Curva Sud: “No protests, we trust the management”


THE CURVA SUD have made it clear that they have full trust in the club even if they sell Ibra and Thiago.

If you expected the Milan ultras to protest the sales of Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Paris Saint-Germain you have may to think again as the Curva leaders make it clear that they have faith in the club.

The deal is still not confirmed as there are differences between Ibrahimovic and PSG over the wages, but the Curva Sud – Milan’s ultras – has suggested that Milan can do well even without the two star players.

Reports: Milan set to re-open Tevez talks
Berlusconi confirms: “I’ve sold Thiago and Ibrahimovic”

“Even if Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva are sold, then we won’t be protesting or making any demonstrations,” one of the Curva’s representatives told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “In all these years, [Vice President Adriano] Galliani has demonstrated that he’s the number 1 when it comes to the transfer market.

“Who was Thiago Silva before he joined Milan? And who brought him to Milan?” A guy named Luca added: “There’s still a month and a half left of this transfer window. We will wait before we make any judgments. When the transfer window is closed, then we will draw our conclusions. At this moment, don’t expect us to make any demonstrations for Thiago Silva and Ibrahimovic. The club, especially Galliani, can work calmly.

Milan fans protesting Kaka’s sale in 2009.

“In the end, we have rarely been disappointed – both in terms of new signings and in terms of victories.” Giuseppe Munafò, the President of “Associazione Italiana Milan Club” claimed: “This management led us to be the strongest team in the world. We recognize, respect and absolutely trust their professionalism.

“Sure, the fans cannot help but be bitter about the exits of Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva but times have changed and people are struggling to make peace with it. The books to must be balanced and this kind of offer must be taken into consideration. In addition, Inter are decreasing too.” The leaders of the fans are clear: Milan respect and fully understand Milan’s decision to sell the duo; to date, there will be no protests.

The last time Milan sold a big player the year was 2009 and the player was Kaka who moved to Real Madrid. The fans did not agree with this sale and protested outside of via Turati, and bought fewer tickets.

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I do too

I dont think Silvio will leave us to rot like this


wow so many dislikes

so many glory hunters

this blog is becoming sh*t

Bring back Giancarlo and other logical people please!


Look here Berlu is planning something and it isn’t in Milans best interest. He will campaign again you wait and see.


haha Giancarlo, logical??


The Club is bigger than the players!


In football players cum n go, kaka,shave,nester,maldini,seedor,inzagi, all dis player are once milano n nw history.

Kwabena Adu

Stupid cowards,you deserve this




well i agree with you all. we all have to wait till the end of transfer window. like i do say, all we want is good replacement. like dzeko for ibrahimovic, dede for sylva. also, we still need ganso and kaka in the team because of his experience


Now we anxiously sit and wait for some movement in the transfer market….farewell to those two players but we moving foward, its do or die for the Milan management now, they need to make it up to us…FORZA MILAN!!!!


should the two players left, I personally won’t be disappointed although I do hope the situation will be cleared out immediately so adequate replacement can be grabbed as soon as possible. When Sheva left, Milan were to focus in acquiring Zlatan and with Calciopoli thing they eventually missed out on him, Kaka was supposed to be replaced by Dinho or Gourcouff but apparently the plan didn’t turned out so well. All in all Milan will always be Milan.. Forza


I agree with them, even though I’m perfectly okay with the sale of Ibra, Thiago’s sale is most bitter… but I’ll get over it. I do hope that Galliani has a masterplan behind all this. Astori and Ogbonna perhaps for defence, that would be awesome. And we still need our Regista, Sahin, apparently Madrid values him at 10 million, that’s nothing? And then a striker, preferably Dzeko over Tevez. I really do not like Tevez and Dzeko supports Milan and he’d do well in Serie A. This sale can help us improve other departments of our team, plus we won’t… Read more »


I agree with you completely. Sad about TS33, but world record offer of over 40m for defender is too much to decline.

Astori, Ogbonna, Sahin, Destro and Dzeko and I’d be happy.

Now is not the time to critize the management. Leave critizism for end of transfer window if needed.

Hopefully we also manage to move on Bonera, Taiwo and Robinho to free up some more wages. I’d like to see Milan in strong financial situation when wealthy owner are no longer needed and Milan can buy players themselves.


its because they are brainwashed they dont complain… but u will see when the transfermarket closes that you will protest


how are they brainwashed? who brainwashed them? its not even as if they’re in contact with milan management. the curva sud are just fans, like us, only they’re the most loyal and the most serious fans there are. they go to every game, always preparing huge banners, and sometimes even choreographed displays for the matches. if they are ok with the sale of ibra and silva, then everyone should be, too.


No they shouldn’t.


Idiots, degradation for Milan next, have fun “making banners” in serie B, they deserve nothing else…


Relax guys!
No one is bigger than the club. Not even Silva.

So lets buy Dede, Strootman, Ganso and Dzeko/Destro.

At least we then have secured the future with Strootman, Pato, SES, Ganso, Destro, Dede, Acerbi, Vila, Abate, Gabriel!


i trust in BnG just wait nd espect the unexpected peharbs tevez,destro,astori,dede or even shain


respect to curva sud!!!


As usual
They are cowards,it’s in their blood


I think milan should go 4 boriello as ibra replacement and use 4-3-3 with pato robinho el sharawy as winger and 4 silva replacement buy mertesacker or ricardo carvalho the 2 replacement wud be cheap and use the money to buy a stadium.we must promote ely carmona comi and hottor.albertazzi wud be back too


We sholdn’t be complaining, as we are saving lots and lots. If we reinvest wisely, then we will not even feel the absences of the great Silva and Ibrahimovic. Astori/Dede/Rolando/Ogbonna: two of these would be perfect replacements for Silva -My choice would be to get the cheapest 2 and the youngest possible, as they all have lots of potential-. Kolarov/Criscito/Santon/Schmelzer/Cissokho/Balzaretti: Any of the first 5 would be good, my last option is Balzaretti(age). I only want us to get a LB if Vila is not wanted my Allegri. Sahin/Ganso/Witsel/Strootman/Diarra/Hamsik/De Jong/Kaka One or two of the midfielders would be great too.-My… Read more »


Astori and ogbonna, Sahin and De Jong, Destro and Dzeko/Tevez for me


astori-10mil, 1 or 2 mil wages ogbonna-20mil, 1 or 2 mil wages sahin-10mil, 3 or 4 mil wages de jong-15-20mil, 4 to 6 mil wages destro-10-15mil, 2-3 mil wages dzeko/tevez-20-25mil, 5-9mil wages that makes, a lowest possible total of 85mil in transfers, 16mil in wages (around 29 if u include taxes) not happening. plus im pretty sure the 26 man squad thing is still on, so at most we’ll get 1 defender and 1 striker, and then 1 more striker if robinho leaves, and perhaps a midfielder if the management feels generous. a left back might come if vila leaves,… Read more »

Saman R

if B&G want to save money, i think berlu’ should sell milan. In that way he will save money and do milan a favor


It’s difficult season for Milan and fans.
We lost Senators
We lost Ibra n Silva
We lost many starters
But, CHANGE is absolut
We have Pato, SES, De Sciglio and Acerbi (I hope) as Hot Prospect for the future
We have Abate, Nocerino, Montolivo and Boateng as Backbone of team
We have Ambro and Abbiati to guide them

We need New player to complete this team
Hope New Star is Raising

Forza Curva Sud
Forza Milan


AC Milan have set their sights on Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko as they prepare for life after Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has learned.


Milan should sell Ibra, Thiago, Robinho, Cassano, Didac and Taiwo – cca. 100 mil. Euro

1. For CB the alternatives are Kjaer (Wolfsburg), Zapata (Villareal), Papadopoulos (Schalke) – one of them

The LB should be Urby

DM – Mariga (Parma) and Mudingayi (Bologna)

AM could be Montolivo

ATT – Rossi (Villareal), Destro (Siena), Guidetti (City)

5 promissing and 1 experienced player for max 40-45 mill. Euro


I dont trust galiani.he just know how to buy cheap and out of contract mediocre players not big players.if we bought ibra it was because of berlusconi not galiani..i remember after we sold kaka berlu said i will rebuild milan with that money but we saw nothing.. Embarassing and handicapped management that just know to go to his favorite restaurant and eat meals…im sorry but great milan has ended we are finished

Pa ibra

I heard Borja Varelo is available for 12mil?. we may even get him for less as Vilareal are relegated and willing to let some star. Varelo 26 has great technique and can play anywhere in midfield. i liked Diego too he’s valued at 10 mil and has some issues with wolfborg coach.. so Galliani probably is keeping an eye on him 🙂


I dont care about players age at all i care about their ability .i dont know how some fans say we should sell ibra bcoz he is 30 and buy young player.young players are shitty.we should bring stars not young mediocre players


Brainless… Want to campaign after election… Mtcheeeeeeew!!!!!

Pa ibra

and who are the ultras anyway??? they dont love Milan more than i do. They trust the management… Fine. but I dont trust the management. couple days ago fans here where all over B&G and now the ultras speak and you made a nice comment??


THAT’S THE SPIRIT!!! truly supporters not like fan boys who don’t have any clue at any given times


Berlu’ is selling ibra & TS to use the money & invest it into is political party.. Trust me! He not gonna use the money on milan. B&G has the list of all the free player/ players that can come on loan/ in their hands… Is that how cheap we are now?? We bought 5 players already this season, put the amount we bought all the 5 together is not up to 5million euros.. Gosh!!!!!!!! We played in 3champions league in a roll, we sign shirt sponsorship deal with fly emirate & someother sponsor’s…. also add the little money they… Read more »


Buying players isn’t the only expense Milan have you know? Rental for San Siro is one as is player wages which are massive for Milan. To be exact last season 88% of our revenue went to wages. 12% we were left with wasnt enough to cover rest of expensens = we had to take debt. That has been going on for years so thats why we are in debt. Financial management of Milan has been poor for so long. And not only just Milan, but most of italian clubs. Serie A should look at Germany for a way to run… Read more »


Milan’s management ar nt to be trusted i hate galiani & silvio


Trust mgt? Hell no! They said Tiago will not be sold and that his contract has been increasded. And all of a sudden his being sold again??? Where’s the trust? Who is deceiving who?


wee i read some news thiago silva is angry at milan’s management for this affair. he dislike it when he just played like a toy. this milan managements somehow pisses me off


It’s right no player is bigger than the club but no owner is bigger than the club as well. WE the fans make or break the club. If B&G dont show that they have ambition anymore they should go. Milan was there before Berlu, true he made it as it is right now but the way it has been managed for the past couple of years is all B&G’s fault. Nothing has changed since Sheva and Kaka were sold those were also to pay the debts. Those didnt solve our debt problems now did they? Instead of trying to solve… Read more »


Let’s hope they make it up to us by buying players such as lloris ogbanna astori strootman tevez and maybe ganso


For sure it’s disappointing to loose such amazing players especially Silva but if u think about it’s not that bad we’ve been through worse and that’s the right way into creating a competitive team for the future


Out: Thiago&Ibra 65.000.000€,Bonera 3.500.000€,Mesbah 1.000.000€,Taiwo 6.500.000€
TOTAL COMING IN = 76.000.000€

In :Santon 7.000.000 €,Sahin 10.000.000€/Veratti 12.000.000€,Eriksen = 13.000.000€,Dede 7.500.000€,Destro 10.000.000 €
TOTAL GOING OUT = 59.000.000€

DWD vagamundo

Every day when I read these comments, I wonder how many of the commenters are true Milan tifosi, and how many tifosi of a couple of other northern Italian clubs. Some of the comments are totally whack!

I don’t like the sale of T. Silva any better than anybody (Ibra is a different story). But like the Curva Sud people in the main post say, we have to support the club and have faith.

Forza Milan!


Ibra’s direct replacement should be Yarmolenko or Dimao, younger, hungrier and a more realistic salary than Tevez plus they both have the height advantage that he had in the box! I’m not too fussed about Ibra leaving he never showed up for any of the big games except one penalty against Inter in a derby, T.S is a massive loss, I’m not even going to suggest a direct replacement but we need someone with experience, Mexes is the senior defender now (Yepes and Bonera are only back ups)


Wat d.!sit bck n wait?nah!a while ago d pres says milan improve& extenses thiago’s contract.n galiani says d milan transfa market is close.i aint login in n readin any milan news again until d end of d market.

DWD vagamundo

Had the same thoughts today.


What a bunch of losers this curve sud are. milan wanna sell Robinho too now. And Cassano has expressed to leave as well.


i don’t know how the fans in this blog thinks.. How can you not notice that our beloved milan is going down.. If we don’t lift any trophy this season, all of you would come out & start say its the coach.. B&G is killing this team, selling our best players year in year out.. If he turly loves milan like he said, how can he not sell 20% of its shares to this Arab billionaire that wants it for 300million euro The arab billionaire promise to bring in superstars and even promise a new stadium but no! Berlu’ wants… Read more »


Some typing errors.. Cos i was really angry when i was typing… But u will understand what i meant .

Supplement/interchange MOVIES with MOVE