Allegri: “I am happy, the team grows”


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI believes the Schalke victory showed the team has made progress so far.

Milan recorded the first win of the pre-season in their first real, full-length match, away in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. They were not brilliant or convincing by Urby Emanuelson’s strike was enough to win the game.

Milan struggled for possession and could’ve been more decisive in attack, but Coach Massimiliano Allegri saw good things in the game and believes that the team is getting better and will continue to improve.

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“I am happy with the victory, it is a major success: the comments were ungenerous after the Tim trophy, although it will be important to get ready for August 26,” Allegri told Milan Channel after the match. They are peaceful, I liked the team, Schalke were only dangerous on 2 occasions, we did well on the counterattack.

“This success is good for morale: the team grows, we have not given anything away. Antonio Cassano? He does not have a ‘stomach ache’, the internationals have all returned in good form,” added the Milan boss.

“Scoring is always nice, I am are very happy and I thank Robinho for the assist,” said Urby Emanuelson, who scored the winning goal. “The goal was well made thanks to him. It was not so easy to score after drawing the goalkeeper, but everything went well. We start from here now.” Allegri hailed Emanuelson according to Gazzetta dello Sport, saying: “From the technical point of view he’s one of the best we have.”

Another player that had an impressive performance is Mattia De Sciglio who was probably the most assured defender in the game. “I still have yet to learn a lot to wear this shirt, but I’ll do my best,” said the man who wears the #2 shirt. “My idol has always been Maldini, but it was Nesta who give me valuable advice when he left Milan. He wished me good luck, it was one of the best memories I keep with me.”

The squad now has two days off before flying to the United States for a tour. Meanwhile, the players that were in the 2012 Euro continue to work in Milanello as they will be flying to the USA with all the others.

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Cassano wants to leave because he feels as if he is not the centre of Milans plans….so immature!!! I don’t want him to leave though so Allegri needs to do some psychological motivation on him….



Rico Milan

i dont understand why we dont sign andrea poli from sampdoria??? he only costs 5-6 mil and wants to play for milan…galliani please sign him

poli, kaka, yanga mbiwa and a striker

sadiq nigeria

if he want he can stay otherwise he can leave someone will arive and milan will cont to dominate forza milano forza allegri


This is a great win for our morale, since Schalke (german teams in general) start their pre season before us, hence are in better physical shape, and to beat them at their home ground. Our season starts now, with our internationals back as well, and then hopefully the eventual signings of Yang-Mbiwa and KAKA!
I’m very excited about Mattia De Sciglio by the way, he looks very great.


We Are The Best, But Still Not In Form, Please Mr Galliani, Allow Max Allegri To Scout Player That Suit His Game And Partern And Stop Being A Scout Your Self, We All Know You Are The C.E.O But Not The Coach Or Technical Director…. Forza-Milan…


bring kaka asap.boa to the right.kaka as usual.bring the 22 plz!


Galliani get Poli for god sake! U wanted him, he wants us, he is creative, young and Italian and cheap! Just what we need! Mbiwa, Poli, Kaka and cla*ss striker! Then we r ready to go!


that are alos my words


the annoying thing is, we have 2 good, young right backs (abate, de sciglio) and 4 left backs, who are all average and above-average… can’t we play abate-cb-cb-de sciglio? after all, de sciglio can play on the left, and antonini can replace either of them in case of injury/fatige/rotation


yes boss. Buh therez still much work to be done,especially in midfield(buh then again our majors didn’t play). We had no transition,no balance, no reference point. We go frm defending straight to attacking.(dat made us look like a strictly counterattacking team). Work more on holding d ball in midfield, n defending tru midfield. Kip working, kip improving. I trust allegri.


The team play reasonably well.

especially after the entry of Valoti.


Kaka really?how can you guys be excited for his return en!and y’all think he can be the kaka of old at 30 going on 31 with week knees,and exorbitant wages? And don’t forget no player has ever returned back to milan to be a success,in fact they ended up soiling their legacy.instead of wasting transfer money on kaka get a young talented player.stop all this he loves milan bull shit or have y’all forgotten he astronomically earns more than any player in serie a back then?I dare him play for free for us if he does indeed loves milan that… Read more »

ysae 2 ekam a loof

@danrodo i guess you get everything for free on life, Do u lead ur life on food stamps , If so you are not worthy to talk about a player like KAKA.


Wat abt kevin constant and troare did dy play well


well guess galliani allegri would say milan is complete lolol….


Ambro most be a real lock room leader.Datz were we need he not d pitch.


Without Ambro who would we have as a true-heart Milanista left? Of the rest only Bonera, Antonini, Abate and Abbiati have been with us for more than just a couple of seasons and even they had often been on loans or were played as squad players.

Pa ibra

and Allegri added “Ibra’s loss means we will certainly
have to change the way we play
football” guess that was the counter attacking football we saw vs Schalke… Tactics suitable for Bolongna and Catania


bad news coming out – De Sciglio, Braida and Capozucca (Genoa’s sporting director) talked about the possibility of De Sciglio going to Genoa on loan for a season. Really hope he stays at Milan.


I doubt he will be loaned out, as he just got the number 2, and he will be rotated with Abate or as left back if needed. Finally we have good back-ups, earlier Abate was on his own and he got worn out.


This kid should stay with us. He definitely deserves to grow with us to become our future.

I hope the coach tries him on the left side where we really need someone. He used to play as left back in the youth team.


jovetic looks to be a mouth watering prospect…


I could lik 2 hav jovetic in milan.Young,gud and veslitel


you mean ‘versatile’ and yeah, it would be ok i guess to have him in Milan, but he’s expensive (fiorentina reportedly want 30mil for him) and he’s also not a pure striker (which is what we need now that pippo and ibra have left)


i want to see merkel return

Bleeding d red and black

Pa ibra answer this little question plzz: what style of did chelsea use to win the ucl??

DWD vagamundo

And Inter the year before?

Shenko Gh

Latest reports emanating from football Italia says Kaka’s agent Paolilo who again was spotted at Via Turati this afternoon has admitted that indeed Milan has asked for Kaka.


Kaká is coming back to Milan 😀
this is dream come true.

——————-El Sharaawy——Pato———————-


De Sciglio could be put on the left side instead of Emmanuelson. Just give the kid a chance.


I love the guy but I really hope Kaka doesn’t return. We have enough injury prone players in Pato Boa and Cassano. I can just see Galliani bringing him back though to “appease” the fans. There’s better younger options out there and we should be looking forward not back (again) in my opinion.

Pa ibra

Bleeding red & black, Actually Chealse has won the CL by playing counterfootball… thats true. but its not guaranteed that if u play counter u’will win trophies. England at the Euros tried and failed. in the other hand, Italy has attacked and nearly get there. We dont want to play like Chealse my friend.

Bleeding d red and black

I didn’t say play like chelsea “my friend” all i did was ask a question which you answered and am grateful that you did. So what if milan “b team” played counter football and won whats wrong with that cus am 1 of the few that believes in this “instead of playing beautiful football and lose a match i did rather my team plays and win ugly”.


If we could win another CL playing like Chealse, I wouldn’t mind at all. Barca dinn’t win its last three CL all in stlye.


according to me De Sciglio should stay he can develop into a great player he has the potential to be better than abate he can already cross the ball better than abate