El Kaddouri to Milan in January via Genoa?


OMAR EL KADDOURI may also join Milan, but in January; Ze Eduardo starts his Milan trial today.

Milan and Genoa is a love story that continues to produce transfers. After working together to bring Kevin-Prince Boateng and Stephan El Shaarawy among others, the clubs are planning on more moves together.

Yesterday Milan negotiated with Genoa and reached an agreement over Ze Eduardo due to Alexandre Pato’s latest injury. The 24-year-old, who never impressed anywhere, will start his trial with Milan today.

Milan: Potential new Pato injury blow
Report: Milan close to signing Zé Eduardo

Ze Eduardo joined Genoa from Santos and scored no goals since arriving there. Milan in the end decided to give him a trial instead of signing him immediately on loan with a €4m buy-out clause. Ze Eduardo, or Ze Love as he’s called in Brazil, will try to convince coach Massimiliano Allegri to sign him this month.

But Ze Eduardo may not be the last deal Milan and Genoa are planning. According to Sky Sport Italia and La Gazzetta dello Sport, the two have also spoken about Brescia’s 22-year-old attacking midfielder Omar El Kaddouri. The reports suggest that El Kaddouri, whose agent is Mino Raiola, will move to Genoa this summer and then in January, the Rossoneri will be able to buy half of his card from Enrico Preziosi’s side.

Meanwhile, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Caen will give Milan an answer regarding their bid for 17-year-old M’Baye Niang today. Milan made a formal offer of a free loan with buy-out clause of €3 million.

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Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Oh my God yes,yes

elia ngalu

Good business for El Kaddouri and M’baye Niang..Promising youngsters for the future Milan..FORZA MILAN


Jus 1 person. Buy kaka and 4get about this silly guys


Relationship Continues with Genoa!

Never Seen Much Of El Khadouri though But We’ll Monitor Him If Genoa Eventually Lands Him Before He Comes to Milan In January.

M’Biaye Niang Should Be the Eye of Galliani, He’s Just 17, If Caen Agree A Free Loan, The Buy-out Clause Should Be around £5M. £3M Is Small Though.


3mil is probably too low for Niang, but I read once that they’ll get a first option on our primavera youngsters or something like that, so I’m optimistic. El Kaddouri seems promising, too


At least, let see something official before we start smiing again…. FORZA-MILAN.

afeez olawale

all we need is KAKA’

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

@Kenny this guy is awesome and young


Niang(0-1m loan with option to buy for 3), EL Kaddouri(1.5m coownership), De Jong(8-10m), Mbiwa(free in jan or 8 now,if Mexes leaves), and Kaka(10m).

Nainggolan would be way better than De Jong and should be cheaper in the last days and get El Kaddouri now instead of Jan if not Kaka

Mbiwa will reduce the wages from 4 to 1.8.
Niang and El Kaddouri will have low wages.
De Jong might have high wages/Nainggolan wouldn’t.
Kaka should agree to a wage in the range of 5-6.

This would be a really good youth movement.


matri, kaka, kaddori lol, de jong, mbiwa, drenthe. yes, they are all better to wat we got now so yes yes yes….


Is d president of Genoa married to Belusconi’s sister or wat!


GOALKEEPERS: Abbiati, Amelia, Gabriel.

CENTER-BACKS: Mexès(Mbiwa), Acerbi, Zapata, Bonera, Yepes.

RIGHT-BACKS: De Sciglio, Abate.

LEFT-BACKS: Antonini, Dídac Vilà.

CENTRALO-MIDFIELDERS: Ambrosini, Montolivo, (Nainggolan/De Jong).

SIDE-MIDFIELDERS: Nocerino, Constant, Traoré, Flamini, Muntari, Emanuelson, Strasser.

ATTACKING-MIDFIELDERS: Boateng,(El Kaddouri) .

SECOND-STRIKERS: Robinho, El Shaarawy,.

CENTRAL-FORWARDS: Pato, Pazzini, (Niang).

nana fynn

lets see how its goes.


Preziosi love Milan more than Galliani…


it would be very good, if the management is willing to spend, seriously how does juve, inter, roma, spend 10 to 15m on 1 player, but we cant get kaka for 10m, n we need him badd, a left bak is really a problem for years. mbiwa for 8m now is a bargain, our defence is the worst it has ever been. i just cant understand y they cant c that. its really amazing…


and plz sell off pato d glass boy,he is a talent bt we alrdy knw dat bt wats d need of a cutlery if u cant eat wt it,get ze eduardo though he has nt impressed anywia bt he can stil score goals,if pato reali wants to play he needs to b in d game,help d midfield and den make runs to score,forgt de jong, gt kaka,train traore he ll do well as a regista and plz gt a centre bak,yang mbiwa to b precise.El kadouri is a nice prospect


Hope all of these players will arrive. Milan till our blood turns blue.


why get kaka for 10 mil and pay him wages of 5 mil?the 10 mil alone can get us two young talented players like niang and kaddouri with lesser wages n we could play robi or elsharawwy in the hole for now.


All milan need is mbiwa,kolarov,kaka,rossi pls let’s those players join us Forza ressoneri


kaka is better than all of them thats y, did u c wat he did to milan in like 20 minutes. lol. 1 man show, robinho, el shaarawy, khadouri cant do that. n allegri wont play robinho or el behind the strikers. allegri uses them as forwards. dont u c milan. under allegri this team suks.


allegri doesnt know how to change formation, he doesnt use players at there strengths, just plays them n hopes for the best, seriously, milan plays uglly football under allegri,


allegri has the final word of ze eduardo, lol, wtf, allegri will get him for sure now. this is sad, y cant he demand matri, g,rossi, kaka, mbiwa. allegri u little puppett, u dont decide wat players, galliani already signed him, u just say u wanted him, wateva,


just leave allegri alone will you?


Apparently Allegri prefers Niang to Ze Eduardo, I hope he fails with his trial, I really do, and that Caen accepts our offer for Niang. In that case Ze Eduardo probably won’t be signed. I hope Allegri has the balls to say no, for once.


u want young quality players, i will name a few,,, listen up, Younes Belhanda, Yanga Mbiwa, Adel Taarabt, Giovani Dos Santos, Aly Cissokho, ogbonna, miranda cb 20yrs, affelay, adil rami, benetia. etc i can keep going, y cant allegri ask for these players. if they want a young team. PUPPETTTTTTTTT


please please please make sure you seal Niang and try to get KAKA back too!

i love how Genoa gives us players lolol


cuz we are on a limited budget,u say get Ogbonna but he’ll cost 15-20 mil,same for benatia too.where’s the money to sign such players?


Players… Victor Ruiz CB Valencia, Varane CB Real Madrid, David CB Flamengo, Centre Backs…..


juve, inter, napoli, roma, lazio, how r they spennding ai, think cuzzo


I know a great left bak, Dennis Aogo. yer baby, he should be cheap. sell mesbah, didac vila, n get him, is that hard…..


my dream line-up


not bad….


where is nocerino?


Dredd juve are spending because they just built a new stadium and have revenue. We are going to have a mediocre year but at the end of the day when ffp kicks in next year these “BIG TEAMS” that you keep referencing will need to offload players to be in the position we are in now. stop complaining, you are not a milan fan you are a troll trying to get people upset. just shut up

isaiah shevy frm lasgidi

dats to much on dredd dats is own point of view i c no fault in his reasonin.all we all nid for milan is d best.and not to fall in d arena at d hands of oda teams.


Phil, wat about inter, where did there 15m com from to get handonovic. lol. ai, do they hav there own stadium. Roma doesnt hav there own stadium. where did they get there money from. Juve, yer ffp, u think they dont know about it. seriously man, ur the 1 who should shuttt up cuzz,


If milan had vision, ambtion, they would hav prepared to build a new stadium when juve started, but ai, wat happend. where did there money com from to build a stadium. so wat r u on about, ilan doesnt hav money, they do, so pisss offff


milan has the most tv rights, more supporters round the world, makes more money than any italian team, from seria a, cl, ect, so wheres the money………