Galliani: “Kaka will not join Milan”


EVERYTHING HAS stopped: Kaka will not join Milan after all as the deal with Real Madrid broke down.

Milan spent the last days negotiating with Real Madrid and Kaka’s representatives to make the deal possible but everything has stopped, the deal has collapsed and Kaka will not join Milan in this January.

Kaka admitted last week that he would do anything to return to Milan and today’s report suggested that he had agreed to Milan’s demands to reduce his salary. However, hours later, Galliani announced – no deal.

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“The negotiations for Kaka have broken down. It’s not possible to complete the deal because of fiscal reasons,” Milan vice President Adriano Galliani told the press. “The Kaka deal broke down about an hour ago. But we had agreed upon everything else. Kaka, Balotelli and Beckham? None of them will join Milan.”

Galliani explained before that there are fiscal problems in bringing Kaka to Italy as the taxes are different in Spain and Italy so much that a €1 million net in Kaka’s wages would cost €1.3 million to Real Madrid while it would cost Milan €2 million. The reports earlier on Monday suggested that Kaka had agreed to lower to wage demands to €6 million a season but Real Madrid and the taxes proved to be a problem for il Diavolo.

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, who turns 31 in April, will not re-join the Rossoneri according to Galliani. Kaka played his best years at Milan from 2003 to 2009, winning the Ballon d’Or award in 2007.

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Galliani i hate that old senile man… i really hope this is one of your common lies


Yeah… italian deadline is 7:00pm just to b clear . If im taking anyone 4rm schalke , its gonna b draxler


@opinion varies Wat makes a coach tactically potent is d 4mation 2 use 2 counter ur opponents,God knws a 4-3-3 (except barca’s) lyk our can’t stand a 3-5-2 lyk juve’ wil burn our our wing baks.d solution wil b 2 revert 2 a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-2-1.2 close out d spaces on d wings nd try 2 attack 4rm d center.nd again he dosn’t no d players 2 field 4 certain roles.dat’s y i cam 2 my conclusion.bro,don’t try me.hav read a lot of books on coachin.i suggest u do d same.

Opinion Varies

What certain players? Let the name be known.You just cannot give someone a flour and tell him/her to make you a pizza without giving the person the necessary stuff needed to make one.

Bringing out formation stuff like we playing Xbox!!Any average Joe who spend less time watching football knows all what you talking about ”4-3-2-1-2 close out the space on the wings and try to attack” NOTHING SPECIAL HERE…..actual fact without the sorta players the set up won’t work.A moot point you came out with.

nana fynn

Yeah Draxler that guy can play, huh?


2 b frank wit u i wil leave allegri 4 dis season.cos no coach if he comes now.can instil his philosophy in such little space of tym.sum1 lyk avram grants wud help in d summer


That is the funny thing. Which coach can stand this ‘circus’ that is milan? Who is the better coach that would take this job? @acbaba, Allegri is not “tactically inept”. He makes mistakes. He is young and has much to learn, bt dat is normal. He is quite good at his philosophy. The reason why d team appears so disjointed is bcos d current players still aren’t able to carry out his instructions properly on every matchday. The management has clearly refused to bring d players that Allegri has asked for. One solution, is to sack him but, This same… Read more »


Acbaba, i am not a fan of the 4-3-3.
It takes the best players, to succeed with it.

Allegri is a defensive minded coach and that is clear.
His favourite formation is 4-3-1-2 that can match almost all other formations.
All he needs is the right players.

You either give him what he needs or sack him, instead forcing him to make changes he isn’t comfortable with.

The Milan management is doing neither!
So if Cyborg n his friends must blame someone, who should it be?


@kuchini a 4312 can’t match every oda formation.its 2 narrow.nd a team which concentrates on deir wings wil destroy u.lyk d sand in a beach d goals conceded wil b numerous

Opinion Varies

Most Often called up Milan Midfield players for a match-up….[Ambrosini,Flamini,Nocerino,Urby,Montolivo,Constant,Boateng,Traore,]. Ambrosini: Once great player who has become a plae shadow of his former self although during the early 2000 to 2008/2009 at his peak he wasn’t even a regular starter in the Milan team.But now,what do we get to see?He plays regularly if he’s not either injured or red carded. Flamini:Most Milan fans knows the time he was plying his trade at Arsenal..he was a ”Chupacabra” MONSTER in the midfield role..but now in Milan he’s not half of what he was in Arsenal. Nocerino:Not trying to make him out as… Read more »


Forza milano! Milan will sign.dont worry,just dont mind galliani transfer strategy


@nana i didn’t say he’s not good.but he’s not dat tacticaly gifted.he’s gonna learn soon.


Acbaba, i don’t agree with you.
The match against barca last season tells it all.

With the right players and the coach who understands it, that formation is compact.
It can change into a 4-3-2-1 or even a 4-3-3 as the game progresses.


@ kuchini no formation is flawless 4mations hav deir d sense dat a particular 1 can b used 2 extinguish d treats of dat 1.dat’s y i respect sir alex.he reads d match,his tactical side is enhanced,he nos wen 2 switch 4mations.maybe its bcos of his 26 years experience.look bro i don’t 1na go in2 details.if i do.meytar wil start moderatin whic annoys d cr*p out me.


I just feel for Allegri who is employed under these 2 unreliable liars. Imagine Galiani refusing to pay 12million Euro to bring Kaka,. this is what Real Madrid ask for because they want something out of 69M they paid for him. What kind of game are Milan playing,. i have said this before, stop calling Galliani a smart man, he’s now a fool to these clubs as they all know his stupid tricks. He makes his negotiation through the media, release important transaction details and thinks he’s wise? Yanga Mbiwa is going to Newcastle for 8Million Euro and you want… Read more »

Opinion Varies

Couldn’t have said it any better dude….

”100 Thumbs up for You”


Milan get Mario Balotelli, than sell Abate and Antonini and Mexes and get Vital Dede and Davide Santon, and get Carvalho on loan. And also will be good if we get Moussa Sissoko. And our team will be: Abbiati, De Sciglo-Carvalho-Dede-Santon, Montolivo-Sissoko-Boateng, Balotelli-Pazzini-El Sharaawy.


@opinion varies pls behav bro.i don’t wanna exchange words wit u.ask ur questions nicely nd i wil ans dem.instead of tryin 2 insult me.FYI;i don’t play x-box or video games

Opinion Varies

You catching mad feelings for something which is NOT even an insult..WOW!

Buncha sensitive emotional dudes we have on here…lol!


U guys shld free allegr its nt is 4th last season he orda 4 pastore,hamsik,jovetic etc bt barlu said he wnt buy hamsik bcus of he want 2 win election y d useles vice galliani was runin around luking 4 free,loan,cheap players afta allegri orda 4 pastore,hamsik,levezzi,jovetic,damiao,sandro,diarra,sahin,gum,dede bt our transfer gure ended up bringin traore,mesbah,acerbi, etc xo hw is’t allegri 4th~crios note B&G r jus a dead man walkin on d str ~ forza milanista


This is just something he says… Offcourse Kaka will arrive. Just Galliani who is scamming us. Which he is very good at. Relax

nana fynn

Acbaba i dont get u,Kuchini i agree with u,the tools allegri has is what he is using,get him the right tools and judge him frm there,the match against barca tell it all as my bro Kuchini said..i still believe in Max Allegri.


@acbaba, you are right.
Every formation has its weak spots.
But, if d players have d quality to carry out d coachs instructions to d letter, those weak spots will be less visible.
Barca is a perfect example.
They have a weak defence and a useless goalkeeper, that is rarely troubled.
Trouble them, and u have a chance of winning.

My stand in my earlier comments remain.
No matter how one wud want to blame Allegri, B & G are d real people to blame.


Now that the Kaka deal is off, I keep hearing more of Balotelli…..????! #lost

Opinion Varies

You know what is not LAME???

Going to watch a NFL”Road To Super Bowl” dead-game…like right now!!

Had enough of the back anf forth.

nana fynn

thumbs up Habeeb,dats what i told Acbaba in my previous comments,even neither of his players he asked 4 has been brought in,he still get the best out of the mediocre players at his disposal.

nana fynn

No,we should’nt get irate to each other here,jux share ur ideas dats all,the fact that u dont agree with someone here does’nt mean u should insult him,be sociable,we are all one..forza milan


I just read on where Berlusconi is quoted as saying “flamini is the best midfielder in the world. As for ronaldinho, well, i am no longer interested in him”.
We ended up wasting 25mill on that player,
When we had other younger and skillfull options.

Berlusconi and Galliani please need to leave transfer decisions with d coach if milan will move forward.


AC Milan and Real Madrid continue Kaka talks

nana fynn

Yes belusconi and galliani should leave the transfer decision with the coach to make instead of bringing in cheap and free transfers,agree Kuchini!


This blog is just full of people with mental disorder. Milan should buy this milan should buy that. “don’t hate the player but hate the game”… So why blaming allegri that innocent young coach with a mediocre players at his disposal. Pep + mourinho + ferguson can’t bring the best out of this milan team. Talkless of allegri pls give him a break. And for galliani has break my heart


Milan bak 4 kaka.yeah.u guys did not understand me.i said he gets d best out of players is his strongest point.or didn’t u read it?

Machink Indonesian

When I reads d tagline, I’m trully so disapointed.
But when I read d comment, I totally LOL…
Many hopes. Many sarcasm n a lil idiot.
But I’m happy for read this. n hope our Milan will stay in champ line with this all kids..
Hopes d club not becomes like Arsenal.invest 4 younger but no trophy 🙁
Btw, share it please, if d kill job already done 🙂


I wonder what the hell our fans in sansiro are doing @ dis point,can’t they just refuse to attend the remaining league matches and make this useless board loss so that they can sell the club @ the end of the season cos I see no reason why you would achieve great without investing.. º°˚ o o º°˚ poor kaka I wish I had the °M̶̲̅☺̣̣̥̇N£¥ to buy him by my self. Galliani is a big fool a bastards I wish I could kill him

nana fynn

Allegri is not the problem of our team,it’s the management dat’s 4kin around,ALLEGRI is the best 4 what milan have started..


@nana tanx bro


Hmmm k.u guys talk about mediocre players.forgettin dat only juve has a beta squad dan we do.go bak nd do ur home work out

nana fynn

welcome bro

nana fynn

Acbaba our mediocrity is not only in italy but in europe as well,the milan that we know does’nt consist of mediocre players at that tym,so we are not familiar with mediocre players..thanks


I don’t think i got dat


REPORT: Galiani to sign justin bieber!

nana fynn

Acbaba,u gat it


My dear Milan fans, I agree with everybody opinion on here but its better we fans be realistic rather than optimistic,everything is on a downfall in Milan camp. As for Allegri,I will agree that he his not a Milan calibre we use to have,likes of Ancelotti,Capello and Arrigo Sacchi. Allegri doesn’t have the heart of a milanista, I could recall when we had seedorf,pirlo,inzaghi,ronaldinho,pato, and Gattuso, we still struggle. Allegri like physical players rather than technical players,but I won’t blame him though, the real problem in milan is Belu n Galliani. They just toy with our heart..that’s the problem when… Read more »

nana fynn

Golden,u don’t blame allegri but u are blaming him,be realistic,allegri met all those players after their pique(i mean their old age)he requested for his own players but we got him free and cheap transfers,even Ancelotti cant manage this current milan,i dont agree with u bro..

nana fynn

MESBAH on show for Algeria,he is playing in an more advancing role..

nana fynn

Mesbah,yellow card


10 transfers where AC Milan broke their word

The Rossoneri had insisted that Mario Balotelli will not wear the famous red and black any time soon, but more recently they have refused to rule out a move for the Italy international. If they do snap him up, it will add to a long list of broken promises by the club hierarchy, with Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani having made a habit of making so many u-turns they have seemingly confused themselves. read more on

Milan s in a very very condition right naw anyway…..let s wait and see till d transfer window ends..