Galliani: “Thiago stays, Destro may arrive”


ADRIANO GALLIANI has assured that Thiago Silva will stay and didn’t rule out a surprise Destro move.

Milan’s mercato so far has been about whom will stay/be sold rather than who will arrive as Milan did a few early and rather-expected signings in Montolivo, Traoré and Gabriel and recently got Acerbi and Constant.

Thiago Silva’s case appears to have reopened now with the player’s demands for high wages making the club furious. But according to Galliani, the player will stay and may even be joined by an unexpected striker.

Dídac Vilà hopes for Milan stay
Bronzetti confident Lass will join Milan

Part of the story in today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport about Milan-Destro (screenshot)

“Thiago Silva will not move from Milan. He stays here for sure. Destro? Maybe next year he will be playing with Milan,” the Rossoneri Vice President told Sky Sport 24. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported yesterday that Galliani and Genoa President Enrico Preziosi met at Forte dei Marmi to discuss Mattia Destro (21).

Destro, who is a youth product of Inter, is co-owned by Genoa and Siena. After a great season in black & while, Inter, Juventus, Roma and now – Milan have found interest in the Italian who was included in Cesare Prandelli’s preliminary squad for the Euro’s. La Gazzetta says Destro is valuated at €14-15 million by Genoa and Siena but if Milan include players in the deal the price could go down to €10 million.

“A Genoa player could join Milan,” Preziosi hinted. “Genoa will only negotiate about Destro when we own him 100%.” The newspaper claims Milan will sell a striker (Robinho) if they sign Destro. Milan-Genoa have already done 2 deals together this summer.

Up until now Milan only claimed they’ll just sign a defensive midfielder to complete the squad and complete the midfield but it appears now that coach Massimiliano Allegri is also looking for a striker.

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Why not selling Bonera, Yepes and Antonini and buy Destro>
Thanks God Silva stays…but yet again we need at least two more players a defender and an explosive attacking midfielder..


dont need him we have paloschi


Exactly my thought

mich prince tommy

guys i said it ealier that all about thiago is rumours.forza milan!!!


Destro is a major doushe. I really hope we don’t get him.


I wama c SES in attack,robinho,antonini,bonera,mesbah,mexes should b sold ASAP, Milan needs a creative midfielder, n on a ligther note loan Ambrosini 4 d whole season or sell him


Jesus, how many co-ownerships does Genoa have? Don’t they own a single player of their own?

Ac fan

destro signing wil be terrific as dis wil boster our attack i.e only if we get rid of robinho.lass signing won’t be bad either bt a quality nd creative midfielder is also needed t make d squad more stronger nd competitive as almost ol d midfielders re fighters i.e def mid


Galiani should be worried about replacing andrea pirlo and not MVB. Cant they see that the fans are disgrunted? Season tickect sales has droped significantly compared to last season. Why place prioty in the wrong direction when we are suffering from creativity in the midfield. Arrival of Lass and Destro wont solve the problem. If we continue like this, then i see us making a loss of €100m next season and at that point every Milan player will be sold including Galiani and Allegri to balance the books


I actually thinks Zlatans functions as “a Pirlo” just a way more offensive one, but getting an extra wouldn’t be bad

Wasiu ishola

Nice one


Corriere dello Sport estimates that Milan won’t sell more than 25.000 season tickets this year, unless a big signing is made.
Is Galiani worried about this??????
Despite all this we are been linked with

CdS reports that Forlan could join Milan after he rescinds his contract with Inter, and if Milan sell a striker first (Robinho).

Terrible news


There was also an estimate that Kaka’s return will bring Milan about 5000 season tickets. But honestly, there isn’t a single player we can actually buy who will generate us a lot of season tickets :/ (Plus I don’t think Kaka is coming back either)

Opinion Varies

Why should Galliani be worried about that? Besides it’s just a guesstimate-not like they have the foresight of GOD to predict how events are going to turn out.


Destro is way beta dan paloschi . 12 gols in siena . Dats more than all our strikers bar ibra . Dont want him tho . We need a mf . Get 1 or 2 then sell binho if u must


Dnt believe cds .


We need to even co own quality players . We dnt at d moment

Signor Eskola

Can you speak English, please?


Destro is better than both paloschi and robinho, he score more than 10 times this season
if we want 5 attacker i like to see el shaarawy, cassano and destro on the bench and pato with ibra in XI


If they’r about to sell Robinho then a striker of similar characteristic should come and that is Lorenzo Insigne. That boy is becoming a star and he can be a lot better than Robinho


Am I the only one who would rather sign Lorenzo Insigne than Destro? Destro is very good, but I think that Insigne has the potential to be even better then Sheva was in his prime. If you see his goals in the last year… they’re just, wow. He is fast, can dribble, has very good technique, can shoot from almost any angle, can chip the ball over the keeper, and I think he’s also younger.

Ugochukwu Gerald

If it is possible to bring Andrea Pirlo back from Juventus then it should be done quickly.Milan should place their priority in securing a creative midfielder in the ranks of pirlo and seedorf instead of wasting time on average players who cannot play the game to the highest level.

anthony (nig)

D milan board, in d real sense of things, cares less abt what we fans want or don’t want. It’s their investment and they can choose to take whatever gambles they’d want to take irrespective of whether it pays off or not just like in pirlo’s case where it di̶̲̥̅̊
dn’t or in Ibra’s case where it did. We fans can only hope that whatever gamble they take will pay off so that we can enjoy watching the club we enjoy watching the most……with luv from nigeria….
Forza Rossonerri


pls get us veloso.guys pls,stop all d pirlo talk,it’s boring.


If the player we are going to sign will be replacing Robinho, then yes Insigne would be better. Otherwise if he is going to be our sixth striker then it’s Destro.

As for the midfield, the most recent names are Cigarini and Diarra. I would take Cigarini as he is more creative.


Milan are ready to offer Cigarini a 4-year deal worth €1.8m per season, but the deal is contingent of Diarra joining Milan or not. CdS reports that Forlan could join Milan after he rescinds his contract with Inter, and if Milan sell a striker first (Robinho). Spartak Moscow have signed defensive midfielder Rômulo Borges Monteiro from Vasco da Gama for 8m so they’re no longer after Diarra. Milan have made an offer of €6m for the central defender, Kana-Biyik, from Rennes, according to the French newspaper, Ouest-France. CdS reports that both Valencia and Benfica would be a bout to make… Read more »


Robbie n insigne are beta dan destro . He is more of a cf while they are both ss . He is bad at taking on players n passing


I have issues wit cigarini as he hasnt stepped up his game and cannot impose himself like pirlo n monty .


paloschi? lol. he is not for a club like milan. nothing special from him. kingsley boateng is even better than him. bringing back pirlo? lol. that’s the funniest joke ever. do you think 4-3-1-2 is suitable for pirlo, brother? i don’t think so! unless pirlo plays as a trequartista, the formation will make him like a weak DMF. do u know why pirlo is good in Juve or in Euro 2012? because there are players like vidal, marchisio and de rossi who are ready to cover him to defend the area. pirlo cannot defend well. btw, watching italy vs spain… Read more »


A CDM(Veloso/Diarra),Cigarini(for extra depth), and let’s use SES as a CAM(the comparisoon of him to kaka and them having the same characteristics is trending)


diarra is a beast infront of the defense


I don’t understand why Galliani and co have this annoying obsession with signing strikers! Bring in a player we need! i.e. a regista! (Cigarini) Maybe a LB (Balzaretti) and if a striker is to arrive plz sell one first as we have far too many. My preference would be to sell Robinho and replace with (Dzeko/Balloteli)


Thiago staying, great. But as a REGISTA (Lass is not a regista, don’t know why they’re interested in him) I’d rather get Cigarini, maybe he can step up his game at Milan, or Veloso from Genoa. But Destro at Milan would be fine if Robinho leaves, and we can start using El Shaarawy as a trequartista and move Prince down in midfield, which will make our midfield very dynamic – plus get it more depth. We can make this happen, and to help us with it we can sell Mesbah and Taiwo which should generate something between 5-8 million euros… Read more »


If we get 2 midfielders which pair would u prefer
1)Cigarini and Diarra
2)Cigarini and Veloso
3)Diarra and Veloso


Cigarini and Veloso, no doubt!

Rico Milan

diarra and veloso

and in winter yarmolenko for free

sell binho, taiwo, mesbah


Really dnt noe none of them are my 1st choice but i guess . Cigarini n diarra . A regista n a utility player .


Staying, going,staying, going is all we ever hear with this Thiago saga, personally I don’t care anymore….some good is going to come out on either decision, so whatever!!


All dis is rubish.lets jst wait till d transfa window is almst closd den dats wen we wil no which playa is of milan n nt