Agent: “Milan made €20m Yarmolenko bid”


MILAN HAVE tried to sign Andriy Yarmolenko for 20mil but there bid has been rejected by Dynamo Kyiv.

Mikhail Gulordava, the agent of Ukraine and Dynamo talent Yarmolenko said last week that Milan and Juventus are interested in his client, and now he claims that Milan have already made a bid for the player.

The Rossoneri have financial problems in the transfer market – something they hope to solve with the sale of Thiago Silva (not all the money will be re-invested) and Gulordava says Milan want the 22-year-old.

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“I can confirm that the player is liked in Italy but not only there. Premier League clubs are also watching him and interest is not missing from other sides in Europe,” agent Gulordava told “Milan are certainly interested in him and they have in fact made a €20 million bid for Yarmolenko to Dynamo Kyiv.

“Dynamo Kiev sent Milan’s offer of €20m for Yarmolenko back. Kiev’s president is rich and he doesn’t need to sell. Kiev’s president has no intention of selling Yarmolenko. The only way to tempt Kiev’s president is to make an offer that he can’t refuse. My client obviously wants to play for a club like Milan. He would like to follow in the footsteps of [Milan legend and current Dynamo Kyiv striker Andriy] Shevchenko,” he added.

You can watch Yarmolenko (and Shevchenko) these days in the 2012 Euro with the Ukraine national team which is held in Poland and Ukraine. They defeated Sweden and Ibra in matchday 1 of the group stage.

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if they won’t accept d 20 milla offer,we shud forget abt him n luk at other options.forza milan.


So they want to sell Ibrahimovic and replace him with Yamolenko
They should rather sell Pato if they have the balls


Ibra is almost 31.

We should get rid of him before Pato even though he had scored the most last year.


i bet u started supporting dis club jst after ibra joined or jst b4 hw can we sell pato who has to his name over a hndred goals in d near future.


What in the world is going on at Milan?!

narth milan

that mad man is distroying our happyness


If they sell Zlatan AND T.Silva then i hope they use those 80m on Dede, Acerbi, Oscar dos Santos, and this Yarmolenko guy, all young and promising talents.


Even the sell ibra and thiago the money wil not be used in the transfer market. Milan management are now looking for profit not for glory.


Not sure whats going on at Milan but before I rush to judge and make a fool of myself like most people here, I prefer to just wait and see what happens since I am not priviledge to any inside info at Milanello!

In time I will know what’s really going on when the transfer window is close!


Maldini u a layer


Those old fools will kill this team. Whats going on. God save us.


My dear Milanists….this is the way foward, if Ibrah leaves with Silva then Yarmolenko is the replacement, although Ibrah is good, I didn’t like the whole “building the team around him” idea….he’s old and we still have Pato__even though those 2 blokes are losing the plot, i will always support the Rosonneri no matter what!!!!

Kwabena Adu

At their ages I thing B&G may be suffering from the azeimer disease
They should put them in a nursing home before they cause more damages

adamu burga

With or without silva milan can still be a great team, let us wait till the end of the transfers and see What uncle fester and silvio will give us this time


Let every milanista keep hope dat at d end dis rebuilding of d team we will have be a cause to rejoice!

Olalekan Mojeed

Our president is rich if we av too sell yermolenko u will av too pay a crazy offer then we that our president is nt rich we will av too sell hw bst players.

S. Kjell

I saw somethig what i found funny at that moment, and now its reality. There are only two teams in Milan, Inter and the Primavera Inter.


Kiev’s president is rich.

Maybe he should buy Milan, that’s what we need a president who doesn’t sell his best players!


How you believed this new. Milan havent 20 cent in their milan(poorest club in the world)can spend 20m€!!!!!!.false news.milan just can dream of having 20m€


Silva’s rumor is just a smokescreen. bet on that.


20M is expensive for him! 10M


Berlusconi and galliani are only trying to present milan as a poor club in order to buy players for a reasonable amount.Milan wil sign dede to partner t.silva nd also sign acerbi.expect surprises!


good. i hope he will going to manchester united…:D:D