Allegri: A Commanding Influence?


A NEW member of the Rossoneri Blog team, Anthony Manca takes a curt look on the degree of influence Allegri has commanded in recent seasons.

Dividing the opinions of the Milan faithful ever since his arrival in 2010, Massimiliano Allegri will enter his third season as Il Diavolo’s head coach and unlike his predecessor, he will be given the opportunity to construct his own side. During a period being touted as the biggest overhaul in the club’s history, he has stood tall by stamping his authority in which will be the most challenging obstacle in his brief managerial career.

No stranger to criticism, Allegri has withheld his fair share whilst occupying the Milan bench, some which was warranted and some which was utterly unjust. Although, regardless of people’s perceptions of the man, he has conjured up an impressive 162 points over consecutive campaigns and did so last season with a significant portion of his players missing – a remarkable feat by any standards. Comparisons formed by respected football experts labelled the Livorno-born manager as a concoction between Milan tactical greats Arrigo Sacchi and Fabio Capello. Looking back, the signs were telling early on; he instantaneously went against the wishes of Berlusconi by freezing Ronaldinho out of the squad, due to lack of appliance in training and to avoid tactical unbalances, and shunning Pirlo for a robust midfield three with a destroyer-type midfielder, van Bommel, occupy the role in front of the defence. This, as we’ve all come to notice, resulted in Pirlo’s shock deviation from the Milan giants only a matter of months later, with Allegri a leading protagonist in the decision of the former Milan maestro. Fast forwarding another 12 months, Allegri’s presence has again been significantly highlighted:

Montolivo: “Milan were in my destiny, I’m ambitious”
Emanuelson: “I want to keep it up”

The reason why Nesta and I left is because we got the feeling that we were no longer needed by Allegri,” were the words ushered by a candid Gattuso in a recent interview conducted by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Despite calls from Vice President Adriano Galliani and his long time accomplice Ariedo Braida to re-sign the likes of Gattuso and Nesta, Allegri firmly pressed for their departures, signalling a new era for the red half of Milan. From then on it was a domino effect, and so, recent weeks have been marked by a mass exodus of talent, experience and class from the Rossoneri ranks. Departure of iconic legends: Inzaghi, Gattuso, Nesta, Seedorf, Zambrotta, and van Bommel, coupled by the lucrative transfers of Samba Captain Thiago Silva and Swedish Wizard Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which were due to fiscal restraints, have rocked the seven-time Champions League winners and thus left an immense void to fill both on the pitch and in the dressing shed. However, this could be seen as a positive. A much younger, vibrant squad will be beneficial in showcasing the current Serie A Coach of the Year’s potential, as instilling personal tactical ideas will be far simpler on a fresh, flexible group of individuals.

As previously mentioned, Allegri and his Milan all but had no choice to resist such lavish spending by French club PSG, which resulted in the loss of two of their extraordinary talents. There has been much talk about how the loss of both players would affect Milan in the coming campaign, particularly of a negative nature as a minority of fans have voiced their disapproval of the club’s board by noting the death of Milan with a minor satirical funeral outside the club’s headquarters. However, I hold a different option on the situation. As much of a brilliant footballer Ibrahimovic is, without doubt one of the top three attackers in the world, he commands far too much of a domineering presence on the pitch. Milan’s style of play was limited, and in order to accommodate Ibrahimovic’s ingenious, Allegri ensured all play went through the Swede. This in turn led for a one-dimensional, insipid Milan. Throughout the brief periods of Zlatan’s absence over the course of the past two seasons, Milan’s play was more dynamic; Pato’s game began to prosper and his partnership with Robinho terrorised opposition defences. The signs were evident for all to see. With only a year left to run on his current contract, it was only a matter of time Ibrahimovic leaped on the next money grabbing train; all Milan did was speed up the process in a bid to benefit themselves in the long run.

Although the loss of Ibrahimovic isn’t one to lose sleep over, in my opinion, the same can’t be said about Thiago Silva. There is simply no defender on the market, or off the market, like him. He is head and shoulders the most supreme defender of his generation, and without doubt irreplaceable. But if Juventus have taught us anything, it’s that you can win the Scudetto with a less-fancied squad based on unity and determination, and the signs in preseason have been extremely promising for Milan, consecutive victories were topped off with successive clean-sheets.

With the removal of big personalities at the club, Allegri has now placed himself in a more placid environment which will, no doubt, provide freedom for his coaching ability to blossom. His tactical influence was to a degree hindered by the presence of Ibrahimovic; however, this season Allegri has agreed on which players he wants to arrive at Milan, with Galliani giving him the green light to acquire the style of players he desires – something which in recent years was a rarity.

With a full squad at Allegri’s disposal and astute purchases during the remaining weeks of the transfer market, Milan will remain competitive and have the ability to turn another page in its glorious history.

Another puppeteer? Perhaps not.

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Spot on Sir !
We’r allready missing our big duo ( specially Thiago )
Not taking anything away from Ibra but his demanding style of play kills more than it gives.
Nevertheless, judging from our preseason so far I might be able to say that we’r on the right track actually.
A new signing in the CB position is the most needed at the moment plus a creative midfielder.
With that I think Allegri have all whats needed to accomplish something this year.
Forza Diavolo !!


Nice article.. Really like all the positives about Allegri. I too am an Allegri fan, and i think he will turn alot of heads this year.

Another great point was about unity. This Milan team needs to be about all 11 players with the common goal of winning, whatever it takes. Different players are gonna have to step up at different times. Just like Juve did last year, and Italy in 2006. Every game a new hero emerged. Milan must be the same



it is d dawn of a new erra for us.


Very nice article, well written I must say. I agree with all of the key points excluding the one where u claim T.Silva is irreplaceable, yes great player but no player is irreplaceable, remember who got him to the level he is currently playing at? AC Milan! With or without Ibra + Silva AC Milan will remain AC Milan! I am actually very glad that Ibra has gone, cos now Allegri can experiment a little in the attacking department.


i think allegri want to change formation from 4 3 1 2 to 4 2 3 1 keeping pato and cassano as striker stephan as winger so their main focus will on signing winger Dmf CB AMF(may be kaka) sub Boatang .not sure about it


A nice article, with a few signings then we are good to go!



Atleast now someone understands Allegri and not criticize him for no reason

sadiq nigeria

very good article forza milano forza allegri.


I hope he b as gud as he was in cagliari .


well c how good he reall is…

milan francis

Allegri is a low cost budget coach.I don’t mean to disrespect him or his achievement so far with us.His man management has been unbelivable.My worry is that and Galliani and his BOSS don’t give him a chance to say the kind and type of players he needs to work with. Allegri demanded for Hamsik,guess who we got?Peep it was MUNTARI(Yeahhhhh)This can only happen to low cost budget coach(es)My worry is that up till now we are still not getting the kind of players near the quality of the 07 CL winning group.Have we gotten a replacement for Seedorf,Pirlo.Oh I forgot… Read more »

Signor Eskola

Muntari isn’t THAT bad. Scored some important goals last season for us.

How come you say Traoré is a BAD player? He’s very good.

And a big question: why you keep on complaining while we’re doing really well. We beat Schalke and Chelsea with these “average” players. Are they really that bad or is it because you hate those players, Allegri and Galliani?


allegri playd that style, ibra the target man, he is the manager, he tells his players how n where to play… Ancelotti will change the style, ibra will be the star, but all the players around him will play a passing possession football, speed.


Now That Ibra’s Gone, Our Playin’ Style Will Be Different. No ”Play Long Ball To Ibra” Again. We’ll Have To Put The Ball On The Ground.

By The Way, Nice Article There.


Solid article anthony. With the arrival of. Some talents, I think milan will be reborn.


Please can someone actually tells me what is wrong with that ibra guy,after disgracing urself at Barca milan help u to get ur respect back and after moving to psg u said milan is in the same level with psg and now he said psg is better than milan,pls someone should take him to the psychatric to see what is wrong with this guy.

Signor Eskola

Of course he says PSG is better than Milan when he arrived there.


Nyc article,but pls dnt expct much 4rm dis team of ours.up allegri,forza milan.


good read this article,

Galliani has done some big gaffers during his time, but including ibra in thiagos deal was really good, we are getting close to 25, when we knew he wasnt gng to be happy after thiagos imminent departure, we wouldnt have gotten that kind of sum from anywhere.

But milan really needs to open upto the fans and be a lil straight forward, all this could’ve been a bit easier to swallow if all of knew this was coming.


New Eras Has Begins,

I think that’s regeneration of our line up to fast, we lost some quality CB, I hope this regeneration work. If not the person we must blame is Allegri.



AC Milan have entered the race for Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin, who is also being tracked by Arsenal. (Times)


K, i truly miss d beautiful futbol of d Carletto era. Allegri (in conjuction wit Ibra) did make our styl rigid. Hope 2 c a change. I hate to b bored. Forza Milan!

D gr8 milanisti

Jst keep it up max allegri! Hpe milan go all d way… 4xa milan!!!


The preseason is going well bu, lets decided when we play madrid a much stronger team


ac milan 2012-13







I will just wait for August 31. Hope we will get some good players.

Anthony Manca

Appreciate the feedback, peeps!
Great responses. Keep the debate going. All your views are welcomed and encouraged.

ysae 2 ekam a loof

Anthony thanks for a good article ,although i request you to look into how much say does Allegri have in transfer dealings, because unlike Galliani i don’t think allegri is also looking for bosman transfers or cheap players and then claim they are Milan quality, I understand the economic problems surrounding Milan and Europe but that doesn’t call for Players on the free, How about improving our Primavera squad ,get them on board and send them out on loan to clubs outside Italy, I am not happy with the situation of Vila Didac. I have read many opinions here which… Read more »


Someone who understands! IBRA ruined us! And to be fair I’m sure allegri was a little bit intimidated by him, everyone was. Pato needs to be fit he will be the star we’ve all been waiting for! Guaranteed! 4-2-3-1 seems the best option for us, especially if we land KAKA we will have 3 players who are fast and skillful with binho shaarawy and kaka who can play behind pato! And montolivo can be a deep lying playmaker/ destroyer as boateng/traore can be destroyers! 4-2-3-1 is our destiny! Forza!!

ysae 2 ekam a loof

@Anthony Manca. You are right in almost all the aspects surrounding Allegri and Milan, but one should also understand the level of Intelligence or Maturity shown by Allegri, Players like Ronaldinho Pirlo Gattuso and Nesta are rare. So if like you think Allegri pressed for the departures i guess you may have to think about it twice,because Allegri never has a say in the transfer dealings,If he does i don’t know what is Yepes doing though and i know he is not better than Nesta ,same about Ambro. Let’s be fair Dinho started the season under Allegri in a very… Read more »

John telzar

i understand that what is going on in milan is good. a club need change sometime. one have to do it. to me mix didnt do bad last year,we all see what happen.some of our players got us set back,and mix didnt play some match with his key players. every thing is about time. the only thing i have to say is,let him plan with the team b along with the mean team. kaka is good addtion.we also need a good left back.

Maazi milan nigeria

D whole world know dat we have problem at LB why is d management pretending not to know


i think milan should looking for a RB than a LB..

didac and taiwo is leaving coz milan don’t need 4 i right?


Well said milan francis…