Milan to fly to France for a defender


MAPOU YANGA-MBIWA is the main option, but Milan are also thinking of Ligue 1 alternatives.

Thiago Silva has been sold to Paris Saint-Germain and now Milan are looking for a defender and it’s possible that within a week, the replacement for one of the best central defenders in the world, will arrive.

Milan have sold to Ligue 1 and are also likely to buy from Ligue 1. Milan have confirmed negotiations with Montpellier for Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, but the French club are denying they have ever heard from Milan.

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According to La Gazzetta dello Sport and other Italian sources, Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani – who celebrates his 68th birthday today! – will fly to France in the next days to negotiate with Montpellier for Yanga-Mbiwa. President Louis Nicollin says it’ll take €25m to get the French but Galliani has other ideas.

Milan will try to sign the player for €6-7 million. The Rossoneri are not worried as they have already agreed personal terms with Yanga-Mbiwa whose contract expires next summer, so if Milan fail to get him now, he’ll most likely to join the Rossoneri for free next year. Should Montpellier decide to hold on their captain, Milan will be looking around to get another defender and the name of Nicolas N’Koulou is in the newspapers.

The Olympique de Marseille man, who turned 22 in March, has a contract until 2015 so it may be harder for Milan to get him at a low price. Meanwhile, Gazzetta says Milan also consider Psg’s Mamadou Sakho.

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hope mbiwa to san siro soon.


yanga-mbiwa, nkoulou, sakho and even mbia all good options.


forza milan.
Been 2 long from ths site!i hope milan uses atleast half of wat they got from ibra and t33.atleast half!


mbiwa + m’villa = perfeckt


it seems like that Galliani collects African players:
Traore Mali
Constant Guinea
Muntari Ghana
Boateng Ghana
Strasser Sierra Leone
Mesbah Algeria
Taiwo Nigeria
one new defender:
Nkoulou Cameroon or
Mbiwa Central African Republic


Saman R

yeah and 95% of them are useless


ur an useless fan


Iddi Pato

I hope de deal wil be successful.


Thiago-Sakho swap would have been great. We would have got 30-40m and a great player. No stress finding a replacement. Too bad it did not happen.

I like all of these options. Furthermore I can honestly say that I am starting to feel good about this new Milan project. It is going to be a long road ahead of us until we win silverware but at least we are concentrating on young prospects rather than just spend the money and trying to find a quick fix.


Saman R

if sakho was good they wouldnt sell him, they dont need money as we all know. and they wouldnt let a good player go as they aiming for both league and CL throphy.


they wont even go to the final forget CL trophy lul

Saman R

yeah and milan will? we wont even win coppa italia like this. go on and support B&G for destroying everyting milan once stood for


get any of them

D gr8 milanisti

Jst get him nw he’s worth 8mil jst give dem d money and bring mbiwa 2 milanello… 4xa milan!


pls get us d good dfda nt low cost players.forza milan


In my view SAKHO is more better among them. but maybe M’BIWA can fit d system. Though for d better of d team Galliani should ask Allegri for his opinion. Milan4ver


Saman R. How do u know they’re 95% useless? I’m doubting if u’re a true milanista. Milan4ever.

Saman R

Taiwo,flamini,aquilani,bonera,yepes,mexes,mesbah,antonini,ambrosini,muntari,constant,acerbi,traore,robinho is definition of useless in my eyes. and anybody who has a brain and know footboll would understand.

These names are good enough for zaragoza, lecce, blackburn,novara etc.

B&G has managed to brainwash their stupid part of fans to beleive that milan isnt a powerhouse anymore. Which lowers the expectations, which lowers the demand of a good sqaud. which profits berlu and galliani.


taiwo was really good before he came here. he just couldn’t adapt to serie a. no one can predict something like that flamini was really good in the last season in which he actually played for Milan. i don’t know how u can consider him useless aquilani isn’t even in Milan anymore, don’t know why you’re still talking about him. and fyi, he played well in most of the matches, making 5 as*sists last season i think, despite all the injuries and the lack of playing time he got bonera has played really well this preseason and for most of… Read more »


Happy birthday mr.galiani wish u a year of success.hope the transfer go through and we are good to go.


Nice Απϑ Milan you ã need striker like dzeko Απϑ 1 midfielder which is kallstorm


I agree with that choices…all of them are good defenders…same type…strong and fast.I hope we can get one of them as soon as possible.


Hapi B’day G… My birthmonth mate!


article regarding Montpillier President Louis Nicollin regarding uncle fester

Most i liked is he got a great six pack


Happy birthday uncle fester


Just get us fans a gift for ur Bday u already have everything


So go support Blackburn Novara,its clear as day u dont like Milan and will only support during good times

shoooo please


So this means as a fan i cannot be critical? U r joke man don’t bother just follow and agree with everything mgmt does. I won’t i love this club. I don’t want club to spend ridiculous amounts of money and overpay players but we r far from complete and need to streghten up!


Get us anyone of them as soon as you can please

afeez olawale

saman it’s clare dat u re a flop of urself so go 2 toilet nd stat killng flys,football is nt 4 noviss lyk u so go nd join MUMU FC)all we nid is mbiwa,kaka nd tevez FORZA MILAN !!!

Saman R

even google translate didnt understand what you said. go and support team bambula in uganada


It’s your right to critize or to support the management. I know all of you love Milan very much. Honestly, I don’t like B and G too, because they sold our stars. I also have a dream Galliani replace Silva with Hummels, replace Ibra with tevez, dzeko, rvp, or maybe falcao. But we must go on friends…and If they have good plans to bring good players, we should watch and support it. Low reputation from that defenders, don’t mean, they have low skills too…I’m sorry if I’m wrong.


I would prefer Mbiwa this transfer window, but! If Mbiwa won’t arrive now, but for free next summer, I wouldn’t look in france for a replacement, I’d look in Italy for our “own” Davide Astori, we can’t and mustn’t forget our tradition of strong Italian centre backs, and he fits the bill well, and can develop further at Milan, and Cagliari’s president has a good relationship with Galliani and berlu, stating that he only has two friends in football, whcih are those two. He may have turned down 15 million from Spartak, but maybe he’ll agree for 10 million from… Read more »


OT: things seem to be looking bad for Conte. apparently, there have been new accusations against him, which could lead to an additional ban in addition to the one he’s already (most likely) to receive. also, it looks like bonucci is going to be banned for a year, and pepe for 2 months. hehe, juve in trouble


We should get WELLINGTON GUM to replace Silva. And get Balzaretti as leftback, and Lloris as goalkeeper, Lass as defensive midfielder, and a new striker so get Dzeko to replace Ibra, and sell Robinho and get Mirko Vucinic to replace him or Giuseppe Rossi.


conte will get 2months,pepe 2months and bonucci 4months.

according to skypsport italia


Sakho is strong!
Mbiwa is fast!
Both great and have potential to be T.Silva’s heir.


Santon (LB)
Mbiwa or Ogbona (CB)
Dzeko or Adebayor (Striker)


Well , All we all wish is to buy a good prayer than to be calling some payer useless , Forzamilan


Guys, kaka was great for us. But I wouldn’t wanna see him back at milan! He’s a big risk! Age and injuries are not on his side, still has a lot to offer but a risk!

I’d prefer milan to buy adebayor, sahin, alex song and yanga mbiwa. Then get giuseppe rossi in january! And sell robinho or cassano in january.

El sharaawy should be tried out in the treqaurtista role


I have respect for galliani, but every milan fan can admit that milans management can be annoying. Saying milan is competitive cos they won 2 preseason games? I mean really?!? Pre season games don’t count for much! And I’m almost certain if milan lost they would have said ‘its only preseason’. I mean kaka was great, but at 30years old with all the injuries and his high wages, do milan really need such a player? We had a great love affair with kaka, but now its over, we should move on. Find younger cheaper options who have more potential (Sahin,… Read more »

Kojo Mexes

Now milan fans are becoming racist. shame on all the racists in this blog


They should just get us 1 of those players and a striker then we re good 2 go!