problems on the pitch. Beckam(38) and balotelli(inconsistent, troublesome, and mancity are just tired of him, and he’s expensive)… Read more »




Sum1 please give me an italian visa 2 do this B and G killing job, pleaseeee… i need 2 kill this guys…….. Sumbody please…


Galliani is a jerk! Milan success was down to pure luck and not management. so Galliani and co. can stop resting on their past laurels!

For a club at a top level this is the worst management I’ve seen. Juve, Napoli, Inter and Lazio are clubs that are managed much better than Milan. What a disgrace this guy!

Berlusconi and Galliani should spear the Milan fans from further embarassment and sell the club!

This is embarassing as Milan fans. My friends and foes make a mockery out of my team! Shameful to say the least!


we are in the same boat fella..its hurts…


@cyborg hahaha!lol.nice 1.but pls leave kuchini alone.we hav al had our fill of rage nd frustrations 2nyt.whil b nd g r in deir gold plated beds.obnoxious 2 d feelins of we d fans.we d backbone of milan.hmmm


Long and meaningless as usual.

Funny hw d management u refuse to blame, are d one’s denying u ur season-long dream of seeing Allegri sacked.

You can’t have it both ways, lad!

nana fynn

Still Milan 4 lyf,lets hope 4 the beta


@ayybz, of course its improved.
What do you expect me to say!
If i say otherwise, i just might get reported 2 d admin of d blog, to “throw me out to chievo”.

Wow gud news its like d deal has been sealed hahahahahaha galiani wanna play with ur heads..Hmmm finger still crossed with my cold beer beside me …..forza milan

Sir sunday

Galliani a one time hero has turn to a total disgrace to this great club and its fans……………oh my milan


Daniel my bro I’m with you but we won’t take any chances we ll use a fucckkin bazooka !


Gosh! Dis blog is ful of sarcastic comments,just com out strait guys.or did u guys drink sarcasm?


Every single thing wrong with Milan, originated from Via Turati.

U criticize Allegri(for all d wrong reasons). He didn’t beg to be signed by Milan.
Galliani n Co brought him in.

You want him gone.
Galliani & Co., pays u no mind.

Our average players, Financial mess, etc,
has Via Turati written all over it.

So since u seem to be so keen on criticising someone, who should it be?

Like i said Cyborg, u can’t have it both ways!


If its possible no milan fans shld go 2 stadium 2 watch any match i tink does 2 idait B&G we cum 2 der senses


Hm. Milan mgt. I wonder why fans always forget the tactics of lying that B&G had already reach the exalted rank of Professorship(s), soon they they wld be honour with (sir liers) B&G. Idiot.


@kuchini lol r u g-a-y?.i suspect u hav a tin 4 allegri.even his wife can’t defend him d way u do.


Admin, u drunk or what?

R kenny

I can’t beliv dis bad management’forza milan.


Lol i tlkd 2 meytar about dis moderatin stuff.he said its automatic.2 prevent people 4rm swearin at each oda or advertisin der sites.d guy is an a**hole.he dos notin 2 contribute to our dialogues

R kenny

I can’t beliv dis bad management’dey are all fool, forza milan.


If it was another coach, i would still have his back.

I don’t like coaches being used as scape-goats.

Just look at Di-matteo’s scenerio at chelsea.
What has changed since he was sacked?
Infact, they re even in a worst position now.

If Arsenal was Milan and Wenger was d coach, i’m sure Cyborg wud have ended up in a Mental home by now.


By not bringing Kaka back, it proves that they are not going to tolerate the youth policy program. Although this is true, Kaka would definitely brougth the level of current Milan up as we have youth players idolizing him. It is tiring to hear from B&G that we are going to sign a quality player and no one arrives. This is disheartening the least to say.

Hoping for a better 2nd half of the season and an even better summer signings.