Agent: “Milan interested in Yarmolenko”


ANDRIY YARMOLENKO could join Milan or Juventus after the Euro’s according to his agent.

Adriano Galliani said Milan’s squad will have 5 strikers in it next season: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Pato, Stephan El Shaarawy, Robinho and Antonio Cassano, but apparently Milan have set sights on a forward.

According to Mikhail Gulordava, the agent of 22-year-old striker Andriy Yarmolenko of FC Dynamo Kyiv, Milan and Juventus have shown interest in the Ukrainian and he can move there after Euro 2012 ends.

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“After the Euro he can go to Milan or Juventus as both clubs are actually interested in the player,” Gulordava said. “Yarmolenko is also followed by German and English clubs.” According to transfermark, Yarmolenko’s value is around €8 million at the moment. He has a contract until 2013 with Dynamo Kyiv.

Yarmolenko, who is teammates with Milan legend Andriy Shevchenko, has scored 41 goals in 129 appearances in all competitions for Dynamo since getting promoted to the first team in the 07-08 season.

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Is he that good?


We already have great young strikers loaned out, Adiyiah for example.. if we do buy a striker then we dont know what we’re doing. MIDFIELDERS is what the milan team is crying for…..


Adiyiah is crap

doesnt even start regularly for his 2nd division low league clubs


I´m with Ryan on this one, Adiyaiah is crap. One of thoose weird signings like Grimi & Co


I never really watched him but with ghana and he seemed good to me… anyway my point was our priority shouldnt be a striker…


Well, I’d rather recall Paloschi or promote Comi from our primavera. We’re already set in the attacking department, I’d rather invest those eight million on Strootman or new centre backs. One new midfielder and centre back is essential for us this season! Thiago and Mexes as partnership…allright but what if one of them (hopefully not) gets injured, we’ll have to play with Bonera or Yepes, not ideal…


I have a feeling that ANDRIY Yarmolenko could become the same as ANDRIY Shevchenko 😀 He’s a good striker,comes from the same club,he’s young and can develop a lot.Robinho will probably leave,Robi or Pato so that is our fifth good striker.Don’t be harsh,Paloschi showd nothing and Comi is still too young.


Yarmolenko is a really good player. He plays so similar to Sheva its unbelievable! He has wicked left foot and he scores a lot of goals!

I think Milan will not make a mistake if they buy this player but that might mean the end of Robinho and hopefully NOT Pato but someone will leave if Yarmolenko arrives!


really? I never saw him but Robinho should be sold really…for Ganso if possible or for atleast 18m


Yarmolenko had a really good tournament for Dynamo Kiev in the Europa League. Plays like Sheva…very good dribbling skills and shooting technique!


Might be good to gamble on him then

Better than keeping Robinho atleast…..Yarmo-Shaarawy for the future? 😀


SeS – Pato – Yarmo for future definately and why not now also.

Would be deadly trio.


“Kolarov? I would like to keep him even though he didn’t play that much in the last few months and that is a difficult situation for him to accept,” said Mancini.


Hope he is good for milan.

Kwabena Adu

That’s the end of Robinho


yarmolenko is more a winger than a striker(right and left)


Sell robinho get Nilmar,but AMF CB n RB is also needed


get Nilmar? with whose money? you? lol. milan don’t have money, accept it. where is acerbi? i doubt milan will sign him permanently. the best way that milan can do is by having acerbi on loan. like as always. milan need to learn from EPL teams on how to increase the revenue.


Actually Acerbi is a pretty done deal, it’s just that he’s owned between Chievo and Reggina or Genoa (not sure which one out of those two it is) once those teams come to terms regarding his contract, Acerbi will join us. I still have hope for Astori though, he’s destined to play for us!


the deal is between Chievo and Genoa. they’re expected to settle the matter this month, so Acerbi should be a milan player by July. 2nd good news from the transfer market, as far as im concerned, (montolivo is the 1st good piece of news)


as usual, people who have no idea about Milan’s financial situation are saying we don’t have money. we have a lot of money, but, just like all big clubs (except bayern) we’re making losses. because of ffp, we’re trying to play it safe, and this is why we aren’t spending a lot. simple as that. oh, and btw, im pretty sure that the epl clubs make the most losses out of all the leagues.

Kwabena Adu

Why are you decieving yourself? Milan have no money to spend,If there was money to spend why did Zlatan said so?
Do you know more than Zlatan? Everyone on this know that Milan is badly broke.


zlatan isn’t part of the Milan board, he isn’t the one keeping Milan’s record books, so he knows squat about the finances. all he hears is the usual gossip, and the things galliani wants him to hear. take Maxi Lopez’s case – we said we’re not buying him out because of our financial situation, when in reality, it’s because we need to reduce our squad size, and he was the surplus player in attack.


Never heard of this Yarmolenko guy. I’d rather we just promote a youngster.


hope milan get him + 1 genius play maker n 2 world class defender


did anyone watch the friendly match when italy was being humiliated by russia 3-0? do italian NT and prandeli lost appetite to participate in euro 2012? i guess that prandeli & team are not ready for euro 2012.


There we go again. When a patient is diagnose for having an ailment on the leg, should he go and get a pill for the head. Milan wants to spend €8m on another foward when the same amount of money will get us Sahin or Strootman. Are we making progress here. I see is still playing our rugby like football next season with Urby our main teraquister.


TFW there a two nilmar,one is in villareal and d second is in brazil whom is out of milan’s reach n is name is neymar


. Are we the only club in Europe affected by ffp???? Inter just missed out from european football yet they can still bid for an €18m player and we share the same stadium and the same italy. Are you telling me that Ibra and Silva dont know Milan more than you do?


@milanfan. Are we the only club in Europe affected by ffp???? Inter just missed out from european football yet they can still bid for an €18m player and we share the same stadium and the same italy. Are you telling me that Ibra and Silva dont know Milan more than you do? Acerbi is a done deal, did you read Genoa’s president comment on the player saying he should forget about Milan. No smoke without fire. We have money yet we run to Genoa to help us buy every season. We could not sign Witsel last season for a out… Read more »


inter NEED to spend to get BACK into European football. Milan on the other hand have a competitive squad which, when not all injured or facing barca can get to semi-finals of CL. Ibra’s agent also later came out and said that Ibra’s comments were misunderstood, and he was trying to say something else. Oh, and by the way, every transfer is denied at one point or the other. And you have no proof whatsoever of Milan’s motives in not signing a player. For all you know he didn’t want to join Milan, or he felt there’ll be too much… Read more »

Rossonero GH.

Milan need a player like Christain Atsu of fc porto.ask Suley Muntari he will tel u more.this guy play like messi.he’ll only cost 2 to 3million eauro.


The reason why inter and juventus can compete with the biggest clubs in the transfer market is because of revenue and in inter’s case ambition. I have to praise moratti here because he knew inter are not gna be competitive with the squad they have and now you can see him taking trips to china for a new stadium and indinosia for world publicity and to increase revenue and also insuring that he’s spending big this summer, he found a problem and he’s solving it. As for juve they have a great squad maybe the 3rd or 4th best in… Read more »


Inter and Juve have been spending more than Milan over the years dating even as far back as Van Basten days but if we should look at the success of the three clubs we can clearly see that Milan are miles ahead of Inter and Juve over the last 20+ yrs. Therefore, its not how much you spend that brings success its the return(ROI) you get from the money you spent. Therefore, let’s be patient and see what Galliani and Berlusconi will do because they must be doing something right as we are, in terms of success (trophies) to money… Read more »


B & G wants milan 2 play attacking football,but they are going 4 more DMF, how many DMF does milan need? There is a saying that as long as u ve d ball your opponent cant score you.DMF will shoot d ball immediately he gets d ball thus giving d ball back 2 d opposition,thus putting pressure on is own team, but AMF will dribble or make a through pass thus taking pressure of is own team,milan dont need 2 break their bank 2 get such players all they need to do is search 4 them.there are many of them… Read more »


@franco…I’m sorry Mr Franco…it’s not indinosia…but Indonesia. I am from there. We have great numbers milan fans here. I think it’s greater than Inter.
About the transfer rumours, I am start confuse hearing about Milan’s target and financial problems.
I’m only hope Mr Galliani and Berlusconi do the best to Milan, if they don’t have enough many again…just sell the share to the others. Number years ago, I heard a conglomerate whose name is Rezard Taschi want to buy Milan. But Mr Berlusconi reject that. Always Milan in our heart…FORZA MILAN !!!

Ac fan

Dis shld be a gr8 additn bt nly if robinho leaves.i so much lyk robinho bt he misses alot of chances wic cost us alot.We also need 2 players n midfield,i.e a creative midfield nd a trequartista cos even if we play boa n trequartista den who shld b his replacement,for d backline we nid atleast 2 central defenders.we dnt nid t spend n left back,cos we currently have 4 players competing n dat place includn d.vila I tink our squad 4 nxt season shld luk lyk dis: Goalkeepers:abiati,amelia nd gabriel. Def:de sciglio/bonera,abate(RB),Silva,mexes,acerbi, astori nd yepes(CB) Emma,vila,antonini,mesbah(LB) Midfield:noce,muntari,monty,ambro,traore,flamini,boa nd hopefully… Read more »


Sell robinho and bring him in, for anyone who don’t know yarmolenko, his playing style is quite similliar to sheva! I think he can be the heir of sheva! He is good, has great pace, technique, only needs to work on his finishing and then he’s perfect!


Well 1 thing is very clear robinho has 2 go n 1 AMF n 2 CB needs 2 b brought in,bonera,atonini,mesbah n even mexes ve 2 go their is below par


Well 1 thing is very clear robinho has 2 go n 1 AMF n 2 CB needs 2 b brought in,bonera,atonini,mesbah n even mexes ve 2 go their performance is below par

Rossonero GH.

watch christain atsu play next the world cup qualifier against zambia.

Rossonero GH.

Watch christain atsu on youtube.


gh keep quit n ldt pray 4 ac milan .i think ac shd come n buy prinx amoako 4rm gh d nxt ibra


This guy is gud 4 milan, especially in this time, as we were having alot of injuries last season, to have nw atleast he wll add value to our squad, his pace, speed, and techniques is needed in red & black jersey (milan). Forza milanistas?


the next sheva..=))=))=)),sell robinho,cause he is not good like 3-4 years before….(ibra,cassano,shaarawy,pato is enough),the squad need a plymaker for next season.i hope ganso will be arriving in milanelo.


i just watched his skills compilation and i think he’s superb! good for Milan!! we can get rid of Binho soon!!


Milan need the guy becouse he will add more value in our attarks. But remmember G & B we need two to three more defenders and AMF maybe two of them. Remmember cassano and zlatan are getting old you have to consider fresh blood in milan attarking. Forza milan…………!!!!!!!

Grande Sheva

This guy looks really promising almost like a new sheva. If Malagá are willing to pay 20€ for robinho then we can use the money to get this guy. I think his value is around 10-15€ and he has great technique, can score goals and his fast.
Check the link below if you don´t belive me. And also those of you guys who are going to watch sweden vs Ukrane keep an extra eye on him