Abate: “Milan can’t win the Scudetto but…”


IGNAZIO ABATE admits Milan are not strong enough for the title but they won’t fight for survival either.

Milan started the season rather poorly with seven points from six games and are sitting five points behind third-place Inter, who they face tomorrow (Sunday) night at Stadio San Siro for the Derby della Madonnina.

One figure that has always been decisive in the Milan derby – whether it’s for Inter or Milan – is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic is now at Psg but Milan defender Abate claims Zlatan did not want to leave Milan.

Milan-Inter: The Rossoneri squad
Pato scores twice in Primavera friendly win

“If I’ve ever thought of leaving the club after Ibra? I have never thought of leaving Milan, and I’m not saying because I’m still here, but because it’s my belief,” Abate told Il Giornale. “It’s true that Ibra’s departure was a shock, also because I was on vacation with him and his family during the days of the negotiations.

“I got a minute by minute update of the case. When you lose such a charismatic and important player who scores 40 goals per season, then how can you not feel his absence? Now we’re trying very hard to regain our balance. We must change philosophy: we can do it as a squad. We can’t rely on one person to solve our problems. If it’s true that Ibrahimovic didn’t want to leave Milan? Yes, definitely. And that’s not a secret.

“In the months before he left, he said that wanted to end his career at Milan. He was telling the truth. He had even bought a new house in the center of Milano. I have never heard any complaints about Ibra from the other players at Milan, and I ask myself: how can you not regret that he left? It’s true that Ibra demanded a lot, from us and also from himself. If you made bad pass then he would kill you and it could be really tough in the long run, but he never held back. But enough about Ibra, otherwise we’ll just be hurting ourselves.

Part of Ignazio Abate’s interview (screenshot from Il Giornale)

Milan have been struggling for goals this season and only three players appeared on the scoresheet this season, especially Stephan El Shaarawy who along with Mattia De Sciglio, gets a long of space this term.

“If El Shaarawy is a star or a comet? A player who, in the 90th minute chases an opponent for 40 meters, can’t be a comet. And until now, he has scored one beautiful goal after another,” Abate, who’s been benched a few times this season, said. “My poor start to the season? I participated in the euros and I got an injury in the final. And then I had vacation for two and a half weeks. I’m not complaining – that’s not the point. And just as I had returned to Milanello, we travelled to USA where I immediately played 40 minutes against Chelsea. So therefore I didn’t get to prepare for the season. I’m starting to get back into top shape.

“If I have any desire to play in the derby? How can you even ask me that? Especially since I come from Milan’s youth sector. It’s true that the recent derbies have been disastrous. I feel responsible for the defeat in the first derby with Leonardo as the coach, and where we lost 1-0 and Milito scored from my mistake.

“I have also been unlucky. I’ve made two mistakes and then Milito scored two goals. I feel like it’s my match. I take responsibility and I see the derby as the opportunity to climb up the Serie A table. Cassano? I have the right spirit and also the motivation to face Cassano. You can all keep calm. Stramaccioni says that we’re the favorites? That’s just pure mind games. The documented truth is the following: they’re better placed in the Serie A table than we are. We have to get more points.” Strama said today he was just joking.

-Interview with Luca Antonini with the Milan Channel

“If we have become an invincible army after the victory against Zenit? No, of course not. But we’re not in such a bad shape, even though we lost two home matches to Sampdoria and Atalanta. We’re not good enough to win the Scudetto, but we’re not that bad that we’ll fight for survival in Serie A,” the fullback added.

“Juve is the strongest and most complete team. It’s only Napoli that can give them trouble. There’s just one truth: we can’t think that we can win the matches like we used to do; by a moment of brilliance from one of our players. We have to do it by suffering and by all 11 of us fighting. We all have a positive and honest relation with Allegri. I don’t want to talk about the Inzaghi incident. It wasn’t a pleasant incident to comment.

“If I have any regrets? I have switched clubs a lot when Ancelotti was Milan’s coach, before I came back to Milanello. When I was 17 I went to Napoli where I was a starter, and then the year after I went to Piacenza where I never played. To think that in 2003 I already had gotten my Champions League debut for Milan…”

Max Allegri claimed in his presser ahead of the Inter game that Abate doesn’t have a ‘mental block’ in the derby but the papers are still not sure who’ll start between Abate and De Sciglio (could be both).

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Of course, we can’t win the scudetto.


abate and de sciglio need to play at right and left back mostly everygame


Its a fact. Our position is 10th.

Some Guy

2nd-3rd in my opinion.

Milan fan

“We’re not good enough to win the Scudetto, but we’re not that bad that we’ll fight for survival in Serie A” in other words,we are an average team, mediocre. Mid-table team. Shame…..just shame. This is not Milan.


fan…..hmmmm thats how depreciated our milan has become. We are fighting for survival in a league that is no more attractive. God save us.

Pa ibra

Abate is acting stupid on and off the pitch. Napoli can challenge Juve and Milan cant??. its understanable to say both cant challenge Juve. on player to player, Milan have better players than Napoli. of course this Milan is newly born but players has to stop this Roma is better than Milan. Napoli is better Milan… it gets me ashame. having average players is not our only problem but those average players have average mentalities as well.


no, no, my Milan is great. We can win the scudetto. Change your thinking man. Be MOTIVATED. We can win. Forza Milan. A little faith a belief then the scudetto would be ours.
We are only as average as we think. So think big.


i agree with you. our players aren’t better than juve’s, but they’re definitely good enough to pull off an upset and clinch the title. after all, chelsea won the cl last year, and the only good players they had are drogba, cech, ashley cole, mata, branislav ivanovic and john terry. only 2 of these are under 30 – the rest just relied on experience… and the other players are worse than ours. at least bonera is in the penalty box when he’s supposed to be there, unlike a certain someone *cough*david luiz*cough*


i still have faith for scudetto. napoli is stronger but we where mid table in the start of last year (which we got cheated of title) and when we won it. losers like abate who are useless to squad ruin and lack motiviation, di sciglio is miles better than this horrible crossing bad mistake idiot. forza milan

isaiah don shevy

is a mind statement it does nt min we won’t challange 4 d title in d long run if tins gt beta he just said dat to clear d mindset of people dat ar xpectin much expectatn frm d team.bcos of thier poor form dis season bt only wit time and milan fc is nt a mediocre.and it can neva b.past or present d most succesful club in europe na beans


Abate is just trying to take d pressure off d team…can’t u all jst see diz…De rossi said same about Roma and he is in no way a mediocre playa. Pls u all shld take it easy.


Abate is speaking the truth. Our team is not good enough to challenge for a trophy. Napoli is better than milan and thats a fact. The morale of our players is low. Until the mgt stop being stingy in the name of balancing books then milan shd stop thinking about winning trophies.


who said we can’t challenge for the scudetto?if we win against inter,we will have 10 points and move to fifth place…6 points off the summit…abate should be confident because he is a milan player..if i was a milan player,i will work my socks off to win this derby…


Abate aint stupid…ders no need 2 insult him


One word to describe Abate’s pace any1????????


Have you all noticed who are 2 milan players that fail to deliver good assists whenever they have the ball? They are abate and KPB. In every matches have been played so far, I keep focusing on identifying the players who should be blamed why milan have difficulties in makin goals. It is not the strikers’ failure to convert into a goal but it is because of players like abate and KPB who could not deliver good assists to other players. This fact need to be solved immediately because it makes milan like a mediocre team. I prefer to bench… Read more »


I disagree with abate. I think we have the best team in serie a, but we have an extremely bad coach. All he talks about is how the team should defend as a group, he never talks about how the team should attack, and pose a threat as a group. All our goals have been heavily dependent on luck and individual(SES) brilliance, no team work. I sincerly hope pep comes to milan next year because i am tired of people blaming the players, and mgt(not to say they don’t carry any blame, thier blame is different) when it’s so obviously… Read more »


I agree with Abate…

Napoli have Cavani and Hamsik…both of them are Serie A stars and their leaders.

Marchisio, Pirlo, and Vidal are very good combination midfielder.

But I am happy with SES progress..and quite optimistic for Milan’s team. Maybe third position is a realistic target.


my prediction on today’s match:

AC Milan 1-0 Internazionale
‘El Shaarawy


Can somebody PLEASE help me…

I need some good websites to watch the game on. I know about first row sports, but thats sometimes unreliable


Dear administrator,
Why my comment is awaiting moderation? Why?


Cyborg, Cyborg, Cyborg!
U always make me laugh with ur comments.
Best Team in Seria A?


Wat type of player would de grade his time like usless abate


If this milan team is the best then seria A is not a league to watch.