Official: Pazzini joins Milan, Cassano goes to Inter


GIAMPAOLO PAZZINI is a new Milan player, joining from Inter with Antonio Cassano going the other way.

It is now official – the swap has been completed and the contracts have been signed: Pazzini joins Milan from Inter, in exchange for Cassano who asked the Rossoneri management to sell him this summer.

Everything has been set for over than 24 hours but only now (Wednesday noon) the official announcement came and the two players have already trained with their new clubs, and with their new teammates.

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Pazzini to debut against Sampdoria

The basis of this transfer is a part-exchange with Milan also giving Inter €7 million (other sources claim €7.5 million) for Giampaolo Pazzini. Both players were unhappy at their teams and Fantantonio asked to be transferred. Cassano has always been a fan of Inter and like Pazzini, he’s happy to be changing sides.

Pazzini gives Milan what they needed: a strong number 9 striker. The 28-year-old (younger than Cassano in two years) will be wearing Milan’s number 11 jersey which had been worn by Zlatan Ibrahimovic for two seasons, before the Swede giant moved to Paris Saint-Germain along with Thiago Silva in a deal that got into Milan’s coffers about €62 million. Pazzini has already trained with Milan in training complex Milanello.

Giampaolo is likely to debut on Sunday against Sampdoria. Pazzini is the 7th purchase this summer after Riccardo Montolivo, Bakaye Traoré, Kevin Constant, Francesco Acerbi, Gabriel and Cristian Zapata.

Benvenutto Pazzini, welcome to Milan!

Milan Channel welcomes Pazzini (via
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I heard that we also paid inter an extra 5-7 million *smh*………seriously berlu and gallaini have lost their touch and need to GO!! because they’ll say pazzini is replacing ibra….can you believe that? *sigh*

Mr nice guy

Good nonsense business


its high time. A proper 9 atlast. Bt he cnt b paired with pato without a creative AMF.


Totally agree 1five1 …………. watch this space,hopefully




Benvenuto Pazzini! I wish you all the best!
I hope for Kaka to partner Pato and Pazzini up front!

Olalekan Mojeed



Cassano 5m +7m. With 12m, we can buy a very good lb who we need more.


if milan cud jst complete d buy of an attackn midfielder and a centre back,then we r set to go,i heard dy r goin 4 kolo,let dem gt him

nana fynn

no comments,lets see what happens.


kaka is not coming to milan. If we didnt get him by now, we wont, so yer. Dont get excited. Peace.


Ibra joined on the 28th and Robinho on the 31st, have some hope!!!!


Just imagine…!!! I still wonder Milan To Buy Somebody Like Pazzini Who Is Very Sellfish and Lack Forward Passes, Oh My Milan, Why Not Somebody Like Bojan Or German Denis or Even Our Paloschi Than This Scrab You All Call A Striker…. I Just Hope He Do Well and Succeed In Milan As Others Have Done… And I Wish Him Da Best Of Luck..

opinion -lawyer

dredd y alwaz abhorrent na wa 4 u o


benvenuto. hope you’ll give something for this club


Barcelona are ready to offload some of their players on loan…Affelay is amongst one of them….if only we could snatch him!


abhorrent, wat does dat mean,,,,

Lil Bright

dredd said nothing but the truth opinion-lawyer


I hope 4 gud… FORZA MILANO.


Abhorrent= strong hatred


Hopefully a new Inzaghi…

francis laryea totti

Thank for coming. we now have hope in pazzine, let us have faith in him. now let us think about kaka joining.

Gioele Romeo

Guys, i think this isn’t too bad. Pazzini has been good, maybe not last season but was good at his first with inter. Cassano was good to let go, we did so much for him, helped him through his heart problems, returned him to the international stage, and look how he pays us back, abandons ship when milan are not at there greatest strength. Typical mercenary. Anyway, i believe he will do well. At least lets all judge milan after a few games, I myself are a bit unsure of how we will go but art the same time I’m… Read more »


Never could imagine this deal going through,with my dear Milan loosing in every sense.1.cassano is a better player,2.Milan even paid extra 7mill€.the worst deal ever!


@nuradeen, i wnt b disappointed if he cnt give a gud forward pass-dat wud b a blessing-n giving forward pass is nt his job, leave dat to SES, robi, kaka, montolivo. I wud b dissapointed if there was a rebound-or a stray ball in d box-n he isnt there to put it in.
@dredd, i strongly blieve kaka wud b joining, if for nothing else, jas to come n boost ticket sales n jerseys.


milan shuld get a player like erikksen for amf to suport our strikers


welcome gampaolo pazzini it’s remaining ricardo leite a.k.a kaka


Yep, somethings a foot here…it just doesn’t make sense that WE had to pay in this deal, if anything Inter should’ve payed. Bad business????


Manchester United are considering a shock move for AC Milan defender Philippe Mexes.

The Daily Mail says United are understood to be exploring the possibility of taking defender Mexes on loan from AC Milan.

opinion -lawyer

the only way that i can judge this deal is if he play match then i will no if the deal wot it.


i dont want to complain or make early judge. in the past kaka 5 milion, nocerino 300 thosand, this summer constant start to show suprise. i believe if team can diliver great ball to this guy, he will not dispointed us.

he has the instinct of inzaghi, the strong air of bierhoff and clinical finish pippo. give him support guys. Man utd lose 1-0 to everton with RVP and rooney on their team. wait and see, never stop support our team.


I Hope He Turns Out Good Cos Sincerely I’m Not a Fan of This.


We should sell abate boateng pato before 31 August, i think we should balance the books more. So Berlusconi Can have fun with Little Girls

Welcome 2 d farmily club pazi wish u all d best! Milan 4lyf!!!!…


affelay, adriano, would be great…

Pa ibra

The squad has weaken in this swap + lossing 7mill. seem they arent that broken.


Rossoneriblog keep deleting my comments cos u dnt want to hear d truth, y dnt u let d community judge for demsleves? Our clan have been wit Milan since b4 we got relegated long b4 berlu n we still r even though we knw wat to expect of dis politics he is playing.


U guy shld take it easy wit dz guy….hez got d quality we want….i can remember vividly those criticing constant, hez proved one of d most consistent in d pre-season….i jst hop we get Kaka anyway


Very good deal, Pazzini is the type of player we need right now. I think he could make a deadly duo up front with Pato.


Or Rossi if we manage to sign him too.


here’s a crazy idea. why wouldn’t you just buy Pazzini for the full 12m if Cassano is only valued at 5m? that’s a ripoff. if Pazzini came in, Cassano might have been happy to be reunited with him. and if they could get Kaka before the end of the august the team would be nearly set. i feel like Berlusconi and Galliani have given up at this point.