Milan: New low in season-ticket sales


MILAN HAVE closed the season-ticket sales with just 23,618 sold – the lowest in Berlusconi’s time.

Milan went through a dramatic summer as most of the big players left, and no stars were brought in their place as Milan’s idea for this summer was to slash expenses ahead of the UEFA Financial Fair Play.

Milan sold Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic and said goodbye to great legends like Sandro Nesta, Clarence Seedorf, Rino Gattuso and Pippo Inzaghi, as Milan needed a ‘generational change’, Allegri said.

Highlights: Milan 0-1 Atalanta
Milan-Atalanta: Official line-ups

But the fans are far from convinced with this new Milan side and have shown their discontent. According to the official numbers released by Milan, only 23,618 people have bought season-tickets for Milan’s games. This is easily the lowest amount of sold season-tickets since Silvio Berlusconi took over Milan in 1986.

Last year 31,156 season-tickets were sold but this is nowhere near the 71,895 season tickets that were sold in the 92/93 season. The only times San Siro will be packed, it seems, will be when you play FIFA 13.

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Sigh….please leave already u 2 old coots (Berlu and Galli…)

Ugochukwu Gerald

Allegri is the problem! Please sack him because he made all our players leave from Pirlo to Gattuso, the likes of Nesta and Van Brommel etc. He does not respect the experienced players who are the fulcrum of the team. To hell with Massimiliano Allegri. Please B&G do something!!!


so…if they stayed u think things would’ve been better? relying on 32+ year olds?

ur precious B&G is the da*mn problem


look at the bright side boys and girls…at least there is a fifa 13!

(4 and a half stars lol)


If we get 4 and a half stars


It’s a well run club now. Ibrahimovic out was a good move but Thiago Silva shouldn’t have gone for any price. You cant replace world class defenders any more


This horrendous season might still be saved in January even though a top 3 spot is a highly vivid possibility….a few factors will determine a top3 finish, the sacking of Allegri mainly is the first factor, iv been backing him for a while but after yesterday he showed us he’s lack of tactical thinking(ambro and de jong was a no-no)…(Substituting our best attackers SES and Urby left me lost for words)….the 2nd factor is the possible arrival of new players(Strootman etc) and departure of the unneeded(Mesbah and co.). If the two instances follow through then we just might hide the… Read more »

Pa ibra

now no one can back Allegri


U all can get angry, but will practically do nothing. Best thing is just to loan yourselves to another club at the moment. Leave this hopeless team

isaiah shevy frm lasgidi

pls fans lets give allegri 2 match to prove himslf one more time b4 we can discriminate him.


Very soon it’ll be 250 tickets. Lolz allegri z a compound fool.


allegri is not a coach. He never should hv bn signed. A coach who cant play without ibra… What a shame! Psg should reunite them.


Arrivederci allegri…


If we knows we wants 2 sell silva we shld hav kip nesta,nd sell ibra nd kip seedorf bcus dey re d 1 to motivate d rest,no 1 shld blame alegri bcus he did nt hav zlatan nd silva at cagliari nd he has a good team b4 we sign him,lets look mourinho precently wit his full squard 4 point in 4 matches we re d rosoneri lets hav faith in our team nd coach nd d management,FORZA MILAN


The main problem for milan is allegri,so he should go atleast the fans will have rest of mind

Milan 4 Barca 0

well people wanted the senators out for a long time… this is what happens when the experience goes.. get used to it … i am ….

sammy clinton

Allegri needs help. Am one of those that always back him. But yesterday I was so mad at myself for the backing I’ve gave to him. How can a good coach think of taking off your 2best players on the field…and yet he keeps unfit pazzini on the field for 96mins without a shot on target…milan needs God intervention.


Balance book and we the fans will balance our pocket with our money. Am still suprise people pay money to watch a bunch of mediocres. If they don’t change their useless policy the ticket will be free yet people won’t go to the stadium to watch milan matches. God save us.

sammy clinton

Hmmmm…you’re very correct man.

Nana fynn

I think i have to loan some of the tickets with an option to buy.hahahaha


Very funny Lol .