Berlusconi: “No Balotelli talks, I want Robinho to stay”


SILVIO BERLUSCONI has denied Milan have any talks going on with Man City about Mario Balotelli.

Massimiliano Allegri said again today that Milan have too many players in the squad. The Rossoneri are likely to sell at least 4-6 players in January but the papers continue to link them with moves for players.

The name of Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli has always been associated with Milan and Balo is a fan of the team (despite his Inter history) but President Silvio Berlusconi insists such move is highly unlikely.

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“My comment on Balotelli was misinterpreted. There are no negotiations going on with Manchester City about Balotelli. We can’t make these expensive signings anymore,” Berlusconi, who visited the Milan squad for the fifth time this season today, told the press. Berlusconi arrived to Milanello at around 13:20.

“We’re all asking when Pato will return. Every morning I wake up and wonder when he’ll return. I’m following the case closely and I’m worried – just like Pato himself is worried. I want Robinho to stay at Milan. It’s important for us both from a technical point of view and from a human point of view. I often speak with Robinho and he has said some things that make me think that he could change his mind and stay.

“Tomorrow we’ll be without three important players but the coach will inform me of the possible substitutes. The team played well against FC Zenit St. Petersburg and it was unfortunate because we conceded a goal in the only chance they had. The Champions League draw? Whatever opponent we draw will make no difference. We’d like to face a big club, because this Milan become great against the great sides.”

Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani was less decisive in his statements about Balotelli: “Balotelli? I often speak with Raiola. He always goes around with his art pieces, and we’re small art collectors…” Mino Raiola, Balotelli’s agent, said the player costs as much as the Mona Lisa. City value him at €35 million.

Galliani also spoke about the visit of the leaders of the Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande: “The visit from Guangzhou Evergrande is just a courtesy visit. We haven’t got any business going on with them.”

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I hope not Mr.President, Balo should arrive and Binho and Pazzini should leave


Why people is admiring balo so much, he is average. I prefer to bring in Tim Matavz.


Pazzini is average, Balo is great.


pazzini cant play for nothing. the worst striker i have seen in milan for a while now. would have rather gave away cassano without getting pazzini. hes taking up space for other strikers to play.


hemza i like how u said u prefer tmi matavz cuz ur thinking more the problem with some of our transfers is that we dont like about what kind of player we need just see a talent and go for it


i dont think we need Balo …
but we should dfenetly sell :Pato, Boateng , Flamini , Mesbah , Antonini , Pazzini , Traore, Villa ..and maybe – Robihnio an Jepes ..
and use the money to brin 2-3 players …young and i hope better than what we have know

afeez olawale

baloteli wil b creating problem to our team,all we nid is players lyk matri/shnider/pastore nd a defender lyk mbiwa/ogbona or lucio of inter.forza milan


If Robinho is not going to play and just warm the bench then I think it would be better to sell him and use the money for transfers. Pato should be sold for the good of the club, his never ending injuries is really hurting this team. And for the record Balo is not average! For me in the attack position Pato, Robinho and Kpb should be sold and both Balloteli and Kaka should come in. People may question why Pato and not Pazzini? well first off the reason I gave earlier then Pazzini may mind less from coming off… Read more »


@Ouch!, if only panzinni will agree to sit in the stands then am ok with that.


Balo shoudnt come with the price man city are asking for (about 35 mil euro). let hime come in 2014 under the boosman law,in a free transfer.
He is a gambelle, milan musnt pay alot of money to get him.


Simple because Berlus no money, a billionaire no money. Those who hope he will give chrismast gift to Milan, it was stupid, he only hopes Robinho with unstable condition, Pato is just one lame guy. Milan will still poor, still in hope the loan contracts