The current “crisis”: The overlooked aspect


NEW COLUMN by Shreyas Artrya.

In this and all of my following posts you will read about how Milan are doing, how Milan can do and how Milan will do, in terms of tactics..i.e..formations and individual player roles. I would love to listen to opinions and your views.

Midway through the season, Milan have scrapped points from here and there to somehow stay fit in the Serie-A, of course, with the help of our young talisman El Sharaawy.

Boateng: “I miss scoring, El Shaarawy is incredible”
De Sciglio: “Milan will give 100% against Juve”

Allegri: “We have been playing well but have been unfortunate on the score sheet. Individual errors must  be avoided”

The issue in hand: Despite our performances, which have been not so impressive as far as consistency is concerned but otherwise quite pleasing, we have failed to find the results we usually do, like a season or two back. One will not read about yet another rant on how many players Milan  have lost since last season and how not-so-well Milan have done in the transfer market. Rest assured, you may be correct but Milan’s signings have been more than sufficient, at least on paper.

Considering the mentality of the squad, its not hard noticing how much Milan are concentrating on defending that the team is probably forgetting how to attack.

Most recently, the Napoli game, notice that we have a lot of players behind the ball, always. So many players, that we don’t have anyone to pass to up front if we win back possession.

More research made me conclude that this mentality is probably because we don’t have enough confidence in our defenders, mostly because an exodus of regular defenders left the club.

Essentially, Napoli is the team that should’ve been playing more defensive than Milan did, mainly because they portray a 3 man defense and Milan have a pretty scary attack up front. But what Allegri did was, put more Milan players behind the ball instead. Thus making life easy for Napoli to pick out a team mate up front and move on fluidly whenever in possession.

On paper, Milan’s attack is as effective, if not more effective than Napoli’s. The only place where Napoli were stronger, was in the league table, clearly indicating that Allegri should’ve attacked from the first minute.

Wondered why Milan play extremely well in the first and last ten minutes of the game alone? Or why Milan press so much if they’re a goal down?

The answer is obvious, these above mentioned are the times when Milan are forced to attack and get a goal or two. Considering the Palermo and Udinese games, Milan showed real grit while pressurizing the opponent, eventually grabbing a couple of well earned goals, but only after they were trailing. Same in the case of Napoli.

The solution: It’s simple, forget the past, Allegri has to show more faith in his newly acclaimed defenders to stop this whole ultra-defensive mentality of the team while on field and be more fluid in attack. One doesn’t need a team of Messi, Ronaldo and Hazard to win games.

We need players who do their roles right and contribute to every phase of the game as dictated by the tactician. Winning the league should not be what the team is looking for, taking on hand and winning every single game must be the objective.

My only hope is that, Allegri has realized this mental uphold even before I did and has fielded the required changes.

This game against Juventus is a big one and his tactics will be put to the test, maybe not his future in the San Siro, but certainly Milan’s future this season.

Forza Milan!


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Vivek (Shady!)

its a good piece shreyas… and good luck here..
Forza Milan !

Zulkiflu umar

That’s good


First of all , allegri cant get his tactics correct coz he plays boateng as RF or as a CAM. He should be in midfield our attack should be :

El—–Pazzo—–Bojan and not boateng in place of bojan.


We always defend b’cos our defenders are professional mediocres and we lack a world class striker. Galliani is the reason for our suffering. How can u sell ur world class players and replace them with inferior player and expect to get good results. Lets hope Juve don’t humiliate us on sunday.


nice article dude but to me milan is really trying every possible best.forza il farone!!!!!

kay baba

I hope milan beat juve [milan 2v0 juve]forza milan


Of all the quality players we could have signed for a bargain we end up signing mediocre average players like Constant that cannot offer anything extra or special! Galliani is an idiot in my book! I would love to see Galliani leave the club and take Allegri with him! People can say whatever they want about Luciano Moggi but one thing is certain Moggi knows how to transition a team and build teams that are consistent just like Sir Alex Ferguson. This is something Galliani lacks big time!For Milan to maintain their prestige the club needs a GM like Moggi… Read more »

Noor Khalidi

Nick I wonder if your were asleep during the last few games that Milan did well. There are 4 world class players now playing for Milan. Constant, Montilivo, De Sceglio and El Sharawy. K. Constant was man of the match on two occasions by world pundits, rated higher than our most exciting SES. Constant has shut down the left flank made that position his own. By the way on day 4 of the Champions League Milan’s Mexes has been included in the UEAFA team of the week of UCL, as one of the best defenders in Europe. Not it is… Read more »


This is by far not a young team as Galliani and company want us to believe. yes the age of the squad has been reduced but this is not a young team compared to say Barca, Borrusia Dortmund or Arsenal! Instead its a team full of average mediocre players like Constant & Mexes who are prone to making costly mistakes. If you look at the goals we have conceded you will understand my thought! BTW…Mexes made the UEFA team of the week because of his goal..dont get carried away with that. I am pleased and quiet happy to see SES… Read more »


I like what u write about, not enough trust in our defense. In my view looking at the games we have played so far, nesta was our biggest loss this summer. we don,t have a clear leader and organisor of our defensive play, and bonera will never be able 2 lift the role, no matter how many chances allegri gives him. looking at the attack, it looks like again we lack a clear game play, 2 many players don’t where 2 run or move. I don’t care about our league position, i look at how we play, and after and… Read more »


@John…I agree totally!


Allegri is good perhap is not easy for him organis this squard he have no 1st eleven