Dídac Vilà hopes for Milan stay


DIDAC VILA will either stay at the club or be sold outright this summer according to his agent, Verdu.

The Spaniard has never been given a proper chance under Coach Massimiliano Allegri. Mino Raiola brought him in January 2011 but Allegri only gave him one chance and Didac left on loan that summer.

Didac spent a year with his youth team Espanyol and was impressive. He has attracted interest from a few clubs including Valencia and Benfica but his future with the Rossoneri appears to be far from certain.

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“What is certain is that at this time the loan with Espanyol has ended and he is back at the club, but we will see if he will remain there,” the 22-year-old’s agent Raul Verdu told Milannews.it. “Benfica and Valencia are certainly interested in him, but they are not the only ones. There are several teams looking at the boy.

“There are two options – either he will remain, or will be sold outright. He wants to return and to stay there. But, all doors are open, so for now we know that he will return to Milan, but that if an offer of interest came in, then it would be considered. I’ve spoken with the club and they have given me the green light to return the player, whilst if there is someone ready to make an offer that presents a win-win situation, we’ll see.”

Dídac could be included in Luis Milla’s 23-man squad for the 2012 Olympic Games which will be announced on Tuesday so Milan may not even have the time to try him out during the pre-season games.

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let him stay/get rid of mesbah and taiwo


I think Milan should give him a chance to prove his worth. After all Milan is in need like air for self-inspired players who will fight their place for the starting XIX. Vila proved himself in Spain, that’s why it will be a wise move from Milan if he stays.


He needs to stay and prove himself, we already have awful leftbacks, he may be just be the solution since it doesn’t seem that we getting a decent LB


D tin with him is dat he makes errors dat lead to goals . Alot of dem . Watch barca- espanyol or valencia-espanyol . He is great goin forward but lacks awareness at d back imo tho .


didac vila is better than all the lbs we hav. vila/urby starting 11. antonini bak up. allegri has to use his resources better. com on man. urby cam. wowo. lb lm, lw. wat a coach hahahhaha


Didac is said 2 ve great attacking skill but little or no defensive skills,i ll say milan should give him chance 2 prove himself,unlike milan LB they ur neither good in attack nor in defence


I will be more happy to see Balzaletti move in 🙂


I dont watch didac but i read something in goal.com, they said in la liga messi loose the ball more than anyone and after him didac villa loose the ball more than anyone expect messi


keep he stays


I hope he stays and that we get rid of Taiwo and Mesbah.
One of my friends who is a La Liga fanatic looked Didac up and said he’s great, solid in both attack and defence, something we need. Get rid of Taiwo and Mesbah, so we’ll have Antonini and Didac, and Emanuelson as left back.
Or if we need someone more bring in Balzaretti, and keep Urby in midfield. But if someone has to go in defence, it’s surely Mesbah and Taiwo, we can make a profit out of it.

Umair Sharif

No one can say what his real potential is until he is given proper chance.
off course Balzerati is better than Didac, but Balzaratti is not gonna get any younger. the most he can give you is 2-3 years, not more than that. But if Didac stays, he can improve himself.
If we can chance to mesbah than this lad also deserve a chance. My plea would be to not to sell him and work on him as he is still very young and give us very much.


Lets try nd give dis guy a chance bcos he is stil young nd he can learn 4rm others


I really really hope Milan give this kid a chance. He’s had a good season out on loan and with our left back situation far from cleared up he could be just what we need.

A lot of people on here have commented on how he’s good going forward but his defensive game isn’t up to scratch. Well I can’t say your wrong, but what I can say is that at 22 we have a lot of time to mould this boy into a great fullback.


i watch him his so fantastic,i watch him against barca ao he mark


At least give him 6 months to show what he is capable off – it doesn’t get any worse than Mesbah, Taiwo and Antonini.


Sell Taiwo, Mesbah… keep him!


We need to keep him he is good in defence right now, becouse look at him at espanyon, the guy is really good in form. He need time to prove his techniques in milan. Forza milan!!!