Highlights: Milan 0-1 Zenit


MILAN RESTED some of their key players on Tuesday’s evening game against Zenit and lost 0-1 to the Russian side at Stadio San Siro in front of Silvio Berlusconi. The game was of almost no sporting importance for Milan as they’d already qualified to the knock out stage. Captain Danny (35′) scored the only goal of the game. Not a good performance by Milan who lost for the first time since November 11.

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Pa ibra

when u play Ambrosini and Flamini and a LB in attack then u dont expect to score goals. u might say u are playin a 4-3-3 but if u fill defensive players in attacking positions then its not wothy calling a 4-3-3. The line-up is just defensive. Emanuelson cant score or assist so whats the point of playin him in an advance role. people said he’s attackin minded probably because he cant defend but they failed to notice he won’t offer much in attack either

Pa ibra

and i saw Allegris interview after the game saying “we’re receiving lot of goals and thats our main problem”. Allegri is the only one who think Milan are scoring enough. animal


What? Then why do you think he said it’s their ‘main problem’? Since when scoring is main problem? He meant that team is conceding lots of goals, not scoring.


Allegri is so pathetic!! Saying we are going for a win before the game and then he field FLAMINI AND AMBRO in midfield. And Pazzini in attack, Mesbah in LB. If kaka would arrive in january, im sure allegri would use him as striker or second striker. He cant stand having a creative playmaker behind strikers. In his mind behind strikers there have to be 2 or 3 defensive midfielders to concede less goals. The sad part is, whenever he fields 2-3 defensive mids, his plan backfires and we concede even more goals. The problem I’ve with allegri is that… Read more »


you guys need to understand that january transfer is next door and 5 players must go.so this is the reson that Max Allegri playd this players.January must bring a new players in the squad


Who is going to be most successful?

A monkey driving a ferrari or
A Human driving a fiat?

Give Allegri all Barcalona players, he would still mess up . He would use pique as a defensive midfielder and adriano as trequartista.


the 3rd HORRIBLE group stage in a row for Allegri but we still qualify, seriously the luckiest coach in the world. Stop kidding us, this is no 4-3-3


You guys cry a lot.



Have to agree with @Saman…I hate the fact that Allegri thinks he’s smart with his tactics and gives out lame excuses when they backfire, saying one of the same statement over and over again in post match interviews….can’t stand him!!!!!


@john, what gave you the assurance that galiani won’t bring in more out of contracts players to replace the departing ones.


Congratulation to Juve from a big time Milan fan,hope they make it far.


On another seriously note,Germany teams qualified 3 teams 1st all of them,we not getting that 4th spot anytime soon.


Forget the german clubs,You have to worry about the French and the Portuguese.
They are closer.


Yeah, but the english clubs are 2 out of 4, and one is 1st, one is 2nd. English dominance is far far away…
By the way, italian clubs are doing better jobs then in recent years. Except Udinese…
Portugals are out, and two out of the french are out at 4th place. I don’t worry about them.


This is a 4-3-3 formation:




RWB-De Sciglio
CB-Vlad Chiriches
CB-Martín Nervo
CB-Lisandro López


DM-De Jong
DM-Victor Wanyama
DM-Kevin Strootman
LM-Lucas Mugni
RAM-Felipe Anderson
& (Hachim Mastour)


LW-El Shaarawy
RW-Marco Fabián
RW-Luciano Narsingh

25 players in the squad


You guys are crying so much, even united lost against CLUJ at Old Trafford while resting players, at least we lost against Zenit, and also outplaying them for most of the game, they only had two shots. Although it’s very poor to concede from that perspective but still.
And stop hating on Ambro, he’s our captain and has always given his maximum no matter what, always one of the best on the field. Stop hating so much and support your team.


We outplayed them . I was quite satisfied wit the play . Our final product needs fixin tho . Great game from zapata n acerbi


We also need a vice monty n either a cam or rw . Pastore/alexis n maybe ganso (really like him) wud b ideal . Pjanic n sneijder wud b closer to home

Signor Eskola

Ganso, Alexis, Ganso, Pjanic or Sneijder as “VICE MONTY”? All those players should be in the line-up, not on the bench.


@ peter i also dnt tink we wud b gettin dat 4th spot this year . We need all italian teams to take europe serious for a change . But i hope we face man u or schalke .


if you’ve actually watched every milan game this season, urby actually did well in an attacking role and created some chances with some nice crosses. maybe he was originally a defender but he CAN play in an attacking role

Signor Eskola

No, his crosses were awful. Though, not as awful as Abate.


Don’t bash Emanuelson, this game was all Allegri’s fault. He’s an idiot, he should know not to EVER start Boateng again after his horrible performances (oh yea he got a goal, but so what? after 100000 missed attempts???) Yes it was in a way, a meaningless game, BUT the players all needed this win to keep their confidence going and also help out the Serie A in general, i’m pretty sure this brought alot of guys down. In all honesty, Petagna should have started for Pazzini and Cristante should have almost certainly played instead of Flamini, but like i’ve said… Read more »


Rkay is right.1 tin i knw about allegri is dat he certainly knws wat position is right 4 a player.his only problem is dat he prefers strenght 2 creativity.


I wonder if B&G do read our posts on this sites, cos they dont seem to realise how much dissatisfaction we hv for allegri. Allegri has never done any tactical move during a match and yet he is still in milan.


Rite now , urby is beta dan kpb by a mile . He passes beta n dribbles beta too . D game against chievo where he had 2 assists . He stil has his faults as his decision making sumtimes is suspect .


I dnt tink starting bryan or petagna wud hav been wise . A longer cameo appreance mite have been beta since they are both 17 .


My dear milanese’ theres no way we will find the round of 16 easy because, we are very likely to face juventus, bayern, barcelona, man utd. Well i just hope we can overcome this circumstances.


I think Allegri have the best job in the world. He ony talks shit, he messes up big time, and his boss tells him I’ve faith in you. LMAO

Olalekan Mojeed

I wonder why all this guys av nt yet get promoted to the senior team thou they are still 15 but the management can plead to d FA too allowed them too play LLMAS ACUNA ANDRES,HACHIM MASTOUR,MARSON LEONARDO,CUTRON PATRICK,COSIMO MARCO,LOCATELLI MANUEL,

Olalekan Mojeed

I wonder why all this guys av nt yet get promoted to the senior team thou they are still 15 but the management can plead to d FA too allowed them too play LLMAS ACUNA ANDRES,HACHIM MASTOUR,MARSON LEONARDO,CUTRON PATRICK,COSIMO MARCO,LOCATELLI MANUEL,SPINELLI MICHELE.

isaiah don shevy

let stay calm and c wot allegri can acheive before d end of d season.pls allegri haters


Bad news guys, Montolivo is highly doubtful for the Torino match

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

We should get De Rossi and Pjanic from Roma.


I’d love to face with Schalke in february.


against toro 4-2-3-1: Amelia
Abate Zapata Mexes Constant
De Jong Nocerino
Emanuelson Bojan El Sharaawy

If Montolivo is injured. De Sciglio should be rested

Olalekan Mojeed

I wish we should play either dortmond or shalktar…any team shall.


@Milanista121, Alex ferguson is seriously woried with the rate @ which Man U is shipping in goals and the fans were not happy either that they lost @ home to cluj fc. Morinho was booed by Real fans in one of their recent match so don’t think fans or club owners take it easy when their teams are not leaving up to expectation. Anceloti, Mancini, Mourinho to name a few are all under pressure in their clubs because their teams are not meeting up to expectations.i have plenty of Real madrid fans here so know how they are reacting to… Read more »


Spot on !!!!…the Milan “European Legacy” will be all but demolished, as if it weren’t bad enough that our credentials have been dented already these past 2 seasons…..