Ambrosini: “Juventus a level above Milan”


MASSIMO AMBROSINI says Milan need time as Juventus are superior to the Rossoneri at the moment.

Milan got their first win of the season, beating Bologna 1-3 away with a hat-trick from Giampaolo Pazzini who said Milan should now be targeting the Scudetto. But everyone knows that Milan aren’t the favourites.

Adriano Galliani last week that Milan should have no excuses now with the signing of Nigel De Jong but Massimo Ambrosini – like coach Massimiliano Allegri – says Juventus are still a better side in Serie A.

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“The most difficult aspect was last season during the final week where we realized that something has changed. Personally I had realized that something had ended, just like all things come to an end,” Ambro told Mediaset after the game in which he played 90 minutes and got 6/10 from today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“De Jong and I as the two defensive midfielders? We’ll see. He’s used to playing next to a teammate in front of the defence. I don’t know if De Jong can play as a mezz’ala. We’ll see. Allegri actually changed the tactical formation during the match. We have many solutions as we have other midfielders who didn’t play against Bologna and who have a lot of quality,” added Ambrosini who’s entering his 4th year as captain.

“The gap between Juve and us is still there. Juve are undoubtedly a level above us. But you never know what can happen in football. We have many young players and we still have to become a squad. We have great possibilities to make it and also a lot of desire. The victory against Bologna is the point of departure.

“It’s true that it’s difficult to play after you’ve gotten booked. And then when there’s a player like Alessandro Diamanti around you… If we will offer to pay a dinner for Pazzini? He has to offer one to us because we made him score! (laughs) I was sad about Cassano leaving, because he’s a guy that you get attached to.

“It’s right that Milan have certain ambitions but you need to be realistic. Now we’re reconstructing and we need time especially because we’ve lost many important players. We hope that this will be a stimulus for us, so that we can give a lot of satisfaction to our fans,” added the 35-year-old midfieder.

Ambrosini has decided to take the realistic approach to this win: Milan have potential but the team is still very much in building so it’ll take some more time before Milan can seriously challenge for the title again.

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Dare forza milano

You are damn right ambro, galiani sold our best players then with no proper replacement


To become at the same level as them we need the following to happen:

We are a big squad of 32, exclude the three youngsters(Niang,Carmona,Valoti) and we become 29 with three goalkeepers, This squad need to be trimmed down to 26-27 including goalkeepers and the best way to do it I think is:

Ambrosini—> Strootman
Muntari/Traore/Constant and Flamini—> Moussa Sissoko(Free)
Vila/Antonini and Mesbah—> Criscito


yarmolenko will join milan as free agent next season according to reports…strootman also season no excuse for no scudetto…


yes sissoko, he would be great


robinho and bojan must stay and they are way better than yermolenko
mexes should just retire here we need him to stay with us


Allegri just needs to believe in this current squad of players and let them play. Take the shackles off and let them play cos last night (excluding the first 25mins) the team looked nervous and held back for some reason.


He’s right, but also this puts the pressure on Juve’s shoulders, while we’re unburdening the pressure, and can work and play in our own way. But when all players are fit, we really don’t have a terrible squad, I think it can do great things. We need to trim it down though in January and next summer, out with the mediocre players, and add 2-3 quality players to it and we’ll officially be back in business. But it will be fun to see what we can do this season. Let’s just keep the faith, the team is about to gel,… Read more »


trim it down and add a cb,lb,merkel,AM,rossi


u r a big [email protected],hw cn u say dat yarmo z beta dan binho and bojan?binho has a beta flair and runz fastr yarmo.plz dnt say dat trash again.


There is no fool around here but you, we all know that Robinho might leave in Jan or next summer and all I did was suggest a player to replace him. I never said that he was better than Robinho and even if I did, it’s my opinion and I have the right to say whatever I want to say as long as I am not offending anyone.


That’s good if we had pre-agreement with some players..but at least, I want to see our development current squad first..
From one game to another game…that must be a good progression.
Acerbi, De Sciglio, De Jong, Bojan, Pazzini, Niang…and the rest of the squad…hope the best for them.


It’s gud to see a younger team as we build a team dat can win trophies and even surpas madrid’s champions league record.I bliv in d rebuilding proces bcos overtime some current players who are not milan’s quality wuld leave fr better one’s.Hope montolivo recovers on time bcos i really want to start seeing a midfield of de jong,boateng,montolivo and nocerino.I bliv nocerino wil improve while ambrosini is there to make d new guys and younger players aclimatise nd improve.As fr d defence,i prefer a back four of abate,zapata,acerbi and de sciglio/antonini.If dat back four gels we are goin to… Read more »

Don Usyy

Yarmalenko, strootman and yanga-mbiwa would all arrive at milan next season. 2 (mbiwa and yarmalenko) are free agents while strootman have been settled! I think yepes, abbiati, mexes, flamini and ambrossini would leave next summer.. Albertazzi, ganz and two to three loaned youths would be back..


Anyone see inter vs roma? Lol. Nice one by roma. Zeman is a very good coach, they play an very intresting football, even they using some youngster at the starting lines up againts inter. And I’m happy coz inter lose. Haha. I hope someday zeman coaching ac milan(if the way they play just like this match). Forza milan


zeman has always played attacking football, but his defence is always exposed. every match can end 5-0 or 0-5 with his teams. and anyway, im pretty sure roma is zeman’s last stop. i’m not 100% sure but he seemed to say something like that in his interview.


Its the truth our team is below the level of other teams in italy but I hope that we can get quality players to beef up the team in the future and hope Galliani won’t sell our players who will perform very well this season.


Roma killed Inter while juve cheat yet another team! (Udine) that’s 3 games out of 3 they get major ref help! I smell match fixing again!


I’m sorry to say this and I hate to admit, the way we play is awful. We don’t use wideness but too much use flank, ironic. And our midfield is nowhere, and even our CM try to play from the flanks. So when we lose the ball, the enemy can easly exploit our centre midfield bcoz our central midfield is nowhere. That’s what I’m saw when we play using 4-3-1-2 formation. But I really like when allegri changing to 4-2-3-1 formation againts bologna, bcoz its a more balance in the midfield and a two DM that always ready in the… Read more »


, but don’t you agree the way roma playing againts inter is very intresting?
Yed, maybe roma can be the last team he coaching, he is not young anymore. 🙂


yeah, i agree. everyone loves the way his teams play. its always very exciting.


@ouch, just shut up if u have nuttin important to say.
Must u guyz hate a team cuz they are winning and urs isn’t?
Last year we had more penalties than juve and most of them whr questionable, so wats ur beef.
The red card given to Udines gk might have been harsh bt it was a penalty.

Face it, Juve are a much Stronger team than the others!
These talk match-fixing is getting stupid.


Controversial win against Napoli (super cup)
Controversial win against Parma
Controversial win against Udine

The ref had a MAJOR say in all three games! That led to jube winning, and this is just the beginning. You can just pass it off as coincidence but don’t tell me what I can and can’t do! Jube = scum of football word!! I hope Chelsea humiliate them in the CL.


bate,zapata,acerbi and de sciglio… I think if these guy gel toghter we will definitely have a solid back line….. I do think we have a grate squad allegri jus need to utilise the guys more better

Gioele Romeo

guys, i honestly do not rate mexes that highly. He is quite liable as well, he didn’t play that well yesterday with the primavera.
Anyone think the acerbi was great vs bologna?
thought he played with great reading of the game and tackling. Love to see him against better opposition but i think there is signs of good things to come. Especially with the high possibility of getting Mbiwa.



Yes, acerbi playing a very good game. And I hope, acerbi still improve to the max of his potential. Honestly, I don’t like mexes but mexes is better than bonera or yepes.


honestly with time we can form a very good team:

Abate/De Sciglio Acerbi Zapata De Sciglio/Constant
Montolivo De Jong Nocerino/Constant
Pazzini/Niang Pato/Robinho/SES

When Muntari returns he can play either on the left or instead of de jong. Emanuelson can sub for montolivo or Nocerino depending on performances. Lots of work needs to be done in midfield and defence though and it will take at least 10-12 games before we find perfect rhythm maybe longer, for the attack to floooowwwww


to be honest, some of you have different approach with me. if i were allegri, i will prove that it is the tactical play that contributes bigger than players’ skills. imo, milan have not played with great teamwork. midfielders are often give long passes to strikers and let the strikers to build ideas or visions to score. allegri should improve his tactics and strengthen the teamwork. milan players should improve their fitness too.


Our injury list keeps growing, wtf is this! 2 games in to the seasson and already key players are out!? anyone in living in milan, mind explaining this this too me? wtf is allegri doing with those kids…..


Bcos of that tactical matters so allegri choose to playing bonera and ambrosini instead zapata and de jong 4 starter againts bologna. But I believe, milan will improve more and more. Forza Milan


Dont know why allegri keep starting bonera instead of christian zapata……just imagine!


Bcoz of tactical matters.