My Two Cents – Allegri Finally Coming Out Of His Comfort Zone?


WITH various reports surfacing from an array of media outlets within Italy, the word is strong that Allegri has been tinkering with multiple formations during the much needed International break.

Dogmatic in his approach, the Livorno-born tactician seems to have a fetish with his beloved 4-3-1-2 formation – in all fairness, one which has been rather successful for Milan during the past decade. However, the current crop of players at his disposal don’t seem to be functioning well within this particular footballing deployment.

Every coach is different, and that is by all means fine by me; however, there must come a time where one must comprehend having a Plan B, or even a Plan C, is beneficial. And, it looks like Allegri has finally opened his mind just that little bit to explore alternative options. I’m thrilled… well, more relieved than anything.

De Sciglio: “Maldini comparisons are too early”
Report: Pato to return against Cagliari

Personally, looking at the current Milan roster, I have to say, a 4-2-3-1 formation would dovetail quite gracefully. We have an abundance of wide attackers which can drift out wide or cut inside and play more central, if need be. Two pure strikers who can occupy the sole forward position – in a rotational system, of course!

With the logical purchase of De Jong, we have good options in the centre of the park to command and dominate the midfield. Montolivo alongside either De Jong or Ambrosini, would be the best option.

As for the defense, we still need to find the perfect balance. There are many contenders to slot in, all of which are capable of performing well. The tricky part is establishing chemistry, but that takes time in order to achieve. If we work together as a team – defend and attack as one unit – I’m positive we could really surprise a lot of people, most importantly, each other.

Forza Milan!

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I would consider Allegri coming out of his so-called comfort zone when he doesn’t play Urby as AMF and play De De Sciglio on the left and stop playing 3 DMFs at once.


I have to agree, i would like to se a 4-2-3-1 formation.
We have alot of attackers now(even without pato). But the team needs to be united, whoever scores, it dosen’t matter, if one scores the whole team scores. I didn’t get that feel when ibra was playing.
Abate/sciglio-Zapata/Bonera -Mexes/Acerbi-Didac/antonini
————De Jong/ambrosini – Montolivo/nocerino——
——-ElSharawy/Bojan – Boteng/???- Robiniho/Urby——

Pato is not in this because i dont consider him as a player at all, he needs to be fit a whole seasson before we can consider him as viable option.


4 2 3 1. Its the way to go.


……..De Jong…..


Ambro and Urby replace Nocerino and Monto in National Cup or someone injury..


4-3-2-1 otherwise we will get caught on the counter:
Abbiati-Abate-Acerbi-Zapata-De Sciglio-Montolivo-De Jong-Muntari/Nocerino-Boateng-SES/Bojan-Pato/Pazzini

Royal Leone







allegri knows these players so,he should derive a playing pattern that suits every individual player

Ac fan

Hope he use this formation as i see a lot of positive coming out from it considering d numba of wide attackers we have in abundance nd also d high no of defensive midfielders hu re ol willing to give out their best

Ac fan

So i personally think d squad should like this:
abate acerbi zapata antonini
dejong montolivo
emmanuelson boateng robinho


The 4-2-3-1 is rhe best, quite agree with Anthony here. Our back four shud be Abate, Acerbi, Mexes/Zapata & De Sciglio. Monti&De Jong in holding role, then spread Robinho on the right, Urby/Bojan on the left and Play Boateng right behind Pazzini who will wait in the Box as a fox that he is for crosses! PATO ON THE BENCH! Lol… But be mindful, he could get injured there too, probably while shaking hands with a sustituted player. BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!


that formation is good,but the problem is that most times u can have anny formation u want but if the team philosophy is wrong then there wont be much of a difference.

We need to establish an attacking and fluid philosophy that way no matter which formation we use the style will be the same.

Allegri has to become more attack minded and stop playing 3DMs at the same time.its pathetic ,this is milan.


This squad can do well with either one of these formations 4-2-3-1, 4-3-2-1 or the 4-3-3 the one mentioned in this article (4-2-3-1) is the more attacking of the three hence I would probably go for the 4-3-2-1, as the 4-2-3-1 could leave big gaps in the back.

The important thing to remember is that this squad is open to many systems, so Allegri should take this into consideration if not in action!


Mr Allegri have to wake up but I prefer 4 3 2 1 than 4 2 3 1 bcoz we can suffer through counter attack. 4rza Milan


De Sciglio has said he can play on the left so there’s absolutely NO REASON to see Antonini on the pitch. There’s also Vila, or even Urby who can play there. And Allegri, are you related to Bonera or something because not one single Milan fan can understand why we keep seeing him in the starting 11.

Olalekan Mojeed

@ac fans ye use carlo formatn.max should use is perfect formatn that will be suitable for the team


@dejan, actually i understand the reason, and i expected it 2 happen dat way. And unless he gets injured or smth, i expect bonera to start against atlanta, alongside acerbi. So stop whining, cuz d gud thing about allegri is dat he’ll do what he wants to do.

Snoop ibra

Allegri must use the 4 3 1 2 which will go this way Abbiati Abate De Sciglio Mexes Bonera De Jong Montolivo Nocerino KP Boateng Pato Pazzini


gabriel, abate, zapata, mexes, de sciglio, de jong, montolivo, emanuelson, boateng, robinho, pato

abbiati, bonera, acerbi, yepes, antonini, nocerino, muntari, el shaarawy, bojan, constant, pazzini

AC big Fan

Gabriel will never be a first team goalkepper of Milan. He`s not that talented he will be just another goalkepper second or third.


LOL, He have played will for brazil, did you watch the olympics?









why do so much persons write that 4231 brings counters with it. in a 433 or 4321 it’s the same. you have 3 midfielders ( monto and de jong and boateng who plays attacking midfield and he will surly help defending) and also the two wingers will help in defense


THE BEST MILAN XI IN MY OPINION IS: _______________ABBIATI________________ ABATE___MEXES__ZAPATA/ACERBI___DESCIGLIO __________DEJONG____MONTOLIVO__________ __ROBINHO______BOATENG______BOJAN/SES___ ______________PATO/PAZZINI_____________ This formation/lineup would be the best that will help develop our two promising young stars- Desciglio & Elsharaawy. Desciglio is too good to be dropped on the bench but it’s unfortunate Abate is pretty good also to be dropped on the bench and has more experience than desciglio so that gives room for Desciglio to play on the left since he is capable and bench will do nothing but waste his talents. About Elsharaawy, it’ll be a waste of talent to drop him on the bench as… Read more »


We played a similar system under leonardo but we were far less disciplined. Allegri can add some good structure to the 4-2-3-1. But another thing to note is that Pato did very well when playing wide on the right side of a front 3. If he is fit, I would favor him over Robinho to play. Pato – Boateng – Bojan behind Pazzini is my choice. It would be a waste to have Pato finally fit and not be able to use him due to a system change and he is far better than Robinho.


I wish Milan can establish their trust in Francesco Acerbi. I continue to root for him. He and de sciglio represent new Milan. I am tired of seeing Mexes and Bonera caught out of position. The other people in defence can be Zapata and Abate.




This milan can be very good if the coach uses his options well. The formation of abbiati, abate, acerbi, zapata, de sciglio, de jong, ambrosini, montolivo, boateng, robinho/ emmanuelson, pazzini/ pato/ elsharawi is the best option. nocerino’s form for club and country has not been that impressive. The performance of bonera has been very wanting. The form of Mexes and overall performance needs to be looked at continually.


Problem with Antonini and Mexes is that they are in and out of the game.


Guys,for desired by you 4-2-3-1 we definitely need wings. Currently we do not have even one wing player. 4-2-3-1 play Man UTD but they have Valencia, Ashley Young, Nani. Real Madrid has Di Maria and Ronaldo, players who can deliver the ball. We just have light attackers.


if prefer 4-3-3/4-2-3
———————-the 4-3-3———————-





——————–the 4-2-3-1———————



—————montolivo-de jong—————–


de sciglio-mexes-yepes-bonera-constant-traore-el shaarawy-bojan-niang-abbiati-gabriel-vila-muntari-strasser


I don’t think that Allegri was sticked to 4-3-1-2. He used the 4-3-3 quite often in his early games and sometimes last year. When he had Ronadinho/Cassano+Robinho, he used it, because it was effective. But when he had a good Ibra, who could redistribute the balls for the strong, fast, but less technical midfilders, he used 4-3-1-2. At that time, that was the most effective. Mainly because he had mids like Seedorf, Piro/Aquilani, a creative second striker, and T. Silva who all could pass to Ibra high up to the field. Now, he doesn’t have any of them. Neither Ibra,… Read more »


I recon 4-1-2-3 would be better, changing from 3 to 2 in defensive midfield would be very difficult without losing few games/and the season.
-Abate——Mexes——–Zapata—De Sciglio-
——-Boateng————–De Jong/Monto—-


4 2 3 1
Gabriel GK/Abbiati
Abate Zapata Mexes/Bonera/Acerbi De Sciglio
De Jong Montolivo
El Shaaraawy Boateng Pato

Bojan Instead of Pazzini according to form of players .. players should be rotationally changed


fans we must unite and support our team no matter what happens now. this a new, young team and they will need time to come together. plz everyone support them with ur all, watch every game, cheer them on. feel the colors red and black within ur skin, in ur soul


anyone else think we seem to be doing next summer’s transfers already?… i hear we’ve already agreed terms for yarmolenko, strootman, yanga mbiwa, mattia perin (exchange with gabriel), and llorente (if pato doesn’t manage to stay fit) for 2013, are considering january moves for g.rossi and cesc fabregas, and are monitoring 3 youngsters, 2 south americans including Bruno Uvini and one European kid.


the three youth are bruno dybal(18)and not uvini(napoli), and jordy clasie(21) and a danish guy from ajax(19)


oh yeah, sorry… my bad.


Rumours say that Berlusconi has issued Allegri an ultimatum. If he doesn’t win all or most of (rumours not clear) the next 7 games, he’s fired. Tas*oti to take his place. Also, Berlu wants either a Milanista or Guardiola to coach Milan. Ancelotti could be brought back if he fails at PSG. Also wants all coaching and board roles to be had by former Milan players. Maldini, Baresi, Costacurta could be given roles in Milan. Gattuso could come back to coach Milan Primavera after his contract with Sion expires. If Milan hire a new coach, then Tas*soti and/or Inzaghi would… Read more »


About the formations, everytime Pato is listed, he’s a backup to Pazzini, even if there’re 2 strikers. Bojan tipped to play on the right wing in either 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 (in this case Pato being his backup), however, I hear that for our next match, he’s fighting with El Shaarawy for a starting spot on the left wing. Milan’s 4-2-3-1 as posted by gazzetta, has a mid and atack that looks like this:
(El Shaarawy) (Urby) (Pato)
——–De Jong———-Montolivo
(Ambro) (Nocerino)
(Muntari) (Flamini)


The question is who must go….first out the door is……………………..?


Pazzini has stopped during training for a problem in his right leg. He came off the field as a precaution in order not to worsen the situation. Sign*


i think the best formation is this :


Abate Acerbi Zapata De Sciglio

De Jong

Nocerino Montolivo


Pato Pazzini


______________De Jong_______________

This would be good because there it won’t mind that boa isn’t real 10 and he won’t have to carry the duty of connecting by himself the midfield with the attackers, and with pato (fit) there he can make great runs but for this formation to work allegri will have to know what to tell the players to do on the pitch if not or he doesn’t know how to it won’t work, and the truth is that I don’t really think allegri can do that


Nocerino needs to be dropped, in Italy if a creative, attacking, skillfull player had played as badly as Nocerino at the start of this season they would be out the team until someone got injured but a workhorse plays week after week, there are too many players like this in Milan and Italy right now while the creative players sit on the bench. Nocerino is a good player but shouldn’t be averse to being a sub




————-De Jong—-Montolivo————-

Bojan(Robinho)—–KPB————-El Shaarawy(Robinho)