Video: Pato saying goodbye to Milan


A VERY EMOTIONAL day for Alexandre Pato as he leaves Milan after completing his €15 million transfer to Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, where he will sign a four year contract. Today at Milanello, Pato picked-up his personal items and said goodbye to the Milan players and staff. “It has been 5 and a half great years with all of you. You will always be in my heart,” Pato told the players. “Now I’ll watch you from a distance, but I’m sure that Milan, with all of you, will continue to be great and to win everything.”

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only exit doors are open in Milan.


and free transfers doors widely open

Saman R

and when they spend money they do it like cassano + 7 millions for pazzini and 4 Millions for Acerbi.


we must move on…milan will not achieve anything with this squad..major overhaul must be executed as early as january so that we can at least qualify for CL next season..i wish milan buy strootman who is box-to-box midfielder and he is creative as well..radja naingolan will solidify milan midfield so that Monty can workout his magic..


Watching this video makes his exit so much harder than before… I wish Pato the best of luck, and hopefully he’ll come back to us in the future as Berlu said, and for once let’s hope he keeps one of his promises.

Opinion Varies

Are you for real or something?!?! How is watching this video makes his exit so much harder for you to!

Even the players on the pitch seem alot happier than SAD.


Marko Arnautovic!!!!!!!!!


Am in tears ryt now.after al d bad tins said nd don 2 pato,he stil has milan in his heart.wat a player.pls return a stronger nd beta player.

Opinion Varies

Lol…are you serious???? Every player who leaves his club to another club does shares the same sentiments.

Enough with this emotional fuss about Pato leaving…nothing special here people.


much love !pato

Opinion Varies

Don’t know about you but I’m sure glad as hell he’s finally gone…Yup you heard me alright GONE! I don’t see Pato getting back to his top form ever again,not wishing bad on him or anything but honestly he has kick-start his average player status by opting to leave! And if he continue the impressive inconsistent form in Corithians,trust me a year or two the name Pato is going to fade out into obscurity in the football realm. The only regret eating me off is, as to why Milan didn’t sell him off to PSG when we had the… Read more »

Opnion Varies II

Seeing as you commented on this page 3 different occasions, I can see that you just don’t like pato cause your jealous.

How can you say someone who is 23 can not get back into form. Futbol players peek at around the age of 28.

Hate all you want but pato is a milan fan favorite and milan fans understand and respect pato. If your a milan fan too then you would understand but i guess you are not.

Sorry but as a milan fan dont even talk about milan or come to our websites to post anything.


please watch his video, how great he was in the first 2 years with Milan and he worked so hard in training to get back to the top of his game.. its just about his luck, but im sure that he’ll come back stronger as Pato that we all know!
hater know nothing, and


Good luck Pato, may all these injuries leave u alone so u can truly show ur worth. Forza Pato, Forza Milan.


My Special Milan Talent Is Gone… God! What Has Happened 2 Diz Milan Management. “Tearz”…. Gudbye Pato.

Opinion Varies

Psssft….What talent?!?!Break yourself already dude.

Pato is the most overhyped Milan player of all time.


Good Luck pato , hope you come back in the future! Forza Pato!


I’m heartbroken Allegri has outlasted Pato. Best of luck Pato, really hope he gets over his injuries (which he probably will with a competent medical team) and returns in a few years. Still think it’s remarkably short-sighted not to just loan him out though.


we’ll waiting you come back here with us


Gudbye Pato….always in my heart….jst hope ure gonna be back someday somehow…forza PATO


Lol!! @Opinion Varies


i have been a milan fan, since when i was 10year old and no milan player has gotten d best of my affection like pato. Even sheva and kaka were not so into me like pato. Don’t know y though but i believe he will do extremely well in his new club and find solid fitness. Ama follow u like twitter. Forza pato


Is everyone going to stop crying over Pato now? Man… We’ve had LEGENDS leave Milan too early who deserved 100x more of our grief than Pato. i.e. Gullit, Savicevic, Albertini, Van Basten, Kaka, Shevchenko, Pirlo……. Anyway, good luck Pato. If you get back to your best you’re always welcome at Milan.


How do you know people didn’t cry/felt sentimental for all of them as well…?


They did, but they were legends and deserved it. Pato hasn’t done 1% of what Sheva or Pirlo achieved in a Milan shirt and yet everyone’s crying.


No footballing matter hurt me more than when Kaka was sold.. I still dream of his return to Milano…

R kenny

Wish u gud luck pato ,forza pato


only 2 dors are open, in milan. D exis door and d free transfer.

red 'n' black

im crying while im typing this , imagine how much i was crying when thiago left.

i love you pato buddy


An average manager like Maximilliano Allegri is overseeing the departure of one-too-many great champions. What a frightening prospect for Milan.


Shame, so much talent but the injuries were just too much and too often. Hopefully Robinho has the seat on the plane back to Brazil booked as well.

BTW Fiorentina just got a steal by signing Giuseppe Rossi for minimal cost which is what Milan should have done. Unfortunately when you have a loser coach who poisons the club with his “mediocre is ok” mentality you die the slow painful death Milan is experiencing.


pato is a one of a kind striker .. he excelled in all attributes to make the perfect striker ..
Pace Accelaration and speed – remember Barcelona 24 seconds ? Someones comments where that when pato had left not even Bolt could have reached him
Finishing – he is a great finisher .. a true poacher from in and outside of the box
Vision – he also created chances
Heading and jumping .. very good in the air and strong too
Ball control and flair



what can i say.. i feared this day since psgs offer. pato,i loved you so much and still do, every goal that this golden boy would score would give me so much energy and excitment, like no other player scoring, it would be so outstanding, i want to cry, i love pato so much, 24 seconds vs barca, brace at madrid, brace against inter, brace against sampdoria, the napoli game with his penalty assist and goal. no scorer made me happier than pato and now, he has come to an end. the duck, the wonder boy, pato….. hes gone, forever.… Read more »


Bye bye Pato, I love u since ur debut for Milan against Napoli u are a great player I respect u and I am wishing u goodluck in ur career. Forza Milan Forza Patinho.


Alex Pato wil ever remain in ma heart. Wat he haz done 4 milan wil never be
4goten. 24 zec againzt barca? Barca wil never 4get dat! Forza pato, forza milan